Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384

384 Bear-san Decides to Go to Ludnik, The City of Dwarves .


[Yuna-chan, you’re going to Ludnik?] Nert


I decided to go to the dwarven city of Ludnik .  So I came to see the blacksmiths Gordo-san and Nert-san before I left .


[That’s why, if you have a message or a letter to an acquaintance, I will deliver it . ] Yuna

[Hey, Yuna-chan is going to Ludnik!] Nert


Gordo-san, who seemed to be in the back, came after Nert-san called him .


[Give my regards to my master . ] Gordo


Gordo-san, after saying his piece, tried to turn back but Nert-san hit his head before he could escape .


[Even though Yuna-chan came all the way here you’re showing her such an attitude? I’m sorry . We haven’t returned since we left Ludnik and I’m wondering what should I do with Gordo . ] Nert

[Do you send letters at least?] Yuna

[We send letters once a year . ] Nert


In that case, they’re better than Sanya-san . Dwarves are different from elves after all .


[So, why do you want to go to Ludnik?] Nert

[I found a rare stone, so I want to go there and have them look at it . Also, I want to go and see what the city of Dwarves looks like . ] Yuna


Aka . Killing time . What I mentioned was the Bearmonite . Though, I’m not really expecting anything from the stone .


[A rare stone?] Nert


I took the Bearmonite out of the bear box .


[It’s a stone that I’ve never seen before, and you want to go to Ludnik because you want to see the city of Dwarves?] Nert

[I’m kind of curious about that stone, and visiting a different city is my hobby . ] Yuna


It’s been a long time since I visited another city in this world . There were no dwarves in my former world, so it would be fun to see their livelihood .


[Then wait a minute . I’ll have Gordo write a letter now . ] Nert


Nert-san told Gordo-san to write a letter .


[Don’t you want to write one Nert-san?] Yuna

[I don’t have any relatives . ] Nert

[I’m sorry . ] Yuna

[Don’t worry . Yuna-chan, the kids you are looking after have no parents . I’m the same . So when this guy, Gordo, said he was leaving the city, I went with him . ] Nert

[Looks like you’re on good terms . ] Yuna

[Well, I was saved from loneliness because I have Gordo . ] Nert


Gordo-san turns his back on Nert-san’s words . Are you blushing?

But it’s a sweet relationship .


[Here are my letters . It’s addressed to my master and my parents . I also wrote about my daughter . If anything, they should be able to help you . ] Gordo


After Gordo-san wrote the letters behind Nert-san with his back turned . He placed it on the table and I receive it . On the back of the letter, the words, <master> and <parents> were written . And if you look closely, you can see something that looks like addresses .


[I will deliver it properly . ] Yuna

[Even though it’s you, Yuna-chan, be careful out there . ] Nert

[It’s okay because I have Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear with me . ] Yuna


After receiving the letter, I left the store .



I went to Tirumina-san’s residence to tell Tirumina-san and Fina that I was leaving Crimonia for a while . Tirumina-san was there, but Fina and Shuri weren’t around .


[Are you going out for a job in another city and it will take a while?] Tirumina

[No . I’m thinking of going to Gordo-san’s hometown, the city of Dwarves . ] Yuna

[The city of dwarves? I’ve heard about it when I was an adventurer . It must have been quite far . ] Tirumina


Of all of the bear gate I have set up, the closest one I can depart from was the elf village .


[It shouldn’t take long because I have a bear gate near the destination . ] Yuna


If I depart starting from Crimonia by horse-drawn carriage, it will take a long time . However, if I use the bear gate, followed by riding Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, I can save a lot of time .


[That gate is really convenient, huh . ] Tirumina

[I have to go there at least once so I can install it, though . ] Yuna

[It’s still convenient enough . ] Tirumina


I’ve been indebted to the bear gate . I can go to the royal capital as if I’m just walking in the neighborhood .


[If anything happens, please contact me, I’ll return quickly . ] Yuna


Fina has a bear phone so they can get in touch with me quickly .


[Normally, even if you say that you can easily come back, you can’t come back . However, Yuna-chan can really do it, so I can’t really say anything about it . Also, that thing, Fina’s bear phone . Usually, it’s difficult to keep in touch with people far away, but with it, it’s easy to talk to you no matter where you are . ] Tirumina

[Please keep that a secret . ] Yuna

[But then, are you going to leave Fina? I thought you’d take Fina with you . You can take her with you, you know?] Tirumina

[You’re permitting me to take your daughter that easily?] Yuna

[Because Yuna-chan’s credibility increased due to what happened last time . Even if you faced something dangerous, you can come back by using that gate . Also, I heard from Fina that you always took good care of my daughters . And if a monster appears, Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan will protect them as their escorts . However, never take them to a dangerous place . If there is something dangerous, you have to escape through the bear gate . ] Tirumina


Is she talking about the time during Noa’s escort, mining, or Targui?


[If Yuna-chan cares so much about my daughter, you can take her with you . Also, the experience of going to various places is not easy to come by . If Yuna-chan doesn’t have a problem with taking her, and she wants to go, then by all means . ] Tirumina

[Tirumina-san…] Yuna

[Because of my illness, I made her struggle . I want her to be free . ] Tirumina

[What about Shuri?] Yuna

[Hmm, isn’t it still too early for her? And if both Fina and Shuri are gone, Gentz will be sad . ] Tirumina


After becoming a family, Gentz-san seems to have become sweet to Fina and Shuri . It seems that he is happy to be called <Dad> . Apparently, Gentz-san was a genuine doting parent .


[Fathers are often told that they are dirty or smelly, and they are treated as an obstacle . I used to think that way too . ] Tirumina


Tirumina-san thinks of the old days . I feel sorry for Gentz-san, but it seems unavoidable when his children grow up .

Speaking of which, I haven’t asked about it until now, but I wonder about Tirumina-san’s mom and dad if Fina and Shuri still have grandpa and grandma . Although considering that Tirumina-san’s parents weren’t there when she was ill, that may not be the case .



While Tirumina-san and I are talking, the front door opens .


[I’m home~] Fina

[I’m back~] Shuri


The voices of Fina and Shuri came from the front door . Then they went to the room where we are .


[Mom, I bought what you asked me . ] Fina

[I bought it ~] Shuri

[Thanks, both of you . ] Tirumina


It seems that the two of them went out shopping at the request of Tirumina-san . There are various vegetables in the carrying bag .


[Yuna-oneechan?] Shuri

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[Yuna-oneesan?] Fina


Both of them noticed me and moved beside me .


[Why is Yuna-oneesan here? Are you asking mom about something?] Fina

[I’ll be leaving the city for a while, so I’m leaving the shops and Kokekko to her . ] Yuna

[Yuna-oneechan, are you going somewhere?] Shuri


I explained to them what I told Tirumina-san .


[Hey, remember when I picked up a stone in the mine and showed it to Ghazal-san? it seems that he didn’t know anything about it, so he told me about the city of dwarves where the dwarves live . ] Yuna

[Oh, yes . I remember that . When we asked Ghazal-san for a mithril knife . ] Fina


Supposedly, it was just a little conversation, but she still remembered it .


[Fina . If you want to go with Yuna-chan, you can go . ] Tirumina

[Mom?] Fina

[Yuna-chan will take you if you want to go . ] Tirumina


Tirumina-san wants to leave Fina’s independence to her .


[I don’t know if it’s fun because it’s a dwarven city . But, would you like to go with me? I also want someone to talk to along the way . ] Yuna

[… I want to go if I’m not a bother to Yuna-oneesan . ] Fina


Fina is a little reluctant to speak .


[You’re not bothering me . It’s actually more fun than going alone . ] Yuna

[Then I will go . ] Fina


Fina smiles happily at my words .

And so, Fina decided to go with me . Thus, Fina and I will be going . Shuri wanted to go too, but since we’re going somewhere far away, she has to stay at home . And since Fina was coming with me, the role of answering the bear phone went to Shuri . Tirumina-san and Fina were worried, but if they could contact me, then that would be good enough .

Shuri happily clasped the bear phone .



A few days later, I took Fina to the Elven Village using the Bear Gate . First off, I went to the elf village by myself once, and after going out of the barrier of the sacred tree, I made a new bear gate and get Fina from there .

I don’t know what will happen to Fina inside the sacred tree’s barrier . I couldn’t give it a try, so I had to go through a tedious procedure .

But then, all I have to do was install and open the bear gate outside the barrier .


[Where are we?] Fina

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Fina, who came out of the bear gate, looks around . However, there are rock walls around us, and there is only a forest up ahead, so there is nothing to indicate the current location .


[Well, that time, I went from the royal capital to the city of Larousse…, crossed a big river…, entered the woods that leads here?] Yuna


I answered while trying to remember about it .


[I don’t know about that . ] Fina


That’s right, isn’t it?


[Simply put, a place where elves live far away . It’s an elven village . ] Yuna

[We are in an elven village?] Fina

[Some time ago . I went here with Sanya-san . And, at that time, I installed a bear gate . ] Yuna


While I’m explaining the stuff that happened to Fina, I heard footsteps running through the forest .


[Oh, Yuna-san is here . I’m sorry . I was late . ] Ruimin


What appeared was Ruimin, an elf girl with light green hair .

Yesterday, I contacted Ruimin with the bear phone to tell her that I will go to the Elven Village and she said she would pick me up . Even though I said it wasn’t necessary .


[Yuna-san, is that the girl you mentioned yesterday? Fina-chan, was it?] Ruimin

[She’s Fina, my lifesaver . ] Yuna

[Yuna-oneesan! Please stop introducing me like that!] Fina


Fina yelled at me while hitting me with her fist making a pokopokopoko sound . But it doesn’t hurt .


[I’m Ruimin . Yuna-san is my lifesaver . She helped me when I was in trouble . ] Ruimin

[Etto, I’m Fina . Yuna-oneesan helped me when I was being attacked by monsters . Nice to meet you . ] Fina


Fina corrected my introduction of her and introduced herself .

But aren’t they both introducing themselves in a kinda weird way?

Usually, I think things should go like, <I’m Ruimin the Elf> or <I’m Ruimin, the sister of Sanya who is the guild master of the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital> .

And Fina should be saying, <I’m from Crimonia> .


[[We were saved by Yuna-san/Yuna-oneesan!]] Ruimin x Fina

[Okay then . ] Yuna


Somehow, as soon as they met each other, they immediately had a good relationship .