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Law of the Devil - Chapter 250

Published at 12th of January 2017 08:54:33 AM

Chapter 250

Chapter 250 “Du Wei’s lifesaving technique”

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Left with nothing but a shambling mess of rags, Tartaglia had long lost his notable image of an eighth level mage . If not for his narrow escape by shielding himself with the dark fog, his body might have been turned to ashes by now .

His intentions were simple: use the dark lances to overcome his opponent . But apart from angering the dragon even more, it didn’t have any effect . In desperation, he mustered up his remaining undead creatures to swarm in to no avail . With only a glimpse, all of the undead soldiers and death knights were wiped from existence . Fruitless as it may be, Tartaglia’s suicidal charge did raise a certain amount of fatigue for the Second Prince after forcing him to continuously spew out his dragon breath .

Feeling some of his rage subside, the Dark Mage was nothing but a clown in the serpent’s eye . Nevertheless, Gold Dragon still retains some wariness towards the undead creatures summoned by this feeble human…… This was especially true for that scythe attack . Though the spell didn’t cause any real bodily harm, his body still aches with discomfort after being struck .

It was at this moment Tartaglia sensed the sudden change from his bone dragon . Knowing his greatest creation had likely faced misfortune, the first person to come to mind was Du Wei . Coughing up a mouthful of blood from anger and resentment, he completely ignores the Gold Dragon on his tail and charges for Du Wei in a maddening fashion .

Just as he was finishing up his thievery deed, Tartaglia smashes down from the sky: “Thank you for the huge profit . ” Du Wei chuckles with great pleasure at the fool .

At the end of his mockery, Du Wei disappears into the shadow .

Tartaglia may be a mad tiger at this point, but apart from madness, he should never have forgotten about the terrifying enemy at his back . After all, there’s no way Second Dragon Prince was going to let him off after insulting the dragon race . Next thing Tartaglia knew, a burst of blood was spraying out from his chest where his heart should be .

“Lowly human, this is your fate for your blasphemy!”

Coming down with one claw, Second Prince firmly grips onto Tartaglia and causes the Dark Mage to cough up even more blood .

Knowing his death was inevitable, Tartaglia cries out: “Then let’s die together!”

Using his last ounce of strength, Tartaglia shatters the dark crystal ball in his hand and releases every soul within his possession!

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Who knows how many lives were lost in the cultivation process for this crystal ball . Gushing out uncontrollably, not even the Second Dragon prince could withstand the deadly corruption .

Letting out a painful cry, Second Dragon Prince felt like every scales across his body was burning in pain! This gush of darkness not only hurts the physical body; it also burns the victim’s very soul!

It’s not like he didn’t know the danger involved with dark magic, but he didn’t expect a suicidal attack like this . Without delay, he lets Tartaglia’s body go and harshly flaps his wing to distance himself from the source . In the end, it was too late . From a brilliant glow to a dimly lit shine, the sheen from his scales were no longer the same after leaving behind the lifeless scene in the background .

It was then Du Wei emerged from the shadows again . Covered in a layer of creamy white light, this spell he used just so happens to be a light spell he recently learned . Though light affinity spells are the natural enemy of darkness, but won’t last long in this area contaminated with dark energy .

Calmly taking out his crystal ball, Du Wei began to ravenously absorb the deceased souls in the air . In this venture, about forty to fifty percent of Tartaglia’s dark energy ended up in Du Wei’s hand .

Watching the ball of darkness in his hand, Du Wei sighed at how glossily dark it was: “It’s a shame Tartaglia shattered his crystal ball, otherwise, I could have swapped this one with his . ”

“Didn’t you earn enough today?” Semel’s mocking laugh came from his side .

Du Wei puts on an absolute serious face: “You see the vast tracts of dead souls here? By taking them in, I’m doing the innocent civilians a favor . ”

Semel sneered: “Whatever, just worry about dealing with that dragon . ”

Though there are still souls in the vicinity, Du Wei decided it was time to put his crystal ball away because the damage the remaining souls could do to the area was minimal at best .

While Du Wei was doing all this, Watt City was already sent into high alert . Closing their gates and manning the wall with every solider and weapon they had in possession, there was no question the populace was scared of the massive Dragon outside their gates .

Dragon! A real dragon!

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Thousands of soldiers atop of the city rampart were watching the behemoth with both fear and awe! After all, the Roland Continent hasn’t seen a real dragon for a very long time . For many, probably all of them, the only information they had were from legends passed down through the ages .

But now, a real dragon was just standing there in front of their eyes!

Many officers tried to put up a front but the truth was, they were scared out of their wits . It’s only natural . Smaller creatures are inherently afraid of anything bigger than themselves, human or no exception .

While the officers struggled to order their subordinates to take up arms and take aim at the Gold Dragon, but based on the strained expression of their faces, these people probably didn’t have much desire to fight .

Landing down on the ground outside the city, Second Dragon Prince raises his head high above the city wall like all shall kneel before him . Contrary to how everyone was reacting, Second Dragon Prince completely disregarded the soldiers atop of the rampart like they didn’t even exist .

“Former Du Wei Rowling, the one to humiliate the dragon race, you are now called Du Wei Rudolph, am I right?”

Du Wei shrugged . Even when facing off against this terrifying creature, he did not falter: “You got one point wrong . I did not bring any humiliation to the dragon race . When your father made the bet with me and lost, he deserves it . ”

“Sharp tongue eh?!” Roaring out in disdain: “Father said you are cunning, but in front of me, it’s useless . No matter what type of lies and smooth words you use, I will have your head by the time I leave!”

“Oh, is that so?” Du Wei mockingly laughs: “Then why did you wait until today to appear?”

“Because courage doesn’t mean recklessness . ” The Dragon seems be very good at finding excuses: “You are very successful tonight . Taking advantage of my anger, you lured me out… . . But don’t think just because of that I won’t be able to kill you . ” Second Prince slowly lowers his head and eyes down at Du Wei: “You better listen … … My father instructed me not to make a ruckus in the human word! If not for that, I can kill you even if you hide inside your capital . Like right now, I can squash you like a bug in front of all these troops . ”

Du Wei continues to smile: “I heard that dragons are very proud creatures . Surely you’re above something like assassination . ”

“Of course!” Gold Dragon proudly answers: “I can give you a fair chance to fight . But the opportunity only applies once … … I heard you are a good magician . But you know, human mages are unable to compete against dragons! That Dark mage is a good example . ”

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Du Wei looks at himself and chuckles in surprise: “Who said I’m going to personally fight with you? My God … … Although I’m a magician … … But I’m mainly fluent in magic pharmacy . My grade is far lower than that guy!”

Just as his voice died down, Hussein was already rushing over from one of the roads . He may not be riding a horse, but that didn’t hinder his pace whatsoever . Like a meteor, it only took a few jumps for him to reach Du Wei’s side .

“Is everything in place?” Du Wei looks at Hussein .

“All of the ‘preys’ have been dealt with in the camp . ” Hussein replied calmly, but his words exposed the Knight’s dissatisfaction: “You are too rash . ”

“The greater the risk, the higher the profit . ” Quietly tapping his robe, Du Wei smiles satisfyingly . “The reward today is very good . My only concern now is whether or not our plan will go according to plan . ”

Hussein turns his attention to the Gold Dragon: “Let me take care of him then… … While I keep him busy, you move further away and summon that red monster……”

“No, no, no . ” Du Wei immediately shook his head: “Listen to what I say, brother, the one to lead today will not be you . ”

Gold Dragon finally became impatient after arrogantly watching Du Wei and Hussein’s discussion: “Are you two done with your chitchat? Who will fight me? Du Wei, no matter what, you only have one chance . In the end, I will certainly take your head back with me!”

“Ah … … Oh honorable Gold Dragon, we have come to a decision . ” Du Wei’s voice sounded nothing like how one should speak in a life or death situation, more like a friend toasting in a banquet: “The result from our discussion… . It’s regrettable, both I and my friend here are not your opponent… . ”

Gold Dragon was stunned: “Oh, could it be you decided to give up? Then offer up your life . ”

“No, no, no … … I think you must be mistaken . ” Du Wei repeatedly shook his head, his eyes full of disdain towards the Gold Dragon: “The way of the humans is to never give up, especially when a chance for survival is in front of them… . . Majority wise, we would usually resort to one option……”

“What?” As expected, Gold Dragon asked out of curiosity .

Du Wei’s face emerged a strange smile . Turning to the thousands of troops atop of the city wall, he takes in a deep breath and began to cry out in the loudest voice he can muster .

Upon hearing the words coming out of Du Wei’s mouth, Hussein felt like an anvil just dropped onto his head . Like a reflex reaction for this prideful knight, he almost wanted to choke Du Wei to death!

The following content was as followed:

“HELP ME!!!!!!!!! HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Stop!! You shan’t hurt the Duke!!” A sharp hollering voice came from the distance . Equipped with a set of black armor, this figure wearing a metal mask to cover the upper half of his face was unquestionably Cybuster .

Finally, this person had shown up according to Du Wei’s plan .

Pointing his spear at the giant behemoth, the young general shouts: “No matter where you are from oh honorable dragon sir… . . You must first answer to my blade before killing the Northwest Army’s guest!”

With that, Cybuster shouts his command at the city wall: “General’s command, all forces are to protect the Duke!!”

His mouth may be saying this, but inwardly, Cybuster was in great turmoil . The only driving force keeping him going was the absolute trust in his father’s decision!

While Du Wei was leisurely smiling, he was suffering from an unimaginable amount of urge of not whistling at this critical moment .

Sure enough … … The show was finally about to start .

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