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Lazy Dungeon Master - Chapter 356

Published at 5th of July 2019 03:55:07 AM

Chapter 356: 356

The Godly Beddings

​ The Dungeon Battle was over and the celebrations had finished—to be more exact, she’d managed slipped away from them this year as well .

​ From here on was Rokuko’s time .

​ “I’m psyched up for today!”

​ Perhaps it was forgotten? Forgot about the [Godly Comforter]’s effect, that is .

​ Once every 365 days, the owner could sleep with whoever else they wanted .

​ (* To be exact, it manipulates causality to make it so that nothing will hinder you until morning . )

​ It’s already been a year . It would be better to wait before using it… or not…? No, let’s use it! Rokuko took out the Godly Comforter and started to pat it out . Yeah, let’s do it . It’ll be fine, I can just feel it .

​ “… Last time was, umm, that, but this time… I’ll make use of the knowledge I have! Thank you Redra, today, I’ll do, do that with Kehma!”

​ Even though Rokuko was looking to the sky as she spoke in fervor, she still somehow managed to be too embarrassed to speak without stumbling over herself .

​ Knowledge . Redra . Their neighboring dungeon, [Flame Cavern]’s Dungeon Master . The mother of a girl named Igni . In other words, a strong person .

​ According to her, [I’d go so far as to say that if you can kiss, you can have a kid!] .

​ Although it’s apparently safe between sisters, since Meat and Maidence—the lord of Tsuia’s daughter—were engaged, she couldn’t let her guard down around women, either . For paying attention to that detail, Rokuko’s wit was of no doubt .

​ “… Bedding-sama, bedding-sama, I want to sleep with Kehma!”

​ It shone with light as she gave the comforter her prayer . It was the same light I’d seen the year before . In other words, it had activated .

​ By the way, this time she’d managed to put on her negligee beforehand, even the black over-knee socks that Kehma fancied . They were the lucky underwear she’d prepared just for this day .

​ I know! Now that I’ve named these my lucky underwear, it means that my fighting spirit is necessary to decide whether they’ll work or not!—is what Rokuko thought to herself .

​ A while later, there was a knock at her bedroom door .

​ “Hyahi!? K-Kehma?”

​ “Yeah, it’s me . ”

​ “It’s unlocked, come in!”

​ “Oh, really? I’m coming in then . ”

​ Opening the door, Kehma walked in . He was wearing his usual jersey .

​ “Fufufu, we got another Godly Bedding this year, Rokuko . ”

​ “Yeah, one for each of us, too . You finally have one of your own, Kehma!”

​ “What, you have both the comforter and blanket, what is my alarm clock compared to those?”

​ Yeah, that’s how it had turned out . Kehma felt a bit of regret over being given something that was meant to wake him up, but that was griping about receiving a luxury .

​ “Want to try them out together, Kehma?”

​ “Yeah… appear, [Godly Alarm Clock]!”

​ Kehma spoke as he took the Godly Alarm Clock out from his [Storage] . It was a round, analog clock . It had a white face and was otherwise read . On it were letters reading one to twelve in black, a simple black needle pointed to the current time .

​ There were four thin legs sprouting from its base and two golden bells to act as the alarm on its top .

​ “Here we go, this is the [Godly Blanket] . ”

​ What Rokuko had taken our was a beige blanket . Although it seemed to be ordinary enough at first glance, it was made of microfiber and was ludicrously fluffy to the touch . Unlike the comforter, it was heavy without feeling oppressive, making one feel a sense of security from it .

​ “… How can I put this? Between the alarm clock and the blanket, I’d say the blanket feels more like beddings…”

​ “Well, alarm clocks are used to wake you up . You don’t feel them personally . ”

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​ “Yeah . Maybe that’s what was up with him saying no to choosing the alarm clock?”

​ Suddenly, Rokuko’s attention was attracted by a bracelet barely concealed by Kehma’s jersey on his left wrist .

​ “Oh, is that the [Strong Mind Bracelet] you got from Ane-sama?”

​ “Yeah, it was made by Otou-sama though . ”

​ “Eh? Really? It fits you, Kehma!”

​ “Think so? Well, my jersey will hide it anyway . It has the effect of repelling all mental effects . ”

​ … Now that he said that, she realized that the current Kehma was acting much more [Sane] than he did the previous year .

​ She thought she wouldn’t have to worry about anything since Kehma had also gotten a Godly Beddings, but… could it be?

​ “… . … …”

​ “Hm? What’s wrong, Rokuko? You want it?”

​ “Eh? Oh, no, ummm… y-yeah! But it’s something for you…”

​ “It’s fine, it’s just an accessory . Right, how about I have you take care of it? Having you hold onto it will make me feel more at ease, anyway . ”

​ “Eh? O-Okay . ”

​ Saying that, Rokuko accepted the silver bracelet from Kehma . Feeling his leftover body heat passing into her wrist from it, her heart suddenly throbbed… Just then, she realized that he was staring at her .

​ “…”

​ “K-Kehma?”

​ “Y-Yeah, what is it?”

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​ “Umm, you’re kind of staring…”

​ “Oh, yeah… I’m just admiring you . ”

​ “Eh!? N-No wa, heeh? I-I— . ”

​ Unable to look him in the eye, Rokuko had to turn away, her face beat red .

​ Embarrassed as can be, she tried to change the subject .

​ “S-So, Kehma . What does the alarm clock do? The blanket invalidates all attacks . It’s to let you sleep in peace . ”

​ “That’s amazing, as expected of a Godly Bedding . Mine clears up any and all abnormal conditions . ”

​ As for whether sleep could be considered an abnormal condition, recall that it could be prevented through Blackout Resistance . Since it could cancel it and leave you completely refreshed, it would allow you to wake up to the best feeling in the world .

​ “And even though it has bells, it makes an electric noise . You can designate how long you want to wait until you wake up, anywhere from twelve hours to a century . ”

​ “Eh, is the dial a decoration?”

​ “You can more or less use it as a normal clock if you want . I’m told it does its own time adjustment automatically, what a convenient clock!”

​ Although Kehma said that, his gaze seemed distant .

​ “If it’s such a good clock, why look like that? Is there something wrong?”

​ “Oh, just… the effect comes from hearing its sound…”

​ “It does? So what kind of sound does it make?”

​ “Well… it’d be faster for me to let you hear it . Please ring in ten seconds . ”

​ Exactly ten seconds after Kehma said that, a just-loud-enough [Pipipi, pipipi, pipipi] to fill the room rung out . It stopped when Kehma clapped his hand onto the top of the alarm .

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​ She realized that the slight drowsy feeling she’d had was entirely gone .

​ “I see, so the sound itself is small . ”

​ “Yeah . The sound doesn’t have to have to be that loud, since the effect will wake you up . But just hearing it will make you feel refreshed and wide-eyed . You shouldn’t use it before you go to bed . ”

​ “As expected of Father, making such a work of art . ”

​ Rokuko nodded, her head completely refreshed .

​ “But… can you get to sleep now?”

​ “… Ah! It’s true, I’m not tired at all . ”

​ “That’s probably this clock’s only defect . It’s not a Bedding, it’s a tool for waking up . ”

​ “I see . Now that you say it, it is true…”

​ Still though, seeing as how you’ll have to wake up at some point, it should be counted as one of the Beddings… Rokuko thought to herself . No, maybe constructing the Godly Beddings with the concept of ever having to wake back up was off the mark?

​ “Alright, I’m wide awake again, so I’m going to head back to my room . Thanks for showing me your Beddings . Cya tomorrow, Rokuko . ”

​ “Oh, okay . ”

​ Saying that, Kehma walked out of the room with a refreshed look to his face .

​ “… Huh? Wh-What happened? What about the comforter’s effect?”

​ The Godly Alarm Clock . An item that was constructed to be strong enough to overcome even the Godly Comforter’s effect .

​ Realizing this, Rokuko couldn’t help but to shout .

​ “… That alarm clock is not a Bedding!”

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