Last Days On Earth - Chapter 13

Published at 23rd of November 2018 08:15:34 PM
Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Unexpected Turn of Event (3)

In the time that he was gone, what the hell had happened? Is there a source of infection in the dormitory?

All Ye Ke could do at this moment was keep his friend calm and not let him see his current state of being .

Fortunately, there was no habit of putting a mirror in the boy’s dormitory and Wang Hao did not seem to notice his unnatural tone and rigid movements .

Ye Ke stood still with his backpack slung over his shoulder as he watched Wang Hao climb up the ladder and collapse into his bed while groaning uncomfortably .

“Wang Hao?”

“Yes…?” Wang Hao replied weakly like a patient with a high fever .

“Did you drink something after I left?” Ye Ke looked at the water tank and pots boiling hot with water . It seemed like his hunch told him the cause of his infection .

“No!” The word seemed to weigh heavily . After that, the two fell into silence .

“… . there wasn’t much water in the tank so I burned some tap…” Ye Ke watched his friend curl his body into a ball while experiencing a great deal of pain .




Tap water? He’d just washed his face earlier with the tap water . Would . . would he also be infected? Thinking of this, he suddenly felt millions of insects crawling on his skin, on his face . He wanted to tear his skin, the flesh apart at this moment .

Seconds after, Ye Ke calmed down from his panic . Even if he was infected, at least his state was much better than Wang Hao .

The question now is what he should do .

What should he do? He doesn’t know . He’ll need to kill Wang Hao . No . He can’t do it . He’s never killed anyone before . And… and this person is his friend… his best friend .

He’s the most honest person Ye Ke ever knew . He had no bad habit like Ye Ke and Han Song who always overslept . He always went to class . He had good grades . He always brought them food when he knew his friends wouldn’t eat . He’s never gotten in trouble . He was a good person .

Flashes of memory rolled in his brain, constantly replaying the past .

Now, Ye Ke needed to kill him before he turns… but Ye Ke can’t seem to bring himself to do it .

Ye Ke sat on the ground and smoke a cigarette as he slowly sorted out his thoughts .

Their water source was infected no doubt . This means that the city’s pumping infected water through purification plants and then through underground pipes leading to various communities . Then… the river is polluted… infected . To infect many others, the rivers needed to have a large amount of dosage of pollution . After all, the water source coming from the river is always diluted, self-contained, and purified to remove all harmful bacteria . If that’s the case, the infected water should be regional .

But it’s useless thinking about it now . Wang Hao’s already infected . It’s too late to save him . The question is how long it’ll take for him to lose his humanity . He reckons from the time spent searching the other dorms for more resources and now, two hours should have passed and it should only be a matter of moments before he turns .

Ye Ke began planning for the worst . He began tidying up . He put on his sturdy overalls, high-top boots, took off his shirt, put on a black vest, and replaced the shirt with a long-sleeved brown linen shirt .


He packed all sorts of resources inside the beige shoulder bag, which thankfully, did not take up much space . Ye Ke looked as if ready to go mountain climbing or to go in the wilderness to survive . Thereafter, he wrapped the rope he made with the curtain around his waist .

“Wang Hao?” Ye Ke stood near the bunk bed and whispered softly . Though soft, it seemed as if he was screaming .

“Wang Hao?” He gulped and looked at his friend who laid on the bed . Wang Hao hadn’t moved for a long time .

There was a little flash of hope in his heart that everything was okay, that everything would be alright . Wang Hao is fine . He’s just sick, that’s all . It’s only a stomach flu . No big deal .

Ye Ke took a step forward and climb on the ladder to look at Wang Hao’s wholesome figure .

“Wang Hao…?”

“Ah!” Wang Hao’s chest suddenly bulged up and twisted in an extremely exaggerated way with his hands and head pushed all the way down . Thereafter, a very low suppressed groan came out of his throat .

Ye Ke was frightened by the sudden change . He swiftly took a step back and fell on his rears . Fortunately, he recovered quickly .

Wang Hao’s twisted boy fell off the bed . He began to convulse on the floor like he’d gone mad .

It was only daytime . The sun still shone brightly up above yet Ye Ke felt a chill coming from the soles of his feet and spreading throughout his body .

Before he could think of anything, Ye Ke rushed into the toilet, placed both hands on the window frame and pulled his body into the next dormitory .

Just like that…

He fled .



He had no courage .

Though he planned to do so in the beginning, the guilt of abandoning his friend grinded his heart .

When he calmed down again, he realized he had already stood on the bathroom next door . How he came here, he did not know . Everything was like a short dream .

Not long after, Ye Ke heard a heavy object and a loud crash next door . From time to time, he could hear a deep growl .

I’m sorry, Wang Hao… I’m sorry… I couldn’t do it . I couldn’t kill you before you turned… I’m sorry…

Ye Ke squatted down on the corner holding his head down and body curled . He wanted to cry but couldn’t .

What could he do… how can watch his friend become a monster? What could he do?

This time, he was really alone .