Law of the Devil - Chapter 167.1

Published at 17th of May 2016 06:03:12 AM
Chapter 167.1

The 167th chapter “Filled to the brim” (part 1)

Since early this morning, Baron Sack had long awoken because he had already resigned from his post . After experiencing the storm known as the coup d’état, this former police chief realized in his mind that with his meager abilities, he is not someone capable of commanding a force of 10,000 .

More importantly, he is aware of the fact that he is not a part of the Regent’s inner circle . In order to keep himself secure from the impending conflicts, he took the initiative to resign .

However, unlike what he expected, this move of his caught the Regent’s favor .

Then before long, he was awarded a senior position within the Finance Ministry . Satisfied with this post, Baron Sack was able to willingly give up his military power .

Moreover, what pleased him the most was that on his first day of work, he was able to befriend the highly favored Grand Duke Du Wei .

When Du Wei personally visited Sack’s office in the finance ministry that day, the two spent quite the ordeal chatting away while sipping tea . Of course, their topics only focused around some gossips related to certain noble individuals; nonetheless, this was enough to establish a sense of goodwill between the two . Feeling the ground work was done; Du Wei casually mentioned the need for a special permit in approving prohibited products .

For such a small favor, Baron Sack would naturally not refuse .

Then three days later, Baron Sack received an invitation .


Located in the central area of the capital where the Arc de Triomphe is placed, a store specializing in rare and exotic materials was about to have its grand opening .

(The word by word translation for Arc de Triomphe is actually ‘Victory Gate’, but I felt it would be easier for others to remember it if I just used Arc de Triomphe instead . )

Needless to say, the owner’s name may be “Marde” on the surface, but everyone is already aware of the fact that this person is a trusted servant belonging to the newly appointed Grand Duke .

Other than Baron Sack, numerous others were also invited: newly appointed police chief Kami Siro (the undercover agent that played a key role in Prince Son’s plan), several senior officials in the finance department, and even the president of the magic union .

So on this morning, the grand opening of a special store near the Arc de Triomphe had attracted the current big bosses in the political arena .

Aside from the ones he invited, Du Wei was surprised to find that the so called “Magical beast of Taklanshan” (Big fat weapons merchant that gifted Du Wei with the four magic apprentice) was also here to congratulate him .

Though the Regent himself wasn’t present, but he did send over a cabinet member of the court in his stead .

As for the Magic Union, the President would naturally not attend such a secular occasion, nonetheless, the union did send over mage Clark to congratulate him .

Regarding the other second and third rate nobles in the capital, they had all saw this as an opportunity to draw closer to Du Wei for their own interest because this so called “luxury” lineup can be considered the most extravagant gathering since the coup .

This time around, Du Wei bought a three story building for his shop . Located in the middle of a busy commercial street, the amount of people coming and going is endless . More importantly, this area is considered to be a special zone where people of status liked to spend their wealth . If not for this reason, the average person would never be able to afford any of the expensive commodities sold in the shops around here .

Aside from the building, what satisfied Du Wei the most is that his property also included a yard of considerable size in the back along with a workshop . With the Lancang Canal not far into the distance, this purchase of his is amazing even if he looked at it from a business or practical standpoint .


The only surprising thing was the pricing . When Du Wei first looked up the property, he speculated that he would have to pay no less than thousands of gold coins; yet, the final transaction price only came up to 200,000 coins!

Such a ridiculously low price caused Du Wei keep a key note of it in his heart because it was obvious that someone wanted to suck up to him . After all, his current standing is blowing harder than anyone else in the capital, so it’s to be expected .

Finally, after having Marde investigates the former owner of the shop, Du Wei came to the conclusion that it was the fat merchant called “Magical beast of Taklanshan” that wanted to send him this favor… . .

Sure enough, this noticeably rich merchant came to congratulate him on the opening day .

In his mind, Du Wei understands full well today is definitely the perfect chance for him to salvage as much money as he can . (In order to not blemish their title, nobles with his status would normally task some lower class servants to perform such tasks . ) But Du Wei didn’t care about any of this . Coming out to the front, he personally greeted every eager guest that came up to talk to him .

In this three story building, every floor was the size of a basketball court, so there was no way he can cover every location . To solve this problem, Du Wei had Marde spend quite a bit of money to purchase several beautiful slaves from the market in order to help soothe his burden . In his previous life he had seen how effective it was to have beautiful girls wearing flowery dresses greet customers, so he wasn’t worried about this little expense .

While the first floor was mainly set for commercial use, the warehouse in the back was reserved as a storage unit for the rare goods Rolynn had brought in from the frozen forest .

At Du Wei’s behest, the main star of today’s event is without a doubt the female knight, Miss Rolynn .

On such a occasion, Rolynn originally wanted to dress herself up fancily to match everyone, but Du Wei quickly rejected the idea . Instead, Du Wei had her wear a gorgeous looking light armor that bordered on the line of ridiculous . In order to prepare such a glamorous armor, poor mouse Gargamel had to work overnight in order to enchant it with shards of magic gemstones .

With a heart shaped crystal in the chest, this jewelry is also blessed with a light enchantment spell . Other than to make the armor look good, this is a complete waste of materials because if the wearer were to use this in the battlefield, it is the same as committing suicide – archers will have a blast shooting at the shining target board!

But Du Wei didn’t care about any of this . After blessing it with the light spell, the entire armor looked like it was covered in a subtle layer of silvery light . As the streaks of light circulated around Rolynn’s body, she looked so extravagant and gorgeous that nothing prior to this was ever replicated .

Aside from the light enchantment spell, the shoulder pads were also embedded with shards of wind crystals . The uses for the wind crystals aren’t hard to guess . When a warrior stands in battle, the best scenes always had the hero stand tall with their cape fluttering in the wind, and this is exactly what Du Wei achieved here . No matter where Rolynn stood, her red cape would always be fluttering due to the wind currents flowing down her back!

In addition, Du Wei also had his smiths embroider the armor with an array of fine looking patterns that he found in some ancient textbooks .

Oh, and let’s not forget the boots… Ha-ha……

With Roylnn’s outstanding beautiful legs, Du Wei had to spend some extra efforts to prepare something special that can match her level of sexiness . Bringing out from storage, Du Wei specially picked out the best looking ice demon wolf leather and had it made into a pair of long skin tight boots that didn’t cover up any of her legs sex appeal .

In total the cost of this outfit went as high as 30,000 gold coins

Luckily, the expense wasn’t wasted . The moment Rolynn walked out, everyone’s attention immediately fell onto her .

Though her face wasn’t at the level of making a kingdom drop to its feet, but it was still that of a young woman with eight-nine points of beauty . In the eyes of these noblemen’s that had seen all sorts of beauty in their time, such a fresh looking face matched with a pair of mouth drooling legs is enough to entice their appetitive to a whole new level .

“Gentlemen, let me introduce . ” Du Wei laughs and had Rolynn stand beside him . As she did so, Rolynn maintained a cold smile like they had rehearsed before .

“This is a member of my personal knights unit, Miss Rolynn . Not only is her strength extremely high, but everything you see here today are goods that were brought back from the North by her!”