Law of the Devil - Chapter 146.1

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Chapter 146.1

The 146th chapter “betrayal” (part one)

Seeing such a scene erupt in front of their eyes so suddenly without even the slightest indication, the noble families on both sides of the platform were left speechless with shock!

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince…… Is really such a rebel!

To be able to sit on top of this platform under the palace are some of the most influential people in high society, so naturally they would bring their own bodyguards to such an occasion . Despite this, the guards can only securely guard their masters at the moment . In the face of the overwhelming rebel army down below the platforms, especially the thousand archers, they would easily become human target boards if shot were to be fired . In fact, if the rebel army were to fire a volley of arrows now, it is likely the ranking board for high society would need to be remade forever!


It was too quiet!

Although there are still the screams and cries of people escaping in the background, the central square fell into a numbing silence under this stressful situation .

But other than these noises, none from the Prince’s side or the Emperor’s side said anything for a long time… . !

Finally, after a long, long time, the angry male lion known as Augustine the 6th suddenly swayed a bit and a sense of deep sorrow appeared in his eyes .

In a flash, this person no longer looked like an emperor that controls the world, but merely a weak old man .


“Tell me…… Why, my son . ” Augustine the 6th tried to forcefully push himself up from his chair, but fell back down when his arms gave out . Seeing this, the two mysterious masters behind the emperor wanted come up and help but was stopped by the gaze from the emperor .

Focusing his eyes… . Augustine the 6th looked at the gleaming sword in his son’s hand as it pointed up at him .

Seeing this, he suddenly wanted to laugh……

Hmm…… His swordsmanship was taught by him in the past wasn’t it?

What a beautifully crafted irony! What a fearful mockery!

The Emperor suddenly strode forward and step by step, he came to the edge of the tall platform and looked down at besieging son down below .

“Your swordsmanship was taught by me, your riding skill was taught by me… . My son, even the way you fight and plan was taught by me . Everything was taught by me!” His eyes showed a deep hurt: “By why! Why are you doing such a thing!”

Not avoiding his father’s gaze, the Crown Prince revealed a sweeping temperament that overshadowed the original gloominess! Even Du Wei couldn’t help but give this son of the Emperor a clapping hand at his tolerance!

“Do you want to know why?” The Crown Prince cried out: “Because you taught me everything but didn’t give me the status which I deserve!”

Speaking up to here, the crown prince suddenly jumped down from his mount in one spinning motion! Then using his own sword, he knocked off his own helmet .

“My father, I’m already 50 years old!” The Crown Prince points at his hair: “From last year starting, I would always look in the mirror every morning to see if I grew another gray hair!”

Raising his sword high into the air, he had a hint of complex bitterness in his smile: “Yes, what you say is correct! My swordsmanship is taught by you, my horse riding skill was also taught by you! But did you forget something? When I was younger during our lessons, you always told me one thing!” At this point, the Crown Prince held up his head and cried out: “Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you intentionally forgot! However, I clearly remember!! You said to me, ‘you have to learn all of this because in the future, this empire needs you to rule it!’ Yes, that’s right, it’s this sentence! Starting from five years old to thirty five years old, I tried my utmost to learn everything and show it to you! I tried my best to be a good heir, but what about you?!”


In a little swing, the sword moved to the other side where Prince Son is residing on the platform . Biting his lips, the Crown Prince began speaking in a deep voice: “But because of him… When he was only five years old, you suddenly changed your mind! For a mere child that can’t even walk properly, you decided to blot out my 30 years of effort out of a whim! Just because you ’like’ it, you can just ignore my 30 years of effort! Just because you ‘like’ it, you can follow your feelings and replace my position with a pesky kid!”

Speaking up to here, the Crown Prince stopped to catch his breath before laughing wildly with sharp eyes . In this one laugh, his voice rang through the entire central square: “Haha… . . Father! My father! Do you want to know when I wanted to rebel against you? It was 20 years ago during the 5th birthday of that boy! On that day, you said you wanted to change my Crown Prince position! After that day, I was thoroughly disappointed in you! And…… On that day, you used your action to showcase one important lesson to me… . And that is power! POWER!!”

He suddenly lifted his left hand and clenched it in the air . Then with a loud cry, he began to speak: “Why you can so freely ignore my 30 years of effort! Because you are the emperor! Why can you so casually choose a kid to be the main pillar! Because you have power so you can do whatever you want! Because of power! On that day, I hated you, but I also saw through the benefits of ‘power’!!”

Augustine the 6th continued to look at his furious son, his eyes filled with unfamiliarity and disappointment as he shook his head helplessly .

Still holding his sword, the Crown Prince suddenly plopped down on one knee and stabbed it into the ground: “Father! Today, I only have one objective for the things I’m doing today!”

The moment he finished his words, the army of knights around him shouted in unison and their voices soared into the sky like a explosion!

“Your Majesty, please abdicate!!”

Tens of thousands of City defense forces also cried out: “Your Majesty, please abdicate!!”

Wave after waves of shouting, the rows of high class nobles on top of the platform all turned pale white without any hint of red left on their faces

Still standing, Augustine the 6th no longer faced his son and turned around to look at the lower platforms on the side: “What about you? To be able to mobilize such an army on this day, it seems… . . Raymond, you betrayed me, right?”

Using a mild tone, Earl Raymond replied: “Your Majesty, it’s not I that betrayed you; it’s you whom betrayed me . ”

At this moment, Du Wei suddenly sensed a strong wave of magic originating from inside the palace!

This strong fluctuation in the air is so powerful that it was enough to send someone of Du Wei’s level into a panic! Like a swirling vortex, his grasp on his own mental strength immediately went of whack!

But then after the first wave of magical vortex, an even more powerful layer of magic slowly drifted over . Du Wei can sense that numerous magical tentacles were fanning out from the ‘number one tower in the capital’!

In mere moments, the white jaded Tower in the distance suddenly issued a flowery light! Just like lightning striking down at the peak of the tower, the giant magic crystal inside the thing activated!

Although the Sun was blocked off by the clouds, but the brilliant light from the tower was even more eye catching that it was able to overshadow the sun! Then like an endless amount of halos, this arc of light spread across the sky and enveloped the entire capital city!

Finally, after numerous streams of light spanned out across the sky, the halo and the river of lights fused together and formed a gigantic screen! Like a curtain, the magic markings in the light could clearly be seen with the naked eye . One by one, these patterns flashed across just like a roaring dragon!

Seeing this, Du Wei pushed his awareness to the limit and sensed the magic barrier was about to be fully activated inside the white jaded tower!

Meanwhile, the walls around the entire capital city were also enveloped in a mass of light . Everywhere along the walls, including the gates, countless magic symbols started to appear on the surface!

The strongest barrier ever created is about to reveal its true face!



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