Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos - Volume 1 - Chapter 3.2

Published at 28th of April 2016 05:48:11 AM
Chapter 3.2




It is a Myth made out of lies. This was what Hookon would think every time he heard priests of the Tel Layton Church preach to the masses about their God’s teachings.

To him, their so-called God was a heresy. If crest magic was God’s gift to the people, if only those pious to God could wield it, then why was he and other non-believers of their God able to use magic as well?

His ability to cast magic could not be denied, so the Tel Layton Church’s teachings were wrong and misguided.

Looking at the camp fire burning to the south, Hookon nodded his head in satisfaction.

“That’s the only guard cantonment in the Southern District?”

“Yes, sir!”

“They’re currently retreating towards the Old City District to the north. I think they’re planning to rally there with the Old City’s walls as their base.”

“And the residents of the town?”


“More and more of them are joining our cause. The rest are fleeing towards the Old City District to take refuge from the fighting.”


After listening to his subordinate’s report, Hookon clapped his gauntleted hands.

“Put out the campfire, and push our defensive lines forward. Have our soldiers take turns to keep watch, and tell those who aren’t on watch duty to get as much rest as they can.”


“I have to rest now.”

Hookon walked over to and entered their stronghold in the frontlines — it was a house that they’d just received from a resident supportive of their cause. At that moment, a skinny, scrawny figure clad in shadows strode over to him, as silent as can be.

“…. Hookon, I’m warning you, don’t get too carried away.”

Although the person was garbed completely in a black robe and had a veil over her face, it was obvious that the person was female. Judging from her voice, it was clear she wasn’t a young teen, but a mature woman in her thirties.

Spotting the woman in his peripheral vision, Hookon stopped walking. There was nobody else except for him and her in the dim, candlelit hall. Although sounds of soldiers bickering and going about their work outside the house could be heard, the hall was otherwise strangely silent, as if it isolated from the outside world.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Isn’t everything going rather successfully? Seriba’s local garrison only has a few hundred soldiers, anyways.”

“Hookon, you don’t get it, do you? What I’m trying to say is, don’t get carried away just because you’re winning against the local garrison of a rural country town.”

The woman leaned on the wall behind her.

“…. reinforcements from the Holy Capital are going to arrive soon.”

“Reinforcements? That’s not possible!”

Raising an eyebrow, Hookon folded his arms across his chest in deep thought.

“…. They still sent out reinforcements knowing that doing so could infuriate and enrage Bagueiro?”

“No, they didn’t send troops. They sent a Dominas. And as for why? To investigate the uprising we’ve caused here in Seriba, and relay what they’ve discovered back to the state.”

“The Tel Layton Church sure is foolish, to send over someone as important as the Dominas to investigate us.”

“Do not get too carried away because of tiny successes, Hookon. I hope I do not have to say that again.”

Hookon, who was originally smiling and clapping, gulped in fear. Her searing, burning gaze was too much for him to handle.

“Dominas’ are much more powerful than ordinary magicians. They can wipe out a town’s local garrison, 200 men and all, without breaking a single sweat.”

“Is that really true?”

“You’re an outsider, so I don’t fault you for doubting me, but it is the truth. Only the best of the best, the most talented of the talented, the girls with the most magic potential, can become a Dominas — you think you can measure up to them? In your dreams.”

“… I’m warning you, mind your language, Medou.”

Hookon replied hoarsely, lips trembling in fear and anger.

“It’s just that I’ve been a little unlucky… this time I’ll succeed. One day, I’ll prove to the motherland that I am the one who has sacrificed most, contributed most to the country!”

“I don’t care about your worth, your value, or what your beloved Barbarian King thinks — what I care about is the success of this uprising. The Kingdom of Yamoda must fall into chaos in accordance with our plans. ”  

“Is that not what I’m working towards?”

Hookon extended his gauntleted hand for the woman called Medou to see.

“You have my gratitude. And because of that, I have decided that I will respect your words… but if you continue thinking of me as an idiot, or continue saying opinionated, unnecessary things about me, I’ll kill you.”

“… Then show me. Show me your power. Show me your determination. Show me… success! Show me!”

Medou nodded her head, then disappeared into the darkness.

“I pray for your success. I hope you’ll be able to reclaim your former position and glory, General Hookon.”

“If you have to pray, pray to our God. Marido has power. Tel Layton does not.”

“Sadly, I don’t believe in Gods.”

After saying that, Medou disappeared into the darkness for good. Even Hookon did not know how she did that. Probably some kind of unbelievable, high-tier magic.

“… what an intimidating and frightening woman.”

Sighing and clicking his tongue, Hookon clapped his hands.