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Law of the Devil - Chapter 167.2

Published at 18th of May 2016 09:26:49 AM

Chapter 167.2

Law of the devil chapter 167 part 2

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The 167th chapter “Filled to the brim” (part 2)

This saying may have been a bit farfetched, but the outcome is exactly what Du Wei wanted .

Sure enough, everyone’s attention was immediately focused on Rolynn’s body after his speech – this included Sir Biliaibuer and the fat merchant Taklanshan that was formerly looking at some red fox fur .

Stunned by what he saw, Taklanshan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Rolynn’s valiant stature and wheat colored tanned skin .

After a moment of silence, Sir Biliaibuer was the first to speak up . This charming middle-aged man faced Rolynn and spoke with genuine smile: “Knight Rolynn, his excellency said you brought all of these exotic goods from the frozen forest? Oh heavens! Despite having such beauty, you are still capable of going into such a terrifying place!”

Rolynn understood full well what Du Wei’s intentions were, but since he is the master, she can only accommodate him with her acting .

Though these goods were brought back from the North by her…… But she certainly didn’t “hunt” down the monsters . If she had to measure her own strength, Rolynn feared that she would not even be able to cope with a single ice demon wolf, let alone go hunting for all these materials .

Fortunately, Rolynn has been leading a small team of adventurers since she was little, so she naturally has her own unique style of responding to these noble lords . Putting on a smile, her expression didn’t carry any form of forced affection; instead, she intentionally restrained herself and put on sense of heroism in her demeanor . Just like that, Rolynn quickly became the spotlight of today’s event after being repackaged by Du Wei!

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Before long, many of the visiting noblemen’s were huddling around Rolynn on all sides .

Though Rolynn wasn’t a highly skilled knight, but she was able to explain all of the important details of each product to the audience .

“Gentlemen, this shield is made from an Earth Dragon scale; although it looks very small, but the defense is exceptionally good . Many of you may not know this, but the earth dragon is a magical beast that lives underground in the frozen forest . Their head may be small, but their scales are extremely durable and hard to penetrate . Even a fourth level warrior would have a hard time splitting their scales apart! Back when we first encountered these beasts, we had to expend quite a bit effort to subdue them… . . Compared to a regular shield, this shield made from the scales of a earth dragon is extremely light!”

With each introduction of a product by Rolynn, some of the noble lords that were enchanted by her would quickly open up their wallets . Very quickly, in just one morning, any product reviewed by her would be sold out!

By the end of this single morning, the “sales” record reached a total of 300,000 gold coins!

From the first floor of the shop, about half of the merchandise was sold out!

As Du Wei looked at how Rolynn was being worshipped like a rock star by these young noble lads, he became very satisfied . In addition, when Marde quietly passed over the sales list from the morning, his smile was so big that it almost reached his ears .

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Well, not everyone present fell into Du Wei’s scheme . Those with status like Sir Biliaibuer and Taklanshan was able to clue in into his scheme early on in the show thanks to their years of experience .

After spending half a day eyeing Rolynn, Taklanshan finally gave up and quietly came over to Du Wei . In a murmuring voice, this fat merchant dared to say: “I really have to hand it to your methods, your excellency! This female knight Rolynn… . . Ha-ha, to tell you the truth, the goods here aren’t that amazing . But Miss Rolynn on the other hand… . If you are willing to part with her, I’m willing to offer you 1 million gold coins……”

Just as his words reached this point, this fat merchant took notice of Du Wei’s dissatisfaction . Letting out a laugh, Taklanshan quickly tried to salvage the conversation: “Don’t misunderstand me your Excellency; I wouldn’t dare make a move on your personal knight . With such a talent like Miss Rolynn, I was hoping you would lend her to me for a month so that I can use her as a mascot for my shops… . Ha-ha! What do you say? 1 million Gold coins for a month of service . Also, I’ll be sure to treat your knight as a grand VIP while she is in my care . ”

Sir Biliaibuer seems to be on good terms with this fatso . Smiling, he clapped his hands to interject: “Alright you fatso, stop making it hard on his Excellency! Didn’t you notice the way this female knight looks at our Duke here? He-he, who knows, maybe one she will be our future Duchess! Yet you want her to be your shopkeeper, hahaha!”

As for that Kami Siro – newly appointed police chief – he seems to not have much feeling for the opposite sex; instead, he was more interested in the gorgeous armor worn by Rolynn . In a low voice, he asked: “Your Dukeship, may I know where you got such a armor from?… . . ”

Du Wei was stunned by Kami Siro’s question . Prior to today’s event, he already had some interaction with this loyal subordinate of Prince Son . For someone that spent 10 years as an undercover agent, there’s no way he wouldn’t be able to see through the secret behind this useless armor . Sure it may be easy on the eyes, but that was all… . . ”

“Duke . ” Kami Siro’s voice became a little hoarse as he whispered: “I know the armor isn’t very practical and my reason may confuse you, but after spending 10 years in hiding, I finally realized I came down with a strange habit!”

“Oh, really?” Du Wei gave this guy in front of him a curious look .

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“…… I found that I increasingly liked to be noticed by others around me . ” Kami Siro spent no effort in trying to hide his strange illness: “Of course, I know you’ll never laugh at me… . Perhaps this is my own way of compensating myself! In the old days, I would never dare wear something so eye catching, but now, I can’t stop myself . ”

Du Wei understands his reason . After being deprived of his existence for so many years due to his spy career, Kami is finally able to fill the hole in his heart .

“That’s easy . ” Du Wei began to deliberate inside: “I can make a set of this armor for you . Just consider it a gift from me!”

“How can I accept it?” Kami Siro immediately rejected: “I appreciate your Excellency’s kindness, but such an armor is still within my price range . If word spread today of how I accepted your kindness when I was supposed to be the one congratulating you, then how will I ever continue to mingle in the capital?”

Du Wei smiles before Kami Siro offers up “100,000 gold coins” for a set of the magnificent armor .

Of course, there is also the dear Master Clark who almost became Du Wei’s magic teacher in his younger years . As a person of power within the magic union, Clark was instructed by the president of the magic union to deliver a gift to Du Wei!

“Mage Du Wei . ” Mage Clark pulls Du Wei to a corner of the floor: “I heard you set up a trade route that can transport large amounts of magical beast materials throughout the year, is that true?”

Du Wei brow pricked at the question .

“Don’t get me wrong . ” Clark smiles: “You know it too . In order to satisfy the demand of those old monsters and the lower class mages, the magic union has to procure vast amounts of magic ingredients throughout the year . It just so happens that some of the ingredients on the list is from the frozen forest!”

Du Wei’s eye immediately lit up with excitement .

The next moment on, the intimacy of their conversation grew exponentially . As the representative of the Magic Union, Mage Clark ended up signing a contract to ensure the purchase of a 800,000 gold coins worth of good from Du Wei each year . As a trade, Du Wei also added in a line where he is allowed to purchase a certain number of minerals like magic crystals and etc .

After the contract was signed, Clark gave Du Wei a satisfied look and prepared to bid his farewell .

But before leaving, he added another meaningfully sentence: “Mage Du Wei, the president wants to remind you that you are a Mage, therefore, the magic union will always be your home!”

With that, this Mage Clark said his goodbye with a smile .

After sending away the magic union’s messenger, a thought finally hit him!

Can it be… the establishment of the magic academy is finally starting?

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