Law of the Devil - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Law of the Devil 68: Battle Between Magic and Sword

This guy ignored Dadaneier and suddenly used his three fingers like a blade and slashed!


Right before he accurately hit the tip of Dadaneier’s sword, Du Wei could see a golden light coming from Hussein’s palm! Dadaneier was shocked by what he saw so he jumped backwards to dodge . When he landed, his sword was already broken in two and the pieces were shattered across the snow . Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he dropped to the floor in agony!

A third level Warrior like Dadaneier is surely no match for someone like Hussein… Even if Hussein is suffering from heavy injury, he is after all the knight that stands at the peak of all warriors on the continent!

Despite having mixed feelings of anger and fear, Du Wei still managed to cry out, “Dadaneier!” Without hesitation, he made some hand gestures and shot out two wind blades towards the hated Hussein . Du Wei knew his weak attempt at saving his friend is futile, but he still had to try . On top of his offensive wind spell, he also conjured up a confusion spell to boost his chances of success .

Seeing the pace Du Wei was able to conjure up so many spells against him, even Hussein was surprised . But as the strongest knight on the continent, he did not lose his composure for long despite his injuries . Moving a finger, this all powerful enemy was easily able to deflect all of the assaults sent out by Du Wei . As for that that confusion magic, all he had to do was wave his hand and the low level magic was dispersed and sent back to the caster!

After exhausting all of his energy, Du Wei could not muster anymore energy to repel his own spell and fell under the effect of his own efforts!

As he fell down to ground, he was inwardly scolding himself: “Must I be the first magician to get attacked by my own magic on this continent? Dadaneier… Oh god, how is he? Will he be killed by that guy?”

The old magician… . The old man, why didn’t he show any response to all of this? Is he not nearby?

Where is Semel? Even Semel is hiding?!


“Little kid, are you a magician?” Hussein is already off the snow and standing upright . Although he is wrapped in countless bandages, the expression on this guy seems to show no pain .

Du Wei was still lying on the floor, unable to get up to face his foe due to his own confusion magic .

Luckily, his spiritual powers were strong and he just needed to bite his lips to break out of his own spell .

Further away, Dadaneier was already awake and sitting upright on the ground . Despite puking blood out of his mouth still, this third level warrior still managed to pull out his bow for one last attempt . Using the arrow given to him by the snow wolf mercenary group, he mustered up every ounce of his remaining strength and poured it all into the arrow before firing it off towards Hussein… . .


Although Hussein knew the arrow is aiming for his head, but the knight didn’t bother to dodge and only sneered in contempt . Using two of his fingers, he caught the arrow in midflight and clipped it in two!

“Great shot, but your speed is too slow . ” Hussein carelessly threw the arrow back towards the owner . Buzz! The returning arrow pierced straight through Dadaneier’s shoulder! Under the terrifying power of the arrow, the third level warrior was sent flying 5 to 6 meters away, nailing him against a hulking tree further behind him! Due to the shockwave of having someone slam into its trunk, the snow on top of the tree all fell down, thus, muffling some of the screaming cries of the fallen Dadeneier!

Normally, an arrow wouldn’t cause so much pain, but the arrows from the Snow Wolf Mercenary all had hooks on the tips! It’s terribly painful when one’s body is pierced by such a weapon due to the flesh ripping effect of the hooks!

Hussein sneered as walked towards Du Wei . His face changing from contempt to a form of anger: “Sorry, although there is no grudge among us, but I have to kill both of you… And in my life, I hate magicians the most!”

Seeing how the knight is ready to slash down at him with his sword like hands, Du Wei had no doubt in his mind that he would meet his end if he succeeds .

Struggling to push Hussein’s leg away, Du Wei felt despair in his attempt because the guy was just like a mountain, impossible to move!

Hussein watched with mocking eyes as he casually swung down…

At that moment, there was some mysterious dark air coming out from Du Wei! Then in a blink of an eye, Du Wei suddenly disappeared in front of Hussein! From where he originally was, his voice could be heard from 3 meters away! Slightly stunned, Hussein could feel the surrounding air currents beginning to wrap itself around his body .

Hussein forcefully waived his hands through the air currents as a golden lights flashed across his body . Then in a single breath of bursting energy, the constricting air currents were scattered about . Unfortunately for Hussein, there is an unlimited supply of air in the world . Once he lowered his energy output, the air currents immediately reformed and began to tie around his body again… . .

“Oh, binding magic?” Hussein had a hint of surprise in his expression before his face turned into a mocking smile: “You really think that such magic can stop me?”

Amongst his laughs, the knight suddenly spread his arms apart and made a expanding gesture… . .

Within Du Wei’s limited line of sight, he could see a golden light expanding in the motion of a burning flame! Even the air under the burning golden flames looked like it was dyed in a golden light! Under this expanding flame, the air currents binding the knight began to spread outward uncontrollably!

Hussein looked at the currently sitting Du Wei before reaching out his hand like he was trying to grasp onto something . Then in mere moments, a sword appeared in the grasp of his hand!

Obviously, this sword is not a real physical sword, but a sword made out of pure light! In a single swing of his hand, the knight threw the light sword towards Du Wei!

As fast as lightning, this sword was already in front of Du Wei . Already prepared to die under such an attack, Du Wei closed his eyes and waited for his imminent death . Luckily for him, it was at this moment a silvery light appeared around his body .

From this mysterious light, a mirror like barrier formed to stand in-between the light sword and Du Wei .

As if the two opposing forces were able to cancel each other out, the silvery mirror and the light sword collided together and disappeared from existence .

“Oh! Magic shield . ” Hussein frowned, “I guess I have misjudged a little kid like you . Your magic level is not bad!”

Du Wei’s face lightened up as he shouted, “Semel, is that you?”

Semel had already shown up behind Hussein . Her silvery hair flapping in the wind made her look ever so majestic, “No matter who you are, you cannot hurt Zack!”

With that, a silvery light appeared around her body as she clapped her hands together . Propelling herself towards Hussein, the light around her body turned into numerous light meteors and shot towards the knight!


Hussein yelled and turned around, facing the meteors . This top knight suddenly expanded with the golden flame . This time, he grabbed a bit, and the long sword of Gefeite was already in his hand! Compared with the meteors, his speed was a bit slow . He slowly used his sword and drew a circle…

Suddenly, there was a weird twist! Although the meteors were much faster than the speed of Hussein, the meteors still could not attack Hussein before he finished the drawing . The circle suddenly turned into a light orb around him and acted as a shield, protecting him from the meteors attack…

Semel was shocked too . Obviously, the power of Hussein was out of her expectation . The female astrology teacher felt gloomy, and she jumped suddenly . Her white pretty legs left the snow too, she spread out her arms like she was going to cuddle the sky . Her fingers moved smoothly and started spelling!

At the moment, everything started to change!

The sunny sky changed into cloudy! The breeze started roaring, the clouds gathered! The clouds in the sky were getting thicker and darker! The sun was shaded by the cloud, even…

Shit! There was lightening among the cloud!

Looking like a goddess as she floated in the air, Semel pointed a finger at Hussein, “Come on! The strongest knight of the continent, show me your strength!”

With a serious face, Hussein shouted towards the clouds in the sky, “Who are you! For such a powerful mage, why are you doing so many shady attacks! Are you afraid of coming before me?!”




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