Law of the Devil - Chapter 178

Published at 13th of June 2016 06:52:43 AM
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Chapter 178

Law of the devil chapter 178

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The 178th chapters “not offending anyone”

When Du Wei heard the cry for help, he felt compelled to look over at the source . From high above the stage where the ‘official slaves’ were located, he saw rows of neatly dressed men and women standing there . Unlike the barbarians, these slaves were all different because they were all once part of a noble household that fell into ruin . As for where the noise was coming from, it was originating from a guy standing in the furthest row of slaves .

Sharp beaked with a cheek like that of a monkey, the guy’s wardrobe was already in tatters despite being made of high quality material .

The guy knew his previous outburst had already made him a target for the slavers . As he shivered in fear, the nearby slavers immediately came up from behind and violently lashed out at him with the whip .

Disregarding the painful lashes on his back, this person stared intently at Du Wei while shouting in the loudest voice he can muster: “Young master Du Wei, please buy me! Buy me please!”

Du Wei can only feel a vague familiarity as he took one look at the guy . No matter what he did, he just couldn’t pinpoint who this person was in his memories .

Stopping his footsteps, he turned to walk towards the stage . Immediately, the people on the street moved aside to make way for him . As for the slavers on top of the stage, they would of course be able to recognize Du Wei by now . Stopping their whips, they knew better to do anything rash in front of a Duke .

Raising a finger, Du Wei pointed it at the guy up on the stage: “Who are you? Do I know you?”

“Young master Du Wei . ” The guy’s face looked like he was in a panic . Turning left and right with a difficult face, he gritted his teeth and cried out: “I am of Marquis Solomon . ”

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Du Wei eyes lit up with excitement . Seeing how nervous the tattered looking guy was, Du Wei cut him short and said: “I understand!”

With that, Du Wei gave Rolynn a look and said: “Buy him! No matter how much money, bring this guy back to see me . ”

After his words, Du Wei walked away without looking back: “Sandy, come take a walk with me outside . ”

Sandy hesitated for a moment before a light crossed his eyes . Then with a happy face, he followed up jollily like a kid given a treat .

Using the fastest speed to get out of the slave market, Du Wei took a look at the puffing kid behind him . Then in a quick whispering voice, he said: “I ask you, what do I have to do if I want to buy some official slaves? It has to be picked by me and at the same time, I do not want to offend the other noble parties here . ”

“This” Sandy looked like he was in a predicament: “Master Duke” He sucks in a breath of air before whispering: “I know you identity is distinguished, but the official slave shop is opened by the royal household . Unlike the regular slave dealers, that place has its own rule . Who can buy, and what can be sold are all pre-decided . For example: the daughters of those ruined nobles are highly sought after . Before they are even put up for auction, these once noble ladies would have already been preordered . ”

“Beat it!” Du Wei sent a foot at the kid’s ass . With a smile, spoke in a playful tone: “I don’t want women . What I want are men’s”

“A man? This will be easy then . ” Sandy lets out a relived sigh .

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In the official slave shop, the most sought after are those rare aristocratic daughters of a ruined household, especially the beautiful ones . Think about it . The once high and mighty nobility is suddenly thrust into slavery and if one has the connection and money, you can take such a girl home and ravage her to your heart’s content . What man wouldn’t like such a thing?

And the male servants along with the male children would consequently become slaves . Although these people are also in high demand, but considering his Dukeship title, Du Wei believes it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to get such a group under his wing .

“As long you are willing to spend some money then it won’t be a problem . ” Sandy contemplates the idea: “But you are also aware of the situation in the official slave shop . I’m just a kid trying to make a living on the street, so I don’t know how to do this . However, I do know someone that does . ”

Du Wei took one look at the kid: “Let’s do this then . I think you are quite clever so come with me . If you are willing, you can work for me from now on . I can’t come here every day, so you can take my place . If you do the job well, I’ll reward you heavily . ”

Why did Du Wei buy that guy from the Solomon family?

Because he could see that the slave up there lives within the boundary of his own status!

Subtlety, Du Wei is starting to remember where he saw the guy . It was when he met Marquis Solomon back at the villa . That’s right; the guy is a personal attendant of the Marquis .

And what kind of people is Du Wei missing? It’s the kind that can help him manage his business!

And kind of person is Solomon? He is the royal merchant of the emperor that specializes in the management of the royal household’s asset! Such a person is bound to be surrounded by people that are capable in doing business!

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After that Guro guy went back home, he immediately made a report about the encounter he made with Du Wei . Surprising Guro, Count Biliaibuer actually summoned him for questioning .

Guro is just one of the many stewards under Count Biliaibuer, so it was very rare to find him being personally question by his master . Explaining every small details of the event, Guro found himself being questioned for the entire night . Only until morning did Biliaibuer relent with a satisfied smile: “Guro, I now have one more thing i need you to do, but it will cause you to feel a little bit aggrieved . Rest assured . After this is over, I will send you to the north and have you take full responsibility of the business there . What do you say?”

Upon hearing this, Guro splashed down on his knee: “My lord, you?”

Fully responsible for the North’s business? This is a big fat meat!

Although staying the capital isn’t bad, but the Count already have so many stewards under his command . However, if he gets assigned to the north, then he will no longer be one of the many stewards here . Rather than staying here, why not change the scenery and become the leading figure somewhere else? And the business is so big over there, it is certain there will be many chances to benefit!

“Very good!” Count Biliaibuer nodded: “If so, then today I will have to wrong you a bit . ”

With that, Biliaibuer suddenly stood up . With a deep voice, he cried out: “Come!”

From outside the door, two bodyguards quickly came into the room . Then pointing at the kneeling Guro, Count Biliaibuer sternly said: “Drag him out and break his legs! Once done, have someone bring him over to the Duke Du Wei’s residence! Have him stationed outside on the street near the entrance! After putting him there for the morning, have someone else bring him back to see me!”

Looking at the deathly pale Guro, Count Biliaibuer mildly smiled: “Rest assured Guro, I will find someone to give you the best treatment for you wound . ”

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Watching the horror faced Guro being dragged out by the guards; Biliaibuer can hear the loud screams of pain echoing into his study room a minute later .

“Someone come!” Count Biliaibuer sighed before whispering a few words . Very soon, two servants appeared at the doorway .

“Go to the villa outside the city and pick out a few young training girls around the age of 13 or 14 . Also, make sure they look clean and decent on the surface . Then send them over to her royal highness over at the Temple . Tell her I found out she wanted someone to clean the alter and these girls are my gift to her . ”

Finishing all of this, Count Biliaibuer conveniently grabbed for the glass of red wine in front of him . Then finishing the drink in a single gulp, he spoke his next words in a low voice: “Humph, one is the currently popular Grand Duke; the other is her highness the Saintess . I can’t offend anyone . ”

The light bouncing off the wine’s red shade is causing the pale faced Biliaibuer to look a bit red . Putting down the cup, he began to laugh in a low voice .

“I can’t offend anyone . Aigh, it’s entirely the Regent’s fault . He killed the Crown prince, but he is still giving preferential treatment to the princess . God knows what the Regent is thinking in his heart . I can’t act rashly . Until I clear up the Regent’s intention, I can’t take a side! Otherwise, its no joke If I join the wrong team!”

Almost at the same time .

Du Wei has already returned to his residence . Bringing Sandy back with him, he dumped the kid into Marde’s care: Find him a room . From this point on, he is my personal attendant . As for the rules, you are to teach him . ”

After a pause, Du Wei was just about to go back to his room when he suddenly stopped in his track . Thinking it over for a moment, Du Wei then left some words with Marde: “I’m afraid our front door will get a little lively tomorrow morning, but no matter what happens, you are to keep the door locked . No matter what type of strange things that happens outside, you are to make sure none of the family members go out . You hear me?”

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