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Law of the Devil - Chapter 168

Published at 22nd of May 2016 09:27:32 AM

Chapter 168

Law of the devil chapter 168

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The 168th chapter “The means of the Magic Union”

“Master, master! Our income today is so much!” With a flushed face, Marde excitedly held onto the thin booklet of transactions they made so far .

“Oh, how much?” Du Wei leaned back against the chair and lazily asked .

Right now the sun is just at the angle where it is starting to settle down for the evening night . Originally the nobles that came to congratulate him for the grand opening still wanted to take him out for a hospitable dinner, but Du Wei had to refuse their offer due to his mood being ruined by Mage Clark’s message .

“Altogether 684,600 gold coins!” When old Marde cried out these numbers, even his voice was trembling .

Du Wei didn’t show much reaction .

Humph, It’s to be expected…… After spending so much effort and time, if he didn’t make this much at least then wouldn’t he have failed too hard?

Seeing how the young master wasn’t showing much interest, old Marde thought it was because of his manner of speech that displeased Du Wei . Turning the pages quickly, he continued to report the details: “Today’s biggest contributor is without a doubt Miss Rolynn . Just counting the things that crossed her hand amounted to 380,000 gold coins master . If we can somehow find a few more people like Miss Rolynn, then……”

“That’s enough . ” Du Wei waved a hand to interrupt Marde’s speech .

A few more people like Rolynn? That is not realistic .

The so called value in rarity is the perfect saying for Rolynn . If not for the ‘novelty’ surrounding her status as a female knight, then she would not have the same impact towards those lustful nobles . By adding in a few more people like Rolynn, then the freshness coming out of her existence would diminish immensely . Aside from these points, he also believes Rolynn’s loyalty is absolute towards him, so where would he find a few more people like that so fast?

However, the fact that their income reached a whopping figure of 880,000 gold coins is still something that Du Wei finds great pleasure in knowing . Then again, this number is only possible right now due to those nobles attending his opening ceremony . If those prideful people left without buying a single item, then wouldn’t they be disregarding his status too much? More importantly, a portion of that number is actually gifts from certain individuals .

For example, just that Biliaibuer alone gifted him with 100,000 gold coins . As for that Taklanshan, he may not have gave him any gifts outright today, but the land Du Wei purchased for his store is without a doubt the biggest benefit he received by far!

“Go make some preparations and have someone craft another set of armor like Rolynn’s . The piece doesn’t need to be sturdy, but be certain to make it as luxurious as you can . Oh yes… . . ” Du Wei hesitated for a moment as he looked at Marde: “Marde, I want to ask you a question . ”

“Master, please say it . ”

Du Wei pondered the question for a moment: “In a few months, I will have to go to the Northwest . Would you rather stay here in the capital and help me manage my real estate, or would you rather come with me to the Northwest?”

Old Marde did not hesitate in his reply: “Master, I am your faithful servant; of course I will follow you . ” His eyes began to turn red at this point: “I’ve held you since you were little, now that I am getting old, are you going to leave Old Marde behind?”

Du Wei smiled as he looked at the tearing eyed Marde: “Enough Marde, don’t cry, I will not leave you behind . Hmm, what you said is true . Since I was small, it was you whom raised me . Even if I leave everything behind, I will never leave my dear uncle Marde . ”

This word “Uncle” scared Marde so much that his face turned pale as he waved his hand back and forth in panic . Marde jumped up and said: “Master, you mustn’t call Old Marde that, I am not worthy! I’ve always been your servant, your horse groomer, and your housekeeper… . . ”

Du Wei was already up on his feet walking towards Marde’s side . Raising a hand, Du Wei gently tapped Marde’s shoulder and said: “It’s fine Marde . Right now, there is only the two of us here . Of the Rowling Household, only the two of us remain in the capital… . . Oh yes, there is still Captain Alpha . Anyways, between us, there is no need for civility . ”

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Just now, everyone would have known what was at stake in the choices they were offered .

Go to the wind blasted sand dunes of the Northwest, or stay in the bustling capital of the empire . Anyone that was offered such a choice would have known which is better; yet, Marde didn’t even hesitate a second in his choice of following Du Wei . Seeing how faithful Marde was towards him made Du Wei feel touched inside .

“Since you are going to accompany me to the Northwest, then the matters of the capital…… . ” Du Wei pondered over the problem and in the end, he couldn’t think of anyone more suitable than Rolynn .

But then…… If he placed Rolynn here, then who will take charge of the pirates?

Aigh, what a headache . The lack of manpower is not something he can solve in one or two days .

“Go and called Rolynn over . ” Du Wei sighed: “I have something to tell her . ”

After Marde went out, Du Wei picked up a cup of herbal tea from the table and gulped it down with a frown .

The appearance of Mage Clark today is obviously due to the order of the President . Not only did they give him face for today’s event, they are also willing to procure large amounts of ingredients from him each year .

But in this world, there will never be a free lunch!

Humph…… Keep in mind his Wizardry status? The Magic Unions will always be his home?

Needless to say, the matter related to the magic academy must have been pushed forward again after the political situation stabilized!

For Du Wei, he certainly didn’t want to be thrown around by the Regent and the Magic Union . From history, those that tries to play both side never meets a good ending!

For now, Du Wei feels his best option is to hurry to his new territory and never return!

At that time, even if both powers were to go all out in their struggle, it still wouldn’t matter to him!

But who would have ever thought that it would be pushed forward so quickly when the coup only ended recently?

Even if he if he wished to leave now, he wouldn’t be able to because until the officials there hand over the power to him, he wouldn’t be able to find an excuse . Also, he still didn’t have the right people to take up the positions yet .

Magic Academy…… Oh Magic Academy!


Suddenly, a bit of a temper started to seep out of his mind . A few years from now, the magic academy will without a doubt produce a number of talented trainees, but none of them will fall in his pocket! For the benefit of others, why should he stick his neck out for them?

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Wouldn’t it be better to leave early?!

However, when his mind brought up the idea of talented individuals, another thought popped into his head .

The next day, Du Wei took the carriage met up with the Regent inside the palace .

After experiencing the storm of land bestowment, the mood around Prince Son seems to be much calmer than before . At least on the surface, this new ruler acted like he forgot what Du Wei did in order to save his father’s life and even pulled him to the back palace for a sumptuous lunch .

No one knows what topic the two talked about that morning, but after Du Wei left, the Regent’s mood was especially good and even made a few jokes with his personal guard .

As for Du Wei’s side, the sweat on his back was completely dry by the time he left which left him feeling very uncomfortable .

Aigh, this Prince Son really intends to use him as the gun to deal with the Magic Union!

Back in the morning, Du Wei was baiting Prince Son on the subject of the Magic Academy; yet, contrary to what Du Wei expected, this future emperor openly spilled the beans on everything he was planning .

The establishment of the Magic Academy will enter its first stage of implementation in one month! In this first round of student selection, the magic union and the royal court will be engaging in all sorts of infighting so that their sides receive the most benefit .

However, Prince Son did receive the support of the magic union in the coup, so he will certainly give in on certain demands if needed .

In the list of recruitment, the Magic Academy is expected to recruit around 100 students .

Do not underestimate this hundred people . Though the number appears to be a small… but you need to understand, on the whole continent, there is only around a few hundred Magicians!

And now…… According to the current negotiations between the two parties, the magic union is demanding half of the enrollment spots!

Such a number is something Prince Son cannot promise .

What a joke! The establishment of the magic academy is primarily meant to break the magic union’s monopoly over Mages . If the union occupies half of the quota on the recruitment list, then how is Prince Son going to allocate the rest?

For the royal family, they needed a certain number of spots to enroll into the academy . In addition, several of the more influential families below also want to occupy a certain number of spots .

In such a layering effect, the number of people Son can truly control is simply too little . He is the true ruler of the empire, such a situation is something he absolutely will not allow .

In the morning, Son divulged his bottom line to Du Wei and that is half of the spots must be selected by the royal household . As for the remaining half, the Magic Union, the military, and the aristocrats can fight for it!

Out of their conversation, Du Wei only got one meaning from the Regent:

“You go negotiate with the magic union president . When the union competes with the military and nobles for their spots, the royal household will back the union in their standing . Nonetheless, half of the spots must be chosen by the royal household!”

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Originally Du Wei wanted to ask Prince Son about letting him choose some of the students in the academy, but in the end, Prince Son gave him a clear and simple answer: “You can, but you must negotiate with the magic union . After all, you are a recognized member of the magic union . ”

This afternoon, Du Wei was planning to go to magic union and meet with the president .

Yet, Du Wei had a change of heart in the last moment!

Why not wait for the other party to seek him out?

Humph, the establishment of the Magic Academy is so important, yet they only sent Mage Clark with a few goods hoping to bribe me?

Humph, aren’t they too stingy?!

Du Wei became venomous inside! Even if he can’t gain any benefit from the establishment of the magic Academy, Du Wei feels he must at least extort a good sum from the magic union!

With this little bit of determination, Du Wei came out of the palace . Seeing the dark expression on the grand Duke’s face, the palace guards following behind didn’t dare say a word .

By the time he walked out of the palace and into the central square, Du Wei suddenly saw a group of people coming his way .

A closed surface carriage that was almost completely inlayed with silvery chips and a snowy white flag flying on top!

White flag?

Du Wei hesitated for a moment because a banner like that is the trade mark of a funeral!

When the carriage slowly came up the palace, the guards not only didn’t intervene, they actually split apart into two roles and kneeled down in salute . When Du Wei took a closer look, he actually saw that the knights leading the carriage were in fact holy knights of the temple!

Not only did the carriage don the banner of the royal household, Du Wei was even more shocked to find the temples insignia flying next to the Thorn Flower crest on the flag .

In this brief moment of shock, the carriage was already drawing up to Du Wei’s location . Seeing the dazed expression in the grand Duke, the nearby palace guards hastily came up to him and gently tapped his shoulder so that he could make way .

After waiting till the carriage enter the palace, Du Wei then frowned as he looked at the nearby guards: “What kind of person was in the carriage? And how can the temple’s people freely access the palace?”

The palace guard hesitated in his response, but in the end, he answered in a hush tone: “Your dukeship… . . Didn’t you know? Inside the carriage is Wilona, known as the flower of the royal household, she is also the holy maiden of the temple… . . ”

Holy maiden? Du Wei is only vaguely aware of these so-called holy maidens; in fact, this practice is only a gimmick of religious organizations where they pick out some beautiful and pious maidens to act as their tributes to the gods… . .

But this Wilona is also a flower of the royal household?

“You really don’t know?” the palace guard was acting a bit unnatural towards the Duke’s lack of awareness: “Holy maiden Wilona’s father is the late crown prince… . . ”

“Oh……” Du Wei took a step back to give a meaningfully gaze at the leaving carriage .

The crown prince’s daughter and holy maiden?

Hehe…… Then it’s no wonder the carriage hanged a white flag .

Though the crown prince committed suicide after the coup d’état, but Prince Son handled the matter very nicely . Not only did Son not deprive his elder brother of his royal status, Son also allowed his brother’s body to be buried in the manner of the royal family, indicating he is forever a member of the royal family despite organizing a coup .

This holy maiden is the daughter of the crown prince . Humph-humph, it seems the crown prince did try to win over the temple . It’s just that in the end, the temple still chose to side with Prince Son!


Just when Du Wei wanted to retract his gaze, he suddenly felt a faint presence coming out from the carriage as if someone slid open the compartment window and looked over towards him……

After the brief encounter, Du Wei returned to his own residence . The place may be his residence, but it wasn’t actually Du Wei’s official manor despite his status as a Duke . The reason is very simple, he didn’t actually hold any official position inside the capital and that he intended to head out to the Northwest very soon .

Currently, his place of residence is only a small house within the wealthy district . Originally a property of the late Crown Prince, this estate was in fact gifted to him by the Regent .

When he returned to his home, Old Marde was already awaiting for him at the gate .

Seeing the master’s return, Marde quickly rushed up and personally helped Du Wei get off the coach . Then the next sentence was: “Master, a member of the magic union came looking for you today . Because you weren’t present, that person had no choice but to go back after waiting the whole morning . ”

They seriously came so early to beg me?

Du Wei sneered .

But the next sentence surprised Du Wei .

It was clear the magic union wasn’t going to openly suck up to him; in fact, the other party was wiser than he expected!

“The person from the magic union wanted me to inform master that your magic assessment test will be carried out in three days, and the president will personally test you . ”

Rank examination?

Du Wei was stunned .


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