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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:30:06 AM

Chapter 476: 476

Chapter 476 You Pieces of Garbage

“Hey, woman! Contact the outside world for us!”

Gary says nothing . The young girl with tentacles raises her head . Because she doesn’t know which planet Lin Luoran comes from, she kindly uses the interstellar common tongue .

The young girl thinks she is thoughtful enough . However, her words make Gary think they are going to get into trouble . Even other people feel it’s not very proper to say these words . They are noble but now they want something from the woman .

Geomagnetic fluctuations in Shijia Rift Valley have always been irregular . This is also one of the reasons why the valley can become a perfect place for exploration . Lin Luoran gives these young people a cold look . They either encountered powerful monsters or fought with people . It seems that their equipment to communicate with the outside world are all lost .

However, how can someone ask for help in such an arrogant way? Lin Luoran feels helpless . She is a spoiled little girl . They are neither relatives nor friends . Lin has no time to help the girl’s parents to discipline their child .

She calmly cleans up the pots and bowls . After Lin Luoran cleans up near the river with cold water, she doesn’t pay any attention to others . She enters the tent and pulls the curtain down . The arrogant girl with tentacles is pale with anger .

“How rude the woman is! I…”

“Udora! Stop it . ”

Gary can feel his twisting eyebrows . He can see how unwilling Udora is . He used to think her cousin was just a little naive, but he didn’t expect that she can be so stupid… It was all his fault and he shouldn’t bring her to Shijia Rift Valley!

“Look at her attitude, if now we are on our home planet…” In Gary’s disapproving gaze, Udora’s voice becomes smaller and smaller . There are lots of grievances on her face .

The other two men in the team comfort her quickly . After a long talk, Udora finally smiles again .

Gary has planned to apologize to Lin Luoran seriously . However, the light in the tent goes out in no time .

The woman makes it clear that she is unwilling to deal with them . Gary sighs and sees how tired his teammates are . The valley is full of lethal danger but maybe now no one has the energy to leave here .

After all, without sleep for a few days, even Gary is about to collapse .

Gary walks back to find his men . There is an open space on the other side of the stream . “Let’s rest on the other side tonight . ”

Udora is dissatisfied . Lin Luoran chose a flat ground for her tent . The terrain there is gentle and the sandy ground is soft, making it comfortable to sleep at night . The opposite shore is also a shallow beach but it is covered by sand and gravel . Why do they have to go to the opposite shore?

Gary ignores her and walks across the river . Using a long knife in his hand to chop down the weeds, he spreads the weeds on the gravel .

Seeing the leader has done it by himself, the rest of the people are embarrassed . They don’t get the time to comfort little princess Udora and rushes to help .

These people have been running for life all the way . Let alone sleep, maybe they have no strength to run without compressed nutrients which Gary has provided for them . Seeing fish in the shallow stream, two male team members go into the water to catch the fish under Gary’s leadership . Udora complains about how indifferent Lin Luoran is while sodding with the other female team member .

Her voice is so small that she thinks only her companion can hear her . Lin Luoran laughs in the tent . Is it her obligation to rescue them? Even she is on Nami Alliance, it is still not reasonable, right? Lin is too lazy to listen to the complaints of the silly girl . She just enters the space .

The three of Gary catch a lot of small fish . It’s so noisy that the gulls and herons are scared and fly back to the shallow .

When they finally start a fire, Udora burns the fish outside but its inside is still raw . There is no seasoning so it tastes really smelly . She vomits it out after one bite .

“Gary, how can I eat this fish, I…”

Gary listens to his cousin’s constant complaints and he finally can’t stay patient anymore . “If you don’t want to eat this, put it down . Don’t waste food . ”

Udora puts down the grilled fish . Tears are shining in her eyes . She runs away with red eyes .


“Captain, Udora, she…”

Gary gets a terrible headache, thinking that the valley is not a completely safe place, he still chases after her .

There are a few big holes in Udora’s mountaineering suit and night mosquitoes are biting her skin . When she hears footsteps, she turns her head to the other side . Gary sighs and hands her a grilled fish which is properly cooked .

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“Well, you have to eat it even if it is not delicious . Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to leave here . ”

Udora sniffs, “Second brother, can we really leave this place? Those people killed Jenny and others…”

Hearing the name “Jenny”, Gary looks even worse . If Udora hadn’t insisted on going to the cave, they wouldn’t have become lamsters . However, as the captain, he still feels guilty that he can’t guarantee the safety of his men . Eudora doesn’t know the consequences at all . How can he totally blame her?

“Yes, we can . We can leave Shijia rift valley next day . We have been covering up all the way . They won’t find us . Don’t worry . ”

Carefully picking out the fish bones, Gary is the gentle and meticulous brother again . Udora feels that the fear in her heart is fading away . This time, she does not complain about the tasteless grilled fish and eats up the fish .

The night temperature in the valley is very low . These five people have no protection from the cold and they can only choose the primitive bonfire for getting warm .

The male team members are arranged to watch the night . Udora and the other female team member sleep on the thick weeds . After being fatigue for a few days, they fall asleep quickly .

Gary looks at Lin Luoran’s tent from time to time . If Udora had not offended the woman with her words, they would have got a tent although they can’t contact the outside world .

Wild dogs lurk in the grass half a mile away . Bonfire in front of these dogs makes them drool .

However, wild dogs are good at robbery so they won’t hunt things themselves . It’s getting late and mist spreads all over the valley . They are still waiting patiently with greedy eyes .

Those large carnivores can’t control themselves .

The bonfire gradually extinguishes and the two male team members have fallen asleep .

Gary holds the alloy sword in his hand . He is still very attentive, alert to the surroundings, and to the movement of the tent on the other side of the river .

Gary will not easily believe any stranger .

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What was Lin Luoran doing when these impoverished nobles were eating grilled fish?

She was sitting under a lychee tree, peeling off a kind of leechee called “Smile of Concubine” one by one while sorting out her collection .

She is really poor as a cultivator of the later Bearing Essence period . She has no defensiveness . If Lin Luoran really wants to gather vitality, she will be smashed by Thunder Doom as White Fairy says .

“Can’t I hide in space when I gather vitality?”

Looking at her private estate, she thinks this is really the safest and most secret place .

White Fairy glances at her . Lin Luoran is a woman but she still feels the fair looks incredibly charming . She shivers . White Fairy is totally amused by her ignorance, “Without the Thunder Doom test, how can the Wakan in your body convert to Meta? Cultivators of Gathering Vitality period were formerly called gods and immortal on the earth . The sky and the earth are both witnesses . If you hide, you will never be able to succeed . ”

Sure enough, Tao of nature is not so foolish .

Lin Luoran takes out all the things she has stored . It is difficult to make a real defensive magic weapon, not to mention that she lacks materials now . Even if she has plenty of materials, her injury still makes her unable to refine weapons .

“Hey, show me that stuff . ”

Lin Luoran raises the female pottery figurine which she stole from Mount Penglai . She is a little excited, “Is this a treasure?”

White Fairy is speechless, “The stuff next to it!”

Next to the female pottery figurines, there is a blue jade pendant .

White Fairy looks at it for a long time . She hears that Lin Luoran got it from a female mermaid and she is almost certain about it . Lin Luoran sighs that Lin Luoran is really a lucky dog .

“If this thing is used for your Gathering Vitality, it will totally be a waste… It’s said that it can even be used in Heaven’s Doom during the Divinization period . ”

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Lin Luoran picks up the blue jade . She still can’t see anything special about its appearance . However, White Fairy is so knowledgeable that she will not talk nonsense . The female mermaid once said that the thing could help her survive in front of the Rank Nine monster . In this case, White Fairy is telling the truth . Lin Luoran is about to ask her how special this thing is . The warning spiritual mind she left on the grassland is triggered again .

Lin Luoran grabs a handful of lychees . She can only accept it and goes out of space . The group of people is indeed a curse .

There is a quick gasp on the other side of the river . Lin Luoran raises her head to have a look . One side has almost been beaten up .

They lose in such a short time?

Lin Luoran sighs, not knowing why those young masters came to Shijia Rift Valley . She peels a litchi and puts it in her mouth . It is sweet and seedless, which is really refreshing .

Several people on the other side of the river look at each other and fire a cannon . This kind of fire bomb with special dyes can instantly engulf her tent as long as it hits the tent . As a passer-by, Lin Luoran doesn’t feel happy about being shot for no reason .

She only brought a tent with her when she went out . You pieces of garbage!

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