Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

Bear-san And The Two Children Take A Stroll, Part 2


Atora-san took us on a seafood tour .
At the market, a lot of seafood was lined up .

「Uwaa, it’s moving weirdly . 」

「It’s really gross . 」

Fina and Shuri were noisily looking at an octopus .

「It’s delicious, you know . 」

「Is that true?」

Octopuses were delicious grilled, boiled and as sashimi .

「Sis Yuna, what is this?」

「It’s a crab . It’s delicious when boiled . 」

Broth made with crab was delicious . Oh, and some shrimps might be good as well .

「All these things can be eaten?」

「Yes, you can eat them . They were in the dish Deiga-san made yesterday, you know?」

「Is that true!?」

Fina and Shuri looked at the crabs .
They slowly reached out…

「They are dangerous, so don’t touch them, okay?」

I warned them as they tried to touch the crabs . They could get hurt if they were pinched by their claws, after all .
They quickly withdrew their hands when I warned them .

「Fina, Shuri, come here . There’s a smaller version of the Kraken Yuna had defeated . 」

When Atora-san called them, they went to see the squid .

「This is the thing Big Sis Yuna killed?」

「That one was was a lot larger though . 」

「A lot larger than this one!?」

「Yes, a lot larger . 」

「That’s amazing!」


The two of them were praising me while looking at the squid, but I wasn’t happy for some reason .
After our brief seafood tour, we headed towards the stands .
When we got closer, a delicious smell drifted our way .

「It seems delicious . 」

「I want to eat it . 」

They were looking at the stand that was grilling squid .

「Fufu, no problem . It’s my treat . You two can eat whatever you want with this . 」

Atora-san offered them money, but they didn’t take it .

「Why aren’t you taking it?」


The two of them looked at me .
They were surely hesitating to take money from someone they had just met .
I took some money out of the Bear Box and gave it to them .

「This is a reward for helping me gather bamboo shoots . 」

「But you brought us here…」

「You took the trouble of coming here . So, go and eat delicious things . 」

Fina and Shuri looked at each other and nodded . Did they come to an agreement? They took the money from my Bear Hands .

「Th, thank you very much . 」

「Thank you . 」

They thanked me . However, there was one sad person looking at the two .

「Could you take my money as well?」

The sad Atora-san, who was left aside, asked them .
Fina and Shuri looked at me again, so I nodded .
They thanked Atora-san and took her money . They then happily held hands and ran towards the stands .

「They are good children . 」

「Yeah . 」

They weren’t rebellious like I was .
Atora-san and I sat on a nearby bench .

「Yuna, have you heard what happened in the city?」

「I heard a little from Anzu and Deiga-san . 」

「About the criminals?」

I shook my head .

「Well, they wouldn’t talk about it when there were little children like those two around . The previous Commerce Guild master and all the people deemed guilty of conducting serious crimes have been executed . 」

「I see . 」

「It was a public execution, but not many people came to see it . The only ones who came were families who had lost someone dear to them and the elders . I believe that, with this, those families will be able to end this chapter and start a new one . 」

So, that’s why they wanted to go to Crimonia, huh?

「So, has the mayor been decided yet? I think Cliff wanted you to do it, but…」

「There’s no way I would accept, right? I’m lazy most of the time, so I wouldn’t accept something that troublesome . 」

「What happened then?」

「The role was forced onto Grandpa Kuro’s son . Nobody opposed the idea since he is from this city . 」

「So, it was forced onto someone, huh . I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to be mayor though . 」

「They all saw the previous mayor, after all . Every day, he was told to do something about the Kraken . When he tried to get food from the nearby city, bandits appeared, and he couldn’t procure food anymore . On top of that, the residents never stopped pressuring him . They saw him at that time, so nobody wants to do it anymore . That’s why Grandpa Kuro pushed it onto his son . 」

I felt sorry for him .
I wished him luck even though I didn’t know him .

「Has the previous mayor returned?」

「With how he fled, there’s no way he would return, right? The citizens wouldn’t forgive him even if he returned . 」

「In case he returns, what will happen to the mayor’s position?」

「Nothing . This city is now under Cliff-sama’s jurisdiction, so the people who fled have nothing to say . Even if something does happen, I’m sure Cliff-sama will deal with it . 」

Atora-san seemed to trust Cliff, huh .
Well, this wasn’t something I needed to concern myself with; I could just leave it to Cliff if the previous mayor returned .

「It would also be dangerous for him to return . 」


「There are a lot of people who resent him . 」

Well, people who had been abandoned would hold grudges, no matter what world they were from .

「On another note, where are you staying, Yuna? At Deiga-san’s place or at the Bear?」

「At the Bear, you say… Deiga-san’s inn is full, so I’m staying at my own Bear-shaped house outside the city . 」

「I knew it . We really have to make more inns quicky . More people will come once the tunnel is completed, and what we have now won’t be enough . 」

「You haven’t started building them yet?」

The wood was prepared, but no buildings have been built yet .

「I think we will start building them soon, but we don’t have enough people . Also, we have to kill the monsters in the area or the construction can’t begin safely, so we postponed it . 」

「I saw Blitz, but is the monster subjugation going well?」

「Thanks to the adventurers, the monsters aren’t seen around here anymore . I’m asking the adventurers to go farther out now . When that’s done with, a full scale construction will start . 」

I would appreciate if they were done before the summer heat came .
Wait, did they even have summer here? I decided to ask that later .
While I was still talking with Atora-san, Fina and Shuri came back looking happy .

「Big Sis Yuna, Atora-san . We are back . 」

「We are back . 」

They seemed satisfied . Did they eat something delicious?

「I will go back to the guild; what will you be doing?」

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「We will go to the Commerce Guild to check on how it’s going with the country of Harmony and Peace . 」

「The country of Harmony and Peace, huh? They used to come once a month, but stopped when the Kraken appeared . I hope their boat didn’t sink . 」

「Well, I will wait patiently . 」

If nothing else, I might be able to get some information at the capital .
We parted ways with Atora-san and headed to the Commerce Guild .
The employees seemed busy when we arrived . Not a single employee seemed free .

「Yu, Yuna-san!」

One of the female employees noticed me .
Everyone turned my way when they heard her .

「Big Sis Yuna!?」

Fina and Shuri were shocked by the reaction of the employees .
To calm them, I put my hands on their heads .

「Is the guild master here?」

「Yes . Please wait a moment . 」

The employee went to the room in the back to inform the guild master that I was here .

「Bear Missy . 」

Jorumo-san, who seemed worn-out, came out .

「It’s been a while . 」

「Yeah . You seem well . 」

「Can’t say the same for you, Jorumo-san . 」

「I regret accepting the role of the guild master . I’m just too busy . I can’t even take a break . The mountains of documents aren’t decreasing at all . There’s too much to do . Also, the mentor who came from Crimonia keeps persecuting me . 」

「Please don’t speak badly of other people, Jorumo-san . There wouldn’t be any problems if you just learned how to do your job . I also want to return to Crimonia, so please learn faster . 」

An intelligent looking woman in mid 20s appeared behind Jorumo-san .
If she had glasses, I was sure they would suit her .

「I’m teaching you because Mylene-san requested me to . I left my husband and my children in Crimonia, so get it together!」

「I understand . I will do my best, so…」

「Prove that with your actions please . 」

Was this the person Mylene-san spoke of when she said that she would send someone to help Jorumo-san?

「Yuna-san, nice to meet you . I have been sent here from Crimonia . My name is Annabelle . 」

「Annabelle-san, you know about me, huh . 」

「I saw you in Crimonia a few times . Also, everyone at the Crimonia’s Commerce Guild knows about you . So, why did you come here, Yuna-san? Did you come to complain about Jorumo-san?」

「Why!? I didn’t do anything, right?」

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「You should do your job . 」

I didn’t know if I should respond to their exchange, so I decided to ignore it .

「I came here to learn about what happened to the country of Harmony and Peace . 」

「About that, huh? A boat that went out onto the high seas came in contact with a ship from the country of Harmony and Peace . The fisherman told them about the what happened to the city, so I think that trade will resume soon . 」


That was good news .

「Yes, but I don’t know when they will start coming again . 」

Annabelle-san seemed to be an excellent person . She answered really quickly . I could understand why Mylene-san sent her . Jorumo-san might become a splendid guild master under Annabelle-san’s guidance .

「Is Jorumo-san doing okay?」

「Let me see . He is doing his best even though he tried to ditch his work a few times . Still, it’s annoying when he asks for a break right after he starts working . 」

「That’s because you don’t give me a break, right?」

「If you do your best, the residents will live happy lives . Please do your best for them without taking breaks . 」

It was a business that exploited its employees .
If I was told that I wouldn’t get any breaks, I would have quit already .
A great person once said: ‘If you work, you lose . ’
Thinking like that, I understood the evaluation the elders gave of Jorumo-san .
He was unsteady, but he did his job . He ditched it sometimes, but he was well liked by the people . He was someone who couldn’t refuse when asked to be the guild master, huh .

「On a different note, I would like to ask you to do something for me, Yuna-san . When will you be going back to Crimonia?」

「I plan on going back tomorrow or the day after . 」

「I’m sorry for requesting this, but could you please give my report to Mylene-san?」


「Every ten days, we send a report about what we need, but since this idiot, Jorumo-san, was behind with his work, we couldn’t send the report the other day . It’s a pressing matter, so it will be too late if we send it in the next report . 」

「No problem . I just have to give it to her, right?」

「Thank you very much . I will bring it now, so I’m counting on you . 」

I took the documents from Annabelle-san, and we left the Commerce Guild .

「Will you two eat dinner?」

「Ugh, I’m sorry . I’m full already . 」

「Me too . 」

I had only looked at them from afar, but they had indeed eaten a lot at the stands .

「Keep me company while I eat mine, okay?」

The two agreed quietly .
I wouldn’t force them to eat, of course .