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Chapter 304: 304
"Here you go . " A gentle yet dignified elderly man placed a stack of three books on Lillie's palms .

Hairs had all turned white, wrinkles marred his gentle face in an appropriate amount, and a seemingly permanent, soft smile gracing his lips .

Even when he's already in his late 60s, Headmaster Cheung looked youthful and regal as ever .

Nothing seemed to have changed, Lillie thought, except for the new hairstyle . Last time she saw him, his long, straight hair was simply gathered into a low ponytail .

The Headmaster had always loved his hair, and didn't miss a day not giving it his full attention . Though she was curious why he chopped it off into a modernized style .

"You have visited me at an unfavorable time . This old one would have love to exchange anecdotes over some tea with you . "

Glancing at a large pile of paperworks on his desk over his shoulder, Headmaster Cheung lamented . "Alas, the Academy was endowed with a rather bountiful amount of new students this year . "

"This disciple understands and sympathized with Headmaster's dilemma . " Paperwork is the devil's tormenting tool .

Though Lillie took pleasure in tending to them at peaceful days, but still, too much can make anyone loss their mind .

"Perhaps next time, when Headmaster's schedule is commodious . This disciple will also bring her betrothed . "

"That would be lovely!" Headmaster Cheung nodded enthusiastically . "This old one is eager to meet the boy who have stolen this Ice Fairy's heart . "

Ice Fairy, another fitting nickname for Lillie Bai . It was obvious that Headmaster Cheung knew of Lillie's real identity .

The nickname has been stuck in Headmaster Cheung's mind ever since he met Lillie for the first time when his good friend, Grandmaster Wei, introduced her to him .

The teenage girl from before had almost frightened him out of his wits because of the potent coldness she radiates .

Her cerulean blue eyes that seemed to have the ability to turn everything into ice, glared at everything, at everyone with underlying suspicion; as if anytime, the people around her would attack .

It's a huge relief for everyone who knew of her traumatic past that she's doing much better than before . Time does heal wounds, especially when you're surrounded with people who cared for you .

Looks like that betrothed of hers has been the biggest influence in her life, so it seems .

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"This disciple will now excuse herself to let Headmaster carry on with his task . " Lillie bowed her head after their short pleasantries .

Headmaster Cheung affectionately patted her head and see her off . Lillie nodded goodbye to his assistant before she exited the office and retrace her steps back to the Gentle Tempest Courtyard .

Cradling the books on her person like a typical school girl, Lillie walked down the stairs and turned from corridors to corridors without looking confused or lost like the other students she saw awhile ago .

Most of them are Earth Students who still aren't used to the Academy's vastness, and thus, taking a wrong turn .

Some were even brave enough to ask her for directions and verify if she was really the renowned Grand Disciple Life, to which she gladly responded .

Since she was wearing her old uniform, her standing couldn't be anymore obvious .

Lillie acknowledged a greeting from another familiar face and was about turn around a corner .

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She had already sensed that someone was about turn to her direction, so she sidestepped to avoid bumping into them .

But no matter of her calculation, and by whatever force of nature that decided it was amusing to see her act so clumsily, she finds herself being knocked off her feet .

Books flew in the air and two bodies stumbled on the ground as if in slow motion .

Lillie winced when her behind cushioned her harsh fall . Across her, she heard the other person groaning in pain .

"Ow ow ow . . . " Her painful moans—that oddly sounds familiar—told Lillie that it wasn't just the pain from falling on her butt .

"You," Lillie lifted her head and stared at the girl from yesterday, a bit surprised to see her . Aside from the pained expression, she looked to be in good health . "You're that girl who was bitten by a Red Whiskers . "

Yang Nina diverted her attention from the pain and towards the source of the voice .

"Yes? How did you know—" Yang Nina cut herself immediately as soon as her eyes landed on the coloring and design of Lillie's uniform .

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"G-Grand Disciple!" She squawked, abashed . Hands flailing around nervously before trying to support herself up .

She stopped when a shadow hovered above her in an instant and a hand outstretched in front of her .

"Please don't push yourself, you're still injured . "

Yang Nina was almost blinded by that smile .

Ah, isn't this too familiar? She felt like she've read or watch something like this happening before .

The school setting, turning around a corner, bumping into each other, the male lead offers his hand to the female lead, and then boom!

Love at first sight!