Law of the Devil - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

The 95th Chapter “Mountain”

Holy Mountain?

The Dragon clan?


The barrier stopping the human world and the other worlds from crossing?

He was full of questions, but the old magician has already gone ahead and stepped in front of the group .

This time, he pulled out a large piece of fabric from his miraculous pouch . Just from looking at how tattered it was, there was no way to know for certain what material it was made from, but it did seem to resemble a flag .

Holding the flag up into the air, the old magician stepped into the forefront of the group .

They continued to walk around in the snow like this for a while, and very soon, the group of dragons hovering atop of the Holy Mountain became aware of the intruders closing in on them .

After a series of conversation in the dragon’s language, a group of the black dots in the sky started leaving the mountain and headed towards them .

As the black dots closed in on them, their shape became even clearer!

They really are dragons!

Du Wei had seen dragons before and it wasn’t even that long ago . But from his initial observation, it was clear that this group of dragons is very different from the two pet dragons kept by Vivian and Joanna . These dragons are much more massive in comparison!!

The group heading towards them contained a total of ten dragons in their mix . From heads to tails, their body was completely black and the length of their body could easily reach ten meters, but if you were to also include the tail; their length could easily reach 20 meters . This must be the so called “Dragons Prestige” because the pressure they were giving off only increased as they drew closer .


The extended wings on their back seemed to be able to cover the entire sky as they drew closer and each flap of their wings caused enough wind force to create giant bursts of wind in the air . This situation was just like standing beneath a helicopter in Du Wei’s past life because even the simple effort of keeping his eyes open became a laborious task .

Ten dragons have already flown over to their location, while the rest of the dragons that was left behind continued to hover in the sky atop of the mountain . As if to support their comrades, the dragons were letting out threatening ROARS the entire time . Suspended in midair, the biggest dragon in their mix lowered its body to gaze down at the intruders with its commanding and terrifying eyes .

Raising the flag in his hand, the old magician cried out: “Oh great respected dragon clan! We are friends from the human world! The thing in my hand is a contract signed by the dragon clan with a human! We are here to seek an audience with the great dragon chieftain!”


After a tremendous Shockwave, the largest dragon has already landed in front of the group . Due to its massive size and weight, several cracks have appeared in the ground below its body . Folding its wings away, the dragon gave a cold look towards the old magician, and then shifted its focus towards the flag in his hand .

“Human!” This gigantic creature was speaking the human tongue: “Humans are not allowed to be here!”

Its voice was tremendous, shocking Du Wei to the point of causing dizziness . On top of that, its mouth was sending out a horrible and indescribable smell… . .

Oh heavens, such a gigantic foul breathed dragon!

“We know that . ” The old magician’s expression didn’t change: “But according to the contract in my hand, the holder of this contract is allowed to come here and retrieve the things stored away in the Holy Mountain!”

On the flag, symbols were scrawled onto it as if someone was in a hurry . But after a moment of observation, the massive black dragon finally nodded in approval: “Alright, the writing is indeed the language of the dragons . You can pass! But do not cross over the mountain and head into the north!”

With that said, its huge head drew closer to the group and even its nostrils were brushing against them as it sniffed each individual . Once finished, its head shrank back as it gave out a sigh: “Humans… . Hateful humans, I’m going to inform the dragon elder that humans have arrived… . . ”

Lifting its massive body up into the air, the huge dragon uttered out two long laughs before taking the group of dragons back with it towards the mountain .

Finally relieved at the final outcome, the old magician carefully put the flag away .

“What is this, a contract?” Du Wei asked .

“Yes, a contract . ” The old magician said this with a smile: “This is a contract signed by both the Dragon clans Chieftain and Aragon himself . The Holy Mountain in front of us is where Aragon stored his legacy . On the whole continent, what other place is more secure than the lands of the Dragon clan?”

Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, the feeling they were getting felt completely different than before . The mountain was exceptionally strange, with huge black rocks extruding a metallic sheen and carrying a frosty cold around it . Among the flat surrounding lands, this mountain was the only thing standing out as if piercing straight out of the ground and reaching all the way into the sky . And circling atop of the mountain is a couple of dragons constantly letting out booming roars, causing anyone unlucky enough to listen to it to become befuddled at the sound .

“What is north of the Holy Mountain?” Du Wei was very curious . This barrier leading the human world to the outside world… What is there in the outside world?

“You are curious?” The old magician turned around and looked at Du Wei: “You will know soon, but it’s for the best not to ask this question now because it would enrage those big things in the sky . ”

Climbing the Holy Mountains was a serious test for Du Wei’s physical body .

Because the mountain is simply too high!

There are no stairs leading to the top of the mountain, but fortunately, there is a winding mountain road circling around the side . Even though you can call it a road, the width is not very wide, only capable of allowing three people to travel on it at the same time . Facing one side of the road is the wall of the mountain, and the other side is the steep cliff leading to the bottom of the mountain!

The mountain road they were trudging up was completely bare, only filled with dark black rocks . And the entire time they were walking, they could constantly hear the roaring voice of dragons from above their heads . Letting out a sigh, Du Wei spoke: “If anyone lived in this place, they would most definitely get nightmares every night!”

The old magician walking in the front gave the huffing and wheezing Du Wei a glance, and then suddenly smiled as he spoke: “You’re wrong, there was once a person that stayed here for a long period of time and that person was Aragon! His majesty came to the Holy Mountain and stayed here for a full year before leaving!”

Du Wei frowned: “For a year?”

“Do you see the mountain road below your feet?” The old magician sneered: “Can you see the oddity of this mountain? Touch and feel the side of the mountain wall . It’s neither stone, nor soil… . Can you tell what this mountain is made of?”

Du Wei touched the mountain walls and felt it was cold to the touch . Then drawing his face closer, he sniffed the mountain wall to see if there is any scent: “This smell… . . ”

“Like iron . ” Hussein cut in . Using his sword, he pounded it against the wall of the mountain and a buzzing sound echoed off the impact . Then, using one of his fingers, he flicked it against the mountain wall, causing a deep echoing sound to vibrate back towards everyone . After confirming this, the knight spoke with a solemn face: “This is a mountain of metal and the purity is extremely high!”

“According to the legends that I know of, this is a mountain completely made out of metal . ” Turning his head towards Du Wei, the old magician looked like he had a shortness of breath as he spoke: “When this place was first created, it was just a mountain but the appearance was not like this . ”

“Then what did it look like?”

“In the past, this was only a mountain when Aragon passed through the ‘frozen forest’, the ‘forgotten ice field’, and finally reached this Holy Mountain by himself… . So how can there be a winding road on this mountain! Don’t you find it strange? The residences of this place are dragons, so why would they require a road for people to walk on?”

Du Wei was indeed puzzled . Such a narrow winding road is obviously of no use to dragons…… They can fly, so why would they need a road for? And the road is so narrow; the dragons can’t possibly use it with their massive body .

“In the past when Aragon came here, he used his tyrannical power against the whole dragon clan . Despite being outnumbered, none could defeat Aragon . ” The old magician was so engrossed in the content of the legend; a trace of pride could be heard from his voice: “Therefore, the dragon clan was unable to do anything to him . Seeing the dragon clan’s resignation, Aragon made a request, asking them to do him a favor . At first, the proud dragons refused, but none of the clan members could defeat Aragon . In the end, both sides decided to set up a wager . ”


“It is the contract that I was holding earlier . ” The old magician smiled: “The dragon clan’s most powerful warriors and chieftain lost to Aragon in a duel, thus, they presented him with a challenge . If Aragon could somehow succeed in climbing to the top of the mountain, they would be willing to help him, but there were other conditions involved . First, he cannot fly . Second, he can only walk with his feet!”

“What kind of condition is this?!” Du Wei frowned .

“So the original Holy Mountain was not like this in appearance . The Holy Mountain at the time was like a towering peak without any gaps in between its cliffs! The smoothness would leave little to no room for someone to gain a foothold!”

“But it is not too difficult . ” Du Wei said: “With Aragon’s tyrannical powers, it shouldn’t be too hard even if he climbed the mountain bare handed . ”

“More than that…… According to the contract, the dragon tribe is allowed to interfere from the sidelines . If he really did climb the mountain bare handed, do you think he would have succeeded while receiving attacks from an endless supply of dragons?” The old magician smiled: “Finally, Aragon came up with this dumb idea . Even though this idea was dumb, but it was able to impress every member of the dragon clan . Since then, the dragon clan obediently followed through on their promise and completed the task left behind for them . ”

Speaking up this point, the old magician pointed at the mountain under his feet: “Using his King’s sword, Aragon relied on his supreme power and started from the foot of the mountain and opened up a road leading to the top of the mountain . By spending a year’s worth of time, Aragon was able to single handedly carve out a road to the top!”


Du Wei was speechless . His heart was so shocked that he had unconsciously reached out with his hands to touch the mountain walls! As he moved his hands across the iron surface, Du Wei could still feel the faint hacking marks left behind by Aragon! Imagining the scene of such a legendary character, one man, one sword, Aragon was able to single handedly carve out a road to the top of the mountain!

Then subduing the entire Dragon Clan!

Such courage!

Such skill!

Hussein didn’t speak, but the knight’s eyes suddenly emitted a strange glow as he looked at the hacking marks left by Aragon . The knight was so absorbed in his thought that it took him a good while before he regained his senses… . .





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