Law of the Devil - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26
Chapter 26: The Scary World Outside

One of the great emperors of the Roland Empire once said:

“Imperial code is sacred and inviolable! In the Empire’s territory, everyone must strictly obey the law of the Empire . ”

This Emperor later created one of history’s most brilliant era of Roland Empires, which is famous for its strict law and steady government .

However, this emperor……it is said that apart from his famous saying, he also added a word in private . This, of course, was not recorded in any official documents, but this sentence was disclosed through the many channels, so it is also widespread .

“…… Everyone must follow the code of the Empire, but, with two exceptions . The first one was the emperor himself . Imperial power is always beyond the law! … … Another exception is … … the magician! ”

Powerful magicians tend to possess much more incredible abilities than ordinary people, when it really goes to a certain kind of extreme, it may even be able to conquer nature, or change the destiny of a nation . According to the current documents, when the power is so strong that people cannot even worship, in the eyes of mortals, that is almost a kind of the divine presence!

Those strong can easily flatten high mountains, fill up the sea . They can summon a storm and snow, and they can turn the plain into the arid desert by the firing Sun! They can destroy an army within seconds, or create a disaster that could destroy a small country!

For such the strong, secular “code” is apparently unable to restrain them . And forcing those strong, who can dominate the nature to abide by secular laws, is also apparently realistic .

Let alone the strong in the legend that possess the power like gods . … … Only a fatal battle between ordinary magicians is enough to launch a small-scale disaster, which would be enough to destroy a city .

In recorded history, when this continent was not a unified nation, it was an era of war and darkness . Usually, two magician’s fight can even directly destroy a city!

After a unified, powerful and complete empire, Roland, had founded on this continent, large-scale conflicts and war disappeared . Battles among magicians had gradually decreased . Even so, in the history of Roland Empire, there were records that some magicians’ private duels could easily destroy one or two small towns .

However, even that being case, there were no laws that “public duels are forbidden” or similar ones for magicians . For ordinary people, fighting is not allowed in public places . Yet magicians are not included in this scope .

Even the magic union only requires magicians minimize personal conflicts at crowded places . It is simply a request, not a strict rule or so .

What’s more, the agreement reached by the magic union and the empire is that if you want to convict or punish the crime of any over mid-level magician, no matter how heinous, unless he or she committed a treason felony, the trials must be made together by three disjointed parts, the imperial official, magic union, as well as the Temple of Light . Otherwise, the official government of empire has no right to arrest any over mid-level magicians .

In hundreds of years of history of the empire, never was an over mid-level magician recorded crimes by the empire because of breaking the laws . These undoubtedly show that the magician is superior to ordinary people .

It is a group with an outstanding ability, as well as goes beyond the law, and acts almost entirely based on their own preferences, an almost unconstrained group … … In the eyes of ordinary people, the magician is such a presence, so whenever magicians are mentioned, people always take an attitude of awe and reverence, inside these, fear may take a larger proportion .

Almost all Half Horn cities’ resident was awakened from slumber by the turmoil .

The powerful vibrations made a lot of people awaken from a dream, even fell from the bed . Overhead lights shaking, the wooden door of home generating creaking noise, millions of people wake up in fear, only to discover that they were even unable to stand still in a violent shake .

People rushed out of the house in panic, only to discover that, what was supposed to be a dark night turned out to be a bright light shining on the horizon . The large light was flickering, and people could even hear something in the distance, not knowing what kind of beast . The roar made people genuinely feel fear!

Successive quakes were coming from the outside . All were almost as if some kind of unknown terrible things . The earthquake, with flares in the sky, with a chilling roar, made Half Horn city residents begin to panic .

The most terrifying thing was that after a wave … … Part of the north wall had collapsed for a while due to the violent quake! The noise of destruction made people blindly run up in the city!

In the distance, as if in the direction of Half Horn Mountains outside the city, all could see with the naked eyes that two gigantic lights, one is silver, and the other is fire red! The two were colliding fiercely . Collision attacks have become more and more frequent, and the brightness given off by every collision could almost light up the night! Even the moon had lost glory!


Accompanied by intense light, there is a cry from a dull ROAR! That ROAR was extremely scary, continual like a heavy hammer hit hard on the heart .

Equally rattled were the local garrison troops of light infantry left behind in the city . These soldiers patrolled the walls, faced with confusion of Half Horn city residents, but were unable to maintain order … … Their hands were too weak and fear inside as well .

The most frightening thing is that … … the news finally came! Someone went to the garrison barracks outside the city for aid, but horribly found that dozens of cavalry left behind in the camp were injured and collapsed to the ground, even Spann, a prestigious Knight in the area, was also severely injured . Camp Chaos and the burning fire looked as if it had just been attacked!

Panicked people crowded outside the city . Some climbed higher in fear… …

At that moment, a voice like a clap of thunder came from the Half Horn Mountain’s direction … … Then a series of roar followed as if the sound of summer thunder storm … …

“Mountains falling down! Half Horn Mountain was falling down!! ”

Don’t know who first screamed from the high! Immediately, the alarming news quickly spread in the crowd .

Half Horn Mountain was indeed falling down!!

Far away, the hill that could be seen with the naked eye when standing on the walls, the famous Half Horn Mountain peaks, just collapsed within sight! The entire mountain seemed to be directly broken apart as if that’s not a mountain but a pile of sand … … Just came crashing down!

Far away is the fierce glare, even dozens of people outside can clearly see! While people with better eyesight could discover that it seems, two strange gigantic shadows were dancing in the strong light… …

For Half Horn city residents, it would be doomed to be a night to remember all his life . Because of that unknown fear, they were dying for the dawn!

When finally a glimmer of sunlight shined, the ROAR that terrified everyone, and the ferocious light that flashed half the night finally disappeared!

Waiting for more than an hour, and assuring the unknown disaster is really over, people were gradually settled down from the fear in their hearts .

People including Sir Spann, rescued at midnight last night by soldiers going to garrison barracks for help, finally woke up, as well as Robert and others .

In front of the powerful magic, they were almost defenseless and wounded, and then under the magic of snow beauty, the entire ground collapsed, People who were attacked by snow beauty at that time, several of them injured by collapsing houses .

The first one to woke up in the rescue, turned out to be a female knight named Rolynn .

Rolynn was injured in the fighting during the day, losing too much blood . She was resting in the evening, and Clarke gave her some sleep-promoting drugs . Yet the result was Rolynn who was not wounded in the evening attack woke up first . She is weak because of excessive bleeding, loss of blood, after all, cannot compensate within a short period of time .

Robert then woke up, followed by Spann, and then the guards of Rowling . After finding their little master and that dreadful woman attackers were gone, everyone panicked .

Knowing about situations from around, Robert, regardless of his body was charred, struggled immediately, took a few slightly wounded men and immediately went to Half Horn Mountain . Sir Spann learned that young master of Rowling’s House was gone, he felt as if he suddenly fell from the high cliffs! He had been seriously injured and unable to move, but ordered the garrison troops who still could move immediately followed Robert towards Half Horn Mountain! Because, according to residents, it is likely that the dreadful woman attacker last night ran to Half Horn Mountain .

Meanwhile, Sir Spann accelerated to leave Half Horn town, going to the location of the garrison troops in spring drills for help . And he immediately reported all that happened in the Half Horn city to the provincial Governor of Lille .

Let aside how Spann worried his future career . Sir Robert bore the back pain and took carriages to the Half Horn Mountain, which had already lay in ruins, together with Rolynn, the female knight .

The scene in front was enough to astonish the soberest of people!!!

All these people came to Half Horn Mountain! Just a day before, here, they also altogether searched monster, stepping even over the entire Half Horn Mountain .

Yesterday when they came here, it was a typical hilly peak in the south of Empire, winding three to four miles, covered with a lush and dense forest . The whole mountain was in a “u” shape, with the highest mountain in the Middle . Standing on the top of a mountain could overlook the general outline of the distant Half Horn city .

But now … …

Robert and Rowling Guards, taken down the carriage by others, opened big mouth with big round eyes . The cannot believe it was the truth in front of their eyes!!

My God! If this is a nightmare, and then let it end!!!

Even though an accompanied soldier of local garrison swore that this was definitely Half Horn Mountain … … Or, the exact location of the mountain in the past .

But even this soldier himself was dazed, his eyes filled with horror!

In front of them… …

Half Horn Mountain … …

No, it should be said that there was no “hills”!

In front of them was a big, round hole with fully three miles wide in diameter from their eyes… …!!

Half Horn Mountain? Where is it?

The question was on everyone’s mind!

Carriage just stopped on the edge of the round crater . Robert felt cold all over, looking at the astonishing scene in front … …

The circle crater, as if left by some sort of violent explosion! It is likely that according to Knight’s speculation, it seemed that the whole mountain was bombed in the explosion! At the edge of the crater, littered with all kinds of weird, stones of varying sizes, with thick sand on the floor . The original soil had gone .

The gigantic circle crater, was shallow at the edge, while deep in the kernel!

Even more frightening is what the round hole looks like .

Such a huge round hole . It looked as if God used an invisible pen, dividing it into two distinct looks!

Bounded at the center of the circle hole, the left half is a thick layer of ice! That hard ice looks as if a perpetual accumulation of frost on the ground! That thick and hard ice, as well as frost covering the ground, make everything in the half into a silvery world! Even a stone surface is covered with ice!

While the right half is exactly the opposite!

If the left side is frozen, then the right half is like a desert!

It seems that every drops of water on the ground has be dried! Dry hard ground littered with broken bits of gravel, and some parts without sand-covered floor, are apparently cracked surface because of drought! Here, even a drop of water didn’t exist … … Even a stone, it is as if it had been burned to the gaping!

Such a huge circle role, the left and the right, with two completely opposite look, that gave people speechless shock besides panic .

After all a stalwart knight, Robert was the first who recover from the shock in the crowd .

“I guess … … Last night here was a fierce battle, whose level can be hardly imagined … … The magician named Vivian were gone, surely there must be a fighting here last night with the woman attacker . ” Knights analyzed thoughtfully,” these are things we don’t have to concern … … Our question is, where our master is now! He was not in the camp, and he had disappeared when we were saved, he was gone! Then he is certainly being captured . … … Maybe even … … ”

As for the rest of the words, Robert reserved . After all, even a mountain can be made into a hole! Magician’s force was so powerful … … Then, to make a person disappear, isn’t it very simple?

Robert’s face was terrible to see to the extreme, but he is still conscious of his duty, after all he is the highest leader at present, and can’t let his men down . His teeth clench together, “things might not be that bad, maybe the master himself escaped, perhaps the owner was captured to the magician . In any case, now the most crucial thing is to get our master back! ”

Knight immediately issued two orders, first, all that could move searched the surroundings at once . Second, immediately ask someone to send letters to Rowling Plains Castle in Scott province!

It has been beyond the scope that people like Robert can control .

The little master, now where were you?

Each of us was wondering this problem .

So, What was Du Wei now doing?


Du Wei was doing something he never even dreamt of before .

He was … … riding a dragon!

Riding on the back of a dragon, and flying in the sky! Wind around him preventing him from opening his eyes, he can barely use clothes wrapped in the head . His hands firmly held the raised scales on a dragon’s back, he looking beneath this behemoth moving quickly through the clouds . Under his foot was a vast sea of clouds … … This feeling let Du Wei could not help but scream out of excitement!

“Please, please, please, please don’t hold its scales, okay? ” Next to him came the weak voice of Vivian . Female magician was weakly lying on the back of Dragon, her body tightly posting with the back of Dragon . The delicate small face looked pale as paper, becoming frail . Seeing Du Wei tightly grab hold of the scales of her dragon, female magician can’t help heartbreaking, ” it…it…it will feel unhappy . Dragon is a…a…a species with pride . Ay m…my “Fire Sun” is only, only a child . It . . it . . it doesn’t like others ca…catching its sc . . scales…… ”

“Except its scales, where else can I get?” Du Wei frowned . As soon as he spoke, the wind was poured into his mouth, choking him cough, and quickly lowering his head . He turned around and caught a glimpse of the magician, “such a big wind, without a place to hold on, what if i fall down! ”

Du Wei said angrily: “Not scratching its scales is okay, but we have to break out of the hunt of your terrible sister at first . When we find a safe place to land, I will make a bridle to it . ”


My God! Please forgive the poor little Vivian … … Also forgive this horrible guy .

A bridle on the dragon … … God, does he think that the dragons can be arbitrarily ridden?

At this time, underneath of his whole body suddenly uttered a lament for Red Dragon … …

Du Wei was shocked and shouted, “no, your dragon seems to die! ”

Vivian was uncomfortable in the mind: “the Fire Sun is on . . only a yo…young Dragon, i . . it . . it is just hurt, and had to carry two people . . it . . it . . it … …”

There was a gruesome wound on the left wing of this Bloody red dragon . This wound made the Dragon’s wing flapping flexible when in flight, and during flight, its body will slant down to one side .

“Come on! “Du Wei shouted” otherwise both of us are going to die . ”

“My . . my . . my belongings have been blackmailed by you! I . . I . . I have no idea … … “Vivian was scared to say anything . Tears in her eyes rotated and she suddenly cried in a loud voice:

“Woo!!! The outside world is so horrible! Teacher! Teacher! Come and rescue me! I want Mommy, I want Daddy! Come and save the poor little Vivian!! ”

Eh? She didn’t stutter in her cry?!

Du Wei was so angry at this little silly girl that he almost fell off the Dragon’s back! At this time, she cried like a little baby calling MOM and dad!

His face turned gloomy and he scolded a few times, but at this time, the Dragon under them finally can’t stand anymore .

It fought the whole night, depleting almost all of its magic, and finally suffered a severe injury . It had escaped with its master for so long, carrying two people, with wings terribly injured . It is now stretched to its limit .

Giving a loud shriek, Du Wei felt his body sank! The dragon had fallen down from the air … …

“God damn it! Do something! Your Dragon is dying! ”

“Wahhh … … Dad! MOM!! Mom … …”

“Stop crying! Or we’ll both fall down and died!!”

“Wahhh … … MOM … … Come and save the poor little Vivian … …”


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