Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2254

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Chapter 2254

Chapter 2254 The Great Shake

Old Monster Jiao had already escaped from the golden Divine Power Sea – he could have made it out . But that giant hand appeared at the final moment, bouncing him back towards where Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai were .

That was why Old Monster Jiao died .

“Whose hand was that?” Emperor Bai frowned .

He only saw the hand, not the person that cast it .

“If I’m not wrong, that hand was cast by that senior,” Jian Wushuang said .

“That senior?”

“Jian Wushuang, you know the owner of the hand?” Emperor Bai looked at Jian Wushuang .

“Probably, but I can’t be sure either,” Jian Wushuang replied . “Emperor Bai, I’ll leave the rest to you . I’m going to try to find that senior . ”

“Okay, if you find him tell him thanks from the Sanctuary Alliance,” Emperor Bai said .

“Understood,” Jian Wushuang nodded his head and immediately made his way towards the Void ahead .

At the edge of that Void, Chen Qi and the other Ancient Divine Demons that Jian Wushuang had chased away had gathered together .

The Chaotic Divine Demons and Chen Qi fell silent . Their eyes were glued on the battlefield .

“Lord Jiao is dead?”

“Lord Jiao was from the Holy Land! Not only was he powerful, he had many skills up his sleeve, but he was forced to use his life-preserving method, and still he did not make it out?”

“Sword Emperor and Emperor Bai are terrifying . ”

The Chaotic Divine Demons had their hearts in their mouths, but at the same time, they were extremely relieved .

They thanked the heavens that they had not been so foolish as to engage the Sword Emperor . They would have become corpses if they did .

“Right, did you all notice the giant hand?” a Chaotic Divine Demon asked .

“Of course, it was because of that hand that Lord Jiao died,”

“Who cast the hand?”

“I don’t know, but the person that did was definitely more powerful than Lord Jiao at his peak!”

The Chaotic Divine Demon talked about it casually .

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“That hand…” Chen Qi squinted . He had naturally noticed the giant hand, but also the immense Reincarnation Power it possessed .

“I thought of someone, perhaps it was him,” Chen Qi murmured . “He’s an old geezer from the Seven Star Black Sect, a terrifying old man . ” The Chaotic Divine Demons around Chen Qi shifted their gazes towards him .

Chen Qi did not mention the geezer’s name, but the Chaotic Divine Demons had had a good guess as to who it was .

“Okay, regardless, Lord Jiao is dead . Guess we can forget about the Divine Demon Nirvana Elixir,” a slouching man said .

The other Chaotic Divine Demons shrugged their shoulders with reluctance .

Old Monster Jiao had indeed promised them a Divine Demon Nirvana Elixir each after they returned to the Absolute Beginning Divine World .

Chen Qi owed Old Monster Jiao a favour .

But now that Old Monster Jiao was dead, the things he had promised would be impossible to retrieve .

They had worked in vain .

“We made the trip in vain and almost lost our lives,” a Chaotic Divine Demon said .

“It was not in vain . We got to see how powerful the Sword Emperor and Emperor Bai were . With the restrictions placed on the earth, them guarding this era would be all too easy . ”

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“We may be Chaotic Divine Demons, but we are no match for them . They could even take down Lord Jiao, we are nothing but small fry to them . ”

“We should lie low for this period of time . If we anger or offend Emperor Bai or the Sword Emperor, we won’t even get the chance to escape . ”

“Only three thousand more years until the link passage at Heaven’s Horizon opens . Let’s just stay put . ”

The Chaotic Divine Demons had made their decision .

Soon, they all left one by one, including Chen Qi .

As they left, the news regarding the battle spread across the Eternal Chaotic World to the ears of the Ancient Era experts that had just awoken .

Ninety percent of the awakened Ancient Era experts were Chaotic Divine Demons .

They were all shocked by the news .

“Lord Jiao?”

“Lord Jiao of the Holy Land is dead?”

“Lord Jiao ruled the Ancient battlefields, but he died at the hands of two Chaotic Realm punks?”

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“Emperor Bai and that Sword Emperors seem to be impressive Chaotic Realm experts . Especially that Sword Emperor, slaughtering a dozen Chaotic Divine Demons alone and sending the rest to run for their lives…”

“Without a doubt, killing Chaotic Divine Demons like us is like killing livestock to them . Even Lord Jiao and Chen Qi had to run for their lives . Whether you could escape successfully was a different question altogether . ”

“We have got to watch our backs . We can’t afford to offend them . ”

“It took me so much effort to wake up . I’m not going to lose my life to Emperor Bai or the Sword Emperor . ”

The newly awoken Ancient Era experts had had their reservations towards Emperor Bai in the past, but they did not fear him .

To a lot of the Chaotic Divine Demons, even if they were no match for Emperor Bai, they could easily escape .

But after that battle, they had a better understanding of Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang .

It was evident that Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang could easily kill Chaotic Divine Demons, especially Jian Wushuang .

Jian Wushuang killed Chaotic Divine Demons as if he was slaughtering chickens . Of course, the Chaotic Divine Demons feared him .

They kept their heads down and dared not offend the Sanctuary Alliance .

Even the experts beyond Chaotic Divine Demon levels started being careful .

They only had one life after all .