Law of the Devil - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

83rd Chapter “Test of Medusa”

Being a magician, especially a magically talented magician, Du-Wei’s magical powers weren’t very high at this time but it was because of the amount of spells he learned was too little . Despite this, his magic level is doing very well relatively speaking .

Despite being in the darkness, Du-Wei expanded his spiritual mental senses like countless antennas . Even if his eyes cannot see, an intangible feeling instantly lit up inside Du-Wei’s mind, allowing him to a have a full grasp of the surroundings like it was in the palm of his hand .

Even in this environment, Du-Wei still had a keener sense of the surrounding than Hussein .

“Now, hold on . ” Du-Wei smiled in the darkness, “First, we need to ask the Prime Minister how we should continue proceeding downwards . ”

“What’s wrong?” Hussein cut in and asked .

“This place has a total of three doors . ” Du-Wei spoke lightly, “The front, left, and right, each direction has a door . ”

Hussein kept silent . Even though his strength was great, but he didn’t have the same ability to use his spiritual powers to sense the surrounding environments . If he was in a fight where heavy movements was required, he would have no problems knowing where the foe is located . But if the enemy were standing still, then he would not be able to figure out where their location is .

“Three doors?” Dadaneier whispered, “Three of us and three doors, don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence?”

“Then we will have to ask the Prime Minister here . ” Even in the darkness, Du-Wei still turned his head towards Gargamel and reached out his hand to tap the mouse’s shoulder . “Our lord prime minister, you came to this place before, was there so many doors in the past?”

Gargamel originally didn’t want to speak the truth, but Hussein suddenly pinched his neck in the darkness and spoke in a somber voice . “Before you answer, first think clearly . My sword is very close to your neck . If you lie, I can recognize it immediately from your heartbeats and pulse!”

This level of threat was enough, so Gargamel immediately chose to tell the truth .


“This room is also a magic array, In the past when I came here, there was only a one door but the exit could be changed at the owners will . Only one door would lead to Queen Medusa, while the other fake doors are filled with illusions . This will depend entirely on the mood of Queen Medusa, if she is willing, creating 10 doors here won’t be a problem . ” Gargamel gave a wry smile, “I think Queen Medusa already knows you are here and what she meant is that only one of you can see her . ”

“She’s trying to keep us apart?” Dadaneier spoke in a somber voice, “This is obviously a trap . Does she really expect us to fall for it?”

“It’s hard to say . ” Du-Wei’s tone was light, “Among the three of us, whoever can see Queen Medusa will depend entirely on her intentions . We can move together and try each door one by one… . . But since this is a magic array, she won’t see us even if we walk through every door . ”

“Then lets destroy this magic array, or simply tear down the Palace!” Hussein believes in his own strength .

Out of everyone’s expectation, Du-Wei raised an objection by saying . “I think splitting up into three groups may be more useful . ”

“Are you crazy?” Hussein was somewhat surprised, “Apart from me, I suspect neither of you would have the ability to protect yourselves if one of you were to encounter Medusa alone . ”

This assumption not incorrect . Among the group of three, the one with the strongest fighting strength is of course Hussein, the one with powers nearing a Saint Paladin . The only reason the trio was daring enough to enter the Canyon Valley in order to provoke Medusa was because of such a strong presence in their mix . If it was only Du-Wei and Dadaneier, the two would never have the ability nor courage to provoke Queen Medusa, one of the worlds strongest magical beasts!

“We are after all on her plate . ” Du-Wei’s voice carried a hint of enjoyment as he spoke, “Since we are guests, it’s natural for us not to be rude . I believe it would be for the better to respect the wishes of the host . ”

With that said, Du-Wei silently called forth a fire magic spell from his palm and gently lifted the fireball from his hand . From the fire’s light, Dadaneier and Hussein could see Du-Wei’s facial expression .

This juvenile with a smiling face and a scheming pair of eyes looked like he had no worries . If they didn’t understand him better from the long travel time, Dadaneier would also think this child was crazy to propose the idea of splitting up to meet the terrifying monster known as Medusa . But due to the cautious and bright ideas proposed by Du-Wei so far, Dadaneier knew that this person must have some kind of idea up his sleeves .

“I mean it . ” Du-Wei spoke with a smile, “Dadaneier, you and Hussein will take one path and I’ll take a path on my own . As for Gargamel…… You may take one path on your own . ”

“Me?” The mouse Prime Minister froze from the shock .

“Yes, you . ” Du-Wei looked at him with a calm face, then spoke gently . “You were Medusa’s subordinate so she won’t hurt you . I also think she’s not trying to make things difficult for you by putting this magic array down here . As for Dadaneier, if you were to go with Hussein, I believe there won’t even any problems . ”

“What about you, boy? If you face Medusa alone, do you have the ability to protect yourself?” Hussein frowned .

Du-Wei didn’t reply, instead, he asked Gargamel one sentence . “Queen Medusa is a woman, right?”

While not understanding the meaning behind Du-Wei’s question, Gargamel decided to answer truthfully .  “…… Right . ”

“It’ll be OK . ” Du-Wei curled his lips and put on an indifferent smile as if talking to himself: “Since it is a woman, we wouldn’t know who is really in danger until we meet . ”

Medusa’s pretrifying stare . ,,,

Humph, against the “Charming seductive eyes” granted by the demon . It is not guaranteed which is stronger!

This time, Du-Wei was very adamant and has made up his decision . “I’ll walk in the middle . As for the left and right sides, you can take your pick . ”

With that said, Du-Wei walked forward without turning . After a few steps, he looked back at Hussein and spoke . “Don’t follow me and just do as I say… Believe in me!”

Under the brightness of the small fire, Du-Wei had a calm look full of confidence despite his childish and young face . This kind of attitude and composure left Hussein speechless .

“All right! If you must go off to meet your death, then so be it . ” Hussein sneered .

Leaving his comrades behind in the back, Du-Wei walked up to the middle door in the dark room by himself . His hands already resting on the cold stone doorknob, he let out a sigh then twisted the handles with ease . With a snap, he opened the door .

Upon entering the doorway and into the unknown darkness, he could hear the door gently closing behind him . Du-Wei laughed in a low voice… . Then laughed to himself, “Did you not want to see me Queen Medusa? I have come . ”

After watching Du-Wei slowly walk through the doorway and seeing the door automatically closed by itself, the light from Du-Wei’s fireball was also cut off from them . With the light gone, Hussein immediately called forth his Dou Qi and a golden aura enshrouded his body, lightning up everything… . But at the moment, Dadaneier and Hussein were both surprised to see the door that Du-Wei had entered has… . Disappeared!

Only a wall was left in the area where the door used to be!

“What are we going to do?” Dadaneier was acting a little nervous .

“Do as he says . ” Hussein spoke coldly, “It was his own choice . You might as well follow me”

Then the Knight once again gave the mouse Prime Minister a glimpse, “You go ahead and choose a door! Don’t expect us to leave you here . ”

Under the cold gaze of the knight, the Mouse Prime Minister lamented and helplessly picked the left door . All the while saying, “O great Queen, not that Gargamel is not loyal to you, it is just that these mobsters are too strong… . ”

With the disappearance of the door that the mouse Prime Minister had entered, the Knight pulled  Dadaneier with him and the two also entered the final door .

“Queen Medusa, aren’t you going to see me? I have come . ” At the moment, Du-Wei was in a strange land .

There was still no trace of light, just pure darkness, causing others to lose the functions of their eyes . Du-Wei was even more surprised to find that the other party has apparently used some sort of magic in the surroundings to disrupt his spiritual mental senses .

Because a strange thing occurred when he released his spiritual powers, the direction of his aim was changed every time . As if flowing through a boundless ocean, his spiritual powers would expand without end, unable to return to him . Then there was also another powerful unit of spirit force that would block him at random, sending back his spiritual mental force at every encounter .

It was obvious, the other party was preventing him from using spiritual force to explore this place .

“Dear Queen Medusa, since you called me here, why are you hiding?” Du-Wei smiled, then retracted his spiritual powers .

In the darkness, a hoarse but muffled voice came from all sides .

“You hear my call?”

Du-Wei was smiling, acting like he was not even a little nervous . “That’s correct . In that dark room, I heard someone using sensory magic to speak to me, instructing me to select the Middle door . I sounded out my comrades and found out that they couldn’t hear the voice . Only I could hear the voice, so I understood that you only wanted to see me, right?”

The hoarse and muffled voice was silent for a while, but after a pause, it spoke .

“Because you are a magician . Gargamel taught me a lot, but now, I need to learn new things, I hope you can give me this . However, before I meet you, you have to go through my test and your companions will also encounter the test . Only those that pass the test could see me . ”

The sound ended, but then Du-Wei felt a blur in front of him…… Then suddenly, a strong light struck down, warping the space around as if everything was disappearing… . .

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