Legend of Legends - Chapter 568

Published at 14th of August 2019 12:45:13 AM
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Chapter 568

The Spatial Collapse locked Kilraden down, but just as Junhyuk was about to use his Dimensional Slash, a purple cage fell over him . The prison nullified his powers, and because of that, he couldn’t use the Dimensional Slash .

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Still, he was the only ally imprisoned . The enemy heroes were running toward him, but their stunning powers wouldn’t work through the cage .

Junhyuk would move as fast as he could once the prison disappeared . He was waiting for just the right moment . However, Kraken’s tentacles burst through the ground underneath the cage, which was open, and stunned him . It was Kraken’s ultimate, and stunned, Junhyuk could die .

The allies were rushing toward him as well . Elise’s nullification field could undo all powers .

Kilraden teleported inside the cage and stabbed him . When the cage disappeared, Adolphe slashed at him with his saw-bladed sword . Junhyuk was taking one hit after the other .

Once the allies made it to him, Junhyuk would counterattack . But, Kilraden and Adolphe both used their ultimates, and Potra shot at him from the wall .

Junhyuk vision turned blurry, and he gritted his teeth . He wanted to kill Kilraden, but the assassin’s ultimate dealt too much damage . Even with Elise’s buff, he couldn’t do anything after taking the hit . Junhyuk died, failing to use his Dimensional Slash before that .

It was his first death in a very long time .

Within the harrowing darkness, Junhyuk found himself . In that void, he bettered his Triple Yin Yang . Once he got back, he would absorb more core energy, so for now, he polished his swordsmanship .

Junhyuk opened his eyes slowly . He had revived, so he breathed in deeply .

At that moment, there was a battle being waged . For that reason, Junhyuk didn’t contact his allies .

He checked on his condition . He had to have dropped an item, and because he had upgraded all of his items multiple times, it was a big loss for him .

Looking over his items, he scowled immediately .


He had invested heavily on the ring, but he had dropped it . Even one death was extremely detrimental to him now .

Junhyuk gathered his breath and collected his thoughts . He had lost his new ring, but he should not remain despondent . He would get more items from his enemies .

He looked around, and Ariel said, [It’s been a while since your last death . ]

“Right . I should have used my force field . ”

Junhyuk should have raised his force field and killed Adolphe and Kilraden while it was active . The allies could still kill both of those heroes without him . That cage nullified all powers, and Kraken had used his ultimate to stun him . They had made up their minds to kill him first .

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“Now, it’s time for my revenge . ”

[You can do it . ]

“Thanks . Open the door . ”

[Hero Junhyuk Lee deployed!]

Once he got out, he contacted the others . If he found out the allies had retreated, he would join them immediately .

“What happened?”

Gongon smirked and said, “We destroyed the gate . Now, we are pushing through . ”

“The enemies?”

“We killed three of them, but two got away . I’ll use the minions against the golems . If I fail, we’ll retreat . Bring as many minions as you can with you . Time will decide things . ”

“OK . ”

Junhyuk was glad that the allied heroes had broken through the gate . Potra might be dangerous, but Embla was weak .

“Did anyone die?”

“No . You got the enemies to use all of their ultimates, so everyone is alive . ”

“That’s a relief . ”

Junhyuk gathered two hundred minions and took the middle path . Gongon contacted him on the way .

“Destroyed . ”


Junhyuk felt the world disappearing around him . He knew the victors had been decided, but who had killed the enemies?

A blinding light overpowered Junhyuk’s vision, and once it died down, Junhyuk opened his eyes . He saw Ariel, who was smiling at him .

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“Thanks . I guess things were settled without me . ”

Gongon had probably been crucial, and that made Junhyuk understand the importance of upgrades .

[You’ll receive your winnings . ]

“Sure . By the way, which team will we meet in the final?”

[They are still fighting . ]

Artlan’s team was still fighting, which meant his enemy had to be strong .

Junhyuk nodded and said, “Sure . What about Ling Ling’s team?”

“Her team’s returns are set at 50 percent . ”

“That’s not much . ”

Junhyuk pulled out the gold he had and the reward gold . He had lost a ring, so he had to reinvest now . Ling Ling wouldn’t lose, so he bet all of his gold on her .

[Are you betting everything?]

“Yes . Send me back . ”

[Then, see you later . ]

Junhyuk was blinded again . When he opened his eyes, he saw Sarang and Elise looking at him .

“Big brother!” Sarang gave him a tight hug, and he patted her back .

Elise place a hand on his shoulder and said, “Thanks . ”

“For what?”

“You got the enemies to use all of their ultimates, so we won . ”

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Junhyuk laughed and replied, “I’m glad I contributed . ”

Junhyuk had further developed his Triple Yin Yang while in the void . He had lost a ring, but he would endure .

Ling Ling would win, and he would win even more gold from his bet .

Junhyuk was interested in something else now . Time on Earth was moving again, so Artlan battle was already finished . Junhyuk contacted Artlan, who was drinking alcohol when he asnwered .

“Did you win?!” Junhyuk asked with a shoute .

“Of course! Why do you ask?”


“Should you really be happy? You’ll be fighting us . ”

Junhyuk chuckled and said, “I don’t care who wins this last round . There’ll always be a next time . ”

Junhyuk hadn’t been a hero for that long . He was comfortable with Artlan’s victory . He would do his best, but if he lost, he wouldn’t lose sleep over it .

“Don’t go easy on us . If you do, I’ll kill you . ”

“I won’t . ”

Going easy on Artlan would be rude . He couldn’t do it . However, Artlan had his sixth sense, so Junhyuk wasn’t sure if his team could win . Artlan could dodge his Dimensional Slash .

Artlan smirked and said, “Let’s not meet for a couple of weeks . ”


“We know each other, so we should prepare . In the real world, it would’ve been easy, but there are too many restrictions in the Dimensional Battlefield .

“Whoa! Are you getting just to ready to kill us?”

“Be glad . I’ve recognized you as strong . ”

Junhyuk smiled and replied, “I’m glad . I’ll get ready for the battle as well . ”

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“Right . See you in two weeks’ time . ”

Artlan put the liquor bottle down, his eyes more serious and intense than before .

Junhyuk turned to Elise and Sarang and asked, “Did you hear?”

“We have to fight Vera?”

Sarang possessed lightning magic . She had learned all of her spells from Vera, and just like Junhyuk respected Artlan, she respected Vera .

It was a battle between students and teachers, and they were meeting in the final round .

Junhyuk looked at Elise and said, “Elise, we need a strategy . ”

“Hm… They won’t be easy . ”

Artlan’s team didn’t have a buffer or a tank, but on Earth, Artlan’s team was much stronger . In the Dimensional Battlefield, things would be different, however .

The allies didn’t have a tank, but everyone had incredible ultimates . Two of their ultimates could kill a stronger damager .

THe allies would attack the enemy damagers first . Artlan’s team was mostly composed of those .

Junhyuk had his Spatial Collapse, and Elise had the Moon Core Compound Beam . Sarang had her Thunderstorm .

Layla’s ultimate could only be used from a short distance, so it wasn’t very useful, but Layla could rush and slash her enemy, and her powers comboed and stacked for greater damage .

However, Layla’s overall damage was similar to when Gongon used just one of his powers . Layla had to upgrade her weapon . She had to focus on offense .

Junhyuk contacted Gongon and Layla . She had already heard from Halo, so she knew Artlan’s team would be their next opponents . Looking at them both, Junhyuk said, “We know our enemies, so let’s get ready . Artlan told me not to talk to him for two weeks . ”

“Halo went into seclusion at a temple . ”

Gongon chuckled and said, “I can show Nudra the extent of my powers . ”

Junhyuk laughed and asked, “Are you ready?”

“I’ll visit you in two days . ”

“OK . ”

Junhyuk would absorb more core energy . He would do everything within his power to increase his powers before the final round .