Law of the Devil - Chapter 25.2

Published at 18th of March 2016 09:18:17 PM
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Chapter 25.2

Law of the Devil Chapter 25 part 1: SISTERS’BATTLE (ENDING)

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The girl finished speaking, the long white hairs shaking like snowflakes in the North . She gently pointed a finger out . Fingertip immediately changed into a medal, then she pinned it on the Armor near the icy Spear, she said: ”All right, Sorcerer, you begin first! I don’t like wearing this kind of medal; we should have a fast fight and fast victory! ”

Solskjaer was almost going to faint!


He just saw her medal which was made from metal, leaf-shaped, exactly same as Vivian’s! They were top level magicians!

As a first level magician, how can I have to fight with an eighth level one?

Have you seen a little dog fighting with a dragon?

Thus, Solskjaer reacted directly! His head turned to one side, his eyes closing tightly, he immediately fainted in place!

“… . ” Looking at him, the girl was also a bit shocked, she immediately pouted in contempt: “You are a coward”

“How about you? A young nobleman? I just heard your henchmen said they are Rowling clan members, right? So you are one of them, aren’t you?

“Yes . ” Du Wei’s countenance didn’t change: “My name is Du Wei . I’m a first-born child of Commanding General, Raymond Earl is my father” .

“Well, Can the name of Rowling clan family scare me?” The girl looked up and down carefully Du Wei: “You are still child, why did you come here . ”

She seemed to quickly lose the interest on Du Wei, shouted:!! “Vivian, if you do not come out, I’ll flatten this place! My little sister, give me Terror Illusion Goblin! ”

Then, the girl’s face showed the impatience, she suddenly opened her arms, her eyes quickly turning empty, she focused on her body, suddenly, in the hall, a whirlwind appeared! Arouse to the roof of the hall!

Bang! the whirlwind easily broke the hall roof into pieces, numerous debris thrown in every direction . It started to spread out slowly…

“Vivian! Do you think I cannot do it! You should know that I dare to do everything in this world!”

She laughs loudly, her hands made a strange gesture …… immediately the whirlwind was even more intense! The surrounding air began to have some snowflakes falling down!

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Damn! But here is the South!

Du Wei was early on the ground when the whirlwind breaking down the roof .

Today, finally he can feel the great power of magician who was easy to instantly kill a large number of soldiers, there were many people in front of her without any resistance .

And this girl is too dangerous!

It’s said that their capabilities of fighting are very bad, aren’t they?

She wore an armor which a magician has never done …… unless she is Mowu alike? !

“Sister …… sister! I be-be-beg you stop!”

Finally, Vivian’s voice came haltingly, she was wearing the robe which drifted out from the military camp, her body hanging in the air with a small cage in hands . She made it by herself with magic to confine Terror Illusion Goblin .

Vivian looked horrified, seemed afraid to face with her sister, but pleaded: “Sister i be-be-beg you ……”

“Poor little Vivian”, the girl sneered: “When can you be strong? You must have strong consciousness, you have powerful magic but your courage is less than a rabbit . ”

Then, she suddenly pulled out from her waist…… a strange flute!

It’s a green flute . The girl pointed at Vivian and sneered: ”Drop the Terror Illusion Goblin, I will only get its horn and go immediately, otherwise, my dear sister, you will suffer a lot of pain . ”

Then, the lightning came from her flute, countless strange photo-sphere immediately shot out from its hole . Du Wei lying on the ground suddenly heard the shrill sound!

Obviously it’s a magic using sound attack .

He was far away but could still feel that sound, it seemed like he was going to faint . He couldn’t imagine how Vivian felt within close distance .

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Vivian seemed to be very afraid of her sister, her body shaking . She raised her hands quickly to recite a magic words, immediately a magic shield appeared in front, blocking the photosphere, then she shouted: ” Terror Illusion Goblin is Master’s little pet, if you kill it, he will… ”

“People around the world are afraid of him, not me!” The girl disdain: “I need its horn, you know I cannot make my magic defense weapon without it, don’t you?!!! Give it to me! ”

After saying the final word, she suddenly rushed straight to Vivian with a hand reaching out to the cage!

“No way!” Vivian didn’t stuttered at that time, her body suddenly flashed and disappeared, in the blink of an eye, she appeared far, more than ten meters away .

“Ha ha ha my dear sister, your Bi Yan mobile magic is actually very skilled! But you are a coward, just using it to escape, aren’t you? ” The girl sneered .

“Y- you …… …… y-y-you can’t force me!” Vivian was almost scared to cry .

“I’m going to force you! You are a poor little girl! I want to see you cry!!” . The girl suddenly raised a hand and recited a mysterious magic words . Her palms began to appear a mass of white mist! It became more and more intense and spread out……

Vivian’s face went white, she shouted: “No, no you cannot do that kind of magic here . ”

“Why not!” . The girl finished reciting with a huge iceberg in hands!

It seemed have a moving shadow inside ready to break out the iceberg! !

Vivian suddenly turned to Du Wei who was lying on the ground exclaimed: “y-y-y- you have to run away!”

Du Wei was lying on the ground suddenly heard Vivian warning him . Finally he felt the difference on ice fog that the girl was using! Just an ordinary person, how far he can run away?

He did not move . The girl laughed “Oh, my poor little Vivian, why are you so concerned about this nobleman …… Is he your lover? Rowling clan member, you can get marriage with, he looked pretty handsome too, but useless …… ”

Then, she suddenly led to Du Wei linking their fingers, then Du Wei felt he can’t control his body, it seemed to be tied by countless rope and quickly lift and dragged to in front of the girl .

“Vivian! Give your little pet to me! Or I will take your little sweetheart to refine the soul” . Her face expressed the murderous air .

“No, no …… not . ” Vivian hurried shouted . The girl suddenly came to her again, Vivian teleported with magic that the girl seemed have no way to control . Her speed was very fast but she still cannot catch Vivian . Finally, she said in anger, “If you don’t listen to me, I will kill you” .

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Vivian startled, eventually she reluctantly decided .

She secretly sighed: Master, I’m sorry your poor little Vivian has no other choice .

Vivian finally raised her head, looked at iceberg created with consistent eyes: “Do you want to release the Ice Dragon? So just do it!”

After setting the mind, her appearance was better .

The girl said: “Do you really think I cannot do it?”

Her body suddenly shoved into the sky channeling up, standing higher than twenty meters from Vivian ……

The girl was dragging the huge iceberg which was multiple times bigger than her body……She swung her arms and suddenly a small silver cone drum appearing on her hands .

She laughed then gripped it and slightly knock on iceberg …


Then, in the iceberg, suddenly a big roar appeared!

The roar like thunder and storm! The sound made Du Wei’s body shake; he felt the whole body seemed to limp down! It is unknown where it came from, but from the inner, the instinctive fear has covered his whole body!!

Strange! Speechlessly strange!!!

Subsequently, numerous small cracks began to spread on the iceberg .

Following the cracks were strong sounds which were like thunder, it seemed like something inside the iceberg wants to break out !!

“Just wait, Rowling clan member, my sister’s sweetheart . ” The girl sneered, she gently took the drum cone knocking on the iceberg, her face was cold: “It may be the first time you see a dragon!”


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No time to surprise, among the loud roar, the icebergs crashed into small pieces . Immediately, a head with a huge horn on forehead broke the iceberg out to appear!

A loud, tough roar resounded through the heaven and earth!!

Vivian was too scared to be pale; she hid Terror Illusion Goblin inside the robe, its unknown from where she had a small wand . She closed her eyes again, her face was very tense, then word by word in the ancient language came from her mouth …

Suddenly, A huge flame of fire erupted behind Vivian, like an overwhelming firewall, it also came with the roar .

In this situation, the girl seemed to be dealt with a serious blow! She went pale “Good! Good! I didn’t think that he has taught you Dragon Chi Yan already!! My dear sister, let see today Dragon Chi Yan will melt the Ice Dragon or Dragon Ice will defeat it!” .

Vivian did not answer, she suddenly lifted her little wand gently pointing out… . Suddenly, the space around began twisted up ……

Du Wei was feeling like standing in front of the trains, with continuous changing scenery……

When he could see everything clearly, he was no longer on camp!

He was in the mountain now!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha …… My dear sister, you really have some kind of good but silly character . You spent so much magic to get us to this place, just because you are worried that our fight would hurt the innocent man? ha ha …… how much power you will have to control the Dragon Chi Yan when we start the fight? ”

After a resounding laughter, her mouth suddenly came out with a roar…the iceberg broke down!!

The huge head then the whole body covering with ice was completely exposed!

It’s a huge body like a small mountain with a pair of wide wings, the whole body was shrouded in the cold mist, and the size of the claw was as big as the carriage .

This is a “Dragon”…


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