Law of the Devil - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

The 103rd chapter “observation of the Stars”

 Let us not care what is happening in the ice field for a moment……

 Three days later, on the eve of the Roland Empires founding, 960 years later in the capital .

Located along the Lancang Grand Canal, this city was by far one of the biggest in the Roland Empire . After experiencing repeated development by multiple generations of emperors, the function of this river has changed from a mere moat and into a trans-Imperial territorial river: this river could reach into the very heart of the northwestern lands of the empire, or go as high as the Empires Austin Asian Mountains in the west, it could even go far into the East into the open sea . Not only that, this river also acted as a divide between the South and Northern line of the Empire, so you can imagine the importance of this river in the present Roland Empire .

 It was on this fateful day on top of the city’s wall, the sunset in the evening sky was ever so majestic as it slowly took its course over the northern Lancang Grand Canal . On average, the northern and southern walls of the city could reach as high as 20 meters and the highest tower could even reach 30 meters in height . These defenses were all built hundreds of years in the past when the Empire was facing a civil war . That era was also the time period when the Augustine dynasty rose into power . In order to go against the Northwest rebellion and the separatist warlords, the Empire spent huge efforts and costs to strengthen the defenses on the northwestern side . If one were to stand on top of the 30 meter towers, they could even see far into the distance of the northern banks of the Lancang Grand Canal . The distance between the two was no less than ten miles .

 According to tradition, tonight on the eve of the national day, the president of the magic union and the imperial court astrologist will make a divination on top of the highest northern tower . Facing the stars, they will predict the future destiny of the empire in the coming year… . . Naturally, there will be no less than several famous scholars around the event to scroll a few flowery articles to match the current Augustine Emperor .

Right now on top of the city wall, two teams of Royal Guards were standing watch instead of the city army guards . Under the protection of these special soldiers, several prominent elite figures were standing on the highest point of the northern tower, anxiously awaiting the results from the court astrologist – Although the results were the same every year, but every noble that participated in this event would assume a face of worry and care, otherwise, how can they show their patriotic self?

 The only person that looked a bit uncomfortable among this group was a certain indifferent looking old man donning a black robe .

 Originating from the southern part of the empire, this black robe was made from the silk of a certain pure black silkworm . Due to its rarity, the annual production of this fabric was no more than 200 pounds per year, thus the price of this material was even higher than gold . Named ‘Golden Silk’, this fabric is mainly only used as a tribute in the Palace . As for the small minority that manages to leak into the open market, only individuals of great wealth or power could possibly afford to wear clothing’s made out of this silk .

This old man may look very old, but his hair and beard was still black as the night . This was especially true for his eyes when most Roland citizens had blue or green eyes . Thanks to this distinct feature, this old man had an extra hint of mystery surrounding him .

About two steps behind this old man stood four to five tall, short, fat and thin people . Each of these individuals had drooping eyelids but their eyes carried a serious intent to them . Standing quietly behind this certain old man, all of these people were wore a standardized white magician’s styled robe . Shockingly enough, every one of these individuals had a magician’s badge on their chest… . Not only that, they were all wearing gold colored clover badges, symbolizing their status of a Grand Magician of the eighth level!

As for that old man, he had patterns of circles sewn on the edges of his robe like that of burning flames . And looking at his chest, the badge he was wearing was that of a small olive leaf . Although this badge wasn’t made of gold, but the pattern was very simple and rustic . Under the darkness of night, the badge had a subtle lustering shine to it .

Continent-wide, this badge was one of a kind! From a certain perspective, this badge was even more prestigious than the token of the emperor .

Yage Dorgan, president of the magician’s union .

Wearing the expensive black silken robe with an olive leaf badge on his chest, Dorgan was looking boringly at the astrologist in front of him .

With closed eyes and muttering a heap of nonsense, this astrologist was looking towards the nightly sky trying to perform a divination .

From deep inside his heart, Dorgan had a strong dismissive feeling towards these so called astrologists . He is a traditional magician and traditionally, magicians had always looked down on two types of professions . One kind is a magic pharmacist . As the president of the magician’s union, Dorgan had in the past proposed to expel this profession from the magician’s union . The second kind is a divination astrologist . In his view, the idea of looking at the sky and stars to figure out the will of god is all nonsense and trickery . Only those that could delve into magic and the forces of this world will be able to understand god’s will, this is his belief .

As the last of the Sun’s light disappears over the horizon, the sky finally darkens to reveal the glimmering stars and the hovering moon of the night .

Wearing a magnificent robe, the stern looking court Astrologist continued his ridiculous act… . .

What really bored Dorgan is that regardless of the divinations result, no one actually believes it . But this event is a must because this divination is a way to look good in front of the Emperor . Although Dorgan hated these kinds of gatherings, but as the president of the magician’s union, he had already exposed himself to these fields of politics . By coming to this occasion and participating in this ceremony, he is showing a form of respect towards the imperial court .

Moreover, each year the magician’s union needed to acquire a large amount of donations from the Royal family as funding .

 To make matters worse, the night was also very cold . Unfortunately, in order to highlight their respect towards God, none of these powerful magicians could muster up a small spell to fight off the chill . By forcing all these old bones to stand there all night in the cold, Dorgan would sometimes maliciously guess that this boring ceremony is actually a way for the Emperor to carry out an evil vengeance against them .

Frowning, Dorgan glanced down towards the bottom of the tower .


The Temples delegate was already waiting below for the divination results . Traditionally, the temple delegate would send the results to the Royal Palace and the Temple . Then, having both “Majesty’s”, the emperor and the Pope pray at the Palace and the Temple of respectively… . . Thanking God for guidance .

But the situation this year is somewhat different . The Temple’s elder group did not come and only sent one of the pope’s direct delegates . As for the Holy knight leaders that represented the temple last year, not a single one showed up . In order to fill up the numbers, the temple only sent an eighth level Holy knight .

Three of the Holy Knight leaders, one mutinied, two were killed . This news had already spread across the entire continent . It appears the Temple is facing a huge crisis . Rumor has it that even the Temple’s elder squadron was sent out to hunt down the renegade knight leader Hussein .

The relationship between the Magician’s union and the temple had always been cold in some ways, so Dorgan was inwardly gloating .

 Most likely, his Majesty the Pope must be in a very bad mood right now . With such bad feelings contained inside his heart and still forced to preside over such a Grand praying ceremony…… Dorgan was actually chuckling at these thoughts when it crossed his mind and didn’t even notice he was laughing out loud while doing so .

As a rule, in these kinds of divination ceremonies, no one is allowed to make a sound .

 But considering Dorgan’s identity, who can reprimand him? On behalf of the emperor… A Royal Cabinet carefully looks at this president of the magician’s union .

 (Now if a star suddenly shoots through the sky, then it really would be hilarious . ) Dorgan randomly comes up with these thoughts .

It was nearly 100 years ago on the eve of the national day, a shooting star trailed across the sky as if falling down! That shocking scene terrified everyone and as a result, everyone took it as an ominous sign from god . The word spread and rumors popped up everywhere saying that evil spirits have descended on the empire . Seeing such an opportunity, different important figures in the capital attacked their opposition using this as an excuse . Eventually, the Emperor was also dragged into this and as a result, many were executed in order to calm the masses .

That event was 100 years ago . Now in the present, the Temple was facing such a big crisis . So if the same event was to occur tonight like 100 years ago, wouldn’t it cause the Royal family trouble again?

Wrapped in these malicious thoughts, Dorgan idly waited for the ceremony to end .

Finally, at the peak of midnight, the court astrologist in front of him seemed to look like he had run ten kilometers and was completely out of breath . Panting and slumping down as if his body was weak beyond reason, his face was covered in sweat as he prepared a parchment to write down whatever he came up with . Looking at the unknown symbols scrawled onto the parchment, it was most likely that only this certain individual would understand what he really wrote .

“Good! Thank God for his blessing, the Empire’s fate is good . ” Rolling up the parchment, the court Astrologist solemnly handed the paper over to the court delegate .

 It must be really hard for him…… To be forced to annually perform this silly act each year . Dorgan secretly sneered, but his face was still pretending to be very happy . Seeing the court delegate coming over to him with the double parchment, Dorgan solemnly raised a finger to cast a permanent solidification spell . By using this spell, the parchment would be safe from damage and the ink wouldn’t fade away for at least the next 100 years . Afterwards, this parchment with the funny looking scrawls would even be saved and put into storage within the palace… . .

 Actually, this kind of permanent solidification spell can be casually pulled off by a fifth level magician . There was no reason to require Dorgan to personally do this, but in order to keep up appearances, this process was still needed .

Finally finishing his work for the night, Dorgan lets out a sigh at being able to go back to his tower .

This night really was cold .

As if it was meant to be, it seems inevitable that tonight will not be calm!

Just when everyone was preparing to leave, a whistling sound could be heard next to their ears coming from over the horizon . As everyone looked over at the northeastern direction, a shining light was currently trailing across the sky . With a red body and a long tail, this object was getting bigger and bigger in appearance as it drew closer . Like a broom, the object cuts right through the air like it was scarring the very sky itself . In mere moments, this object flew past everyone’s gaze and landed far into the west horizon… .

Everyone was stunned at this point, as if dully looking at the scene that just appeared in front of them……

After a long moment of pause, the court delegates face suddenly changed colors with an alarming expression . With a large open mouth, this person suddenly yelled: “Falling Star! Star fall!!! Shooting Star!!”

 This call immediately resonated among the crowd as if a stone was thrown into a calm pond of water . After the initial call, the expression on these people changed to all sorts of manners: some were panicking or worried, but a small portion was simply deep in thought, and certain individuals were secretly pleased……

All in all… . . Every person came up with different ideas concerning this terrible event . There was the small portion of people that could recall the event from a century ago and has secretly plotted to use the oncoming momentum to plot their course of action… .

 The only ones not speaking was this president Dorgan and the court divination astrologist .

What was different between them is that Dorgan felt all of this was a little ridiculous . He is a magician, but he doesn’t believe this astrological phenomenon is god’s guidance . It’s just that earlier he had a moment of thought about all of this, so he felt it was absurd to put himself into the same as the court astrologist .

 As for that Court Divination astrologist, he was already scared silly from the shock!

Appearance of a shooting star! This is obviously a great ominous sign! He had personally performed a “divination” and the results he made were supposed to be good, but a shooting star immediately appeared right afterwards . Wouldn’t this mean he had violently slapped himself in the face?

Loss of face is small, but if this incurs his Majesty’s wrath, then it was mostly he will face some tough luck in the coming future .

After making a bump noise, the court Astrologist fell completely backwards on his ass, but no one around him dared lend him a hand . The only thing they did give him was a pitying look… . .

 A century ago when the shooting star appeared over the sky, the Emperor at the time immediately executed the court divination astrologist!

From the looks of it… . . This person seems to be another unlucky fool .

Whether it is a shooting star or anything else, Dorgan doesn’t want to be dragged into this conflict of the imperial court .

Thinking up to this point, Dorgan turned to face the already pale looking cabinet member and nodded before leaving .

It was just then, a man wearing a magician’s robes racing up the towers pushed over a bunch of nobles in his way . If not for the high leveled badge he was wearing and the fame this person had in the capital, the royal guards would have most likely stopped him long ago .

Ignoring any manners of etiquette, this magician rushed up to Dorgan and whispered a few words into his ears .

Originally Dorgan was still somewhat discontent at this person’s action, believing the way this magician was acting in poor manners . But after listening to the words whispered into his ears, Dorgan’s face suddenly turned pale!

Trembling from shock, everyone standing near this president of the magician’s union was wondering what was so shocking that could cause this person to be so pale .

“He’s…… Really dead?” Dorgan’s face was as somber as it can get: “Certain?”

“Certain . ” This intruder’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat: “The life stone he left behind have already shattered… . . ”

Several of the closer bystanders that heard the last word couldn’t help but wonder at what was going on .

In the magician’s union, those that reach a certain level and status would definitely be honored and even directly receive help from the guild . The reason is because any powerful magician is an important power and a valuable asset to the guild . Unfortunately, all of these powerful individuals are matched with odd personalities that like to roam freely in the continent . In order to combat this situation, every important figure would leave behind a ‘life stone’ in the magician’s union . This stone is specially imprinted with the life signature of each individual and would sense the life force of that person no matter where he is . This way, no matter where they are, the union would be able to at least know if that person is still alive or have already departed to the afterlife .

“You certain it is that person’s?” This leader of the magician’s union had deep eyes as he spoke, and if those that was closer paid more attention, they would notice Dorgan’s fingers were even trembling .

“Absolutely certain . ” This informer whispered in a low voice, “It is the oldest stone slate in storage… . It really shattered . ”

After all, he is the magician’s union’s president; Dorgan quickly realized this wasn’t the place to look emotion . Regaining his composure, he quickly issued out a command in a relaxed manner:

“Immediately go investigate! Exactly where did he die and how did he die . I don’t believe on this continent there is any powerful individual capable of killing him! My God, he is dead…… Be sure to investigate everything! Also, that female disciple he brought with him for the examination, make sure we are able to locate that little eighth level magician! Be sure to find her! Yes, most importantly, you remember?!” Dorgan takes in a deep breath: “Last month, according to the reports, didn’t he take with him that little master of the Rowling family? Find him! We need to at least know what happened! What is the reason that caused such a powerful magician to perish! Maybe when he was killed, that little master of the Rowling family was beside him! Go investigate! Find out! GO!!!”

With that said, the informant quickly moves away to pass on the order . Forcing himself to face the bystanders, Dorgan smiled, then sighed before explaining: “It’s nothing much, no need to wonder . It seems today is destined to be a bad day… The magician’s union has painfully lost a legendary grand magician! I and the previous president’s mentor, the great and legendary magician… Gandalf, have passed away . ”

As soon as his words ended, all the bystanders erupted into an uproar… . .

On this night after the scene of the shooting star and the spreading of the news brought forth by Dorgan, the entire capital was up in alert .

At the same time, in the northern reaches of the Roland continent, past the Lancang Grand Canal, crossing thousands of miles towards the Northern Plains, and all the way into the vast ice-covered frozen forest . There was a group of people struggling to walk through the woods .

Replacing Hussein in the lead, Du Wei walked in front of the group while holding the knight’s long sword to clear a path . From its appearance, the steel long sword was now covered in terrible fractures as if it would shatter from another blow .

Du Wei’s condition was very bad as he walked with a limp . Other than using the sword to clear a path, he would also occasionally use it as a crutch .

And behind Du Wei, the knight Hussein was even more miserable . Wrapping his head and left eye in an article of cloths, one could occasionally see the seeping of blood on the surface . He knight looked extremely weak, his breathing was heaving and the coughing of blood would mix with his saliva as it dripped from a corner of his mouth . Not only that, his chest and back was also hurt and one arm was hanging from his chest . In an unstable manner, the knight was barely able to trail behind Du Wei .

And farther behind, an unreal beauty was following them . Naturally, this woman is Queen Medusa . But at the moment, her face was pale bordering the line of transparency . Still eyes closed and an indifferent looking expression, what was surprising is the fact that she couldn’t even walk by herself . Leaning against the big mouse Gargamel, Medusa’s body looked so soft and frail as if she didn’t have any bones . Poor Gargamel, not only did he have to walk in his weakened state, but he had let Medusa lean half of her body against this mouse .

God have mercy on this mouse, nearly all of his gray hair was scorched black . The long tail he had was missing half of its portion and even his ears were almost cut off .

Within this group, the only one that looked intact was the graceful looking penguin QQ .

Du Wei, Hussein, Medusa, Gargamel, and OQ

This small team, whether human, snake, mouse, or penguin, all of them looked somber and saddened .

But… There was one person missing .

The Old magician, the undying old fool was no longer within the group .

Traveling through the frozen forest is extremely difficult . Du Wei and everyone had cuts and bruises all over their body . This team of powerful experts was nearly crippled at this point, even the act of walking was very difficult .

Du Wei that was walking in the front suddenly shouted these words, “The Canyon! Look! Canyon! We are at Treant’s territory . ”

In the distance, dense trees and crevices can be seen on both sides of the low mountain terrain . This place was originally the Canyon occupied by Medusa .

“Hussein, the Fountain of Youth inside can treat your injuries . ” Du Wei sighed .

The Knight looked gloomy and didn’t say anything other than snorted in a low voice .

He suddenly puffed out his chest and marched past Du Wei . The knight was staggering as he walked, but the feeling he was giving off was that of an indomitable spirit . Sighing, Du Wei looked at Hussein’s back as if the knight wanted to say something .

The Knight suddenly turned and with only one eye looking at Du Wei: “Remember that one day, sooner or later, I will fight my way back there! With that old dragon’s head, I will pay homage to that undying old fool!”

“I believe you . ” Du Wei nodded; his face no longer had any hint of joking . His eyes glinted with determination: “Although I also don’t really like the old guy, but we’ll definitely seek vengeance against the dragon clan!”

“Du Wei . ” Hussein’s body suddenly collapsed . The knight was already at his limit to begin with and only held on with only his will . Now, Hussein could no longer hold out and leaned against a nearby tree . Using his remaining eye, Hussein stared at Du Wei: “Listen up, that old dragon already killed him . Now you and I are the only inheritors of Aragon’s will . I don’t care whether you are willing or not, but both of us must carry on this burden from now on! Especially you! So, I wish you’d stop seeking for ways out! If we are to seek vengeance against that old dragon, you have to grow and become as strong as Aragon in his prime! Otherwise, we are no match for that dragon!

What exactly happened in these three days?

A few years later, Du Wei would sometimes bring up the story of his first adventure into the frozen forest with his subordinates . From the frozen forest to the Holy Mountain, his words always carried a trace of hatred whenever he referenced the old dragon and the hunting game that occurred .

“At the time we already found a way to deal with the magic array in the ice field, but who would have thought that old dragon would catch up so fast? I originally thought that after two days of fleeing, that chief would take one day to catch up to us . But after two and a half day, that damn dragon already caught up to us . If not for Gandolf… . . ”

Well then, let us rewind the time back three days to the point of the forgotten ice field .

The Time is three days before the celebration of the Roland Empires founding .

The horrifying storm was currently blowing and several tornadoes had formed near the group . The possibility of the group’s barrier being blown away could happen at any time… .

“Wind dodging needle? This is the wind dodging needle?” Du Wei looked at the thing in QQ’s hand because as soon as he opened it, what was revealed is an ancient looking sword!

Encrusted in the scabbard were seven colored gems and strange patterns were carved onto the handle .

Who knows how long this sword was made, but It was obvious this is a sword!

“This is the wind dodging needle . I won’t be wrong . ”

Behind him, the old magician has been transfixing his eyes at this thing . Then suddenly this old fella shouted out loud: “This… This is Aragon’s sword!”

“What?” Du Wei turned to take a look at the old fella .

“The colored gems on the scabbard are actually magic nucleus that Aragorn collected from seven high tiered magical beasts he slew while crossing the continent . This weapon is documented to be a powerful magical weapon, sharp and matchless!” The old magician suddenly became all excited: “This is the king’s sword! Sword of Aragon!”

Is this actually the wind dodging needle or the King’s sword?!

“Fine then!” Du Wei shouted: “Stop flapping your gums! No matter if this thing is the king’s sword or whatever wind dodging needle! As long as it can protect us from this shit storm then its good! Otherwise, we will all be dead! Now, QQ quickly tell me how to use this thing! Quick!”

“Quick!” Du Wei no longer had any patience left to argue with this penguin .

“Okay . ” QQ sighed . Aragon told me as long as the destined person can pull out this sword from the sheet… . . ”




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