Law of the Devil - Chapter 311

Published at 19th of March 2019 01:07:53 PM
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Chapter 311
Chapter 311 “Storming Chaos (p4)”

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The strongest type of creatures possible to be tamed by the beastmen race?!

The heart of the dragon chief sank at the realization .

Damn it, when did the beastmen race manage to re-raise these things? Aren’t they supposed to be long extinct?

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They’ve never dispatched such monsters during their past invasions!

An adult behemoth, whether it be their ferocity or strength, its all comparable to an adult dragon of the strongest kind . Now there are over a dozen of these things at the enemy line, ready to rip into the dragon’s rank at the first call by their masters .

But its not just the ground that’s ominous and oppressive here, there’s still the endless number of flying and dancing figures in the air… .

Light as a fluttering snowflake, agile as the fastest bird in the sky, these beings carried wings as thin and beautiful as a butterfly . But unlike a human or beastmen though, these entities are little bit more petite in terms of size with one clear difference, they are much more beautiful in terms of outlook and had a longer pair of pointed ears .

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That’s right, these are the elves of legend!

They may look harmless and even adorable in many cases, but make no mistake, they are definitely not to be messed with for each of them carried a small set of bow and arrow . Others may not know this but the dragons do, those are no toy and could reap a life with ease if not careful .

“Elves…” The dragon chief mutters: “No… no! This is impossible!”

The elf’s fertility is super low, it can even be comparable to us dragons! So how, how can they muster such numbers? There’re at least tens of thousands of them!

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In the past whenever an invasion occurs as a result of the sinned races encroaching, its always numbering in the hundreds at best, and that’s extremely rare . But now, not only are there the elves and beastmen, there are also that huge army of other banished races in the background .

Finally stopping about a kilometer out from the Dragon’s territory, the first to give a complete picture was the beastkins . There are cowmen, horsemen, tigermen and bearmen at the front, each and every one of them faceting snarling fangs and weapons at the opponent .

Too much… too much… this is really too much… .

The dragon chief’s heart gradually loses hope as well .

Sinners… how can they muster such a force? Where did they find the resources to feed such numbers?!

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Looking back at his own dragon warriors, the dragon patriarch knew this was a losing battle . In comparison to the millions of enemies at their doorstep, they themselves only numbered in the hundreds .

Although the heart in him was filled with doubt and disbelief at the incredulous sight, but as the leader of his race, he could not bring shame to the title of being the “strongest race” in existence . That’s an honor he would not allow to be blemished!

“My children, this will be the cruelest war we have ever encountered . ” The slow resonating sound of his voice reverberates across his fella dragons: “Tell me, are you afraid?”

Two hundred dragons roared out in unison . For a time, the sound of their howling cries of anger and rage actually overshadowed the cries of the oppressive legion in the horizon .

“Very good, as long as we are here, us dragons are here,” the dragon chief proudly raises his head above the rest, “no sinner shall step foot across the Holy Mountain! Because, this is our objective, our life’s mission!”

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