Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos - Volume 1 - Chapter 2.1

Published at 28th of April 2016 05:48:48 AM
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Chapter 2.1


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Dominas’ and normal magicians used magic in the same way, through engraving tattoos onto their bodies . Those tattoos were how the world’s vast and endless supply of energy was realized and utilized . Therefore, magic was known as Crest Magic .

Not everybody could use magic . Roughly speaking, only one in ten people had the ability to use magic, even simple magic, such as fire lighting or breeze channeling . Only one in a hundred people had enough magic power to be called real magicians .

According to the Tel Layton Church, magic was a power created by God to seal the Demon . It was a skill that he imparted upon his children, the humans, so that they could ward off all evil . Only those who worshiped and believed in him could use it . In reality, the ability to use magic and piety were not linked .

Sitting on the chair by the window inside the workshop, Dimitar was currently grinding his blade Jagielka against a grindstone . Annoyed by the small figure who was darting around in the corner of his peripheral vision, he drew his eyebrows together and said:

“–Oi . ”


Bettina muttered as she stopped moving about, turning her head to look at Dimitar .

“Are you sure that you want to come with us?”

“Of course~!”

Bettina put down the huge wooden box she was carrying in her hands, then pounded her chest twice with her fists .

“–As well as Dimitar-dono, Valeria-sama said that she wanted at least one female companion to travel with her . ”

“Um, are you really a female…?”

“Of course~!”

Bettina pounded her chest once again with her fist . But it was as Dimitar said . It was really hard to figure out whether Bettina was a male or a female because she was covered tightly from head to toe in a pink, short, and fat suit of armour . However, to be fair, her voice did sound like that of a cute little girl’s, and she was only a bit taller than Dimitar’s waist in height . She’d said she was only 13, and based on her height, she didn’t seem to be lying .

Even though Dimitar went to the workshop a lot, he still hadn’t seen the young girl’s true appearance before . The niece of the weird Chief Engineer, she was always suited up in a suit of pink armour, and did not let anybody see her face except for her uncle .

Bettina lifted a huge wooden container easily two times her size, and placed it in the corner of the workshop .

“Dimitar-san, I’ve heard that you’re a really big pervert . ”

“Do you even understand what pervert means, Bettina?”

“But uncle said you were a big pervert . ”

“Curse your uncle…”

Dimitar slammed his grindstone into the wall, and clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction .

“That’s why I had to accompany Valeria-sama on this trip . Uncle was scared that if it was a normal female, she’d succumb to your predatory hands~”

“Sigh . Whatever . ”

“Also, Uncle said that if Dimitar-san could not repress his desire to molest Valeria-sama, I’d have to use my brute strength to restrain you~”

“… even though it seems like your Uncle has set a lot of “tasks” for you to do on this trip, your actual role is just to carry our luggage . ”

Dimitar had already heard that this time’s mission was supposed to be a secret mission . If it was not to spite him, there was no other reason why that naive, capricious Dominas in charge of the mission would want to bring this pink armoured girl along with them . He was sure that Valeria would come to regret this decision in the future .

With an annoyed look on his face, Dimitar wiped Jagielka clean then resheathed it into its scabbard .

“Dimitar-san, Dimitar-san!~”

“… what? You’re so noisy!”

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“I’m so sorry, bu-bu-but can you help me carry one of those crate over there over here?”

Turning his head to look at Bettina, he saw her standing by the pile of wooden boxes, still and unmoving .

Dimitar walked over to her, then poked her a few times with his finger .

“Oi, what’s up? You got a stroke?”

“N-n-no, it’s just I’ve used up all my magic… . Quick, quick, pass that crate to me… ahhhhh! I-i-it’s coming out…!!”

“Bettina… wait! What the fuck are you saying?!”

“I-i-i’m sorry! But, when somebody says it’s coming out, it means that somebody’s about to pee! Y-y-you, how many times do you want a young girl to say such embarrassing things?!”

“Don’t always put the blame on others… and anyways, why don’t you just take your armour off and go to the toilet…?”

“I-i-i-i-i, I can’t! I don’t have any magic left within me, so I can’t take my suit of armour of! Uuuuuh! I can’t help it, I’m about to pee!”

“Then pee in your armour . I’m going now . ”

“Why’re you so cruel? Aren’t we teammates?”

“Huh? I don’t want a teammate who pisses her own pants and uses up her magic within 3 to 5 minutes . ” Dimitar replied in a ruthless fashion .

Just as he was about to go home, a middle-aged man dressed in a dirty labcoat walked through the entrance of the workshop .

“Oi! I haven’t explained properly the contents of the mission! Don’t go yet . ”

“What’s there to explain at this point? But I sure do need to know why your niece has such a weak bladder . ”

“Huh? Dimitar, you sure are a rude and vulgar guy . ”

Albiol looked over at Bettina, who was still shouting “It’s coming, it’s coming out!”, then reached out his hand to grab a cylindrical object that was piled orderly in the the corner of a wooden cabinet .

“As you know, this Bachururusu is…”

“It’d be great if that girl is also aware of that…”

TL Note: I honestly don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about

Dimitar heaved his suitcase onto his shoulder, then strapped his sword and scabbard onto his waist .

“– then I’ll be leaving first . Tell Bettina to come after she’s done with the toilet . ”

“Roger that — and because this is Valeria’s first mission as a Dominas, this mission shouldn’t be dangerous… but it’s good to be cautious . ”

Albiol blew a ring of smoke at Dimitar .

“I know . I’ll complete this mission to the best of my ability . ”

Nodding his head impatiently, Dimitar left the workshop .

As indicated by the clock tower in the middle of the city, there was only 30 minutes left until their departure time . Even though he really wanted to say his goodbyes to Lucius, there was not enough time left .

Upon recognizing the girl leaning against the front gate of the Magic Academy with an impatient look on her face, Dimitar knit his eyebrows together and frowned .

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“Oi! I’m talking to you!”


Valeria Costacurta started swinging her ceremonial sword around upon hearing Dimitar’s voice .

“Hey! How could you make me wait here all by myself?! You know that you’re my Hiera Glaphicos, right? I’m going to report you to the Academy Headmaster–!”

“So loud . ”

Dimitar covered his ears with his hands so that he could block out her voice .

“There’s still 30 minutes till the appointed time . How could you blame me for being late when you came too early? And anyways, are you actually planning to go on the mission dressed like that?”

“Hmmm? What? You’ve got a problem with what I’m wearing?”

Valeria was wearing a golden edged white battle tunic embroidered with golden threaded lilies . Gifted to her by the King, it was the official uniform of the Dominas . Dimitar used his scabbard to lightly lift up Valeria’s tunic, revealing a translucent dress, a close fitting bra and a panty beneath it .

“W-w-what are you doing, you shameless person?!”

Valeria stumbled backwards with a face beet-red in embarrassment .

“Are you an idiot?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“You… haven’t you been told that this time’s mission is a secret mission?”

“I-i-i know that! What’s that got to do with anything?”

“You’ll be instantly recognised as a Dominas if you go on the mission dressed like that . I bet you you’d be surrounded by crowds trying to get a glimpse of you the moment you enter a town or city . ”


“Goodness sakes… I originally thought you weren’t that stupid, but I take it back . It’s because of this that I get a headache every time I’m near a naive ojou-sama who hasn’t seen much of the world . ”

“Y-y-you can’t blame me because of that!! It’s my first time going on a mission for the country as a Dominas!”

“And it’s also my first time going on a mission for the country as a Hiera Glaphicos! Wait for me here – don’t go anywhere . ”

Sighing loudly, Dimitar walked towards the Magic Academy’s stables . Unlike the military, the Magic Academy had no need for large numbers of horses, but even so they kept a few horses within the stable as means of communication and travel .

He led two rather fit and healthy horses out of the stable to Valeria, then tossed her a roughly made leather cloak lying on one of the horse’s saddle .

“Wear this . ”

“Why? Are you kidding me? Why do I have to wear such a dirty piece of clothing—”

“It’s not dirty at all in the slightest — it’s goddamn new! Just cover your battle tunic up . We can’t complete our mission with you in such a sparkly and luxurious outfit . Also, put that ceremonial sword away as well . ”

“B-b-but, it’s the symbol of my status as a–”

“You’re so goddamn noisy . Your pride, and your status as a Dominas is not important right now . The completion of the mission we’re assigned is . ”

Dimitar’s words shut Valeria up .


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Kling Kliang! A diminutive figure suited up in pink armour was currently running at full pelt towards them, carrying lugagge two times her weight on her back . It seemed like Bettina wasn’t lying when she said she had the strength of ten grown men .

“I’m so sorry I’m late!”

Bettina gave a bow of apology to Dimitar, then turned around to bow even more deeply at Valeria, who was shocked by her sudden arrival .

“Valeria-sama, to be able to meet you is my greatest pleasure and honour . ”

“Mmm, uhmm…”

“I’m the niece of the Chief Engineer of the 3rd Factory Quique Albiol, Bettina Albiol~ I’ll be Valeria-sama’s attendant for the duration of this mission! Please take good care of me! ”

“I-i-i did ask for a female attendant to accompany us on our mission… so you’re the attendant?”

“Yes! Whether it’s chores, or your personal safety, please entrust everything to Bettina!”

“You… you’re sure you’re actually a girl?”

Valeria asked with suspicion in her voice, making Bettina jump around in anger .

“Why does everyone ask me that?! No matter how you look at me, I’m a girl full with the energy and charm of youth! Listen to my voice! Look at how high-pitched and girly it is! I’m definitely a girl! I swear!”

“Regardless of whether she’s full with the energy and charm of youth or not, she is indeed the niece of that strange Chief Engineer . And coupled with the fact that she’s pretty barbaric, ahem, strong, I think she’s well qualified for the role of carrying our suitcases and luggage . ”

Dimitar butted in into their conversation, whilst slipping another cloak made out of coarse leather over Bettina’s shoulders .

“Wear this cloak for me as well… even though there’s no use in complaining now, why did your uncle have to paint your armour with such a bright and conspicuous colour?”

“He didn’t do that! It was I who painted Bachururusu bright pink! Because pink is a very cute colour!”

TL Note: Ooooh! So Bachururusu was the name of Bettina’s armour! Fuck, but the previous bit still doesn’t fucking make sense…

“……… . ”

Although Dimitar really wanted to bash his head onto the floor in frustration, he kept his cool and started loading his and Valeria’s luggage onto the saddles of their horses silently .

“Oi! Your eminence…”

Upon noticing Valeria put on the leather cloak over her battle tunic reluctantly, Dimitar opened his mouth and said:

“Have you ever ridden a horse?”

“Y-y-you’re so rude! Of course I know how to ride a horse! It’s an etiquette that every noble has to know! Who do you think I am!”

“Right, but can you ride for 5-6 hours continuously?”


“Why are you so surprised? This mission requires not only stealth, but speed as well . Therefore, we have to go at full pelt towards our destination without much rest in between . ”


Valeria averted her eyes, grumbling whilst stroking her butt with her hands . Dimitar could not help but frown at her actions . Clicking his tongue, he said:

“… seems like you have experience, but I can tell that you’re a rookie at horse riding . And based on the way you’re acting… you got a lot of the skin on your ass scraped off on your last horse ride . Am I right?”

“A-a-ass?! You pervert! Of course not! Only a little part of the skin on my butt was scraped off! A tiny bit!”

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“And because of that you didn’t go horse riding ever since?”


As expected, Dimitar was right . And by the looks of it, it was impossible to lead their horses on foot from the capital over to Seriba .

“Oi, suit of armour!”

“Dimitar-san, we’re not complete strangers~ please don’t call me suit of armour~ my name is Bettina!”

The pink suit of armour protested whilst unloading her luggage onto her horse .

Even though Bettina’s helmet had holes on it for her to see, breathe and eat, it was impossible to see her face, as the entirety of her head was covered by the helmet .

“Because you’re not allowing other people to see your face, I think calling you a suit of armour is perfectly justifiable . Also, are you sure you can ride a horse in that cumbersome suit of armour?”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that . ”

Bettina pounded her breastplate with her fist, then said in a prideful manner:

“Because I can run as fast as a horse dressed in this suit of armour . ”

“Even though I’m not actually worried about you… but are you sure you can actually run that fast?”

“Yes! And I can also run for half a day straight without feeling the slightest bit tired! Uncle’s invention is awesome, right?”

“We’ll put your words to the test later… and if that’s the case, your horse can become a packhorse, and you’ll attach yourself to it with a rope and run alongside it . Once our horse gets tired, we’ll it with yours . That way, we can save a lot of time . ”

“Huh? Wait, what did you just say? Did you just say oursOurs?”

“If you have to blame somebody blame yourself for being a complete noob at horseriding . ”

Dimitar placed his foot onto the stirrup then vaulted onto his horse . After that, he grabbed Valeria by the waist with his right hand, then scooped her up onto the saddle in front of him .


“Put this underneath your crotch . It’ll help prevent the skin on your crotch from being scraped off . ”

“It’s butt, not crotch! Butt!”

“Shouting ass and crotch right in the middle of broad daylight… It seems like our newly appointed Dominas will be pretty popular with the public, huh?”


Valeria’s face flushed red in embarrassment once again . After placing the fur blanket Dimitar gave her underneath her butt to act as a cushion, she looked away from him and went silent .

Dimitar shrugged his shoulders, then turned to look at Bettina:

“Oi! It’s time to go, suit of armour!”

“Dimitar-san, my name’s Bettina!”

“Whatever . ”

With the snap of the reins, they were off!

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