Law of the Devil - Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Law of the Devil Chapter 52 Visit of the Magic Teacher

Marde was staying in his room for two days after the flying trial . After recovering from his illness, he still felt that he could not walk properly with his legs .

But Du Wei still gave a reward to this loyal servant . It was because that day on the Hot Air balloon, when they were struggling how to land off, the panic Marde suggested an idea, he asked if they could shut off the stove in order to land off .

This suggestion inspired Du Wei . The energy for the Hot Air Balloon was related to the temperature of the air inside the balloon . If they shut down the stove, the air inside would be cooled down, the balloon could land off then .

But after this poor Marde landed off, he almost spitted everything, and finally he needed to be carried back by the cavalry .

When everybody in the castle was guessing what kind of new thing this little master would make…Du Wei simply remained silent . .

In these days, Du Wei didn’t invent any new things . Du Wei knew that he didn’t have any interest to make so many things that would use up his energy . The fireworks, soccer betting, these were the idea for solving the liquidity problem he had .

Du Wei didn’t aim to have the costly Industrial Revolution . His target was earning money for supporting the expensive magic experiments .

Now, since he didn’t need to worry about the money, he stopped all the thing .

Apart from going to Solskjaer’s laboratory to check the progress of this magic alchemist every day, going to check the research team of the Hot Air Balloon and the Firework afterwards, he spent the remaining time on learning magic .

Every night he would go to the rooftop on the third floor of the magic laboratory alone and spent a night there . He had a tacit agreement with Solskjaer that Solskjaer would use the laboratory in the daytime and he would use the laboratory at night . They could not intervene each other .

Almost a month, but Du Wei still could not overcome the first difficulty of the “Star Magic” . The concept of the “Star Energy” was still too vague . Without any specific standard and description, even Semel could not accurately explain what “Star Energy” was… Since this Semel was not the real Star Reader, she was only a clone and got a part of the memory . This Semel was not able to answer most of the difficult questions from Du Wei

Apart from learning Star Magic at night, Du Wei also learned the traditional magic on the ground at daytime…Solskjaer did help him a bit, since he was a magician . Du Wei still could learn some low level magic from him .

In this one month, Du Wei had learned some low level spell basically, for example, the simple Fire Magic, Fireball, also the Wind Sword from the Wind Magic . Du Wei could use these easily . Among the low level magic, Du Wei knew the “Vertigo technique” and “Acceleration technique” well .

Finally, Solskjaey also admitted that the magic power of Du Wei was better than him…in terms of the magic power or the magic sensitivity . If Du Wei were willing to accept the assessment from the Magic Union, he could easily get the qualification of Grade one Magician easily with his current ability .

In fact, Du Wei had slightly hidden his real power .

Although Du Wei still could not learn the Star Magic, with the spell learned from Semel, his spiritual power had a great improvement . Now, his magic power reached at the Grade three level already .

For the magic sensitivity…with the “Horn” given by Chris, Du Wei’s Magic sensitivity was much better than many intermediary magicians!

In the afternoon, Marde was given an important task from Du Wei!

As being the General Director of Du Wei, Marde would be responsible for preparing the birthday present and going to Imperial City to celebrate countess’s birthday .


Du Wei had spent a night to write a letter…Du Wei had a considerable feeling to this beautiful and gentle countess . Especially when he got sick in childhood, the countess had kneeled for a night, praising and taking care of Du Wei…Even after the birth of his brother, every family member has neglected him, but countess didn’t and she still kept going to Du Wei’s bedroom every night, cuddling her little son and singing a lullaby for him .

Du Wei was very touched . He could feel the motherly love from this beautiful and gentle woman . Although Du Wei felt guilty about his love…as he was not her real son . But because of this love, he always missed this beautiful and gentle mother .

The birthday present was the “Forgiveness from the Goddess of Bright” that was prepared by Du Wei .

Du Wei was confident that after this unprecedented present arrived the Earl Court, certainly would cause a great shock! Du Wei didn’t care about the shock, he just hoped that Countess would feel happy in the birthday party .
Marde was heading to the Earl Court by carriage with few servants . The Countess’s birthday would be seven days later . If everything’s right, they would arrive two days before the Countess’s birthday .

After sending Marde away, Du Wei was relaxed a little bit, he was actually a bit selfish . He felt bad in the grounding period, he could not leave the castle . He felt bored in this one month . He hoped that this birthday present could make his father felt better about him . He didn’t care of the three hundred golden coins . He just wanted his grounding order to be removed if the Earl felt happy about the present .

At the night when Marde left, the sky was very clear . Du Wei suddenly got an idea at that night . He ordered the servants to prepare a stove and placed it on the rooftop on the Laboratory tower, and ordered the chef in the castle to prepare some sirloin, lamb chops and some vegetable grown in the farmland behind the castle…also a bottle of red wine .

Du Wei planned to have an open-air barbecue .

The steak was placed on the hob of the stove, Du Wei used the brush he made and dipped the seasoning, smeared on the steak . He did it very carefully . He tried his best to let every part of the steak was evenly spread with the sauce .

The grilled seasoned meat scented, Du Wei was enjoying and have a deep breath, he even hummed a ditty .

Semel looked at the pleasant Du Wei strangely .

”Which song are you humming? It seems like the song from bard…but why can i not understand every single word of it?”

Du Wei was too lazy to explain, he grunted and flipped the steak by using the folk, then drank some wine .

”Red wine with red meat . ” Du Wei was so satisfied and sighed, “The sky is so clear, with the breeze…such a good evening . Eat some grilled meat and drink some good wine…but it’s a pity that there is no music . ”

”You, little noble, really know how to enjoy life . ” Semel sighed and said, “Will you learn Star Magic tonight?”

”I have learned for more than a month . ” Du Wei wry smiled, “The training of spiritual power is very effective, but the star power, I still cannot get it . Not because I am lazy, I just don’t understand it . This can not be solved in one or two days . I am tired in this month, I need to squeeze some time for relaxing . ”

Then, he used to fork and lifted the grilled steak and had a bite, it’s so yummy . He smiled and said vaguely, “Yummy! So yummy! Unfortunately, you cannot eat such a yummy food . ”

Semel rolled her eyes directly . Since she was a magic creature, technically an object with spiritual power…without a physical body, she was just an illusion, she didn’t need to eat or drink or sleep .

Du Wei unlocked her seal, her spirit was deeply engraved on Du Wei’s magic mark, she almost became the shadow of Du Wei .

”You don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t sleep…so, is your life boring?” Du Wei looked at Semel and sighed .

Semel was still wearing the Red gown . After few reminders from Du Wei, she finally learned how to pay attention to her appearance, and not swinging her beautiful legs on the fence .

Semel rolled her eyes again .

”Are you eternal…hm…I didn’t ask you about that before . ” Du Wei blinked his eyes, “How long can you live?”

”Same as you . ” Semel felt helpless when she said that, “I was released by you, the spell of unlocking the seal let my life linked with your spiritual power . So, how long you can live is the same as how long I can live! If you died, your spiritual power would be gone, then I will disappear as well . ”

”So, that means we live and die together?” Du Wei looked strange .

”Be careful with your words, my little noble . ” Semel smiled maliciously, “Don’t forget I am your great great grandmother . ”

Du Wei let out a Bah cry and stared at Semel, “you are only the clone, not the real Semel . Also…great great grandmother? Have you seen any grandmother swinging her legs in front of her grandson all the time?”

Semel was angry and looked at the sky .

Du Wei was chilling on the chair . He was eating the grilled sausage, looking at Semel sitting on the fence . The light of the moon reflected on her face, her red gown was floating, her hair was like the snow . Her face looked soft, but with a confused expression…

”What are you thinking?” Du Wei asked .
”I don’t know . So I am thinking . ” Semel answered weirdly with a low tone .

Then, Semel looked at Du Wei, she was confused, “Actually, I feel that I am weird…when I was sealed, I always hoped that someone will unlock me . But after I have been released, I find that I don’t know what I can do…I am not human . But…Semel had given me part of her memory, let me think in the human way . In these days, I kept following you, I felt confused…I don’t know what I can do . Although I feel relaxed when I am spending time with you, it’s much more free than being sealed in the painting . But I am more confused…You are human, with your current age, you at least can live for few decades or even hundred years…So, is it meant that I have to spend time with you in the coming hundred years and only talk to you and be your shadow? Looking at you every day for hundred years till you die?”

Du Wei sat stricter a little bit and he looked serious . He looked at Semel and sighed, “I am shocked…your thinking style is close to the human . To be honest…I cannot answer your question . It is because your question is the most difficult question that even the cleverest person in the world cannot answer – Meaning of Life . ”

”Meaning of life…” Semel was pondering this sentence .

Du Wei was looking at the sad Semel, he suddenly thought of a fairy tale in his previous life: Pinocchio .

Du Wei immediately told this story to Semel .

This magic creature was fascinated, she even didn’t said a word when she was listening .

When Du Wei said that the puppet “Pinocchio” told a lie, its nose would get longer, Semel could not stop laughing . She laughed happily and looked a bit…innocent .

When Du Wei said “Pinocchio” hoped to become a real human, with the real human body…

Semel bowed her head, very low, even Du Wei could not see her expression clearly .

Finally, Du Wei finished his story, at the end, the puppet could turn into a real human…

”I also want to have a real body . ” Semel suddenly spoke .

Her voice was very soft . But in her voice, Du Wei could feel her hope!

In the past, Du Wei didn’t have any feeling about this story . But tonight, he was looking at this magic creature sitting in front of him, and said her wishes sadly…

He suddenly felt the compassion, but he didn’t know how to comfort Semel .

”Perhaps…” Du Wei thought, “Perhaps we may try… . perhaps the magic can… . ”

”It’s late now, I want to have a rest . ” Semel interrupted Du Wei . Her words were strange because magic creature didn’t need to rest .

Obviously, she was escaping, escaping from the impossible comfort from Du Wei .

BANG, Semel disappeared . Du Wei sighed as he knew that Semel didn’t want to speak . Although she was the magic creature, when Semel didn’t want to speak, she could attach to anything next to Du Wei .

Ring, badge, clothes, even the book . As long as Semel wanted to, she could even attach on Du Wei’s belt . Otherwise, she would be floating around Du Wei for the whole day, Du Wei also felt that someone was following him .

Du Wei sighed and he didn’t stop Semel…although he could order Semel to show up because he was the one that released Semel and magic creature might listen to all the order from Du Wei . But at that moment, Du Wei knew that she was sad and didn’t want to talk much .

After drinking the wine, extinguishing the fire, Du Wei was chilling lazily and looked at the sky .

The sky was still bright, and Du Wei suddenly asked himself, “For me… . what’s the meaning of life?”

He was sitting for a long period of time there . When he started feeling tired and ready to go to bed, Du Wei was a bit shocked! He felt there was a strong spiritual power in the air nearby!

The slight fluctuation of the current could not be hidden from the spiritual power of Du Wei, he sat and looked around!

”Seems your sensitivity is strong . ” In the dark, there was a melodious voice suddenly passed over here!

This voice seems old, but the tone was very soft and even with a smile, “According to what I heard of your situation before, you should not have this level of spiritual power…Mr . Du Wei Rowling . ”

There was a shadow that suddenly showed up near the balcony!

In the darkness, this man was wearing a white gown, it was a magician gown . He had an old face, long beard, his eyebrows were fine, his smile was very calm . But when he looked at Du Wei, his eyes were sharp like needles!

Du Wei was uncomfortable about that .

”Who are you?” Du Wei puzzled, “A magician? I didn’t have any contact with the Magic Union . ”

This old man flew across the fence and landed next to Du Wei . He was still smiling…by the way, although he was old, he had very fine skin and flashing eyes which didn’t match with his age!…Du Wei never saw anyone that looked like him!

”You made me shocked…before, I thought you are just a little noble boy who knows some tricks . ” This old magician smiled and looked at Du Wei, “ But now, seems you got outstanding spiritual power…oh, you know magic too? You don’t have to be in the position of using fire magic…don’t need to be cautious about me…Because it’s useless . ”

Du Wei looked at this guy intensively, “Who are you?”

”Who am i… . . ” The old magician went to the side of Du Wei, he bounced and grabbed the bottle on the table, and drank a little bit and sighed, “Nice wine . The wine from Rowling Family was always good…you should feel honored as my little kid, you are the first one who treat me wine from the Rowling Family in these hundred years . ”

”You just… . looking at me secretly?!” Du Wei was worried! The existence of Semel was a great secret and Du Wei didn’t want other to know there was an invisible magic creature following him .

”No . I don’t do this kind of meaningless thing . ” The old magician smiled, “I just arrive… . hm, I haven’t been to Rowling Plain for couple years . I almost got lost . Right…it’s so late . You are not at your room but drinking wine in this place…Is it the discipline of the Rowling Family so loosened and lax?”

Du Wei was wary, “You seems like you know the Rowling Family well?”

”No no no…” The old magician smiled relaxingly, “I just know some people from Rowling family when I was young . Hm…that happened a long time ago . ”

”ok…” Du Wei spoke carefully and sat slowly . He hid his hands in the sleeves, slightly withheld the magic scroll, “Magician, a night visit, you are not only passing here, right?”

”I… . came to see you . ” Old Magician thought for a while, and suddenly noticed his reason for coming here, “I came to find you to get back a couple of things . ”


”Several things . ” The old magician sighed, “You had extorted many things from my stupid student…although that kid was innocent, as her teacher, I cannot just stand here and see how she was cheated by others . ”

Du Wei finally understood, “You… . you are Vivian’s teacher?!”


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