Law of the Devil - Chapter 310.2

Published at 31st of October 2018 03:10:48 AM
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Chapter 310.2

Chapter 310 “Broken Painting (p2)”

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The increase in intensity definitely had an effect of slowing down White River’s progress, even so, the man continues to step forward in light of this change .

Now that didn’t sit well with the Pope at all . Becoming even sterner in his old face, the spiritual leader of the empire knew he had to take further action . Pointing out his finger at the foe before him, the elder once again began chanting a majestic mantra: “If you worship me then you shall have my mercy, if you belittle me then you shall face my punishment!”

There were no extravagant explosions like the last to be had here, nor was there a soul wrenching pain that hit Du Wei’s head either; instead, there was utter silence and the sudden expansion of space between the Pope and the Shaman King . It’s as if the three of them were suddenly thrust into a void, devoid of the environment that was supposed to be here aside from the endless road under their feet .

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That’s the true essence of the Pope’s sacred arts . Extending that short path between him and the Shaman King until it’s unreachable, this was the power of a saint level being twisting the laws of this world!

Finally stopping, not even White River will continue doing something that’s fruitless . First frowning at the new obstacle laid before his eyes, the Shaman King then began looking up and down at the elder’s existence before testing the water .

One step… . two step… . three step… . . The more he walked, the further their distance actually became!

Despite the freakiness of the spell, there’s no panic to be found in the man’s eye either though: “Interesting, how interesting . I didn’t think I would be honored to come across another saint class master like you today . Allow me to give my thanks . Because of you, I have once again furthered my understanding of this world in a different light!”

The Pope’s spell wasn’t an offensive or defensive spell, rather it’s an illusionary type that falsified the rules of the space they were in . So long as White River cannot shatter the laws placed on the environment then he can never move forward or backwards for that matter .

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Naturally this scene didn’t escape Du Wei’s eye . As result of their confrontation, adding in his own previous experiences from various saint class warriors fighting, the boy has finally grasped onto the edges of what it means to be someone at that sainthood, or at least the theory behind it anyways .

First off, for those that want to step into the realm of sainthood in their cultivation, it’s imperative that they are able to be grasp the secrets of their own powers . That much was clear in the boy’s head . However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t variations in how they do it .

Take Rodriguez’s (Ice Dou Qi knight) ability for example . The knight understands how to utilize the laws of this world to enhance his personal powers to overcome the opponent, that’s likely the most rudimentary type for one to advance into sainthood .

Now for what the Pope was using, it’s the polar opposite of that . Instead of enhancing his own physical strength by bending the world, the elder was modifying the world instead to fight for him! This was likely a step up from the former because of the level of difficulties involved . Like a baby trying to learn how to move their limbs, it’s always easier to feel for something that they actually own than something that’s not theirs to begin with!

In simple terms, Rodriguez’s power was based on the law of “utilization” while the Pope’s power was based on the law of “modification” .

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Wait, what about White River’s then?

But just when Du Wei was brooding over the source of that monster’s power, White River voice had once again broke out, thus interrupting his train of thoughts .

“Genius, truly a genius! Your Majesty (pope), you truly brought me great joy today . ”

In light of the compliment, the Pope doesn’t seem to be taking it so kindly or faring so well for that matter . Exhausted in his old face, that skinny arm seems to tremble with every word he made: “You are too polite . As the great Shaman King, I fear even with my best ability it would not be enough against someone of your calibre . ”

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Pondering as if he’s having a hard time coming up with a reply, White River actually furrowed his brow there for a second: “Since you didn’t disappoint me then how can I do otherwise? Although you are able to change the laws binding this world, a real marvel in of itself, sadly you are still… . ” When reaching this point, the man seems to be hesitant to continue; nevertheless, he did so anyways but with a much quieter voice, “A-MAN-WITHIN-THE-PAINTING!”

Cackling a strange and eerie laugh, the Shaman King then raises his finger to converge all of the silvery light strands out in the air to that point, thus forming a thin long blade in the process . The effects were stunning: cold, radiant, and absolutely stunning, this was not the same ice sword that Rodriguez created with his Ice Dou Qi, rather it’s a beam sword created by the constructive will of his law!

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Raging with a power that seems to want to tear the very world apart, White River knew this should be enough . So, with a slash of his newly founded beam saber, he takes aim not at the Pope like he should though, but the world itself!


The road was still the road, the ground was still the ground, and the sky was still the sky afterwards . However, everything has changed . No longer infinite in their distance, the space between White River and Saint Igor Paul XVI now only stands at ten paces!

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