Law of the Devil - Chapter 209.2

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Chapter 209.2

Chapter 209 “Afraid of change!” (part two)

Just when Vivian was about to struggle, something about Du Wei’s tone of speech changed her mind . Squinting her eyes, Vivian’s small hands cautiously reached for Du Wei’s forehead: “You-you have a fever?” She asked timidly with a spec of worry in her voice .

Without hesitating, Du Wei grabbed hold of our girl’s hand and gave it a peck with his lips: “Nonsense, I don’t get sick . ”

Knowing she was kissed, Vivian’s face blushed with embarrassment .

It would seems no matter how problematic his issues are, all would be flushed away when facing our frightened little rabbit: “I ask you, was the words from last night in your drunken state true?”

Trembling, the first reaction she had was to shake her head; however, she quickly finished it off with a small nod after hesitating for a bit .


This time, she finally gave a full nod .

Du Wei cried out a laugh . Holding her in his arms, Du Wei softly says: “My sweetheart, you’re finally grown up . ”

Vivian grievously objected: “You… . . I’m bigger than you…… ”

Surprised at her words, Du Wei lets out a long laugh as he shook his head: “Vivian, you’re wrong, I’m much older than you . ”

Then he lay down on the bed . Sighing, he then said: “I’m a little depressed today, so please, stay here for the evening and have a chat with me, alright?”

Vivian instinctively wanted to answer with a yes because it had already become a habit . However, seeing how late it was already and the fact that it is only him and her inside the room… . She’s not stupid! A man and a woman on a bed in the middle of the night, even she knows such a thing is inappropriate .

Picking up on the girl’s worry, Du Wei couldn’t stop himself from teasing: “Did you not say you wanted to sleep with me last night?”

“No…… No……” Vivian started to panic . In the end, she can only choke out a few words: “Not… . . Not now… . . ”

“Don’t worry; I won’t really eat you up now . ” Pulling Vivian to him, Du Wei had the little maiden wrapped in his arms with her head against his chest . Though she wasn’t as breathtakingly beautiful as the Marquise sisters, but there’s a strange comfort to be had in her existence .


He had no other needs in this world .

Oddly enough, a person’s mind is funny like this . The once complicated problem plaguing him earlier just became moot and it was unnecessary to overthink the issue!

Embracing Vivian, he suddenly muttered these words without even thinking it over: this is the kind of woman I want!

Sometimes, things are just that simple .

Losing himself for a moment, Du Wei suddenly found himself being knocked back to reality due to the itch on his nose – this is caused by Vivian’s hair . Sneezing, he shook head out of habit and instinctively reached out for something to wipe his nose . In seconds, his hand fell upon something small and soft while being infused with a faint aroma . Giving his face a good wipe, he opened his eyes to have a clear look at the unfamiliar object in his hand……

Both Du Wei And Vivian  became dumbfounded .

This thing is obviously a little girl’s panty, pink and cute!

Needless to say, this obviously our heroin’s undergarment . Unlike the hesitating expression on Du Wei, our panicking girl was already trying to take back what is hers like someone catching a thief . Nevertheless, as much as she tried, Du Wei already pocketed the booty before she can get her hands on it .

Flushing a beat red face, Vivian begs: “Give-give it back . ”

Du Wei shakes his head: “Finders keepers . ”
“Give-give me…… I beg of you . I-I was just taking a shower and left it here……” Vivian’s eye becomes watery .

Du Wei smiles with great enjoyment: “I’ll keep it for now . When you become my wife, I’ll give you ten instead . ”

With that, Du Wei suddenly leaped up from the bed and sneaked a kiss on Vivian’s lip . With a happy smile on his face, he ran off without stopping .

By next morning, Du Wei’s mood was much more relaxed .

Humph, who am I?

I am Du Wei!

Madam Lister, don’t think you can catch a big fish like me so easily!

You want to play with me?

Fine, let’s see if you are capable enough!

Making up his mind, Du Wei knows he cannot so openly reject them, thus, a “stalling” tactic must be used . Anyways, his age is still young; he’s in no hurry to marry .

The beauty of this Marquise is indeed very exciting to the point where she is considered a disaster to those around them, but…… . Isn’t she just a woman? That’s still not enough to make our little devil here fall heads over heel for her .

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After two days of rest, the nice times for our Hogwart students have finally come to an end . Waking up early that day, he immediately went to meet the two teachers sent along to oversee the kids – they are Old Alley’s disciple . Since they are old acquaintances anyways, Du Wei did not bother hiding his intent, likewise, the two seniors made it clear they intend to follow through with Du Wei’s arrangements .

“In that case, I won’t be so formal . ” Du Wei said this with a genuine smile: “My plans are very simple . I’ll first take the students with me while both of you rest at the castle . If you are interested, you can freely look around . After a few days, I will bring them back . ”

Du Wei’s style may be a bit bossy, but these two seniors’ disciples of Old Alley happily agreed to his arrangement . To them, it just means a baggage is lifted off their shoulders and they can finally do what they want .

Without stalling, Du Wei immediately sent for General Longbottom and the twenty eight students . Together, he had them all moved into the military camp outside the city .

In addition, he also had someone prepare a change of clothing for him while he himself picked up some magic items in preparation of joining the others in the camp . Thinking it over, he thought it was for the best if he met with the Marquise family before going . Only problem is that when he went to the sisters place, he was told by the servants that Miss Angel and the Marquise was unwell and could not meet him . Unfortunately, it was the hateful boy Muse that came out to greet him .

With a dark and unwilling face, Muse said: “Why did you come? Because of you, my sisters not only cried all night, they also argued! I’ve never once seen them so heated . It’s all because of you that they fought!”

Just knowing this is giving him a headache because one is love struck teenage girl and the other is a strong willed woman . Being stuck in-between the two is something he does not wish for and not something he can solve .

Whatever, it’s better not to meet . If he did, it would be more bothersome .

To make it quick, he made up an excuse of having urgent matters outside the city . Not knowing when he will return, he gave his parting message that he is sorry for not being able to personally send her Ladyship off . However, just when he was about to leave with his back turn already, the snobby brat cut him off by running in front of him: “Wait!!”

Frowning, Du Wei eyes the kid .

“You need to go out?” An idea shifts across Muse’s childish blue eyes: “Perfect, since I don’t know how to solve my sister’s argument anyways, I might as well go out since I’m here to learn from you!”

Du Wei smile became somewhat crooked: “But the things I have not only poses a certain level of risk, it also requires long periods of travel on horseback . I fear you might not be able to endure such pains . ”

Muse immediately became angry: “How do you know I can’t endure it! I’m telling you now; I can already wield the sword at the tender age of eight! Then I was able to ride at ten! Don’t look down at me . In terms of riding skills, you may not be above me!”

Du Wei sighs as he gave the kid a look: “Fine then . It’s not like its anything even if you tag along, but… . . If you can’t keep up and get kicked back here, don’t blame me . ”

With that, he glanced at the room upstairs: “Go back and pack some clothing for yourself . On this trip, we will be out for at least ten days or more!”

“Humph! Though you look like a man, but your attitude is too naggy . What is there to pack? With the clothing on me and my trusty sword, I can go anywhere! Don’t take my for those fragile rich kids!” Muse taps the sword on his waist .

Inwardly, Du Wei was thinking: you make it sound nice now, but if you fall behind on the road, I’ll simply send you back with someone .

With more than 10 guards and Old Smoke by his side – they are the odd talents recruited by Longbottom – Du Wei was just about to announce their departure when this snobby Muse went ahead without his permission .

“Humph, kid . ” Du Wei curls his lips in dissatisfaction .

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He did not know this but when he rode out of the gate, two eyes were gazing down at him from the castle’s window .

 Pale and full of sadness in her eyes, Angel stayed like this until Du Wei’s back could no longer be seen . Biting her lips, she then turns to face the Marquise standing at her side .

Like her, the Marquise look tired as she sighed: “Angel, you still can’t come to terms with it?”

“Sister!!” Angel suddenly exclaimed: “I just don’t get it!”

She raised her hand to point at the Marquise: “You know I like him! So why, why did you do such a thing like proposing to him!!”

“Angel… . . ” The Marquise eyed her sister a sense of determination: “You think I’m stealing your lover? My sister! I originally wanted you to be with him too… . . Our family may appear to be thriving right now, but even you should be able to figure out our family’s biggest weakness . And he, this man, is the key to our family’s future! This is precisely the reason why I sent you to the Northwest… . . My sister, you must understand . Men likes the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean all men will be hypnotized by the beauties before their eyes!”

Angel was silent, but she was still hatefully staring at her sister .

“Angel……” The Marquise sighs as she slowly walked over to gently hug her beloved sister: “Although I did not have much interaction with him, but I can tell you cannot tie his heart down, you understand? You must believe me, I’ve never been wrong in judging people . I’ve always to taught you that you must learn what a man wants . Some likes women, some likes power, and this guy… . Even I don’t know what he wants . This guy is not right for you… . From his words alone, I can see he is not the type to be soft hearted against a woman……”

After a pause, she whispers, “You know what? I heard he was gifted a group of quadruplet, trained and skilled in the art of seduction . Despite their many merits, this guy simply tossed the girls into his store and never bothered with them… . And I even heard because the girls disobeyed him, he mercilessly whipped the sisters . He’s dangerous … . . So please understand me, I did this to protect you!”

“All you ever think about is the family, always for the family!” Angel suddenly shouted .


A resounding slap landed on our delicate Angel’s face . With a pained expression, the Marquise looked at her foolish sister: “Don’t forget, both you and I are a member of this family! You may hate me now, but let me ask you… . . Since you have no way to get him to like you, then what other choice do I have other than sacrificing myself?”

After a pause, the Marquise whispers, “Don’t forget, Muse is already 15 years old! How long do you think we can hide the matter? There are many people eyeing our family’s wealth! Some would be more than happy to swallow even our bones if they can… . . We don’t have much time left!”

Just as Du Wei arrived with his students at the military base camp outside Loulan City, a lone knight on horseback slowly came before the city gates . From top to bottom, he had battle scars all over the place like he just experienced some kind of unimaginable storm! Even from afar, the garrison soldiers can smell the scent of blood permeating from this mysterious knight .

Subconsciously, every soldier at the gate had their alerts up at this blue haired one eyed knight . Despite the determination on the knight’s face, it could not hide the fatigue caused by the injuries on the body . In fact, the wobbly fashion he sat there on the horse looked like he would fall at any moment .

Just as the soldiers were about to stop the knight in his tract, this mysterious person took the lead and pulled out a badge from his clothing . Surprising everyone, it was the symbol of the Duke’s manor!

Not only did they not dare block the road, the soldiers even sent a massager ahead to bring the news to the Duke’s castle .

The mysterious knight is in fact Hussein!

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Who knows what happened to be able to delay our Saint Knight from returning, but not only was he injured all over the place, even his armor was near the breaking point with cracks everywhere . If not for his Saint Dou Qi suppressing his wounds, it’s likely Hussein would never have been able to make the long journey back!

For example: the most serious wound was on his right shoulder! From the way the wound appears, it’s likely pierced by a violent force . Even under the protection of the Saint Dou Qi, this opponent was able to deal such a devastating blow; clearly this enemy was exceptionally strong . If not for such a powerful interface lingering inside his body, Hussein would have already mended his wounds .

Like Hussein, his horse is also exhausted from the long trek back . Only by reaching the vicinity of Loulan City did he breathe out a sigh of relief . Nevertheless, despite his perseverance, Hussein could no longer keep his body upright after reaching the castle’s bridge . Slanting on one side, he fell down from his mount, thus, causing quite the stir among the palace guards .

The security forces originally thought it was an enemy attack so their awareness were suddenly raised to the maximum . However, when they realized it was Hussein, they quickly brought our Saint Knight inside without hesitation .

Soon after Hussein was carried into the Castle, Marde was quickly called upon because the Duke was not present at the moment . With just a glance, Marde began to exclaim in shock: Oh god! How did he get so seriously injured! Fast! Send for the Duke in the military camp and have the temple’s clerics come over now! We need their healing magic!”

Originally in a coma already, Hussein suddenly woke up and grabbed hold of Marde’s arm . In a husky voice, he said: “Don’t call the temple . ”

Stunned at the request, Marde nevertheless agrees to the request because he’s already used to the odd balls working under the young master .

“Have someone…… Carry me to the greenhouse, fast!”

Hussein’s breathe rapidly increases as the veins on his forehead pops up .

Hurrying two servants over, Marde had Hussein carried over to the Greenhouse and ordered some people to stand guard outside .

Du Wei had secretly placed a bunch of magic potions and ingredients in a location within the greenhouse . Among the many things there, one of the stuff is the ice berries . This narcotic like fruit may have been abused by the wealthy class, but there’s no denying it’s a great anesthetic for pain .

Barely able to support himself, Hussein forced down a bit of the ice berry along with some other medical potions . Through the relieving and rejuvenating effects of the magical plants and potions, his body finally regained some of the golden luster unique to that of a Saint level warrior like Hussein .

Enduring the pain, Hussein suddenly did something no normal man could possibly do on their own . Towards his right shoulder bones where the severe wound was located, he once again fractured it with his bare hands . Under the fierce burning light of his golden Dou Qi, the gruesome sight of his reopened wound sealed itself off at a rapid pace . Normally, not even Hussein should be able to endure such excruciating pain, but thanks to the numbing ice berry he partook, the pain became a lot easier to bear .

Right now, our Saint Knight is a ragged and tattered as one can be . His side still had a sword hanging there, but the blade had long been shattered with mostly only the hilt left . Then there is his hair . Stained red, the usually glossy blue hair is now clustered into bands of lumps due to the viscious blood .

Waiting till his bones were regrown, Hussein slightly sighs out in relief as he sat up . With his legs crossed, he then reached for his bag and opened it up… . .

Inside, there is a sword radiating an awe-inspiring chill like that of the winter chill!

If Du Wei were here to see this sword, he will most certainly be surprised!

The reason is because this sword in Hussein’s hand is none other than the famed sword wielded by Rodriguez “Beauty under the Moonlight”!!!

However, why is this legendary weapon possessed by Hussein?