Legend of Legends - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: 111

Chapter 111: W . A . N . C . S . Lab 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The two researchers looked at each other and walked to Junhyuk . He just smiled at them .

“I got dispatched here today . Do you work here?”

One of the men stepped forward and answered, “That’s right . ”

“Good . ”

Junhyuk kept smiling while he pointed to the capsules and said, “I want to ask you something about that capsule . Its readings are too high . ”

In fact, compared to the other capsules, that one’s readings were slightly higher than normal . The numbers indicated the amount of calories given to the patient . If they didn’t know how capsules worked, they wouldn’t be able to tell what the readings were for .

Junhyuk thought that if they were researchers, they would be able to answer him correctly . They looked suspicious . That floor had a crew of five researchers, and Junhyuk had already seen two of them . He didn’t think the two men in front of him were a part of the remaining three .

Already inside the room, one of them walked toward the door . The room they were in wasn’t too big, being large enough to only fit six capsules . The man looked around outside and closed the door . Junhyuk was watching him and kept smiling . They were acting very suspiciously .

Junhyuk turned around to look at the capsules, goading the men in doing what he thought they would . As he turned to face the capsules, one of the man pulled out a syringe .

“We should report the variations in these readings to the chief . What do you think?” he asked calmly .

The man’s image was reflected on the capsule, and he approached without making a sound . Junhyuk turned to face him, and the man didn’t hesitate trying to push the syringe into his neck . Junhyuk had seen the other man walking outside to keep watch, and he grabbed the wrist of the man standing in front of him and forced the syringe into his neck . He injected the entire dosage, and the man fell . Junhyuk supported his body to the ground .

The man keeping watch outside said, “Hurry up!”

Junhyuk got up slowly and asked, “What’s in the syringe?”

As he spoke, the man turned around and put his hand in his pocket, quickly pulling out a pistol with a silencer . The man didn’t have the chance to pull the trigger as Junhyuk grabbed his pistol and blocked the trigger with his finger .

He didn’t want to summon Bebe’s Black Armor, so he just used his strength to prevent the man from pulling the trigger . The man quickly swung his elbow at Junhyuk, but he just yawned . He was used to dealing with much more dangerous individuals .

Junhyuk blocked the elbow with his left hand, and the man closed in, attempting to knee him . Junhyuk dodged and elbowed the man on his throat . The man tapped his shoes against the ground, and a blade appeared from one of them .

“Don’t play with me . ”

Junhyuk stepped on the man’s shoe, breaking the blade and his foot . The man groaned, and Junhyuk grabbed him by the throat and threw him on the ground .


Junhyuk took the pistol away, twisted his arm and pinned him down . At that point, Somin, who heard strange noises, opened the door, and her eyes shot wide open .

“Junhyuk, what’s going on?”

“Call the guards and the lab chief!”

“Yes, just a moment!”

Somin ran out, and the researchers who worked on the capsules came in . Junhyuk inspected the five researchers, took the lab coats off the other men and waited .

Soon, the guards arrived with Lab Chief Iltae . They looked with surprise at the restrained men .

‘What is going on?”

Junhyuk handed the restrained men over to the guards and got up .

“I was checking on the capsules and going outside when I met them . They looked really suspicious, so I asked them about the caloric readings, and they tried to inject me with something . ”

He pick up the syringe and gave it to Iltae, who gave it to a researcher .

“Analyze its contents . ”

“Yes . ”

“You have thirty minutes . ”

The researcher ran out, and Iltae continued, “Take these men to underground room five and tie them to beds . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

The guards took them away, and Junhyuk asked, “Aren’t you reporting this to the police?”

“I am not . We should find out more about them . ”

Junhyuk shrugged and took a step back . There was nothing he could do now .

Iltae patted his shoulder and said, “You are something else . ”

The men looked to be really strong, and he alone had restrained them both . Iltae thought Junhyuk was special, and he wanted to watch him .

“Do you want to join me in the interrogation?” Iltae asked .

Junhyuk thought about it for a moment and nodded . He didn’t want to get involved, but he was already involved and he wanted to know more about the men’s intentions .


The underground floor was spacious and had different security protocols to get inside . Every room was devoid of windows, and they were headed to room five .

As he entered room five, Junhyuk saw the men tied up on the beds . The researcher arrived with the results of the syringe’s content, and Iltae frowned .


“Yes . ”

It was a strong tranquilizer used for full body anesthesia .

“Did they have any IDs?”

“No . ”

Inside room five, there were two guards . Iltae and the researcher who had brought the report were also there . Junhyuk looked intently at Iltae .

Iltae ignored Junhyuk’s stare and said, “Find out how they were able to get in . Our lab’s IDs aren’t replicable . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

“From now on, increase out threat level by two . ”

“Understood . ”

Junhyuk watched the men answering quickly and felt like there was something unreal about it . It was like they were in the army . They were very organized . Why did Iltae bring him there?

Iltae looked at Junhyuk and said, “Let’s go outside . ”

“OK . ”

Junhyuk saw there were about ten rooms on that floor and asked, “What is this place?”

Iltae merely shrugged .

“It’s for our secret research . Do you want me to show you?”

“No, I’m fine . ”

He didn’t want to get too involved and become one of them . Iltae answered his cell phone and frowned .

“Shit! Follow me!”

They got on the elevator .

“What is going on?” Junhyuk asked carefully .

“Jisuk Dong’s heart stopped . ”

“Don’t you have researchers with him? There were ten of them last time . ”

“They all passed out . ”

“Do you have CCTV cameras?”

“I do, but let’s look at Jisuk first . Then, we’ll look at the CCTV footage . ”

“Whoever it is, he’s audacious . ”

They broke in in the middle of the day and assassinated Jisuk? Had he only dealt with part of the team?

They got to the fourth floor, and Iltae walked out quickly . There were researchers on the ground all over the place, and the doctors were trying to save Jisuk .

Junhyuk gathered all of the researchers in one place . He couldn’t help Jisuk, whose heart had stopped, so he checked on the researchers and found out they were still alive . The doctors kept working on Jisuk, but his heart didn’t start up again, and they gave up on him .

They talked among themselves and declared, “He is dead . ” 

Iltae shook his head .

“Whoever it is, he is brazen and deliberate,” he said and looked at Junhyuk . “Come with me to check the CCTV footage . ”

“OK . ”

Junhyuk was curious about who had been behind all of that . Iltae started talking as they waited for an elevator .

“It all happened when I left my post to check on you . ”

“Do you mean they came to me on purpose?”

“Those two were distracting you from the real target . ”

They got in the elevator .

“You are skilled . If someone is after me, can you protect me?”

“I’m only a temp here?”

“Protect me during work hours . ”

“Since Jisuk is dead, my job here is done . ”

“You think so?”

Iltae was smiling, and Junhyuk frowned . Iltae knew better .

They got off on the first floor and headed toward the guard room . They saw the guards looking at the monitors . There were thirty of them, and one of them spoke to Iltae .

“You came . ”

“Mr . Jang, what happened?”

Jaeyoung Jang was the head of the security team at that lab, and he looked at Junhyuk and asked, “This is a classified operation . Is it OK?”

“Don’t worry . Without this friend, we wouldn’t have captured those two men . ”

Jaeyoung nodded continued, “Watch this . ”

He showed them the footage of Jisuk’s room . All ten researchers were overseeing Jisuk when a person walked in . The person was wearing a motorcycle helmet and a black leather jacket . He looked out of place . How did he get in here?

The person lifted the visor of his helmet and looked at the researchers, and the researchers simply passed out . One of the researchers took a syringe to the food station and injected it in the grape juice that was being given to Jisuk .

After that, the researcher collapsed .

The person wearing the motorcycle helmet looked at the CCTV camera, turned around and disappeared . Junhyuk realized he was not an ordinary human being . He can control people with his stare and make them pass out?

He had controlled them like puppets, and Junhyuk thought he had to have a special power .

He looked at Jaeyoung and asked, “When did he leave?”

“About five minutes ago . ”

“Did you check the license plate?”

He could have a motorcycle plate, but Jaeyoung’s answered negatively, “The plate didn’t reveal anything useful . ”

The plate simply read “Mind Control . ” It wasn’t possible to track him down .

“It looks like a big motorcycle . ”

“It’s a 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale . ”

“Can you track it?”

“We are on it . ”

Iltae nodded and looked at Jaeyoung .

“Make sure the media don’t find out about this until we have the suspect in custody . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

“Then, take care and get to work . ”

Iltae went out, and Junhyuk looked at the screen again and followed him out .

“You worked hard today . Go home and see you tomorrow,” Iltae told him .

“I think I’m done here . ”

“See you tomorrow . ”

Iltae smirked and turned around . Junhyuk stared at his back, frowned and shook his head . He wasn’t interested in Iltae at that moment .

“Is he another novice?"

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