Law of the Devil - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Law of the Devil Chapter 41: Captain Jack Sparrow

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Whilst Du Wei seized the Captain Rooms, the two female magicians did a thing that made the pirates felt envy…

They took a shower!

How much fresh water could they possibly have in a boat while sailing? Only enough for people to drink! It’s impossible to have any extra water for doing other things . Everyone including the Captain was dirty, no one was excluded . It was very normal that people couldn’t take a shower for at least half a month .

Now, these two ladies used an entire four barrels of fresh water!

Du Wei didn’t stop them . His reasoning was very simple . “The amount of freshwater equipped is based on the number of people there were originally…now more than twenty people were kicked off the ship . So even if some water was wasted, there was still no need to worry about the shortage in the coming days . ”

He also understood why the ladies wanted to have a shower so badly .

Even Du Wei felt itchy as he hadn’t showered for many days, and he had also been swimming in the sea for many days… . Sea water was salty, and after swimming in the sea water, the skin would turn dry and uncomfortable .

When the two female magicians were showering, Du Wei also had some things to do .

Captain Jack Sparrow was standing in front of Du Wei… . He was such a pathetic guy, not only had his name been changed by Du Wei, but his outfit was also changed to a strange set of clothing!

His head was wrapped with a red scarf, his beard was tied up by Du Wei, and he also had deep eye shadow now (painted with the carbon on the boat) . His clothes and boots were changed too, but since there was no gun in this world, Du Wei could only do that much .

Then, Du Wei ordered the guy to do different poses…

He had to say, in his previous life, in the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, one of the characteristics of Captain Jack was his…Lunacy! A little bit of lunacy in a Captain, was charming indeed!

After making him do some silly poses, Du Wei was satisfied .

During Du Wei’s Cosplay Reality Show, the two female magicians were enjoying the fun of their bath in the other room .

The pirates on the boat were in an awkward position .

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Because as per the request of this little noble… . they were now heading to the port!

The Captain, First Officer, Second Officer, and the Boatswain of the ship were kicked out by that horrible lady .

Now, among the rest of the pirates on the ship, the former highest status… . was the caterer, which meant the cook .

The caterer was also the father of Captain Jack Sparrow, who was chosen by Du Wei .

The poor pirates were worrying about their future…Although that little noble said he would let them stay alive, how could they know if they would or wouldn’t be hanged once they arrived in port?

“Perhaps, we should fight against them?” One man with golden teeth said, “they only got three people! If we locked the door and stoked the fire…”

People were looking at each other…and then looked at the guy who made this proposal .

“That woman was like a monster! She could break one’s bone by kicking him, she could kick the strongest man out for, like, more than ten miles! Stupid Idiot! Did you think that she can be killed by the fire?”

“Block them?! Couldn’t she break the wall and escape?”

All the rooms in this ship… . was actually made of simple thing wood!

The door opened while the pirates were still discussing .

With a brand new appearance, Captain Jack Sparrow came out…he was shy . When all the pirates looked at their new captain, they whistled and said,” Wow! Look! Our Captain!”

“Hahaha… . Captain Jack…you look pretty!”

“Right! Looks like a cow in estrus! Haha, even prettier than the bitches in Port York, hahaha… . ”

Our Captain Jack was a bit shy, and he coughed a bit…Now, he was the captain! He straightened his spine and walked to the desk, and said angrily, “Shut up, guys! If anyone continues to voice up, I will put my hat into his mouth! I swear, I will do that!”

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“Wow, look, our captain is getting angry!”


Captain Jack still couldn’t get any respect from the pirates…but he was chosen by little Du Wei!

“Ok! Keep quiet!” a hoarse voice shouted .

He was the caterer on this ship, and after the death of the captain, first officer and second officer, etc (They were just thrown into the sea, but without any food and water, and only with two crappy boats, could they still stay alive?), he held the highest status among the pirates .

The caterer seemed quite willing to protect his son,” All of you shut up! Can you get any benefit if you tease my son? Ok, come here son, I know you feel helpless . Now, the fates of everyone rely on you! You are the Captain now!”

Captain Jack looked at his father and nodded…He was still young, and he still didn’t have the issues of the old pirates .

Although he was a pirate, he was still a passionate adventurer of the sea .

The Caterer picked up a thick roll of cloth from his waist, “This is…He just drew it . ”

“He? Who? That little noble? That little kid?” One of the pirates laughed .

Jack got a bit angry . He looked at that pirate and whispered, “Old Bill, Listen! If you want to die, please keep on calling him like this! But if he throws you into the water, I will not help you!”

“We are all pirates…my father and I included!  But, do you want to be a pirate for your whole lives?” He chinned up and looked at the pirates,

“We all know, someday, we will die in this god damned sea! Someday, it will surely happen! Die by a storm, or attacked by the Imperial Navy . Being caught by the Navy and hanged up at the Port! Our dead body will probably be eaten by those crows and seabirds, also be dried under the sun! Like dried meat being hung for a few months! That’s our pirates’ destinations! My brothers!”

“I love the sea, and I love the feel of adventure on the sea…But I don’t think that being a pirate for my whole life is the best choice…not if we have other options! Listen, brothers! Now, our little Mr . Noble, he is a very influential noble! I can see it! Listen, this is our chance! We can get rid of the pirate identities and become one of the members under his fleet proudly! We can keep on sailing on the sea…with a new identity! The noble private fleet! No Imperial Navy will chase us! No one will hang us at the port! We just get a makeover, with cleaner and prettier clothes . Then, we can even have a beer and become friends with that goddamn Imperial Navy . We can even ask for their protection…look, how amazing will that be?”

Someone questioned, ”But, if we are not pirates anymore, what can we eat and drink? Where will the money come from?”

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Captain Jack didn’t answer directly – actually, he also didn’t know the answer . But he said,” Can you see those girls? Can you guess what I saw just now?”

“They were bathing? Hahaha, you are so lucky…”That pirate with golden teeth laughed .


That pirate was still talking; Captain Jack had already rushed to him and punched him!

That poor guy screamed and clutched his nose, ready to pull out his knife and fight with Jack!

“Such a stupid guy! As I said, if you dare to say those words again, I will kill you! You are such a bastard! If those ladies heard what you just said, all of us would suffer!” Jack was seething .

Pirates were looking at this guy…but no one felt sorry for him and no one wanted to help him .

It was because all of them agreed with Jack .  If this stupid guy made that horrible girl angry, all of them would suffer!

Perhaps…throwing him into the water tonight was a good choice…

Captain Jack then hit his face again and the guy was dizzied . Then he turned back, ”Right, let’s go on! Can you guess what I saw?”

No one answered .

“Magic!” Captain Jack whispered, “It’s MAGIC! Those girls are magicians! Holy shit! We are facing magicians… . TWO MAGICIANS!”

Everybody was surprised!

Since a long time ago, people were scared of the magicians, and no one would have dared to aggravate them!

“I saw that those girls used magic to create fire, then dried their clothes in their room…perhaps they thought we are dirty, so they cleaned their clothes by themselves . ” Captain Jack whispered, “Our little noble let me see that on purpose . And I am very clear that this is a threat, as you all should understand . Magicians are not normal people! They can kill us easily! Especially that horrible woman, as she is not only a magician but also a warrior!”

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“Go back to the question…captain, if we follow this noble, what are the benefits? What can we eat and drink? Will he raise us? I don’t understand, apart from being pirates, what can we do?”

Though this question was harsh, obviously, they started to respect Jack and started calling him Captain .

“I don’t know . ” Captain Jack answered . “But I am sure that first, don’t forget we saved his life! We picked him out of the sea . He owes us, if we listen to him, he won’t make it harsh, and I am sure he will give us some benefits . Second… . two magicians! My brothers! Have you ever heard that magicians suffered shortage of money?”

‘Don’t worry!’

Especially the second point .

Will a magician suffer in a shortage of money?

Since a long time ago, in the view of the normal people, magicians were rich! They are the people who get the best treatment everywhere, as many rich people or nobles were very willing to give them money to please them or ensnare them .

A Magician who didn’t have enough money? What a joke!

Saying this, Jack released the worry or the objection from all the pirates . He then spread out the cloth, “This is what the noble just drew… . it’s our new flag!”


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