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Chapter 478: 478

Chapter 478 Broken Elixirs

Derek looks at the old man with a pug nose in front of him . He sneers, “You say that she is your distant niece?”

He can not figure out if it’s really his niece . But the old man’s picture is also really old .

The old man with a pug nose straightens his back with rolling eyes, “You don’t think we look alike? I have told you that she is my distant nephew . Well, the blood relationship is really not that close… Well, I came to her rashly and I really don’t know if she remembers me as her uncle . ”

Hearing Pug Nose’s voice is getting down, Derek is still suspicious . However, Mrs . Susan has already been wiping her tears .

He is a relative coming alone from afar and a really old man… this kind of story is enough to arouse Susan’s compassion .

“Derek, can you help him to ask about it?”

Derek’s face is dark and the little freckles on his nose are particularly eye-catching now . He is now the person in charge of the barbecue restaurant . In Maple Leaf City, he is really the only one who knows the whereabouts of Lin Luoran .

The question is, Pug Nose who claims to be Lady Lin’s uncle found Mrs . Susan in no time . Was it a coincidence or a conspiracy? Derek gets in touch with the manor and the answer is that they don’t know if Lin Luoran has an uncle .

None of the young people in the old castle knows Lin Luoran’s family background . However, the four young people still attach great importance to the man who claims to be Lin Luoran’s uncle .

If Pug Nose gets rid of his wretched temperament, he really looks like a powerful master . During the video call, he vaguely told the origin of Lin Luoran . Although he looks like an alien, even the siblings of the Ma family are kind of believe that Aunt Lin’s uncle has come to her—what do they have to call aunt Lin’s uncle? This generation thing is really messy .

Pug Nose is taken to the manor and occupies the largest room of the castle .

One day, cyan little fox comes out of the basement and someone locks its neck . An old orange face is magnified in front of cyan little fox with a shiny red and swollen pug nose . He also covers the mouth of cyan little fox .

“Huh, have you been to Green Mountains?”

Cyan little fox recognizes him after a moment and then it grabs and bites at Pug Nose . It is struggling fiercely .

“Why are you still alive?!”

Damn, this man obviously doesn’t even have any personal ability . How can he still be alive after three thousand years?

Pug Nose is triumphant, “Die? I will never die . I still want Linny to give me a pension!”

Cyan little fox spits on his face . It hasn’t met him for thousands of years and he is still so shameless .

Lin Luoran is walking in the valley without knowing that she has a distant uncle .

Lin has been in Shijia Rift Valley for a month . She spends time with zebras and watches elephants playing water with their noses . The scenery which could only be seen in documentaries before is now right in front of her .

The sunset over the grassland is spectacular and the early morning on the grassland is very lovely .

After leaving Mount Penglai, this is Lin Luoran’s first time to hike in peace without sorrow or injury .

She once picked up fallen nuts from trees and smashed them open with a stone . The flesh inside was so dry that it made her tongue tasteless for most of the day .

She has tasted a wild vegetable which is said to grow only in Shijia Rift Valley . It is valued by the Nami nobles… Well, she really can’t appreciate the taste of the nobles . That wild vegetable grows near the river beach . It’s tender and delicious but not as chewy as the bracken on the earth .

Shepherd’s purse, bitter weed, bracken, branweed, purslane, plantain, dandelion… countless rural delicacies make her memory about Li’s Village less annoying after hundreds of years .

More often, Lin Luoran picks up a few bird eggs and catches a few fish and shrimps . This can be a meal . Lin is not enduring the hardships of an arduous journey . She never gives herself the shaft . Her food seems to be simple but it’s actually much better than other that of other expeditions .

Lin Luoran has met several expeditions along the way . There are many people playing around and also some serious climbers . No matter which kind, from the former experience, Lin Luoran knows that people are troublesome . Therefore, she avoids them all the way and doesn’t meet anyone .

At the end of the valley, Lin Luoran has almost observed all vegetation, animals, mountains and waters . While riding a wild antelope slowly and swaying on the grassland, she has decided to climb over the middle mountain range and go to the mountain on the opposite side of the mountain .

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Lin Luoran’s injury has been fine . Besides, with the magical effect of blue jade, White Fairy says that she is somewhat sure about her Gathering Vitality .

However, in order to break elixirs and then gather vitality in one fell swoop, the Reiki Lin Luoran needs is a lot, which a low Rank cultivator can never imagine .

White Fairy wants to use the spirit stone she took out from Ethereal Palace . Lin Luoran feels that her state of mind is still not enough so there is no need to rush it . Perhaps before her Gathering Vitality, she may find a place with abundant Reiki in Shijia Rift Valley .

Reiki on the Nami Star is definitely not abundant in the eyes of White Fairy . However, she can’t deny that some special terrain has the effect of locking spirits . Under certain conditions, it can breed Spirit Nadis and Spirit Springs .

“If we can’t find Spirit Nadis, we can use fairy’s spirit stone . ”

Lin Luoran smiles and jumps off the back of the wild antelope . White Fairy can not refute so she can only agree .

“Thank you for taking me a ride . Well, here is the gift . ”

Handing an apple to the wild antelope, Lin Luoran pats its head and walks into the mountains .

Another group of explorers? Maybe this phenomenon is because Windsor has canceled the wedding . These people think it is not worthwhile to go back and forth empty-handed so there are many expedition teams in Shijia Rift Valley recently .

Lin Luoran pretends that she doesn’t see them . Carrying a mountaineering bag, her every step seems slow . However, she quickly disappears from the sight of latecomers .

“Pinch me! I may be crazy . I see someone riding a wild antelope, the timidest animal?”

A man in the mountaineering suit yells . He can’t believe what he has just seen .

The entire expedition is silent . It is also the first time for them to see anyone close to a wild antelope . Everyone knows that wild antelopes are the most stubborn and timid creatures on the Shijia Grassland .

For Lin Luoran, such an expedition is just an episode . She is carrying the hiking bag and walking among the rocks .

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The closer she gets to the mountains, the louder call she can hear from Reiki . Lin Luoran feels that Spirit Nadis must be hidden in the mountains .

Following her feeling, she walks in the mountains for two days . The unusual thing is that there is a deep natural cave .

There are a few corpses at the entrance of the cave, dressed in black . They were probably dead two weeks ago .

Lin Luoran is speechless, thinking of the expedition team which was hunted down when they just entered the valley . Isn’t this why they were hunted down after discovering the secret?

Sure enough, she doesn’t have to go to trouble and trouble will come to her by nature .

The deep karst cave exudes fatal attraction . Lin Luoran uses her spiritual mind to explore it . She only finds that the deeper she goes, the thicker the Reiki is .

But there is no living person but many dead bodies in the cave .

Lin Luoran checks the black-clothed dead bodies . The hot weather has made them stink and rot . However, she can tell that they died in a fight . People fight for money . Spirit stone is also a good thing for the Nami Alliance people who are looking for longevity .

They have the nerve to rob things of the royal family of Nami . Lin really has no idea about where they were from… It’s a pity that all the people are dead now . She has no clues about whether they fight with their enemy or with their own men .

With her personal ability, casting a few simplest Fire Ball spells does not affect her injury now . Lin Luoran burns the dead body at the entrance of the cave and goes all the way to the cave . When she encounters one dead body, she burns it . At the winding bottom of the cave, the splendid colorful light dazzles her eyes .

She can see that there are traces of mining here . Semi-artificial cave stretches for several tens of meters . This place is filled with spirit stones half-embedded in the mountain .

Red, green, blue, brown and yellow… is this the wonderland of the five elements?

“This place is just like a place gods make for you to gather vitality…” White Fairy mutters . She is totally defeated by Lin Luoran’s luck .

Five elements Taoist root may not be a trash for a cultivator?

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Lin Luoran thinks of the increasing expeditions and the men in black who suffered great loss . She sighs, “I’m afraid this place has been really famous . ”

It is a pity that this blessed place where the five elements gather is not a peaceful place .

White Fairy covers her mouth and smiles, “Why do you forget the fact that I am here?”

She has studied illusion spells for thousands of years . It’s totally a piece of cake for her to hide this cave from other ordinary people . White Fairy arranges it like a gust of wind . Lin Luoran also calms down . She sits down in the place with the most abundant Reiki and begins to meditate and train Qi .

Every long breath is for Reiki to enter her body in a better way .

Lin Luoran has never encountered a place for personal ability enhancement which is completely compatible with her Taoist root . When she just entered the Treasury, her body reacted faster than her mind .

After more than three hundred years of study in Taoism, she has seen joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness of the mortal world . Tempered by the world, she is like an old bamboo which has lived for hundreds of years and been away from the mortal world .

Lin Luoran lives righteously and has a calm and balanced mind . She lives up to the heaven and does not kill ruthlessly .

She already has the confidence of Gathering Vitality .

The Gathering Vitality period means people can live a thousand years old . They can establish a school, claim themselves as your highness, and the world of cultivation calls them ancestors respectfully… These are the glory of cultivators in the Gathering Vitality period . However, at this moment, Lin Luoran only wants to live up to her conscience .

In the energetic brilliance of the five-color spirit stone, Lin Luoran’s body has been absorbing the five elements of Reiki . Until a certain moment, the four golden elixirs in her pubic region finally break apart, like a hiccup—the elixirs are broken now .

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