Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2255

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Chapter 2255

Chapter 2255 Can“t Do I

A secluded dark Void within the Eternal Chaotic World . “Lord Bing Shan, these are the resources you need . The quantity may be lower than what you expected, but I have tried my best,” the veiled white-clothed woman Leng Ruxue stood there and handed a Qian Kun Ring to a burly man with of height of more than three metres . He was like a mountain .

The burly man received the Qian Kun Ring, glanced at it and nodded . “With this, I can ensure my powers will not deteriorate in the short term . Thank you, Miss Leng . ”

“You’re too kind, Lord Bing Shan,” Leng Ruxue replied humbly . “Master instructed me to ensure you are restored to your full powers . We need you to eradicate the restrictions on the land . ”

“Eradicate them completely?” Bing Shan shook his head . “With my current abilities, that’s impossible . ”

“Lord Bing Shan, you could not do it alone, but what if you had help from the awoken Ancient Divine Demons?” Leng Ruxue asked .

“Still impossible,” Bing Shan continued to shake his head . “I got someone to do the calculations . There were many experts that were not able to escape . But more of them are weak – they are only Chaotic Divine Demons . Unfortunate experts beyond Chaotic Divine Demon levels, like myself, are scarce . ”

“Furthermore, more than half of the experts in sleep have died, they can no longer be woken up . That leaves us with less than a hundred Ancient Era experts . ”

“Even with a hundred men, under your leadership, it should be enough to eradicate the restrictions! After all, there are not many experts around in this era,” Leng Ruxue was puzzled .

“If my opponent were cultivators from the current era, I could take them down easily, no problem . But the geezers from the Seven Star Divine Realm have woken up as well . They will not watch me eradicate the restrictions, this is Seven Star Divine Realm, after all,” Bing Shan replied .

“Although most Seven Star Black Sect experts were slain during that battle, a few survived . Those were the strongest, beyond Chaotic Divine Demon levels . Even that Emperor Thirteen survived, and I heard he’d been active way before we woke up . ”

“Yes,” Leng Ruxue nodded . “Emperor Thirteen appeared twice before you woke up, and demonstrated terrifying powers . Emperor Thirteen was one of the reasons the Blood Emperor died . ”

“Emperor Thirteen may be powerful, but you should be able to resist him, right?” Leng Ruxue asked casually .

“Resist?” Bing Shan flinched and smiled bitterly . “In terms of the level of cultivation base, we are indeed the same . Even if I were slightly stronger than him in terms of cultivation base, that cannot represent the true powers . Emperor Thirteen went one-on-one against the Master of Holy Land, whereas I would be killed with a flick of that person’s wrists . ”

“Furthermore, that Sword Emperor could alter and shake the restrictions placed on the land based on power alone, reaching Half Step Divine Demon levels . I cannot go against that . ”

Bing Shan had been an equally famous elite expert during the Ancient Era .

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Besides the Seven Star Black Sect experts that had not managed to escape during the Ancient Battle, the strongest person around was likely Bing Shan .

He was much stronger than even Blood Emperor .

He was strong, but he also knew his limits .

In terms of cultivation bases, he was no worse than Emperor Thirteen . But as for his true strength? You could tie ten Bing Shans together, and that still would not be enough to go against Emperor Thirteen .

“With Emperor Thirteen and those Seven Star Black Sect geezers, it’s a joke to say we could eradicate the restrictions,” Bing Shan said . “Right, aren’t those experts going to activate the link passage at Heaven’s Horizon 3,900 years later? If they could send a batch of experts over here, we could completely eradicate the Seven Star Black Sect . ”

“No way,” Leng Ruxue shook her head . “In the First Era, Master and the others tried doing this, but they all died along with the many cultivators of that era . Only three people survived from that batch of experts . But as the restriction on the earth expands, the formation gets stronger . Master and the others could find a way to barely open a space tunnel for us, but it would be impossible to send experts over unless Master and the others sacrificed their lives for it . ”

“Er…” Bing Shan was stunned and smiled bitterly .

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Leng Ruxue’s master was one of those few lords from the Absolute Beginning Divine World .

They were mighty, and at high positions . They could accept if they had to pay a lighter price .

But sacrificing their own lives just to eradicate the Seven Star Black Sect?

How could they agree to that?

“If that is the case, we have no choice,” Bing Shan said .

“We don’t have a choice, we can only let this place survive . This piece of land has been sealed up by that formation anyway, there’s no way any experts could come from this land anymore . The Seven Star Black Sect poses no threat towards the Absolute Beginning Divine World,” Leng Ruxue smiled .

But at that moment…

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“Hmm?” Bing Shan’s gaze shifted .

“Lord Bing Shan, what is it?” Leng Ruxue looked over .

“I just received the news, Jiao He is dead,” Bing Shan said solemnly .

“Old Monster Jiao?” Leng Ruxue frowned .

Jiao He was Old Monster Jiao’s full name . Not many people knew that .

“How could that be . Besides Lord Bing Shan, yourself, Emperor Thirteen, and the other experts, who else could have killed him?” Leng Ruxue was puzzled .

“According to the news, Sword Emperor and Emperor Bai from this era took him down . Although another expert came to help, he simply prevented Jiao He from escaping,” Bing Shan said .