Law of the Devil - Chapter 244

Published at 28th of December 2016 05:10:04 AM
Chapter 244

Chapter 244 “The Grand Wizard that doesn’t wear a white robe”

Above the head of this creaking forest lies the cloudless blue sky. Birds chip, trees grow. For ages past, the trees of old had remained undisturbed by the violence of man. Yet on this day, a horrific scene is unfolding behind the lush canopy of this ancient forest.

Panting from her struggle to run, a charming young girl deprived of any clothes was trying to make her way through the dense forest. Unlike how a beautiful maiden should appear, the only emotions running through that fine face is nothing but horror and fear.

The moment those delicate ears picked up the sound of her approaching pursuers, the girl suddenly lets out a loud painful cry when she accidently tripped over a rock on the ground, thus spraining her ankle in the process.

At the same time, the faint sound of trotting horses was already at her neck. Showing their villainous grin, two hunters on horseback suddenly threw out their ropes and lassoed the poor girl’s hand. With a single tug from both sides, she was thrown into the air like she was nothing but prey. Flinging her feet in an attempt to struggle, there was simply nothing this girl can do to escape from her fate at this point.

Following soon behind, a hideous and cruel laugh utterly destroyed the tranquil scenery, “Good, very good.”

With that, a huge bulky man in hunting clothes came charging in with his lance. Aiming true to his target that was tied in the air, the spear skillfully lunged through the girl’s shoulder with undeniable force. Then from the hunter’s mouth, a grotesque laugh radiated into the surrounding.

Truly saddening. Raised above everyone’s head like she was nothing but livestock, the hunter then flung the poor wailing girl from his spear against the cold hard ground. Under a loud snapping thud, what was once a living being is nothing but a lifeless corpse as she laid there unmoving for all eternity.

By the time Du Wei and Hussein caught up to the rest of their hunting party, the pair just so happens to witness this scene. No matter how much Hussein deviated from the temples teaching, he was still once a Holy Knight, known for their righteous courage and valiant heart. To be forced to witness such tragedy, our Saint Knight would of course be displeased. Fuming with anger, Hussein’s remaining blue eye was shouting ‘murder’ at the blocky big man.

Knowing this, Du Wei promptly reached out to stop Hussein.

“Why.” Hussein coldly muttered this to Du Wei that was silently shaking at him.

“You can’t save them, nor can I.” In a hushed tone: “These girls are dead either way, if not today, then tomorrow in the prison.”


The second his words finished, a light chuckle came from behind: “The Duke is too fast.”

Finally catching up, Cybuster had both his hands firmly gripped onto the horse rein: “What is this? The Duke still empty handed?”

Du Wei raises his brow and said, “I’m a guest; I wouldn’t want to steal the hosts limelight.”

“Your lordship doesn’t need to be so formal.” Cybuster suddenly tilts his ear to listen: “There’s movement up ahead, let’s have a look!”

With that, he kicks the horse’s belly and stormed out. Doing the same, Du Wei followed from behind as he watched Cybuster’s back.

Since this part of the forest is so deep into the woods, adding in the fact that it’s the summer season, the bushels are exceptionally thick here. Scanning the environment, Cybuster suddenly jumps off his horse and smiled at the foot trail left in the dirt: “Humph, these two prey isn’t bad. Smarter, at least they know how to hide.”

At his word, Cybuster flew back into his horse and whistled for the others to gather at his location.

“Scour the grass and bushes. We will force them out of their hiding spot.”

Accepting their order, the hunters began carrying out their command by cutting at the greenery. Continuing to ride forward like this, it didn’t take long for the hunting party to achieve their desired goal.

Letting out a painful cry, a girl came running out with a bloody shoulder.

Sitting on his saddle with a simpering smile, Cybuster slowly drew his bow as he watched the stumbling woman trying to break away. Just when his arrow flew out, Hussein suddenly pulls out his sword and shot a blade of light in the same way.

In a clear crisp snapping sound, the arrow that was flying through the air was cut in half.

Then without a word, Hussein rode out and snatched up the girl from the ground. Ignoring her struggle and fearful cries, Hussein gently knocked the poor little prey out with his hand.

Despite having his arrow shot down, Cybuster showed no sign of anger and simply gave a deep observing glance at Hussein: “Duke, you have quite the follower there.”

Du Wei chuckles: “Young general, your archery is not bad either.”

As Du Wei and Cybuster’s sight met, sparks seem to fly between their eyes like they were about to go at it.

After a couple of seconds in this awkward stance, Cybuster lets out a loud laugh and rides away.

Quietly watching the hateful guy leave, Du Wei tightens his forehead to whisper at Hussein: “You … …”

“I can’t stand it.” Hussein softly utters his word: “I will save as many as I can. A knight’s sword is not a weapon to slaughter the innocent.”

Du Wei was speechless because he knew he couldn’t stop Hussein. If this Saint Knight was dead set on doing something, there’s no way he can stop him.

Unlike Du Wei and Hussein that was lagging behind, Rugaard and his generals had long spread into multiple groups to search for their prey. What was once a serene and peaceful forest is now littered with the hollering voice of hunters and the faint screams of fleeing prey.

As the situation continues to worsen, Du Wei’s expression also got darker with each passing minute. He won’t claim to be a good person, but such a brutality is more than what he can cope with. Just when he was about to lose it and speak up, his eyes lit up!

Further ahead in the direction where the young general ran off to, a powerful magic disturbance was swinging in the air. Based on the unrestrained dark atmosphere, it’s clear…. A wizard was in the middle of an incantation!

It was then several mournful cries drifted over to the pair’s ear. Giving Hussein a look, Du Wei hurriedly said: “Let’s go take a look!”

By the time Du Wei and Hussein rushed over, what awaited the two is a strangely uncanny scene!

Clouded in a big black fog, this area of the wood looked like a veil of darkness had taken hold and wouldn’t let go. With only a glance, Du Wei was already frowning because he knew what this disturbing substance was: A Dark Mage’s energy!!

Dark energy wouldn’t have alarmed the two to such extent, but in the middle of the lumbering mass of darkness, one of the naked girls was being restrained in the air by the strange fog. Stretched into an X shape, her lovely body parts were openly displayed before everyone’s eye. And based on how the girl’s hair was slouching in front of her face, it’s likely she had already fainted.

Standing nearby, a black figure was currently busy chanting a spell with his black crystal ball atop of a tree branch. Sporting a black mage robe and a pointed tip hat, this person’s face was so pale that it was ghastly to look at.

Following the mage’s spell, tentacle like appendages began to take form from the black smog. Then going in from the girl’s nose, mouth and ears, wisps of transparent white stuff was being spirited out of the girl’s body.

Du Wei immediately recognized what the Dark Mage was doing; he’s drawing out the living soul of the teenage girl!!

Not far away from the whole event, Cybuster was coldly watching this unfold atop of his own mount. Although this young general was aware of Du Wei’s arrival, he didn’t say a word, just a glance  as a greeting.

Right at this moment, the naked girl wrapped in the black fog suddenly muffled out a painful cry. Then at a speed discernable to the naked eye, the youthful body of this girl began to wither away like its very life was being sucked out!


With that said, Du Wei immediately chanted a spell to unleash two bellowing balls of light from his own hand. Upon contact, the black fog instantly dispersed as a direct result of his actions.

“As fellow magicians, don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt someone’s spell? Your actions are equivalent to a duel request!” The eerie voice came from the Dark Mage.

At a wave of his black sleeve, the girl’s dried up body instantly turned to ash and was sucked into the Dark Mage’s black crystal ball.

Du Wei knew the poor girl had already been drained of life before his arrival…… But what pushed him over the line was the fact that this Dark Mage not only took her life, he intends to do something as appalling as turning her into an undead creature!

Retracting all his dark energy, the Dark mage floated down from the branch and landed not far from Du Wei’s location. In a tone filled with pride: “Humph, you are also a magician? Why did you interrupt my spell cast?!”

Du Wei laughs in a ha-ha manner: “Killing the living to create undead creatures, are you not afraid of the magic enforcement team? Or did you completely forget the first commandment?”

At the mention of the magician enforcement team, even this Dark Mage trembled out of reflex. However, that only lasted for a second before he snapped back: “Nonsense, I certainly know of the first commandment! I’m a recognized Dark Mage of the Magic Union, not some Death Mage! As to draining this woman’s life…. Humph, her life belongs to General Rugaard. Since they had already been sentenced to death, it doesn’t count as me breaking the first commandment if the general gifts them to me!”

Cybuster suddenly cuts in with a light laugh: “Both of you mustn’t misinterpret the situation. Let me do the introductions.” He points to Du Wei: “This here is the famed Duke Tulip, Du Wei Rudolph, known as the last disciple of the great master Gandalf. During the coup in the capital, he played a major role in overturning the rebels. Also, when he first came to the Northwest, he miraculously raised an entire city in merely three months!”

At the end of the introduc
tion, this Dark Mage suddenly showed quite the curious eye: “You’re that Duke Tulip? From rumors, you are the continent’s strongest magic pharmacist…… Hmff, magic pharmacist, what a joke…….”


Du Wei did not get mad, all he did was look at Cybuster with a threatening gaze: “This person is?”

“This here is the Northwest Army’s chief magic consultant, eighth level grand magician Master Tartaglia….. He is also known as the only grand magician that doesn’t wear a white magician robe. As to the reason, I’m sure you can tell by now, he’s a Dark mage!”