Law of the Devil - Chapter 254.1

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Chapter 254.1

Chapter 254 “Feign one thing while doing another” (Part one)

Although this so called “perfect body” spoken by Semel makes one wonder, but Du Wei was already accustomed to her sudden memory flashes from time to time . It’s almost like lots of inexplicable memories are hidden behind that face of hers which even she couldn’t tell what was true or false .

With Cybuster rejoining the battle, the strength he presented this time far exceeded what an injured victim should have . Masterfully utilizing his Ice Dou Qi, even the Dragon Warrior became entrapped in ice after Cybuster pulled off two of his signature “Sigh of the Frost Moon” skills . Unfortunately, his efforts didn’t last long .

Moments later, the ice began to shatter and what was a small ice mountain soon became miniscule ice shards scattered across the ground . Angrier than ever before, Second Prince once again used his spear to send Cybuster flying, but this time around, even a common soldier can see how lethal that attack was from the loud cracking sound it made and the trail of blood splattering across the air .

Judging by how bent Cybuster’s waist looked when he was being knocked back, Du Wei suspect that body wouldn’t be much of a body anymore, more like two halves of a jumbled mess .

Like before, Cybuster came crashing into the city wall, but unlike before where only a section came crumbling down, the entire structure was tittering on the edge of collapse .

“Is… … He dead?” Du Wei reflexively muttered this in a low voice .

Hussein on the other hand only frowned: “No, his Dou Qi is still around . ”

By the time Cybuster climbed out of the rubbles with his body intact, even the proud Second Dragon Prince was shocked .

“Perfect Body … … This is the so called Perfect Body?” Du Wei asks the woman dwelling inside his heart: “Don’t tell me this Perfect Body crap is what you call immortality?”

“There’s no such thing as immortality in this world for even the all mighty Aragon cannot escape death . ” Semel’s answer sounded like she couldn’t make ins and outs of what she said .

“You … … What exactly are you!” Dragon Warrior points his spear at Cybuster: “You are not human! Humans don’t have such self-restoring capabilities … … Even Saint level warrior are incapable of that!”

Gently wiping away the bloodstain from his face – he does indeed look like he didn’t suffer from any injuries – Cybuster sneered and slowly returned to the battlefield without answering the question .

Unlike before, the fight this time around lasted much longer than before . And from the way things are looking, the momentum seems to be tipping away from the Dragon Prince . Infuriated by this, Second Prince unleashed everything into his spear and slammed his weapon into the ground . Instantly, large fissuring cracks littered the land as a result of this endeavor .


“Have you noticed Cybuster is stronger than before and the duration between their exchanges is much longer?”

In return to Du Wei’s question, Hussein only whispered this:

“He is studying the Dragon race’s martial art!”


When Cybuster blocked the Second Prince’s golden spear for the first time, Du Wei finally confirmed that speculation .

He really blocked it, not like before where he would be sent flying in a single strike!

Though every muscle on Cybuster’s body looked like it was about to burst from the impact, though he was forced back several steps in the process…… But this time he really blocked it! Yes, the state he was in looked terrible, but that sword ain’t going anywhere, and that’s including the fact that the sword was something he randomly picked up from the ground along the way!

His breathing may not be well, but Cybuster’s face definitely had a grin plastered there: “Dear Sir Dragon…… Did you run out of Dou Qi?”

Du Wei skipped a beat because he suddenly noticed something was not right!

Sure, Cybuster was getting clobbered up till now, but why wasn’t he getting exhausted like the Second Dragon Prince? In fact, every indication was pointing towards his stamina increasing rather than decreasing!

What, does he not get tired like a normal human?

“This time I’ll directly twist your head off!” Gold Dragon roared in anger . This time he wasn’t joking around for a sense of unease was starting to creep up on this high and mighty dragon .

Sticking his spear into the ground, Dragon Warrior suddenly rushed forward at Cybuster with only his fists as his weapon . In one mighty punch against the chest, a clear sound of the rib cage cracking could be heard from the young general’s body as he was sent flying through the air . Immediately, Second Prince raced ahead and followed up with an elbow slam to the spine and snapping Cybuster’s body into a clear ninety degree angle .

Watching such a sight, even Du Wei felt numb to the teeth .

If he still doesn’t die from a crippling injury like that then he can only be a monster!

Just when Dragon Warrior’s hand was about to twist Cybuster’s head off for real, the young general suddenly howled a roar and broke free from his restraint after punching the Second Prince consecutively . Despite coughing hard and puking a fountain of blood, Cybuster still managed to put a dozen meters between the two .


Spitting out the last bit of blood, Cybuster slightly dragged one of his dislocated arm and snapped it back in place . Flexing his muscles to release the tension, he really recovered from his injury!

“Stop!” Seeing Dragon Warrior wanted to come again, Cybuster suddenly drew back a step: “Stop, I’m not fighting anymore!”

“…… What?!” Murderous intent filled Second Prince’s eye .

“I said I’m not fighting anymore . ” Cybuster breathes in deeply, his appearance looking calm: “You are indeed stronger than me so I give up . There’s no meaning in fighting an opponent far stronger than I . ”

“HA HA HA HA … …” Dragon Warrior laughs crazily: “You think you can just stop if you say so?”

Cybuster looked calm and relaxed: “Yes, if I say stop then we stop . Or do you think you can catch me?”

Dragon Warrior was stunned . It’s true, if purely based on speed, he really can’t catch this guy .

“And……” Cybuster seems to have figured out the pride of the dragon race was this Second Prince’s weakness: “Can it be the great and mighty dragon race can only challenge those weaker than themself? You clearly know your strength is far higher than mine, which is why you are so persistent . If my strength was higher, would you be so persistent in fighting?”

Dragon Warrior laughs crazily: “Taunting me eh! Humph, even if you’re right! You are still a very interesting opponent! I’ll give you a chance . Enhance your strength and I’ll give you another chance to fight me!”

With that, Second Prince plucks the golden spear from the ground and turns to Du Wei’s direction: “Du Wei, are you still going to continue your cowardly act?”

Du Wei laughs and shouts back: “Dragon Prince, it seems you are acting like this because you made up your mind that I’m weaker than you . ”

“This guy is different from you . ” Gold Dragon sneered: “You are my father’s enemy . If I don’t kill you, I won’t be able to explain when I go back . ”

Du Wei coldly smirks and did not reply . Instead, it was Cybuster whom answered: “Duke Tulip is a guest of the Northwest Army . Sir, if you must kill our guest, then even if your strength is more powerful, you can’t possibly confront the tens of thousands of troops of the Northwest Army . We may not be the Temple or the Magic Union, but if we must clash today, forcing you to stay is not beyond the Northwest Army’s reach!”

On the rampart, the mobilized arbalests were loaded and aimed at the Second Prince along with thousands of troops and the team of Wizards in the sky .

When Cybuster made such a threat, Du Wei already knew there was no more hope of hurting both sides today for Cybuster had pointed out all the stakes in this game .

It’s exactly like he said . If the Northwest Army must fight, it’s very possible to finish off the Gold Dragon out of desperation, especially when there’s an immortal monster like Cybuster in the fray .

“Duke Tulip . ” Cybuster looks over at Du Wei and slowly spoke his words: “Although we don’t know what enmity lies between the dragon race and his dukeship, but since we are on the Northwest Army’s territory, it’s only natural we must secure his safety… . ”

Du Wei snickers inside: “So be it . Today’s result is more than enough . One mustn’t be too greedy . ”

Thinking of this, Du Wei steps forward and makes his proposal: “Dragon Prince, since you came for my life today, it is only right that I don’t involve my friends in the Northwest Army . If you still care about the dignity of the dragon race then take my proposal . Ten days from now, I will wait for you over at Loulan Lake and have our life and death duel then . At that time, it will be fair game for all!”

It seems his intelligence gathering was very accurate, although this Dragon was overly arrogant and proud, but he’s not a reckless fella . Weighing the cons and pros of both situations, the second prince agreed with a laugh: “Very well!! We shall meet in ten days at Loulan Lake!”

Sealing the agreement, the second prince swoops into the sky and disappears into the horizon .

Sighing, Du Wei slightly bows to the nearby Rugaard: “General, thanks for the aid tonight . Otherwise, I fear I really wouldn’t be able to cope with this dragon alone . ”

Despite being hatefully angry inside, Rugaard can only put on a front of nonchalant: “Since the Duke is our distinguished guest, we can’t possibly watch on while you are facing trouble . ”

Looking back at all this, Du Wei did not get his desired effect, but the damage he caused was more than enough considering what he had to work with .

Nearly half of Watt City’s wall had collapsed, the amount of fatalities numbered in the hundreds, and he managed to lure out this Cybuster into showing his real ability .

More importantly, the Northwest army lost a magician in their ranks! Tartaglia, an eighth level Dark Mage, his strength equates to tens of thousands of troops if a number must be used to valuate him .

With the receding of the Gold Dragon, it didn’t take long for order to return to the city since this place was a military base to begin with . Aside from that, the soldiers were already starting their restoration work for the city wall . Originally Rugaard invited Du Wei to attend a banquet, but Du Wei rejected it . Who was he kidding? Even if Rugaard didn’t care, Du Wei did . If one thing goes wrong, those generals might really chop him to pieces out of fury this time .

However, what did surprise Du Wei was the lack of Cybuster’s appearance after they returned to the city . As someone that stood up to a gold dragon and a ninth level knight at this age, this young general was a genius among the geniuses . In particular was the near-immortality he showcased today . Du Wei was curious about this, but the current situation wasn’t the right time to fish for information .

After returning to his dwelling, Du Wei immediately gave the order to lock the door for he and Hussein needed to commune over the recent development .

When coming up on the topic of “Perfect Body”, Hussein was also unfamiliar with this name and could only lament over the recovery rate of Cybuster’s body . Indeed, with that type of body, it does deserve the name “Perfect Body” . Even for someone like Hussein, he wasn’t sure either if he can stand above Cybuster if they clashed .

“However … Can a human body really reach such a fearful feat? Or is it that this Cybuster isn’t a human to begin with?” Du Wei laughs bitterly .

This problem could not be answered by either of them . But all of a sudden, flashes of memories surfaced from Du Wei’s mind . Because the idea went away so fast, he couldn’t capture it in time .

Oddly enough … … the strange bones he encountered in the secret chamber back in Anglia City kept popping up .

Unfortunately his brain was too messy right now so he didn’t pursue the thought .

Overall, his harvest today wasn’t bad considering he stole most of the souls from the now deceased Dark Mage of the Northwest Army . Best thing of all, he robbed it from another mage so there’s no possibility of the Magic Enforcement team coming after him .

“It’s a legitimate income . ” Du Wei was feeling so smug that it was plastered on his face .