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Last Days On Earth - Chapter 17

Published at 6th of February 2019 12:16:49 PM

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Mobile Phone (2)

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… … …

Two days ago, the first tide of the outbreak came .

Shi Yinran sat despondently in the examination room . She grew solemnly depressed due to last night’s prior incident, but still, life continued on . If she failed to pass this year’s examination, she’d need to wait till next year . Her goal was to graduate and get her diploma, after all .

Halfway through the examination, a commotion brewed outside the hall . The ruckus was loud and blaring, like something ominous brewing ever so slowly . The invigilator ignored the fray and prodded the students to continue as he went out to check the current situation .

But… she’s not a good child . She did not listen . Her instincts told her otherwise . Closing the test packet, she got out of her seat and went out to take a look at the commotion .

She watched the scene of madness unfurl before her .

Many ran out frantically, horror etched in their faces . There was no order, no hierarchy . All semblance of orderliness collapsed . Those who ran ever so slowly were pushed down and cast aside .

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At this moment, a figure suddenly flew out .

Then, an ear-piercing scream echoed the hall .

Shi Yinran turned her head . Her eyes bulged as she saw a person’s flesh being eaten . The person attempted to push away her attacker, but all was futile . She struggled helplessly, crying and pleading for help, yet much to her dismay, no one came . None had the desire to help .

Why would they? They were too preoccupied saving their own lives .

Her heartbreaking cries dug deep in Shi Yinran’s bones . She shuddered in fear .

The person’s attacker ate her mangled flesh bit by bit from her shoulder again and again without mercy, without stop .

All this happened within a matter of two to three seconds .

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The beautiful flower stood still, her mouth parted slightly . She watched the invigilator flee instantly . Then, she too turned around and joined the fleeing masses while not forgetting to warn her classmates to run .

She chose to escape the campus grounds . The campus was a closed space and it’d only lead to further chaos . Chances of survival was greater outside . Moreover, the university only had one middle-aged security man wielding a baton stick only .

What use would that bring in this situation?

Surely there’d be others more capable of helping her current plight .

Luck seemed to favor her . Soon as she rushed out of the gates, she stumbled upon a group of armed forces . They were different from the local forces . Their outfits and equipments said so . From the looks of it, they seemed to be a team of special elite forces .

“Are from Jinan Military Region?” Shi Yinran questioned, recognizing the symbol of an elite force from their armbands .

“Are you Miss Shi?” One of the soldiers asked . Then, he raised a picture high above and compared the similarities of the woman standing before him .

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“Alpha… Bravo… Charlie… target is found, over . Mission complete, over . Withdraw immediately! Head to our agreed destination, over! I repeat, target is found, over! Mission complete! Withdraw immediately and head to our agreed destination, over!”

“Copy that!”

“Copy that!”

“Copy that!”

Later on, the beautiful flower would learn the special elite forces sent out four full teams to guard the front and rear exits while the other two searched the campus grounds in search of her .

“We are tasked with the mission of escorting you to safety . It is dangerous here . We must set out immediately . ” Said a middle-aged man . He looked at the fleeing crowds with anxious eyes .

“I understand . ” Shi Yinran nodded . “Um… can you please find another person? His name is Ye Ke… about six foot tall… ah… I have his picture here!” Shi Yinran hurriedly grabbed her smartphone in her pocket only to realize she left and handed it over to the invigilator in the examination room .

“We apologize, but we cannot . We must ensure your safety and we’ve no time to find another . ”

The special elite forces knew the city would soon turn into pure chaos .

“Please…” Shi Yinran pleased . “He’s my boyfriend… a very important and dear person to me…” Her heart cried out from helpless anxiousness . What if he’d not escape?

Meanwhile, Ye Ke had just awoken from his dream due to the commotion happening outside .

“I’m sorry, Miss Shi…”

This was the last word she heard before being knocked unconscious . When she awoke, she realized she’d already been long tucked inside a helicopter flying far away .

A drop of tear fell .

Ye Ke… please be safe…

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