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Last Days On Earth - Chapter 9

Published at 12th of November 2018 09:33:45 PM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Searching for Hope (1)

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In the midst of the night, Ye Ke and Wang Hao slept perturbedly . A scream originating below awakened the two . Caught in a trance and moment of confusion, Ye ke wondered what had transpired .

What was going on? How could there be screams?

“Help! Help!” Fierce cries pleading for help came from inside the dormitory while accompanied with low mumbling groans .

Ye Ke instantly awoke from the trance . He recalled the scene happening earlier . He hadn’t realized cold sweat had clung tightly to his clothing .

Wang Hao also awakened . His body straightened quickly . Realizing what had happened, his body stiffened and sweat dripped from his forehead .

Those monsters managed to enter . This was an unexpected turn of event . How they managed to enter the dormitory while sleep lulled them was beyond their imagination . Whether they broke through the door or someone had concealed themselves from being bitten and infected, it nevertheless meant the others were in danger .

Ye Ke hoped it to be the latter . If truly those walking corpses managed to break in, then the protective measures they placed against the door proved useless . They wouldn’t be able to live past the day if the place was flooded with those walking corpses .

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Ye Ke and Wang Hao were wide awake . Sleep was no longer in their mind . Their bodies were tense and none dared to speak .


A few minutes later, the voice downstairs gradually faded but after half an hour later, the two heard footsteps akin to the infected monsters . Suddenly, they couldn’t breathe and their hearts dropped in that instant .


Wang Hao could no longer stay awake . His body swayed back and forth for a short while before he laid down and falling into a deep sleep .

Ye Ke hadn’t slept yet . Though immensely tired, he didn’t dare close his eyes out of fear . If he let a moment of carelessness pass him by, the infected would surely come and tear him apart at a moment of weakness . Besides, what had transpired last night caused him a huge scare .

By the time he realized the time, dawn came and the sun shone high in the air .

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Ye Ke grabbed his phone and turned it on . It was only six in the morning . He hadn’t taken out his phone to call a friend or for other means . There was no other reason but to look at the wallpaper . It was a picture sent to him by the beautiful teacher . She wore a snow white dress and a pure ivory waistcoat . A soft smile slowly crept into his face when looking at the wallpaper .

Though he hated to admit it, this teacher’s continuous bugging truly did get under his skin for better or for worse . He wondered if she was safe . If he ever he managed to find her, he’s sure that he’ll hold her hand tightly and never let go .

Ye Ke got up from the bed and pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his pants lying on the foot of the bed . There were only four cigarettes left . It was almost gone . It had to be said that when one is trapped somewhere without nowhere to go, the greatest invention ever created is a mobile phone and cigarette .

Ah, that’s right .

Now that communications are broken, the network headquarters may have also been compromised .

You’d not be able to communicate via messages nor access the internet but there is an alternative method .

How could he forget this?

“Wang Hao, wake up! Wake up!” Ye Ke jumped off the bed and shook Wang Hao fiercely .

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Wang Hao woke up at once . He thought the corpses had broken in and he quickly looked around in panic .

“Do you still have a bar phone?”

“Eh…?” Wang Hao looked around for a while . He saw there were no corpses to be seen and realized nothing had happened .

Good .

“Bar phone!” Ye Ke exclaimed . He’d never been this happy .

“What do you mean? What do you need them for? The phones are already useless so a bar phone’s even more useless . ”

“For broadcasting! A bar phone can listen to the radio . ”

He remembered the beginning of his military career . The platoon commander said the bar phone could be used for this .

“Do you know the biggest function of a bar phone besides communication? It’s for broadcasting purposes—a public platform where one can share messages via broadcasting in the event of chaos where current communications and networks are proven useless . ”

What they lacked was not only food, weapons, and ammunition, but they also lacked information about the outside world which Ye Ke eagerly wished to know .

Though much to his dismay, current smartphones no longer supports nor does it have a built-in FM radio tuner . But with a bar phone, radio broadcasting should prove plausible . So long as the invisible electromagnetic radio wave doesn’t disappear, then they’d be able to listen to broadcasting channels for as long as possible .

He learned bar phones needed an antenna and chips in order to listen to the radio . The antenna would then receive the electromagnetic signals whereas the chips restores the wave frequency into sounds .

Wang Hao suddenly understood Ye Ke’s intent and quickly scrounged his cabinet . Finally, he found the item inside his shoebox . Although the bar phone was dead, the model wasn’t too old and could be charged with a universal charger .

After plugging the bar phone to charge, the two waited three to five minutes as they burned a cigarette . A wisp of smoke gradually rose into the air .

Ye Ke and Wang Hao’s eyes looked giddy when the bar phone was charged to a decent percentage . They’d never felt this happy before .

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