Law of the Devil - Chapter 267.2

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Chapter 267.2

Chapter 267 “Framed once again” (part two)

Remembering this small detail, Hamuye hastily nods: “Yes, yes, yes! I will obey the Shaman King’s word and be sure to not offend this Duke . Uhhh…… Is there anything else you need of me? If the Shaman King’s pet really is captured by this Duke Tulip, I can have my men here do some spy work……”

“No need!” Aoi bluntly refused: “Master’s message is clear . We sent you guys here to handle the matter before and you not only ended up failing the task, you even lost a White Robe Shaman in the process . Your inability greatly disappoints my master . This problem shall not need your interference . Your only worry is to finish your assigned task and nothing else! Once you settle the matter with the Duke, you are to return to the prairie at once . As for me, I shall personally see to the retrieval of my master’s pet . ”

“Yes, yes, yes … …”

Only then did Aoi’s voice soften: “Master said one cannot always take a tough stance against a foe . When toughness doesn’t work, you can try softness . Only by being flexible can one walk the king’s road . ”

The phrase may be a bit old fashioned, but there’s no way Hamuye can contradict Aoi’s word for this so called master of hers was the Shaman King – highest being in the prairie! The only thing he can do was nod his head again and again like a fool .

“Get up!”

Aoi waves her hand: “We have other matters to attend to, you don’t need to escort us out . ”

“Yes, yes!” Trying to please, Hamuye offers to help: “Oh respected one, there’s many guards in this castle, please allow my people to act as a cover for you two… . . ”

“Humph, if we can come as we please, then we can go as we please . With the elder beside me, mere soldiers mean nothing . ” Aoi flings her hand in the air to show her impatience and led the way out of the tent .

Once outside: “Master’s command mustn’t be told to others . If you compromise the mission… . Then you know the consequences!” Aoi’s word caused Hamuye to shiver down to his bone: “Other than the reward for the royal court, there may be something else set aside specifically for you if my master’s mood wills it . ”

Exulted at the last part, Hamuye could already see the great future awaiting him!


Hamuye may be a member of the inner circle in the royal court, but because he’s not martially skilled, many would look down at him and mock him behind his back as someone that got to his position through lineage . If he succeeds and receive some form of a gift from the Shaman King, no one will ever dare laugh at him again!

Just as he wanted to bow again to show his gratitude, Aoi cuts in and softly said: “No need . For fear of any changes in the circumstances, we will take our leave now . ”

“Oh respected one, please wait a moment . ” Scrambling to pull out an object covered in a block cloth, Hamuye offers it with his hand: “This thing is something I procured through a high price from the Roland people – a rarely seen magic crystal . Naturally, the wizards of the Roland Empire cannot match the shamans of the prairie, but the magic tools they create are quite useful . I know your greatness is busy cultivating your powers and wouldn’t care for these worldly possessions, but this crystal will still be a useful if you ever have a need for it, so please… . . ”

Hearing this, Aoi became infuriated: “Hamuye, how dare you! Did you forget the iron clad rule of the Snowy Mountain? No shaman shall take a single copper or silver from those whom they interact with . For those that break this rule, only punishment awaits them once they return! You want to bribe me, or to send me to my death?!!”

Trembling with hiccups, Hamuye wanted to cry at his only folly for slapping himself:

“No, no, please don’t misunderstand! I only bought this because I didn’t want to waste the money I spent and the connections I used . I originally wanted to bring this gift to the Shaman King after this was all over as a offering to show my sincerity, so please, forgive me for giving you the wrong idea . I only wish for you to help me pass it along to the Shaman King in my stead . ”

Just as she was about to refuse again, Du Wei suddenly pulled against her sleeve from the side . Understanding the hint, Aoi changes her tune: “Very well, i shall help you since you meant well . ”

“Also… …” Hamuye turns to look at his two subordinate lying on the ground: “These two are my personal attendants that had followed me for years . Although they were rude to your greatness, please don’t punish them for they didn’t mean to offend you two . Please, I beg of you, have mercy . ”

After Aoi nodded, Du Wei deliberately lets out a hoarse chuckle . From his slightly raised hand, a green mist was flickered out from his fingers at the two unconscious guards .

“Duckson Lokjai……”

This incantation may be short, but it was enough to ease the tenseness in Hamuye’s heart .

As a prince of the prairie, it’s not the first time Hamuye witnessed a shaman at work . Therefore, any form of doubt was dispelled at last when he heard the familiar words of the Snowy Mountain .

While Hamuye was at ease, Aoi on the other hand was overwhelmed with shock . If she wasn’t wearing a mask at the moment, the entire act would’ve been blown apart .

The truth was, the mist that came out of Du Wei’s finger just now was no spell of the Snowy Mountain . It’s merely a potion concocted by Du Wei to remove the drugs he injected into the two unconscious fellas on the ground earlier .

Seconds after the green mist seeped through their skins, it only took a moment for the men to wake . Shooting up with a back flip, the first reaction they had was to draw their blades at the outsiders because they are still unaware of the situation .

Crying out in panic, Hamuye wished he didn’t wake these two fools: “Idiots, stop!”

Having some senses knocked back into their heads, it only required a simple glance by one of the two “shamans” to send a rattling fear into their eyes .

“Forgive my subordinates for being stupid, please……”

Listening to Hamuye’s plea, Du Wei suddenly had an idea pop into his head: Though the act tonight might be enough to fool Hamuye, there’s bound to be a day when he finds out… . When the time comes, those atop of the Snowy Mountain are bound to know the truth when someone starts investigating… . If so, then why not…… Frame someone?

But then who was he going to frame after showing off a shaman spell? Blue Ocean? That won’t do, he’s an ally .

Then… …

General Rugaard and General Cybuster, I’ll have to wrong you two!

Letting out a grunt, Du Wei suddenly turns around to slowly come up to the two kneeling natives . Then with a brushing sound, he suddenly unsheathes the swords from the two men in front of him!

Despite knowing their impending doom, the two warriors didn’t dare look up . All they can do now was to kneel on the floor with great shame and fear running through their blood .

With both swords firmly gripped in his hands, Du Wei recited a spell for real this time in his mind and at the same time, he used the hidden “Metal Abortion Crystal” in his sleeve to destroy both swords .

Matching the trick with the ice magic spell he casted, a thin layer of ice instantly coated the swords to create a mystical effect!

Then flicking his wrist around a bit more, the once sturdy metallic swords began to break apart, piece by piece, bit by bit . Now, the only remnants of the blades were nothing but icicle debris, littering the cold hard dirt in the night .

Witnessing this scene, Hamuye immediately popped his eyes as wide as possible . From his memories, a vague legend surfaced from his mind: “Ice Dou Qi!” He murmurs like he couldn’t believe his eyes .

Sneering, Du Wei deliberately took a look at Hamuye, his meaning simple: you got quite the eye!

This way around, Du Wei threw away the two hilt handles and walked back to Aoi’s side: “Seeing as it is you who’s asking, I will only destroy their swords… . . Consider this as a form of punishment for their mistake . ”

Afterwards, Aoi and Du Wei ignored the two kowtowing guards behind them and quietly faded into the darkness .

As for the prairie people that were left behind, they could only praise the extraordinary abilities of the shaman craft in their heads .

Meanwhile in another place, Du Wei was laughing his hearts out: “Ice Dou Qi? Very good, very good! If you made up your mind on the Ice Dou Qi thing, then that’s great! In the Northwest, the only ones to know Ice Dou Qi should be only Rugaard and his son, Cybuster! At that time when the Shaman King wants to settle the score for tonight’s incident, he can go looking for that son and father duo!”

Without incident, Du Wei and Aoi quietly sneaked out of the castle for he had removed the nearby guards from the area in advance . Once out and certain there were no one tailing them from the back, the pair promptly returned to Aoi’s dungeon room in another direction and closed the door . Then without delay, Du Wei tore the facial mask off and began rubbing the makeup from his face . Once that was all well and done, he turns around and smiled at Aoi: “I never would have thought you be so good at this stuff . While your head is a bit simpleminded, your lines do fit the role very well . From my observation, that Hamuye should’ve fallen for our trick . ”

Though he was complimenting her, Aoi didn’t show any form of happiness . Instead, the girl only had a hollow look in her eyes as she stared at the floor board . Then without indication, she tore her shaman robe off and sat on the bed, slowly, tears began to drip down from the side .

“I … … I betrayed the Snowy Mountain . I betrayed my master . In this life, I will forever be a traitor . ” There’s an obvious tinge of despair in Aoi’s voice: “Why… Why did I help you do such a traitorous deed! I… . . ”

Suddenly jumping up, she rushed towards the wall with the intent of slamming her head against the bricks .

Aoi may be fast, but thankfully Du Wei was even faster for his accomplishment in magic has come to maturity . Teleporting in front of the suicidal girl, Du Wei used body as a cushion to shield Aoi from the impact, thus saving her from any injury .

“You… …” Aoi quivered at the sensation of Du Wei’s masculine chest, “Why won’t you let me die… I’m already a traitor, I don’t want to live!” Though she says this, the complex feeling inside her heart left he churning .

Sighing, Du Wei tries to persuade her by patting her head, “I forced you, even if there’s guilt, the sins on me . As a girl, it’s only natural you’re unable to resist a bad man like I . ”

“But … but … but” Aoi’s face suddenly turns red: “You … … You didn’t hit me, nor did you yell at me . You, only…… . ” Her tone lowers at this part: “You only asked me, then my mind lost any will to resist… . . ”

Likewise, a tinge of guilt was also biting at Du Wei after watching the reaction from this simple minded girl: as a man, did he go excessively overboard by taking advantage of a weak girl like her?

“When it comes to rebelling, you had long rebelled . Did you not rebel the moment you decided to go after Rugaard’s life? That’s already going against your master’s command, which is more of a sin then what you did tonight . As the saying goes, sin atop of a sin is nothing to cry about, and itch on top of an itch is only one scratch . You are not guilty of anything! Since it’s come to this… . From now on… . . ”

Du Wei thought for a second on how to phrase his words: “You shall follow me . As long as you behave, I won’t mistreat you . ”

After a pause, Du Wei remembered another thing: “When you talked with Hamuye earlier, why did you give your real name? Did I not tell you to make up one? If your master investigates, you will be found out instantly . ”

Aoi sadly shook her head: “I’ve already rebelled . What does it matter if master finds out? That day will eventually come, it’s just a matter or sooner or later . Even if he does investigate, what difference will it make now?”

Du Wei contemplated the problem and agreed . During the assassination attempt on Rugaard, a lot of people witnessed the scene . If “White River’s Sorrow” began tracing the origin of the imposters, the clues will naturally land on Rugaard’s end .

Think of that, this problem became unimportant .