Law of the Devil - Chapter 137.2

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Chapter 137.2

The 137th chapter “Beauty under the Moonlight” (part two)

Further up the road, a black robed Mage was drifting in the sky . With his face hidden away by his pointed hat, Du Wei was shocked to see the staff this mysterious mage was holding . Unlike the regular wooden staffs so commonly seen on the continent, his staff was made completely out of bones!

On the entire continent, the only people that would use a staff made out of bones are the Death Mages! It is widely agreed upon that black magic is not only formidable; it is also above the other elements in terms of lethalness! The only problem with this magic is that it is very difficult to cultivate and that the user always carried around him an aura of evil . Right now, this death mage floating in the sky gave off quite the spooky vibe to Du Wei!

What is even more distressing for Du Wei right now is that other than the death mage, there is also reinforcement waiting for them in the front . Parked in the middle of the road in front of them are two horses . On the left, the horse had no rider, obviously belonging to the death mage . As for the horse on the right, a knight wearing a glimmering silver armor was sitting on top of it . From the decorations and carving on the armor, Du Wei can immediately tell this armor is not ordinary in the least! And as Du Wei took a closer look at the knight, his sight was quickly drawn towards the slender sword in the knight’s hand . Normally, such a sword is not suitable for mounted combat due to its length, but Du Wei quickly threw away this thought . Without any need to physically touch the sword, just the sight of the icy aura radiating from the blade has been enough to send chills down his spine like he had been dunked in a bath of ice water!

That magic weapon is simply too amazing! Du Wei had seen many magic weapons prior to this, but this sword simply puts everything he had seen till now to shame! Even for someone like Du Wei with abnormally high mental senses, he could not see through the fluctuating aura radiating off the blade . That is how amazing this blade is!

As Du Wei did his best to figure out why this sword is so dominating, his attention was drawn towards the intricate line carvings on the blade edge . Like a pulsing beat, particles of ice crystals were bursting forth into the air; therefore, creating a layer of ice around the blade!

What is even more surprising is that this guy had no intention of hiding his identity, clearly this person has too much pride in himself to do such a thing! With an emotionless face, this guy looked to be around 40 years old due to his heavy beard . If anything, this person can even be considered handsome compared to the average person, however, his killing intent is too heavy for an average lady to get close .

Facing Du Wei and the Prince, this prideful knight spoke in a gentle voice: “Your highness, it’s been a long time . ”

Calming down after being greeted by the knight, Prince Son patted away the dirt off his robe and replied with a smile: “I didn’t think my brother would be so impatient to actually call upon you, oh respected Sir Rodriguez! Must you also involve yourself in the struggle between us brothers?”

The silver armored Knight named Rodriguez remained calm like water as he slowly nodded in reply: “I promised his royal highness the crown prince to complete three tasks in my lifetime… . This task tonight is the second one . I’m sorry, but I cannot refuse his request . ”


When Du Wei heard Prince Son call out the name “Rodriguez”, his heart sank to the very bottom of the ocean!

While he was back on the Rowling Plains, he had spent countless days in the company of Hussein . It was during that time when he asked the curious question regarding Hussein’s status of whether he was really the number one knight on the continent…

At the time of his questioning, Hussein mused for quite a bit before answering his question . In his answer, Du Wei came to know that on the continent, there is another guy named Rodriguez that would have a chance of defeating him!

Right now, Du Wei’s mind started to recall all the information regarding this Rodriguez person .

Rodriguez, 46 years old, ninth level Knight – but that was six years ago . When talking about this guy, even Hussein could not stop sighing because this person really is too weird and unpredictable .

Solitary by nature, this Rodriguez had always been a loner because no one had ever seen him with any close friends . As for his past, it can be also considered very strange . Originating from a ruined aristocratic family, this person started to train in martial arts since he was 10 years old, yet, it wasn’t until he was 35 years of age that he barely managed to achieve the title of a third level knight! Normally, it wouldn’t be too difficult for even an ordinary person to advance to this level if they trained hard enough, but it took him 25 years to do it!

If this information is true, the talent of this Rodriguez should be even lower than the average person!

Yet, after a while, this person started to rise in the ranking like he was out of control!

In a mere three years, his ranking went from a lowly third level knight up to the sixth level knight . Finally, at the age of 40, he achieved the title of a ninth level knight!

If not for the existence of Hussein, it is likely that the title of the strongest knight on the continent would have befallen onto this person!

Such a mysterious pace of advancement is simply too hard for an outsider to understand . From a third level to a ninth level, it only took him 5 years… .

But what is even harder to swallow is that Rodriguez currently possesses one of the three legendary weapons of the continent!

Beauty under the Moonlight!

This artifact is said to be a legendary weapon left behind during the ancient war of the gods! With an unparalleled sharpness, this sacred sword of the gods has the unique characteristic of producing an icy Dou Qi capable of activating a special skill called “sighs of the frosty moon”!

Back then, Hussein stated this clearly to him: “When Rodriguez last appeared six years ago, his level was already at the ninth level . Now that so many years have passed, I’m willing to bet he has already advanced to a higher level! Hidden on this continent, there are many masters not known to the public, especially peerless masters like Rodriguez . Don’t expect people like him to go wagging his tails to the knight association just so he can be tested for his rank, got it? As for all those sayings about me being the strongest and wanting to be a Saint Knight, it was all gibberish made up by the temple… . After all, they needed someone to be their flagship icon, so they had no choice but to boost me up to the peak . ”

Most importantly, Hussein added one last sentence in the end: “Even if Rodriguez did not make a breakthrough in the last six years and is still a ninth level Knight, he still possesses the sacred sword known as “Beauty under the moonlight” . If he were to meet me and we ended up fighting, it is likely he would be able to put up a fight against me…… And if he did advance to a Saint Knight, I fear even I would not be his match . ”

Remembering back to when Hussein mentioned the “Beauty under the Moonlight”, he seemed to have said it with an ironic tone in his words: “That thing really is an ancient god sword, a genuine artifact! Compared to your poorly crafted ‘king’s sword’ it is in a completely different realm!”

Right now, a peerless master comparable to Hussein stands in front of him! On top of that, a death mage is flying in the sky above him……

With a bitter smile, Du Wei glanced at Prince Son to see that he wasn’t the only one thinking how bad the situation has become .

“Your highness, can you still laugh at this moment?” Du Wei sighs with sadness: “I believe you should have a backup plan, right? If you don’t, I fear that both of us will die tonight . ”

Du Wei obviously knew his highness had something saved up because his expression at the moment is not someone that is about to face death .

Prince Son turns to face Du Wei before sighing: “Leave Rodriguez to me . As for that death mage, I will leave him up to you! If we can hold out just a little longer, the city guards will soon take notice and come to our aid . ”

With the battle starting, Du Wei dare not dally around with his life at stake! Though he cannot make out the face of the enemy mage due to the robe covering him, but Du Wei can clearly feel the murderous gaze coming at him!

“Such a good magic presence” Originating from the deathly looking Mage in the sky, the voice is not only dry and hoarse, it sounded like someone wanted to cough but can’t . “Oh, you are wearing a magic scholar’s robe! I can sense your magic level is not bad . If I kill you, I can turn your remains into a very good undead familiar! HA HA HA HA … …”

Once he finished saying this, the bone staff in his hand suddenly blew out a cloud of white smoke into the sky . From it, skeleton features of a bone dragon appeared before everyone!

Du Wei was left speechless .

To be able to summon a bone dragon, this death mage should be at least an eighth level grand mage!

Relishing in his creation, this dark mage flew up onto the head of his pet dragon .

As if it was encouraged by having his head sat on, the bone dragon uttered out a thunderous roar towards Du Wei!

While the other party was busy summoning the bone Dragon, Du Wei wasn’t doing nothing either . With his stock of magic scrolls refilled, he even pulled out the multicolored gemstone ring created by Gargamel . According to the old mouse, even if he cannot come out on top in terms of spell count, at least his magic reserve will be a match for his opponent if he wears the ring! Not to mention, behind him still lies the secret weapon known as Semel! There’s no way she would just watch him be killed, right?


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