Law of the Devil - Chapter 33

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Chapter 33
Law of the Devil Chapter 33: The World Of Three People

The news brought by the Snow Beauty had turned everyone silent . Du Wei’s heart felt heavy; He frowned and pondered .

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A monster that can easily swallow a dragon!

A monster that can easily beat a dragon and a level 8 magician!

Du Wei left the two sisters; went to the seaside himself, tried to use the cool sea breeze to calm the upset thoughts in his mind .

Ah, A monster……A place that suppresses the use of magic……Cannot use magic……no food, no fresh water……

Du Wei sighed, muttered “Seems like it is the only way……”

Then, he turned around to the woods, back to the side of the two sisters . This time the snow beauty and Vivian were intensively arguing about something .

Well, maybe not the word “arguing”, because it is only the snow beauty who was speaking . In fact, with Vivian’s stutter problem, it is simply impossible to start a war of word with her .

“You should have given me the damned goblin! You know what? That old man doesn’t even know where we are now, and you still expect him to come and rescue you right? Humph……”

“What’s the problem?” Du Wei walked over, took a glance at Vivian; Vivian looked grievance, her eyes are red, cautiously looked at Du Wei said “Not… . . nothing . ”

“I said what’s the problem with you two sisters? One is honest as a young fledge, the other is violent as the mother of a dragon . ” Du Wei sat down, stacking the branches himself, prepare to start a fire .

The snow beauty snorted, although she is a bit annoyed about Du Wei’s bold thoughtless words, but as Du Wei had saved her life once, she promised that she will leave him alone, it is too embarrassing to go back on what she had said, so she pressed her temper and tolerated it .

Vivian took a glance at her sister, then took a glance at Du Wei, and shifted her body a bit closer towards Du Wei .

The snow beauty looked, cursed in low voice “A little villain who abduct girls!”

Du Wei shows no weakness, instantly returned said “A female robber who steals people’s goods . ”

This time the snow beauty went mad, pop-eyed staring at Du Wei, looks like she is about to rage……

But coincidentally, a discord voice has dispersed the snow beauty’s anger and momentum all in a sudden .

Goo……Goo Goo……

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Du Wei couldn’t hold his laughter; he took a glance at the snow beauty .

The snow beauty’s face turned red, this time the anger on her face has reduced a bit, left with 70% of shyness and only 30% of anger, she is no longer scary anymore .

“Hmm……That’s very strange, did I hear it wrong? What was that noise? Was that a howling from a monster in the island?” Du Wei deliberately muttered loudly .

The face of the snow beauty had turned even redder, she stared at Du Wei and whispered “It’s……It’s me!”

“You?” Du Wei deliberately widened his eyes .

“……” The snow beauty felt like her lung is about to explode due to anger, finally she shouted “It’s me! It’s my stomach! I’m starving! The sky is almost dark! Don’t you all need to eat?”

“Eat, of course . ” Du Wei lazily stretched his body, and said “If there’s food, of course I want to eat . ”

Meanwhile, Vivian on the side touched her pocket and started searching, as the snow beauty popped her eyes, she took out a black and strange looking plant roots and whispered “Sis, sister……if you are hungry, you can eat this first . ”

“What is that?” The snow beauty frowned, then she suddenly became angry, she jumped up and stared at Du Wei and said “Damn you brat! This is what you let my sister eat! This plant roots??!!”

Du Wei coldly replied “It’s fine if you don’t want to eat this, then you can starve . ”

The snow beauty became angrier “Asshole! Can’t you just go and catch a few beasts?”

Du Wei laughed “beasts? You can catch it if you want! If you can catch one, I’m sure I will praise your greatness to the almighty God! Go for it!”

Vivian secretly pulled the snow beauty, whispered “Sister……This island, has nothing at all……”

Du Wei had already turned his body, his voice is unconcerned “You can either solve it yourself, or you can eat this thing, or you can starve . Then I can wait until tomorrow when you have no strength, I might take the opportunity to revenge and kick you into the sea . ”

This speech was more effective than anything .

The snow beauty immediately grabbed the plant roots Vivian passed her and put it in her month, and started chewing .

She frowned and chewed at the same time……Thinking it must be the worst thing she has ever eaten! God! Can’t believe a person like me……is eating grass? Am I a horse, or a cow!!

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She got angrier as she eats, and she ate faster and faster . At the end of the day, the feeling of hunger is not good . She couldn’t believe she ate the whole plant and felt a little bit full in her stomach . She looked at Vivian and asked “Anymore?”

“……No more . ” Vivian looked helpless .

“……No more?” The snow beauty rattled .

What has this world become! Forget about fish and meat! I can tolerate to eat this plant roots, but can’t I have more?

“Listen . ” Du Wei turned around, his sight is cold, stared at the snow beauty and said “I think you should be cleared about our current situation! We are in an island, with nothing to eat, nothing to drink! Do you know that the thing you just ate, Vivian had been saving it for today! Do you know in order to get this thing; I’ve been running searching the whole afternoon . And you? You just sat there and ate what you were given . You ate all of your sister’s food, you didn’t even feel guilty . Not even a little bit appreciative . Instead, the only thing you did is complain…… Let me tell you, if you ever feel hungry, you have to find your own food! I hope you won’t be taking other people’s food tomorrow . In here, no one is a noble, not you, me, nor Vivian! No one has to serve you!!”

Supposedly, Du Wei’s impolite expression would make the snow beauty very angry, and his blame would make her feel embarrassed .

However……the snow beauty looked at the serious expression of Du Wei, and found herself unable to utter a single word to refute him . This weak young boy, supposedly she can kick him with one leg, but at this moment, facing his blame, the snow beauty suddenly felt a little bit guilty……Yes, it’s guilty! So guilty that she couldn’t look him in the eyes .

The first time in her life, the snow beauty suddenly felt that she didn’t have a single thought to face this kind of impolite exhortation . The weak young boy standing in front of her, his sight is this calm and indifferent, his body is weak but in this dark night, it looks like a big tree!

“I……I know, It……It wasn’t my intention to eat all of Vivian’s food, I……” The snow beauty only spoken half of her speech, but suddenly felt that her tone is so weak……so weak that she didn’t recognise herself!

Why do I have to give in to this kid!?

Du Wei gently smiled, turned around and looked at the sky .

The fog has not yet dispersed, there’s not a single star in the sky……

Du Wei sighed “Sleep, we still have a lot of thing to do tomorrow . ”

He added a few branches into the fire, and looked at Vivian sitting quietly, felt soft-hearted, and automatically extended his arm to Vivian’s head and hit lightly, softly said “Silly girl, are you hungry?”

Vivian was shocked, first shaking her head, followed by embarrassedly nodded .

“Sorry, I’m the only man in here; supposedly I should take care of you . ” Du Wei smiled bitterly “Unfortunately, I am the one who makes you starve . Hum! So be it, let’s sleep, imagine this island is a huge piece of cake, all the tresses around here is the candles, you are lying on top of a sweet piece of cake……Sleep, you can eat in your dream . ”

Cake? Vivian eyes had widened .

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Du Wei had already turned his body, Vivian quietly looked at his back .


In the morning, Du Wei woke up .

Precisely, he was woken by his hunger . He only had some awfully tasted fruit, his stomach is empty, those fruits are sour and bitter, on top of the stomach acid, Du Wei was tortured the whole night he couldn’t sleep well .

He found out the snow beauty had already woken up, wrapping around her belly and just sat there .

“Awake? Hungry?” Du Wei felt sorry about what he said last night, at the end she is a woman who didn’t know about the situation on an island, so he tried to be a bit more friendly .

“I’m not hungry!” The snow beauty shake her head, obviously she is lying, then she said “Where’s the water? I need to wash my face!”
“You can go out a little further to the sea . ”

“……You told me to wash my face with sea water?” The snow beauty was shocked .

“I’m sorry, we only have limited fresh water, just enough for drinking . ”

This time, the snow beauty didn’t argue with him, just sighed, then stood up and walked towards the sea side .

In the morning, Du Wei searched for food again, this time, he spent more time, it’s because there are one more person in the group means another month to feed . He brought back a bunch of plant roots .

This time, the snow beauty didn’t say a word and ate straightaway .

Du Wei smiled “Hey . ”


“Actually……” Du Wei suddenly felt that the woman was not actually that flagitious……From what he saw, she is just being childish . Du Wei controlled his laughter “Although the food is plain……at least you can wash away the mud before you eat . ”


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Seeing the woman’s face started to turn dull, Du Wei immediately changed the topic “Now we are trapped, we are a team……I still don’t know your name . ”

Then, he stood up, acted like a standard nobleman and smiled “I am Du Wei Rowling; Son of Earl Raymond, current Patriarch of the Rowling family, Deputy Commander of the Imperial High Command . ”

The snow beauty hesitated, it’s cleared that she is unwilling, but said “My name is Joanna . ”

Joanna……What a great name .

Vivian on the side looked at Du Wei and her sister who are finally not arguing anymore and said “You can ……you can also call her Joanna . ”

Joanna……What a weird name .

“Shut up, Vivian . ” Joanna shouted, then looked at Du Wei “That name, only my parents can call me that name, if you dare to call me that, you are dead . ”

“OK . ” Du Wei didn’t mind “Miss Joanna, now we know each other, next, it’s working time . ”

“Work? What work?”

Du Wei put away his smile and said “We need to find a way to leave here, I have an idea in my mind……”


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