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Law of the Devil - Chapter 275

Published at 24th of December 2019 04:15:08 PM

Chapter 275
Chapter 275 “Du Wei’s proposal” (part two)

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That’s right, what was Vivian’s background?

The continent’s number one Magister, Master Gandalf’s disciple . Not including anything else, even now there’s a bunch of old monsters inside the magic union that was nominally her senior!

Then there’s Vivian herself, a genuine eighth level magician!

Compared to a regular noble, Vivian’s status was far more valuable not only by a small margin . Not to mention she’s still young . It’s not unusual to say she’s likely to advance to the ninth level, or even more amazing, saint class! Taking all of these factors into consideration, the Royal Family would not want to offend this future master! And there’s also the influential old monsters looking out for her if anything happens… .

“Even in the face of Mrs . Lister, the princess can rob the main wife status away . But against Vivian? That’s the magical part; she’s not a noble but a magician! Would the princess have the face to contend with a magician? Of course not! She be too embarrassed to lower herself to fight against a commoner . So what does that leave her with, a status as a concubine?”

“Amazing, absolutely amazing!” Longbottom happily pats Du Wei on the shoulder: “Boss, what are you waiting for, hurry and go pick some flowers to propose!”

After being laughed at by this gang of unscrupulous “uncles”, Du Wei had to admit this plan was the best solution… .

Moreover, Vivian’s the one he’s fond of the most . It’s not like asking for marriage was anything outrageous .

Think up to here, he bites down and blew out of the door .

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At night, in the garden, Du Wei tightly clenched his hands against a bouquet of Tulip flowers . These flowers were specially planted in the garden to fit the Tulip Duke name .

In the Northwest here there’s no flower like a rose, so, the best he can do was to use these Tulips . He wanted to go find Vivian and make his move, but in the end, he ended up pacing back and forth in the garden without taking a step forward .


It’s ridiculous just mentioning it because, he… . .

Hmm, our little demon Duke suddenly felt very nervous!

Yes, it’s nervous . In the face of the Dragon King, he wasn’t nervous . In the face of the devil’s servant, he wasn’t nervous . When dueling the Green Hat, he wasn’t nervous .

And now he’s suddenly getting the cold feet when trying to propose with a bouquet in hand… . How embarrassing!

“Hmm… What is he supposed to say?” Du Wei coughed twice to clear his throat and began to mutter to himself: “Hey, silly little girl, I see your face isn’t bad, so become mine… . . Ughh, isn’t that a little too much like what that 250 would do?” Shaking his head, he changes his tone: “Dear Vivian . I’ve liked you from the bottom of my heart for a very long time . If you are willing, please be my wife and we will spend the rest of our life together… . . Oh how vomiting!! That’s too creepy, NO!”

Thinking about it again, he changes it to a serious tone: “Vivian, let me tell you, I encountered an extremely dangerous issue . This matter is very troublesome so would you please help me? Oh, you’re willing? Then hurry and change into your new clothes and we will go hold an engagement ceremony… Hmm, if I say it like that would she slap me out of anger?”

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Scrambling his hair out with his fingers, he ended up scattering the flower petals all over the ground because he used too much force: “AHHH, someone please tell me! What is the proper way to propose… . . ” He screams like he’s about to lose it .

Just as Du Wei’s voice died down, a timidly shy voice drifted over from his back .

“You-you-you … What did you say to me? You-you’re… Proposing to me?

Upon hearing this sentence, Du Wei nearly dropped to the floor from going numb . Turning around, the pretty figure looking at Du Wei had a delicate pink face, clearly the look of someone blushing . Staring straight into Du Wei’s eye, this stuttering little girl was none other than our favorite female magician, Miss Vivian!

Du Wei‘s jaw literally dropped . Spending a good while staring at each other, Du Wei began to mutter erratically: “You-you-you… . Why are you here?”

Vivian suddenly hung her head down . Her pair of small hands began to rub against her robe while she whispered her words: “General Longbottom, he-he-he said you-you were looking for me . So, I came down to find you… . ”

It was then Du Wei suddenly felt a cold chill coming from the side of his neck . Sure enough, when Du Wei glanced around the corner, the crafty image of this blasted 250 hiding behind a bushel of flowers became obvious to see .

Knowing he’s been caught, Longbottom jumped out and gave a trivial laugh: “Duke, I solved a big problem for you! The rest is up to you now!!!” At that, he boomingly walked out of the garden with a big laugh .

Annoyed and upset, Du Wei’s only form of relief was a straight up middle finger at this shameless fatty .

But then Vivian suddenly interrupted his shenanigan: “You… What you just said now, is it true? You’re really asking me for marriage?”

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With things coming this far already, Du Wei knew there were no turning back now . Steeling his heart, he musters up his courage and formally asked: “Yes! I’m proposing to you… . Are you willing?”

Immediately, Vivian revealed a face full of happiness . Just when she wanted to nod, a puzzled look appeared instead: “But just then… Your look at General Longbottom didn’t seem very happy… Your gesture right now is?”

Looking at his middle finger, which was still raised, Du Wei hurriedly retracted it and guiltily laughed: “This, you don’t understand, I am very happy . Also, this… . It’s my way of thanking him . This gesture is… You see, its meaning is how one shows their gratitude . ”

Speaking up to here, Du Wei suddenly saw Vivian’s flawless appearance . Scolding himself for being an idiot, he hurries over to hold her hand and began to kneel down on one knee .

Vivian wanted to jump back out of surprise but was stopped by Du Wei’s firm grasp: “It’s okay, a proposal should be like this, don’t move . ”

“But-but, you’re the Duke, how-how can you kneel…”

Du Wei smiled; his grip tightening a few notches against her small hand: “Vivian, I don’t know how to say this . I just know that in your mind you also understand what I mean . You… . If you feel I’m a good man . Then become mine!”

Let the gods be his witness, the cunning and vile Duke, for the first time in his life became incredibly humble . If this were to ever spread, who knows how many would drop their glasses out of shock .

Turning a little teary red, Vivian’s eyes were brimming with happiness . But then all of a sudden, she began to panic and before she knew it, her face returned to the super shy girl while she answered, “mhmm . ”

Not catching it clearly, Du Wei became anxious and asked again: “This… . Vivian, please say a word . Yes or no… Please give me an answer . ”

But Vivian’s personality was that of a shy person to begin with . Being raided by this embarrassing question, her courage to reply grew thinner by the second . Wriggling her body, an idea popped up . Raising Du Wei’s firm hand, she then… .

She then …

Towards Du Wei, Vivian raised her slender and beautiful middle finger at him… .

Du Wei’s face immediately collapsed: “This … … What does that mean?”

Vivian minced her words: “You, did you not say, this means that … … I am . My heart is very happy, gratefully happy… . ”

Du Wei: “… . . ”

Okay… All right .

For the first time in his life that he proposed to a woman, the reply was a middle finger .

Ughh … Should he be crying now or should he be laughing at the positive answer?

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