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Law of the Devil - Chapter 275.1

Published at 7th of May 2017 03:51:05 AM

Chapter 275.1

Chapter 275 “Du Wei’s proposal” (part one)

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Du Wei never imagined that the Rowling Family would have such a relationship with the Royal Family .

Based only on this remark alone, Philip was worthy of being recommended by Mr . Blue Ocean . Clearly, this trusted aid of his had a strong theoretical foundation; otherwise, how can he perform so outstandingly in a short span of one year .

Du Wei may be clever, may be well learned, but everything he knew was self-taught from his childhood . When it came to something as deep as a king’s political tactic, he needed others to enlighten him .

Not to mention the topic involved the Rowling Family itself . If Semel’s husband, his great-great-great grandfather, died from unnatural means… Then the incident must have definitely been covered up by the family’s inner circle .

Regarding the taste of being softly cut by a knife, Du Wei really has no clue on its flavor . Maybe the only one to truly understand this feeling would be his father, old Raymond back in the Rowling Plains .

Think up to here, Du Wei couldn’t take in anything from the outside for the faint sigh that came from Semel had left him frightened to the point of being scared to speculate on the possibilities .

The only thing Du Wei could do now was repeatedly attempt to communicate with Semel, but this woman refuses to respond .

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Blasted woman!!

She’s supposed to be only a magical creature, but more and more, this woman’s becoming more like the real Semel… . .

Philip was in the middle of discussing the matter with the rest of the crowd when he noticed Du Wei’s absentmindedness, “My lord, my lord!?” He calls out in a whispering voice .

“Huh?” Du Wei frowns and reacted to the call . Giving everyone present a reluctant smile, Du Wei finally speaks up: “The stuff Philip just said is quite fascinating . ” Musing for a moment, he asked, “Philip, according to your analysis, this should be a trap set by the Royal Family then…”

“Yes, that’s right!” Dadaneier was the first to call out for he wholeheartedly wished for Du Wei’s well-being: “Since it’s a trap… . Humph, the Augustine Family is too deplorable! Our lord here isn’t even trying anything and they are already using these dirty tricks!”

Noticing Philip giving him a bitter glance, Du Wei knew what this aid wanted to say . Waving his hand to stop Dadaneier from continuing, Du Wei laughed it off: “Their methods aren’t sinister or deplorable; it’s merely a technique for the emperor to maintain control over his subordinates . A king must always keep the power balance in check . If a ruler ignores this and lets his underlings run wild then that person is truly a fool . ”

These generals are undisputed when it came to war, but when it came to political trickery; they simply aren’t cut out for it . Surprisingly though, the one to keep their heads together right now was Longbottom . This General 250 must have learned something after suffering so many years in that jail cell . Longbottom may not be fluent on the ins and outs but his words definitely hit the target: “Since it’s like this, marriage will land us in a trap . But if we don’t agree to the marriage, it will arouse the Royal Family’s suspicion… . Both options seem contradictory, but since Mr . Philip here can analyze it so well, I presume he has a solution ready for us . ”

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Look at this fatty’s eye, it’s clear he meant these kind of indirect conflicts are best suited for you aids that works in the background .

Philip had always been on the calm side of things . Matching it with his cautious personality and polite attitude, the majority of the people here had a good relationship with him . At the moment everyone in the room was waiting for this young aid to speak .

But ultimately Philip was still young . Facing everyone’s anticipating stare, he couldn’t help but blush while he coughed to clear his throat: “Everyone, I already stated my opposition towards the marriage proposal . Although in the short term the marriage will help raise the Duke’s popularity, but… He-he, forgive me for not being respectful . My lord, I presume you wouldn’t want to have a spy from Prince Son sleeping next to you each night now do you?”

Du Wei softly smiles: “Get on with it, don’t beat around the bush . ”

“Winning Prince Son’s favor is inevitable! But the marriage won’t be necessary . Fortunately, the regent really values your Dukeship and holds a deep trust in you . So, the proposal this time… . The Regent took a soft approach and didn’t forcefully dump it on you . Otherwise, as the emperor of the empire, he could have brought the topic up during the banquet to make you comply . In front of all the nobles and lords, you can’t refuse no matter how unwilling your heart is!”

Thinking it over, Du Wei agrees with Philip . If he refused Prince Son so openly, it would be no different from embarrassing the regent in front of the entire upper class of the empire .

“So, fortunately Prince Son doesn’t seem to be so resolute on this decision, or that he simply can’t make up his mind either . My lord, this is our chance… . Before you return to the capital, you must settle your marriage here and now!”

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Du Wei widened his eyes like he couldn’t believe it: “What… You want me to marry right away?”

Then he repeatedly shook his head: “No, that absolutely won’t do!”

In Du Wei’s heart, there was only one woman he can currently accept as his lifelong partner . As for the other females in his life like Mrs . Lister and Angel, he just can’t do it .

But, to take Vivian as his wife now?

No matter what Du Wei did come from another world . Although the girl’s very attractive and cute, but how was he supposed to take a fifteen year old that hasn’t fully matured yet? Towards such a beastly act of laying his hands on a premature child, he simply can’t do it!

Damn it, fifteen years old doesn’t even qualify the person to get an ID!

Although Du Wei didn’t say “no”, but looking at his face, Philip and everyone else in the room can tell the future duchess will have to be that pure hearted young magician .

Laughing, Philip continues: “My lord, I did not say you have to marry immediately . After all, you are a Duke, how can your marriage be done so hastily? Even if you want to hold a wedding, your father Earl Raymond and your mother the Countess must be present to attend it… . What I meant is your engagement . Spread the news and tell everyone ‘you have taken a precious flower’!”

Du Wei could only smile wryly at Philip’s effort: “It’s ‘a precious flower has found a host’ . ”

“Ah yes, that’s right! A precious flower has found a host!” Philip guiltily laughed: “Following you around for so long have really turned me black from your ink! That phrase you told me is so true . ”

Du Wei sighs: “Your meaning is to have me engaged?”

“That’s right . The engagement ceremony doesn’t need to be huge, just big enough to invite those with some background to help spread the word for us… . I fear it’s not just the Royal Family eyeing you my lord . There’s the Lister Family and many giants in the empire . As soon as the news goes out, those that wanted to link up with you will lose the thought and save you some trouble . Besides, Miss Vivian’s been living in the castle for a long time now . Although the two of you nominally share the same master, but she’s still a girl . One day she will step into the realm of womanhood . At that time, gossip is bound to spread . ”

Dadaneier was the first to object from the side: “But even if the Duke gets engaged, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Royal Family will relent . In accordance with the imperial code, a Duke can only have one Duchess, but that doesn’t mean he cannot marry more than one women . Being a noble, it’s not unusual to find someone with several wives . By that time if the emperor decides to have his way and forcibly marry his sister over, then it won’t be fair to Miss Vivian . As a princess, the Duchess title will have to go to Prince Son’s sister . I for one am in favor of Miss Vivian . She’s not only kind to everyone; she’s also friendly to approach . Moreover, Miss Vivian doesn’t have anyone else in this world beside the Duke . If she loses the status of main wife too, then I will feel too sorry for her!”

Philip gently smiles: “General Dadaneier, don’t be hasty and let me finish explaining the third benefit of the engagement with Miss Vivian . It doesn’t matter who the Duke marries, the Royal Family can still force the princess onto his lordship, the only exception being Miss Vivian! Let’s not forget Miss Vivian’s background . Let’s not talk about robbing the Duchess title, just mentioning of stealing Miss Vivian’s husband is a taboo for the Royal Family . ” Philip’s smile may be gentle but it immediately reminded the bosses in the room of something important .

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