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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:30:06 AM

Chapter 475: 475

Chapter 475 Shijia Rift Valley

Lin Luoran may get blowback from waking up people in Maple Leaf City in their sweet dreams . Her Wakan in the pubic region which forms with the help of cyan little fox’s elixir is suddenly emptied before she finishes appreciating the thunder she triggers .

She feels blood in her throat . It seems that her injury is about to happen again .

It’s not worth the loss . Every word figure with great power really costs Wakan to support it . Lin Luoran doesn’t dare to try other words . She sleeps with quilt covering on her face . When she wakes up the next day, she can feel how weak her feet are . Cyan little fox’s face is as black as ink . Lin Luoran does not value its hard work is one thing . What’s worse, she destroys her own body .

Lin Luoran does a thorough review about her mistakes and repeatedly assures that she will never try casually before she recovers from the injury . Cyan little fox finally raises its head and walks into the basement .

The fox is going to make another elixir for “Linny” who always makes it worry .

Lin Luoran is speechless . Now she can not practice writing . In addition to meditating, she can only clean up space . When there are tons of spare time, people may think nonsense . She chooses to follow the four young people to explore on Nami Star to kill time .

It’s getting colder as autumn rainfalls . Hot summer has left Nami Star and autumn here is cooler than that on the earth . Leaves of the mountains around Maple Leaf City begin to turn red, as the red sunset glow in the evening which is particularly splendid .

Lin Luoran finishes her meditation this day . She looks at the spirit stone in her hand which is so dim now . She is in stable condition now but she is still not totally well, which may have a lot to do with the fact that she stopped her Gathering Vitality abruptly .

From ancient times to the present, even early in the Tang Dynasty when spells were flourishing, Gathering Vitality has always been a big event for cultivators . For those who attend schools, cultivators about to gather vitality are always been taken good care of . Even individual cultivators without teachers still choose a secret place for Gathering Vitality in advance . All treasures collected from the beginning of their personal ability enhancement are used to ensure their safety in Heaven’s Doom… With such preparations, it’s a matter of “to be or not to be” . White Fairy had never known a cultivator who stops in the middle of his Gathering Vitality .

Lin’s golden elixirs were on the verge of breaking and the next step was to gather vitality after elixirs breaks . Lin stopped it forcibly, no wonder she was seriously injured and could not get well . The four golden elixirs even walked off their job and refused to make Wakan for her body .

“Although elixirs from the nine-tailed fox family are very powerful, no one has ever experienced what you are going through . Probably only Gathering Vitality can heal your wounds all at once . ”

From the Bearing Essence to the Gathering Vitality, it is not only about doubled lifespan . In the process of Wakan transforming into Meta, to a higher level in her body, healing her former affliction is only a trivial matter . Cultivator’s body will evolve in a more perfect direction—according to White Fairy, female cultivators expect Gathering Vitality period because people’s appearance can be more perfect in the process of Gathering Vitality .

All women search for beauty . As White Fairy says, men or women with high personal ability in the world of cultivation rarely look particularly ugly .

Appearance is a gift from her parents . Lin Luoran touches her face and thinks she has no idea about changing her facial features . However, the Gathering Vitality period is really unique in her personal ability enhancement .

Before the decay period of cultivation, only cultivators of the Gathering Vitality period are qualified to be called as ancestors and can claim to be “your highness” . They could get the qualification to establish schools recognized by the world of cultivation .

For Lin Luoran, the great changes brought about by the Gathering Vitality period make her feel confident about returning to the Earth .

Reiki and Wakan can be used for spells . However, Meta can be used for “arts of nature” .

The art of nature, which is more deterrent than folded paper cranes, has the true magical effect of bringing the power from the heaven and earth . Lin Luoran thinks for a while and feels that it may be the time for her to go out for a walk .

Everyone in the castle doesn’t agree with her on the grounds that her injuries have not healed and she can not save herself if she encounters danger .

Lin Luoran feels helpless . She kicks a big tree and sawdust bursts from the core of the tree . This movement finally convinces the four young people .

“Even without Wakan, I don’t think I am as weak as you think, right?”

Cultivators’ bodies are always nourished by Wakan day and night . She has been in the late period of Bearing Essence, how is it possible that she is a weak girl?

“Besides, how can I go out without a self-defense weapon?”

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Lin Luoran gets something similar to a laser sword from space . She originally “stole” it from the Edward . When she presses a switch, the light blade can cut through common alloys . Even monsters on Nami Star can’t have bronze skin and iron bone .

Friends must part . Lin Luoran asks the four reluctant young people to go back . She carries a large backpack and sets off on the road alone .

To the south of Nami Star, the hottest place on the planet, there is a fault zone which is similar to the Great Rift Valley on the Earth . Two ravines are sunken and a long ridge rises from the middle . It is “Shijia Rift Valley” with abundant species .

From above, there are two green sunken belts . The exotic landscapes look like two parallel scars in which a powerful monster scratches the mountain and then leaves . It always attracts many expeditions from all planets of Nami Alliance to come here . It is very famous in Nami Alliance .

Lin Luoran goes all the way south to the Shijia Rift Valley with her hiking bag . It has been two months since she set off from Maple Leaf City . Lin travels all the way south . She is now on the opposite side of Maple Leaf City and it must be winter in Maple Leaf City at this moment . As Lin Luoran goes south, trees are more luxuriant and they look green and lovely .

She only chooses less populated places along her way but it is inevitable that she will pass many noble farms . Because Nami Star advocates returning to the basics, many ordinary civilians rather than agricultural robots are working in the fields .

There is probably no exploitation . The nobles pay the money and common people work hard . They talk in the wheat field, laughing loudly without dissatisfaction with life . Lin Luoran thinks this must be why the social hierarchy of the noble and common people can harmoniously exist on Nami Star without conflicts of a high-tech society .

Close to the Shijia Rift Valley, it is no longer a fief belonging to any nobles . This original ecological rift valley landform is fortunate enough to be preserved in the previous interstellar war . It now belongs to the Nami royal family . The wealthy royal family invests countless money to protect the environment here every year . Although the Shijia Rift Valley covers a vast area, it has not yet been developed . Sandstone is the majority here but the fertile land near the river beach is still barren .

Lin Luoran chooses a gentle slope and spends a day to go down the canyon . The star has been down . There are rivers running through the valley but there is little rain every year . When you look up at the east sinking star, you may think it is a red disc about to hide at the end of the mountains . Eyes of hippos have revealed in the turbulent river water . In the valley, there is no dense forest . It is more like the African prairie on the earth before the New Era .

Species in these two places are almost the same and they are only different in a subtle way . For example, lions crawling in the forest almost mingle with the color of withered grass . They are actually more than double the size of lions which she has seen before .

Lin Luoran is stunned . Looking at the direction where the lions were, she thinks they might be planning to ambush her .

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She glanced at the direction of the grass . Her silent eyes made the lions stiff and unable to move . They even gave up the plan of ambush .

This animal is kind of clever . Lin Luoran tightened the straps of her backpack and walked over without looking at other directions . These lions were lying in the grass, sweating profusely .

Before mountains swallow up the last light of the star, Lin Luoran pitches a tent near the water source .

The fabric of outdoor tents produced by Nami Alliance is light and thin . It can definitely defend against wild beasts . There are many warning devices . It may not be very dangerous to sleep in the wild .

Lin Luoran continues to travel all the way south and sees the very different customs of Nami Star . It does not help much with her injury . Maybe because she gradually gets used to the Nami Star on the other side of the starry sky, she now looks at the flowers and trees at her feet, not from the perspective of a passing traveler . She has gained something and learned something . Therefore, her state of mind has changed a lot .

The star sets east and light gradually fades . The shallow is shining and long-billed birds are fishing and eating . Lin Luoran also feels interested when she sees the clear river . She sets up an iron pot to boil some water . She doesn’t use Wakan for the time being but she still has her extraordinary eyesight . Lin also has powerful arms . She folds a branch and shots it out, aiming at the water . Two little fish of three or four inches are strung on the branch .

Long-billed birds are scared at first . When Lin Luoran picks up struggling fish, they finally flap wings and fly away—she feels kind of regret . Just now, why didn’t she catch the fish?

Lin Luoran removes fish scales and intestines . She washes the fish near the shallow and throws two fish into the iron pot .

Eating fish soup is all about fresh . In addition to green onion and ginger, only natural fresh ingredients like mushrooms will not destroy the original taste of fish soup . She covers the lid on the iron pot . The firewood is properly burned and a little aroma has leaked out . Lin Luoran squints and waits for the food .

A few long-billed gulls and herons land on the shoal again . The setting sun, leaping fish, flying birds, and the wonderful landscape in the rift valley… it totally matches her former wish to travel around the world . Lin Luoran leans on the tent and feels that such kind of tranquil is so comfortable .

Lin Luoran thinks it’s about time so she takes the lip off the pot . It’s hot and fragrant . Lin extinguishes the firewood . She still hasn’t got the time to taste the delicious food and the spiritual mind she set ten miles away for warning has been triggered .

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People are coming and it’s more than one person .

“Seeing” the group of awkward alien creatures, Lin Luoran feels that they are no threat . After drinking the fish soup slowly and washing the pots and bowls on the shallow, she hears a rustling noise in the grass .

“Gary, where is the climber you saw!”

There are three men and two women coming out from the direction of the mountains in the middle of the rift . Lin doesn’t know what they have been through . The leader is still armed but the others seem to lose all their weapons for survival . A young girl with two lovely tentacles on her forehead wears torn clothes . She is really pale and she is hurt by branches, grass, and leaves . Seeing Lin Luoran cleaning the pots and bowls at the tent, she screams to the leader in surprise .

Gary is the young team leader holding the weapon . He is a little bit annoying when he hears his people yelling . However, the experience of the past few days and the embarrassment of his team members make him come forward to accost the woman as a leader .

However, the woman in front of them doesn’t even raise her head to look at them . Will she help them?

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