Law of the Devil - Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

Chapter 302 “White River’s Sorrow!”

Once Blue Ocean’s “Whirlwind Wheel” collapsed under his foe’s affect, he immediately bit his tongue and sprayed a mouthful of blood out to summon a “blood imp” . In human form with claws ready, this creature promptly pounced at the white robe shaman . According to Du Wei’s reading of the shaman craft booklet, this sort of blood imp was a terrible and foul creation similar to the undead creatures used in dark magic . Once stained by the blood imp, the creature will cling onto its victim like a parasite, continuously sucking every drop of life force from the foe until nothing remains! To make things worse, this blood imp doesn’t come in a fixed form . As long as the original summoner doesn’t die, it will quickly rebuild itself no matter how many times it’s been blown apart .

Against this terrifying summoning, the white robe shaman just sneered instead of falling into panic . Taking several steps backward to keep the blood from touching his body, the guy suddenly takes a deep breath and opened his jaw, widening it dozens of times bigger than what it should humanly be possible . Then in one fierce blow, a slew of arrows made of concentrated air were shot out form his lung, raining down from above at the creature like hail . Against this tyrannical form of attack, Blue Ocean didn’t dare resist and hurriedly moved out of the way to dodge . But the blood demon wasn’t so lucky . Splattering across the floorboard like blood clots due to being blown apart, the scattered remnants of the blood demon began to slowly creep back together in an attempt to reform . However, there’s no way the white robe shaman would permit this to happen . Spraying out another series of air arrows, the blood clots were nailed deeply into the floorboard, killing any chance it had left of swimming back together!

The spell used here was called “soul seal”, one of the many strange sorcery practiced on the snowy mountain . Under normal circumstances, ordinary masters can also produce arrows of similar nature, but in no way, would the arrows have such long lasting affect like the ones showcased here because they would simply disperse after impact .

The two continued this constant exchange for a while, displaying their respective spells and martial attacks back and forth . In Du Wei’s view, the martial techniques from the Snowy Mountain was both bizarre and mean in their initiation! Unlike everything he’s seen thus far, it’s too unconventional . For instance, the female assassin he captured had a bizarre ability to flex and twist her body at will like a stretched-out noodle, completely disregarding the limitations of the joints . But here, that ability was brought to the level that no human should be capable of doing, biologically and spiritually . This wasn’t a simple form of Jujitsu anymore, its beyond words!!

There were no indications whenever the two bent their bodies!! For one moment, they could be fighting like normal, then the next… . Du Wei even saw the white robe shaman twist his body into a curled donut ring for an instance and then revert back to normal like nothing happened!!

Generally speaking, the one on the lower end remains with Blue Ocean as his attacks become dissolved and dissipated every time .

“You really disappoint me . ” That white robe shaman suddenly sighs: “You seem to be a little rejuvenated, but that only applies to your physical body while your Dou Qi and magic remains the same… Aigh, what use is there for you to cultivate this rejuvenating spell when it’s so pointless?”

At that, the white robe shaman suddenly sprang forward like a loach, tumbling about around Blue Ocean then slipping up to the old man’s chest area from the forefront . By taking a direct hit to the heart, Blue Ocean could no longer withstand the assault and blood began to gush out of his mouth . Laughing maniacally at the sight, the white robe shaman began to slither around his opponent’s body at rapid speed and eventually entangled Blue Ocean from top to bottom . Using his fingers, this dangerous man then repeatedly striked at the vital Qi points of the old man to clog the flow of energy . Finally falling on his butt, this old scholar could no longer take it after puking over eight mouthfuls of blood!

Not pressing the chase, this white robe shaman stepped back instead, his eyes cold and disappointed: “Speak! What have you been doing all these years . The last time you can still fight me, but this time… Why have you regressed so much?”


Biting his lip on the floor, Blue Ocean lifts his right hand’s forefinger and forms a thin, long air of frost . Like a sharp sword, he sends it flying over at his foe .

Faintly smiling, the white robe shaman only needed a casual wave of his hand to disperse the attack with a flame: “Speak! If you had ‘Beauty under the Moonlight’ in your hand, then maybe you can still be eligible to compete with me using your Ice Dou Qi, but now… You’re making me lose interest in even killing you . ”

Still sitting on the floor, Blue Ocean suddenly makes a strange chuckle, drips of blood still leaking out from the corner of his mouth: “Don’t get complacent just yet, look at your feet first . ”

Looking down, the white robe shaman then notices the oddity in the blood stains on the floor . One here, one there… the locations vaguely forms a subtle pattern!

Now the white robe shaman’s complexion finally changed color . Exclaiming in surprise: “Soul binding Seal?! Blue Ocean, you are as cunning as ever!!”

He immediately leaned back, but Blue Ocean expected as much and deliberately waited for this moment! Through the use of his saint class power, Blue Ocean instantly changes the law ruling over this small space, revoking any movement inside . Therefore, the white robe shaman may have taken several steps backward in haste, but his location remains the same without changing in the slightest . Seeing this, the whiter robe shaman’s face became gloomier by the second . Inhaling deeply, his entire body promptly emulated out into flames, incinerating the various shackles and laws that had bind his body . In front of absolute power, tricks mean nothing!

Having his bindings barbarically ripped apart once again, Blue Ocean spills another mouthful of blood, but this time it was deep red instead of the usual light hue . Nevertheless, the time he earned was enough to let him finish his incantation to activate the final spell .

In an instant, the blood on the ground came to life! Exclaiming like he’s seen the most terrifying thing, the white robe shaman retreated repeatedly without the slightest hesitation . It’s like an infection . Whenever the blood light comes into contact with his body, a faint green puff of smoke would leak out of the flesh like he’s been burned from the soul down!

Though he withdrew himself from the blood circle extremely fast, but by the time he managed to break free, half his body already looked like it’s been melted . No different from a crumbling snowman, he looked absolutely horrifying in appearance .

The damage has been delt, but Blue Ocean’s expression became uglier than ever . In the end, the foe managed to escape his final setup so he can only sigh in regret .

Gnashing his teeth, the white robe shaman radiated murder in his eyes as he glared fiercely at Blue Ocean: “Fine! You manage to escape this time again! In the end you managed to put up a fight so I’ll keep my promise . Humph, since you managed to injure me, then I won’t kill you and let you live another nine years and ninth months!”

After that statement, his body quickly retreated to a corner of the room and melded into the wall, disappearing from sight once and for all .

Only then did Blue Ocean shakily stand up from the ground, his mouth still dripping blood with no signs of ending . In front of Du Wei’s eye, the original swelling muscles instantly reverted back to the scrawny limbs and what used to be an old face became even older, deep wrinkles obvious at every corner .

Blue Ocean appeared extremely tired right now as he faced Du Wei . Smiling wryly: “Duke, I believe you just witnessed quite the eye-opener today . Just about everything that I had as an undercard were shown to you . ”

Full of questions: “You … Blue Ocean! Who the hell are you? You and that white robe shaman just now, are both saint class masters? That guy, I’m sure he’s not just an ordinary white robe shaman! I’ve met one before, and it’s absolutely impossible that one would be that powerful!”

“Him?” Blue Ocean mildly smiles: “He most certainly isn’t some ordinary white robe shaman! With his immense strength, where is one supposed to find someone stronger than him? Humph, Du Wei, let me tell you, that just now is the current Shaman King of the Snowy Mountain… . His name is White River’s Sorrow!”

White River’s Sorrow?

Although the answer was a little surprising, it instead calmed Du Wei’s heart .

So it is that Shaman King! Only the Shaman King should have that kind of power!

Otherwise… . what’s he supposed to do if some random dude from the Snowy Mountain was that strong? If that was the case, Du Wei might as well forget about resisting the enemy, he’s better off thinking about how to surrender .

In Du Wei’s view, he fears the strength of this White River’s Sorrow wouldn’t be any lower than old Green hat or Hussein . Although both are saint class masters, but unlike this person, Green Hat and Hussein are only fluent in one aspect, either magic or martial art!

But this crazy lunatic’s different, he’s a practitioner of both and had mastered it to  an extremely high state!

Thinking of this, Du Wei couldn’t resist giving Blue Ocean a deep assessing gaze… To be able to fight the Shaman king to this degree, this Blue Ocean is also a master of his own!

“Mr . Blue Ocean, I never knew you would have such immense power! To be able to fight the Shaman King to the extent of wounding each other, I’m going to assume your position up at the Snowy Mountain is not ordinary, is it?!” Du Wei tightly stares at the old man without fazing in the least .

“Wounding each other?” Blue Ocean shook his head and smiled: “You are overestimating my strength . Duke, with my ability, it would be quite a miracle if I was to be able to face a few rounds with him when his strength is intact!”

“But just now…” Du Wei’s heart sank .

“Just now…” Sighing: “The one to stand here just now isn’t the real White River’s Sorrow . Due to a very special reason, he’s not able to take a step down from the Snowy Mountain! He may be limited in his movement, but every ten years he’s able to use a unique spell to seize and attach his soul to another body . So in order to come here, White River’s Sorrow borrowed the body of one of the apprentices under him with a limitation . The spell only lasts three months before it expires . ”

Paused for a moment, he bitterly chuckled: “Fortunately, this method of possessing another body only allows him to utilize no more than twenty to thirty percent of his powers . Otherwise, I would’ve never been able to last this long and became a corpse years ago . ”

Twenty to thirty percent?!!

Cold sweat overtook Du Wei immediately .

Twenty to thirty percent?

Then… If White River’s Sorrow were to be in his perfect condition, wouldn’t he be as crazy strong as that old dragon in the north?

To think a human being can reach that level, is it even possible?

“He is indeed a genius among geniuses, a being born to grasp onto true power! When we were following our teacher together up on the Snowy Mountain, his martial art was stronger than any of us . Whether it be magic or martial techniques, he only needed one demonstration to master it . Then at thirty years of age, his strength finally surpassed our teacher! No one on the Snowy Mountain could deny his status as the strongest!” Gently sighing with a regretful tone: “Pity though, he has a fatal weakness in his personality and that is: arrogance! His arrogance is deeply ingrained into his very core, the blood, the bones, his soul, everything! But even so, I have to admit he does have the capital to be arrogant . Looking back at the past three hundred years of history in these lands, I say there isn’t a single being who could ever come close to him in comparison…”

Hesitating, Blue Ocean continues anyways: “Maybe-maybe that person from a millennium ago will be a match, King Aragon might be able to stand up to him! He often mentions this, ‘if only he was born a thousand years ago… then the person to be the strongest under the stars would be his’ . ”

If this statement was said by another person, Du Wei would definitely scoff it off as a joke and laugh his teethes out! However, the words are coming from this famed and knowledgeable scholar, then that’s enough reason to put some weight into it .

“In truth, even if he uses this spell to possess a body to seek me out, he can easily kill me regardless of the limitation in his powers . As you saw earlier, regardless of what I did, he can easily dispel my attacks . But he’s too arrogant with too much pride! Knowing this fact, I took advantage of this and cheated him into making a vow . That is, if he’s going to kill me, he needs to take my life while keeping himself unharmed! Otherwise, he cannot kill me if I manage to injure him . Haha… . If not for this oath, I would’ve been dead for decades!”