Last Days On Earth - Chapter 10

Published at 12th of November 2018 09:33:45 PM

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Searching for Hope (2)

Ye Ke plugged the bar phone to a speaker and set it to radio mode . He remembered the FM broadcast domestic channel band should be 87-108 MHz . If there were any vital news, then it should be on this channel and put on repeat every second and every hour .

“To those listening to this and to our dear fellow countrymen, I speak today a grim news . We are experiencing a catastrophic event that is unlike anything we have encountered in the past and throughout history . It’s like an epidemic, violent and comes so suddenly without notice . Our former friends and relatives turn to horrible monsters to the point we can’t recognize them any longer . They are no longer who they once were .

“However, I firmly believe that as long as we remain united, we will be able to survive through this great ordeal . At present, there are only two cities infected, City S and City Z . But worry not . We are working on a vaccine to combat the virus . We’re sure this will be over soon .

“In order to deal with this situation, we’ve built a temporary shelter in the seven war zones . If you’re a survivor, please go to the shelter as soon as possible . My compatriots…”

This should’ve been recorded by the chairman on spot and continuously broadcasted on repeat .

Well, at least the outside world is still intact . Hearing of the gospel revelation, Wang Hao grew a little excited . This was the best news he’s heard in the past two days .

On the other hand, Ye Ke was much calmer than Wang Hao after hearing the contents broadcasted on the radio .

So far, there were only two second-tier cities infected but even so, the two cities were considered a high-density population . The number of people infected was too large to imagine . According to the country’s strategic countermeasures, the city would have surely be blocked by the military . One would need to go through the refugee shelter and be examined to be able to pass through .


Moreover, the situation outside is far from good as the people in power would like the masses to think . Do they want to accommodate a temporary shelter for survivors in the two infected cities? A wrong move . Surely they’ll rely on the nearby cities and build a temporary shelter there . One way or another, there’d be a person infected who managed to escape .

Vaccines to combat the virus… although a comforting word, it doesn’t exist .

But how the higher-ups managed to alleviate the masses’ worries was much better than he imagined . If they were to induce fear, then according to his guess, the whole entirety of China would fall into a state of panic and anarchy .

Regardless, what he believed wasn’t too far from the truth .

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The city’s wide streets were filled with unused vehicles, the city airports and terminals have stopped running, and there’s military men armed with live ammunition stationed nearby .

From the south all the way to the northern border, the military established a blockade line . As China has a typically large set of population, the blockade surely can’t stop the spread of infection . It could slow the outbreak sure but to stop it? Impossible .

Ye Ke once served in the western war zone . He was stationed in Chengdu and trained in Lanzhou . Also, he knew Suzhou belonged to the eastern war zone . The war zone headquarters should be situated in Nanjing .

Well, no matter . When the time comes and he steps foot out of the dormitory, it’ll be the time to figure out what to do .

He knows how to get out . His military experience deemed him fit to do but first, they needed to make preparations . If not, they’d be eaten alive by those monsters before they had the chance to escape .

Besides, the corpses aren’t just inside the school, they’re outside too . They’re everywhere .

“I’ll go out to the other balcony, search for things when daylight comes, and look around the room to see if I can find something useful . ” Ye Ke said .

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He thought over the matter for a while and decided to scrounge for other items useful in the other dormitory room . This was the best method and the distance between his balcony and the neighboring balcony wasn’t too far . He’s also sure that not many were able to get in safely from the infected . This is also the best chances to find more resources and more curtains to solve the problem of the insufficient length of the twisted curtain .

“I’ll go too . You search the left side and I’ll search the right side . ”



“Wang Hao, I’ve been a soldier before . This’ll be easy for me and I’ll have a lot of time to look around . Please don’t argue with me about this . If you die, I’ll be lonely . ” Ye Ke’s serious . Though climbing over the balcony may seem an easy feat but it’s not if one is not in their best condition .

They could slip and fall . And boom! Dead . Their body splattered all over the ground .

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Someone like Wang Hao whose to easy to frighten would be scared witless when attempting such feat .

“Okay… then… pay attention to your safety . ” Wang Hao sat back down on the bed frustratedly .

“You go ahead and listen to the radio and try all the channels to see if there’s any other messages broadcasted . ”

“Alright . ”

Ye Ke and Wang Hao ate some biscuits and noodles accompanied by a glass of water . They now only had a few packages of instant noodles left .

Wang Hao ate the food served without leaving any ounce of trace .

Ye Ke looked up and stared into his eyes . He said nothing before turning away . Sometimes, tacit order is more useful than explicit rules .

If he is soft to Wang Hao now, he’ll only rely continuously on Ye Ke . Wang Hao won’t be able to grow in this new world . Ye Ke wants Wang Hao to become an independent and capable person, to become strong . If he isn’t able to adjust, he’ll die sooner or later .