Law of the Devil - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

80th chapter “Queen Medusa”

From close inspection of its mouse head with the randomly shifting eyeballs, two mouse whiskers, long pointed mouth, and two fangs sticking out . The phrase “Mouse thief” is indeed appropriate when applied to this fellow .

“Human being?” Du-Wei looked skeptical, “You said that you are human?”

“I . . I… I… I… I… am in fact a human . ” The mouse Prime Minister shook so hard that he had to fight to keep his teeth from chattering . With a glance, he swallowed his saliva and fixed his eyes on the sharp edged sword . “I… I… . I am really a human . Not… Not… Not… fooling you… . . I can’t fool you . ”

“Enough!” Du-Wei shouted while staring, “You will just stutter if you keep going . ”

Putting his bow away, Dadaneier had a look of confusion on his face . “You really are a human? Then why do you look like a rat?”

“Once upon a time… . I was truly a human and used to be a magician . I came to this frozen forest more than 20 years ago with others… . “ The mouse Prime Minister had a pathetic look at Hussein’s sword then showed a disgusting subservient like smile on his face . “This knight sir, can you please remove your sword? Even my neck has been cut . ”

Hussein snorted as he put down the sword . With his ability, there is no need to be afraid of this guy playing any tricks .

Seeing his neck was no longer under any threat, the mouse Prime Minister let out a long sigh of relief . While straightening his clothes, he once again caught a glimpse of Hussein’s murderous eyes, causing him to shrink his neck away from fear as he whispered . “I have been called Gargamel in the past… . ”

Before he could even finish his words, Du-Wei’s eye was already wide in disbelief . “Gargamel?”

“Holy crap! I fucking called Smurfs!” (it’s a slang incase you’re wondering)

“Gargamel? You are really called Gargamel?” The knight asked with a frown . To think that Hussein actually recognized the name .

The mouse Prime Minister shrank his head back like he was very afraid of Hussein . “Correct, that is my former name . I used to be a magician, a human magician, and was even a Grand magician!”

At first, Du-Wei didn’t believe his words . “Grand magician? Then you should at least be 8th level . ”

But in the fight just now, the magic demonstrated by this guy was at best a little higher than Du-Wei’s and didn’t hold any great strength . Eighth-level magician, but it is the same level as the small stuttering women (Vivian) and the violent Joanna . From a strength’s point of view, the ability of the mouse Prime Minister is far too low in comparison .

Hussein showed a contemplative expression . “You are really the Grand magician Gargamel? I seem to have heard of your name before . You used to be a council member of the magic union, correct?”


“Yes! Yes!” The mouse Prime Minister’s had a glow in his eye as he recalled the past . “I was indeed a governing council member of the magic union! You know my name?

Du-Wei pulled at Hussein’s side . “Do you really know him?”

“I do not know him but I have heard of his name . If he isn’t lying, then I’m afraid he is really Gargamel, an eighth level magician and a governing council member of the magic union . At the same time, he is also one of the world’s few high leveled magician’s skilled in transformation magic . Over 20 years ago, this person was actually quite famous in the capital .

“Is he?” Du-Wei and Dadaneierdu couldn’t help but take a look at this person with the characteristics of a mouse thief .

Hussein also revealed a bemused smile, “This guy’s fame had a special reason behind it . Back then, he somehow achieved his eighth level qualification by opportunistic means due to the fact that fewer and fewer people are training in transformation magic . In order to protect and encourage others to practice this rare magic so that it could be passed down to future generations, the magic union gave him the title of grand magician . In the past, he had to two resounding nicknames, do you know what they are?”

“Just say it Hussein, I’m very curious . ” Du-Wei spoke with a smile .

Hussein rubbed his chin, “The first nickname is ‘The most undeserving grand magician in history’ because it was recognized that if you compared his true power, he is the weakest one among all the eighth level magicians . I even suspect that a sixth-level Magician can defeat this guy but his accomplishment in transformation magic is very high .

“Transformation magic……” Du-Wei’s eye flashed with an odd look, then asked . “What about the other nickname?”

Hussein openly spoke out loud . “The most cowardly magician . ”  Fortunately, the mouse’s face was hidden or else his facial expression would be flushed red if seen .

“He is considered to be the most cowardly magician and never fight with others . Even when he offends other people, he would be the first to apologize… . Oh, but he is actually very skilled at flattering . Even his governing member title was because he had done a good job at serving the vice president of the magic union . Out of all the grand magicians in the imperial capital, he is the most likely to indulge himself in wealth . He was known to have the best relationship with the nobles and also being the most greedy… . Oh, I heard he was also very lustful, allegedly changing his clothes often to hang out in the red light district… . And as to where he got his nickname as the “most cowardly magician” . Hussein laughed in a HAHAHAH manner . “It’s said that once in the streets of the red light district, he got into an argument over some jealousy matter, then a sixth level warrior got so drunk that he fell over his face on a wine jug had pulled out his sword and asked for a duel in front of everyone . But this eighth level magician had dismally ran away and didn’t even dare to roam the streets of the red light district for a month . ”

Gargaemel refuted with a whining sentence . “That’s because I’m generous and didn’t hold any grudges against these kind of people . “

“But then why have you always fled whenever you meet the Warrior? For that matter, the reputation of the magic union was disgraced and the warrior also became the first ever in decades to challenge a grand magician alone . It was also for that matter, the governing board of the magic union had unanimously voted to remove you?

Gargamel’s retorting voice grew smaller  “That’s because…… I am a resolute pacifist……” .

“Pacifist……” Du-Wei held in his laughter . “You are really Gargamel, the magician? How come a pacifist like you became the prime minister of this animal kingdom and… . . Also become a rat?”

Gargamel grinds his teeth, revealing a trace of hatred in his eyes . “This is all to be blamed on that hateful bastard . Azrael, let him suffer through a thousand knives!!

Du-Wei laughed in his heart . First is Gargamel, now Azrael . (The River cats from the Smurfs if you don’t know)

Hussein sighed, “Mr . Azrael? Azrael the grand magician?

Gargamel curses out . “If it’s not him, who else can it be?! This deceitful, greedy, sly, and cowardly man!”

“Deceitful, greed, sly, and cowardly……” Du-Wei smiled while looking at Gargamel, “These descriptions are a better fit to describe yourself . ”

“Oh with respect gentlemen . ” Gargamel gave a humble smile, “I admit it…… However, that Azrael is absolutely many more times deceitful, greedy, sly, and cowardly than me… . Even a Hundred times more so!”

Subsequently, Gargamel complains about his tragic history .

The Azrael from his words was a grand magician, a very famous mage . It goes without saying that twenty years ago, this person created a sensation by leading a group of senior knights into the frozen forest . By crossing the frozen lake and heading into the north shore of the great lake, he went deeper into the frozen forest than any other man before him! The hero of this event is of course his excellency Azrael the grand magician!

Then finally at the ending of the tale, his Excellency Azrael the grand magician, faced danger in the Canyon and the accompanying senior knights all died, leaving him deeply wounded to flee back alone .

But he has had such a legendary experience that he earned the respect of many people because before that, no one would ever travel this deep into the frozen forest! He also left behind some valuable information regarding the road map in northern region .

“It was Azrael, that bastard scammed me into the frozen forest . ” Gargamel sighed .

“But why is there no mention of you? And the expedition roster didn’t have your name on the list when they left the capital . ” Hussein squinted coldly at the big mouse .

“That’s because… First of all, in the face of the danger, Azrael dishonorably abandoned me, so he didn’t dare speak my name!… Second, I did not set out together with them in the capital . I came across them while I was in a small town, south of the frozen forest . ” Gargamel’s eye shifted around randomly, “I… I was about to enter the frozen forest . ”

“With your capability?” Hussein’s smile was filled with such disdain that it pierced through Gargamel’s thick hide of lies . “You, who would flee in panic from a duel with a sixth level warrior, would dare enter the frozen forest which is filled with magical beasts? I warn you, I do not like people lying to me, so if you speak one more false word, I will guarantee you neck will kiss my sword!”

Gargamel immediately surrendered . “Fine, I’ll tell you the truth… I didn’t dare to come… Ah… I really regret it; I shouldn’t have met Azrael and those people . With a few gold coins, I came to the town located at the southern edge of the forest . If I could encounter a team of adventurers coming back from hunting, I might be able to buy some magical beast cores . ”

Dardaneier frowned, “The magic shops in the capital already have them, why would you go so far north?”

Gargamel answered honestly, “Because buying these things in the capital is too expensive . From when the adventurers hunt the magical beasts, to selling them to the smugglers and transporting them to the south, then the smugglers selling to a middleman, the cost would increase 4 to 5 folds by the time it reaches the market .

“But magicians shouldn’t lack money,” Du-Wei spoke with a smile .

“Of course there’s no shortage . ” Gargamel told the truth, “But I’m still short on money . I had a fixed salary from the magic union and I could also get bribes from the group of nobility that I knew . But after the conflict with the warrior, my reputation got worse and the nobility no longer respected me, also the bribes got less and less . And… I also like women and gambling… . Hey! Don’t look at me like that! Although I’m a coward but I got good gambling habits! I have never skipped out on my debts! If you don’t believe me, go find out from the casino’s in the capital . Who doesn’t know of old Gargamel’s gambling habits!” This mouse actually looked proud, as if he were speaking of some glorious deeds .

“All right……” Du-Wei had a wry smile .

I have never seen such a mage… I’m afraid he’s the most unusual magician in hundreds of years .

“I owed a lot of gambling debts . As the nobles offered less and less in bribes, my salary from the magic union is not enough to pay off my debts… . Unfortunately, I didn’t study gold refining alchemy . My other colleagues all saw gold refining alchemy as lofty magic and didn’t want to deal with someone like me that had a bad reputation . No other way left, I was forced to find another way to bring in some money . Although a magician can receive respect and reap benefits wherever he goes, but my reputation was too terrible at the time . All the wealthy and powerful nobles ignored me, so I had no choice but to leave the capital and head north . Gargamel’s eyes suddenly shined, “That’s when I thought of a way to get rich . I just had to wait on the edge of the frozen forest, then when the adventurer teams return, I would be able to directly purchase the magic stones at the lowest price . After returning to the empire’s capital, I would make 4 to 5 times the profit by selling to other magicians .

Du-Wei sighed while looking at Gargamel, he couldn’t help but reveal a hint of curiosity in his eyes .

What a freak… But he was able to understand the business concept of controlling the supply chain of a product and using his own methods to obtain it for the lowest price . In this world, it can be considered somewhat economically mindful .

“And that event became my misfortune . ” Gargamel grimaced, “I met Azrael and he told me they were preparing to enter the frozen forest, that was when he convinced me to join them . ”

Hussein grunted with cold eyes .

“Okay, okay!” In the face of Hussein’s imposing eyes, Gargamel once again surrendered . “I’ll tell the truth… . Azrael simply didn’t put me in his eyes, but seeing these people with superior strength: a grand magician coupled with a group of senior knights; with such a powerful group in the frozen forest, I thought if I could join them, I would be very safe . So why not join them and along the way when they killed  a magical beast, I could collect the cores without spending single a gold coin . If I could take this opportunity and make enough, then I could go back to the capital and clear my debts . Being a magician, no matter how little, I could still help him, so after much persistence, I was able to convince Azrael to let me join the team . ”

“So you temporarily joined them and entered the frozen forest?” Du-Wei stopped smiling, “But to go past the southern end of the lake… You should have known that it was dangerous, why did you continue following?

Gargamel seemed to swallow a piece of Rhizoma Coptidis (bitter plant name) and raised his paws to either side of himself, shrugging, and smiled: “They had to continue north, what could I do? Asking me to leave the team and go back alone? Going through the vast forest and go back to town? I was worried that being by myself, I would be eaten by a magical beast . I could only keep going with them, but I did not expect the results which came about from that decision; we came to the entrance of this Canyon valley and met a group of Treants… When we heard about the fountain of youth, Azrael’s smile was so huge that he couldn’t close his mouth and said that we must go in to search for the damn spring! Ugh . ”

“The result? Did you find it?” Du-Wei was interested in this issue .

“We found it, but who would have ever thought, the evil eye that was guarding the spring is a terrible monster!” Speaking of the Evil Eye, Gargamel’s whole body shook and his teeth started to chatter . With a trembling voice, he said . “In a big battle, all of those senior knights lost their lives and Azrael lost an eye when he was almost beaten to death . That was when we had to run away… . . But that damn Azrael actually left me behind!”

Seeing Gargamel ruthlessly grinding his teeth, Du-Wei couldn’t help but say . “When a person don’t have much of a relationship with you, of course the other party wouldn’t care and escape on their own . ”

“It wasn’t that simple . ” Gargamel smiled bitterly, “That bastard, deserving to suffer through a thousand knives, actually lied to me that separating would be safer . And at the time I was thinking, I’ll transform into a mouse and dig myself out a safe spot and he was bigger as a target, so he was more likely to attract the monster… .  So I agreed but the result was that the bastard pulled a fast one on me . He took advantage of me not paying attention and threw a bottle of glitter powder at me! That bastard! In the middle of the night, my body was covered in glitter powder so I stood out like a beacon! Naturally, the Evil Eye would chase after me! Azrael, that bastard ran away!”

Du-Wei and Dardaneier both tried to stop themselves from laughing, “And then?”

Gargamel showed an unlucky looking face, “I cast transformation magic on myself and turned into a mouse . While scurrying around in the darkness, I accidentally fell into the spring and drank some of the water . ”

The color on Du-Wei’s face slightly changed, “You…… Fell into a spring, was it the fountain of youth?”

Gargamel stared and snapped, “It wasn’t that damn thing!” But upon seeing Hussein’s cold stare at his neck, he softened his tone . “Ah, well… Yeah, that’s right, it is the fountain of youth . ”

Du-Wei couldn’t help but give Gargamel another perplexed look .

Gargamel failed to notice this and said, “Then, before I could react, the Evil Eye had grabbed me by my neck and pulled me up . I thought I was definitely dead when the few knights that were left looked at her and turned into stone! Azrael, that son of a bitch poked an eye out only to escape! I kept running with my eyes closed until I fell into that damn spring, the Evil Eye, she…”

“Wait a minute!!”

Du-Wei and Dadaneier both interrupted Gargamel at the same time . ”

Dadaneier had a look of excitement: “You mean… Whatever the Evil Eye looked at will turn into stone? Could it be, this Evil Eye is the golden eye python?”

Du-Wei had an odd but curious look on his face . “What did you say? You said she? Is the Evil Eye python a woman?”

Posed with 2 question the same time by two people, Gargamel paused for a moment before replying . “Well, the Evil Eye is not a golden eye python, but she could have been a golden eye python in the past before evolving into her final advanced form… Queen Medusa!” Then he glanced at Du-Wei and gave a wry smile, “You heard me right and I didn’t say it wrong . I did say ‘she’, the Evil Eye is the title she used for herself . Her majesty is not merely a simple women, but a terrible and beautiful snake!”

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