Law of the Devil - Chapter 172.2

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Chapter 172.2

The 172th chapter “very easy” (part 2)

With his goals achieved, Du Wei understands he should quit before he gets ahead of himself . By saving some face for the other side, he should still have some room to maneuver and make future deals .

Dorgan is obviously relieved because if he really went through with his words, then everyone out there would ridicule him as a foolish president .

However, he still had to make it look like he insisted on the surface . Together, the two pushed the issue back and forth until Dorgan finally gave out a meaningful smile: “Sir Du Wei, since you are refusing such a title, then we won’t force it upon you . Nonetheless, you did make it past the extra examination . To showcase the magnitude of how much the union values your talent, we are willing to provide a room for you inside the tower, what do you think?”

Move into the most sacred places inside the tower and to be able to have his very own laboratory?

This treatment is already very good! In order to be eligible for the Tower, one must be a grand mage of immeasurable talent . While Du Wei was chatting away with Clark the other day, he came to know about how every member living inside the place is provided with free study materials!

Free eating, free plundering, and the scenery is not bad too!

Despite this, Du Wei still shook his head after a moment in thought: “Mr . President, you should know that I have a ducal title now . After a few months, I will be leaving the capital for my territory in the Northwest . I’m afraid I don’t have much time left in the capital to research magic… . I appreciate your kindness, but……”

“It’s of no importance . ” Dorgan faintly smiles: “Since Sir Du Wei cannot stay in the capital, we can just station your laboratory over at the northwest . Before you leave today, I’ll make a note of it with the deacons . From then on, the union will provide any materials you need for your experiments if you have a need of it……”

The president originally wanted to follow up with the word “free”, but he thought better of it . Such a kid is not easy to deal with! If he had actually said such a thing, who knows how much the union will lose in the coming future . Pausing a second, his mouth quickly changed it to “Of course, you can discuss it over with the deacons when the time comes . I assure you, the union will give you the lowest price possible for anything you want . ”

Du Wei smiled . Then narrowing his eyes, he looked straight in the old president’s eyes: “Sir, I also have a little favor I like to ask . ”

“Please speak . ” Dorgan knows that a price must be paid since Du Wei gave up on making things difficult for him . Though his heart still felt sour inside, but this is something that must be done .

“I’m a magician already, but by my side, I lack some proper assistants .   Sure, I have plenty of staffs at home, but considering my status, I believe it is a bit degrading if I employed some regular mortals for my work . ”

“That’s easy . ” With a wave of his hand, Dorgan said: “I will allow you to pick five magic apprentices from the union . As long as they are to your liking, you can take them with you . ”


“Just apprentices won’t do . ” Du Wei slyly smiled: “For my experiments, I need some proper assistants . ”

Can it be this kid still wants to take away a few Mages?

Right away, Dorgan’s facial expression change!

Every Magician is a valuable asset and talent of the union! For those rich snobby nobles, they would still need to expend immense wealth just to hire a second rate magician . Though the mages can’t be physically possessed, but if a noble can put one under their payroll, it would already be considered a great honor! Yet, this kid wants to take several wizards with him to the northwest?

Such a scenario is completely out of the question!

Du Wei immediately guessed what the President was thinking: “Of course I wouldn’t have any thoughts for those respected seniors of mine . With my qualification, there is no way I can ask all those famed mages to be my assistants . But… . I believe one or two low ranking mages wouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“No! Magicians are valuable assets of the union . As such, I’m not at liberty to send them out to the border . Aside from that, there are still many important jobs inside the union that requires a mage to complete . ”

“So then…… What about Magic Alchemists?” Du Wei is finally showed his true colors:

“Since magicians won’t work, then I will need some magic alchemists . ”

That’s the lowest he will go .

Fortunately, the bias inside Dorgan and Leonidas remain unchanged . In their minds, this fruitless profession is of little value to the union . After a bit of bargaining, Dorgan promised Du Wei he can take with him three magic apprentices and three magic alchemists to the northwest .

Among the candidates, one of Du Wei’s choices dumbfounded these old guys .

“In the Union’s main Hall, there is a young man named Cosette that is charged with the management of the wand shop . When I was previously here, I had a discussion with him over different views . In the end, I find that he is quite to my taste, so I wish to take him with me . ”

Someone from the wand shop outside?

The President didn’t even think it over and immediately answered: “Not a problem . If you want to, you can even bring him with you before you leave today . ” For someone that is already placed in the outer ward, and to sell wands at that, Dorgan is certain the person in question is without a future .

However, many years later, the Magic Union found that they made a terrible deal!!

Exchanging such an important title for only several magic apprentices and magic alchemists, even Dorgan felt sorry for Du Wei . In the old guy’s mind, he knows that such deal is not without strings attached . Taking the initiative, Dorgan asked: “Du Wei, why don’t you come clean and tell us what other request you want . ”

“Oh, then the next thing is about the soon to be established Magic Academy!”

Once the subject was brought up, every face inside the room darkened .

The development of this magic academy carries great significance for the magic union . Aside from that, it will also dictate the future of the magic field . This is something everyone present today understands full well .  

Dorgan frowned and thought: Isn’t the kid’s appetite too big? Does he really want to take a share in this?

 Du Wei slowly opened up: “As a magic scholar and soon to be member of the school’s council committee, I don’t wish to be someone that is only looked at as someone of high statute . I want more; I want to input myself into this landmark event . ”


Dorgan was stunned: “Can it be that you wish to attend the academy and become a student?”

This might be difficult .

This request is not difficult in nature, but what about Du Wei’s status? His title is a court magician!

If such a person were to attend the academy, who could dare teach him? Aside from that, who the hell is even qualified to teach him?

“No, you are mistaken . ” Du Wei firmly shakes his head: “I don’t want to be a student . ”

“Oh, Then what you really mean is……”

“I want to be a teacher . ” Du Wei spoke with a stern expression: “I wish to be able to spread the knowledge handed down to me by my teacher . In doing so, I want master’s legacy to spread far and wide and allow more people to be bathed in the light of magic!”

Tea…… Teacher?

This boy wants to be a teacher in the magic academy?!

But…… If you put his age aside and not put it into the equation, then considering his past record and status, his qualification is more than enough . In fact, he beyond qualified!

Master Gandalf’s last disciple, court magician, and nearly became the continent’s number one magic alchemist!

If such a man were to go teach in the magic academy, it would be very good .

But still…… He is only a 14 year old kid!

And, to tell the truth, President Dorgan is still skeptical of Du Wei’s true power .

“But… . . Sir Du Wei, may I ask what subject you prepared to teach?”

Du Wei response is still as stunning .

“Magic Alchemy!”

As expected ……

President Dorgan was sweating all over now .

Once out of the magic union under the accompaniment of Mage Clark, Du Wei couldn’t conceal his smug face anymore . In the Deacon’s mind, he just couldn’t figure out what benefit Du Wei got from the president .

However, in the face of this future star of the magic field, Mage Clark’s can only quietly lead the way in the front .

But prior to coming out, Clark led Du Wei to the wand shop in the main hall and passed the word to the big headed Cossette: “Cossette, president’s order . From today onward, you are to follow Mage Du Wei and become his assistant . ”

The big head Cossette had to spend a minute in thought before finally recognizing Du Wei is the youngster from a while back .

Seeing the dazed appearance on Cossette, Du Wei was ecstasy inside!

Talent! This is a real talent! Although he only spent a short amount of time conversing with the guy, but Du Wei is certain this big headed fella wouldn’t lose out to the genius Solskjaer!

Just you wait Magic Union, you will regret this!

And also…… Magic Academy’s teacher!

HA-HA-HA-HA … … Thinking of this, Du Wei really want to go find an empty space without anyone to laugh it out!

Humph, master here may not be able to plug his own people into the student list, but I can still plug myself into it!

By then, it would be easy to grab a few students into my pocket!