Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 851

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Chapter 851

The sky was azure and as clean as a polished porcelain plate .

The imperial palace of the Tang of the East was extremely huge and heavily guarded .

The most elite Royal Guards were responsible for the inner security of the palace, and the weakest of these guards were the Eternal Realm experts .

In addition, some important people in the palace were also protected by Blood Eagle Guards .

Of course, these were just the forces that could be seen .

Many strong people, including Dao Master, also stayed inside to guard the palace in private .

Under the guidance of Com”Idiot!” mander Hong, Jian Wushuang and the other three entered the palace .

“It’s really big . ”

Shui Jin secretly sighed, “I have met some of the major forces before, but this is the first time I have come to the imperial palace of the Tang of the East . ”

“That’s because you only accepted those extremely dangerous and rigorous tasks . In order to protect our respective goals, Jiu Zui and I have wanted to live in this palace for a long time . Jiu Zui’s dream lover is also in the palace . ” Linglong laughed casually .

“Dream lover? Are you talking about the princess who is called the number one beauty in the Eternal World?” Shui Jin’s eyes lit up . “I’m really curious to see how beautiful the princess is . ”

While listening to the two guards talk about Leng Rushuang, Jian Wushuang could not help but glance at Jiu Zui .

Jiu Zui smiled slightly . “The princess is indeed my life goal, but I know my place . I can’t covet a fairy-like lady like her . ”

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“In that case, why did you step forward when you heard that this mission is related to her?” Ling Long joked .

“That’s different . ” Jiu Zui shook his head and solemnly said, “What I want is not to be with her, but to do everything I can for her!

“For me, as long as it is related to her, even if it is a trivial matter, I will give up my life to finish it .

“Even though the princess doesn’t know who I am and what I’ve done for her, I will still be very happy . ”

“Haha, a fool . ” Ling Long smirked .

Shui Jin was also staring at Jiu Zui as if he was watching a fool, but the latter did not care about it .

Jiu Zui was obsessed with Leng Rushuang .

He did not ask for anything from her, but he was willing to pay any price, even his own life .

Upon hearing this, Jian Wushuang could not help looking at Jiu Zui differently .

He sighed inwardly, “Idiot!”

He questioned himself and thought he would never behave like Jiu Zui, silently giving up everything for someone but not asking for the slightest return .

“We’re here . ”

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Commander Hong suddenly stopped for a moment before gliding toward a magnificent temple .

Jian Wushuang and the other three guards immediately followed .

The splendid hall was very spacious with 6 huge columns placed on each side . Each of the columns was paired with a golden dragon .

In front of the main hall, there were nine great steps which represented the position of the emperor .

On the top step, there was an ornate golden throne with an upright figure sitting on it .

This figure was wearing a golden silk feather robe and a golden double-phoenix crown . She looked stunning, with a dignified, mature temperament . Most importantly, her beautiful face was filled with the aura of an emperor .

She was a peerless beauty!

She not only looked like an unattainable phoenix on a branch, but she also left the impression of a creepy poisonous scorpion hiding in the dark .

She was Empress Leng!

“She is Leng Rushuang’s mother and the wife of Emperor Xiao?”

Jian Wushuang stepped into the hall and could not help but look up at Empress Leng, who happened to meet his gaze .

Jian Wushuang felt as if his heart was going to freeze and his back was completely soaked with sweat .

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Such a simple glance had terrified him .

“Awful, this woman is terrifying!” Jian Wushuang thought in terror .

When Jian Wushuang saw Emperor Xiao, a supreme existence in the Eternal World, he felt the emperor was stately but very kind, so he had a good impression of him .

But this Empress Leng …

The look in her eyes alone was enough to make others surrender .

Perhaps when speaking of strength, Empress Leng was not comparable to Emperor Xiao, but in Jian Wushuang’s eyes, Empress Leng seemed to be a hundred times more horrifying than Emperor Xiao .

“Empress Leng, I have brought the four Three-clawed Blood Eagle Guards who will take on this Hell Level mission . ”

Commander Hong, a Dao Master, addressed Empress Leng with respect .

“Hmm . ”

A moment later, Empress Leng stood up from the throne .

She was almost two meters tall, with a perfect shape .

Even Ling Long, a great beauty, was overshadowed by Emperor Leng .

Jian Wushuang had met countless gorgeous ladies before, but he thought only Leng Rushuang could match her mother, Empress Leng, in aspects of appearance, figure, and temperament .

“Sure enough, girls are like their mother!” Jian Wushuang could not help but sigh .

Empress Leng looked at them one by one with her cold eyes .

The moment Jiu Zui, Ling Long, Shui Jin made eye contact with Empress Leng, they involuntarily lowered their heads .

Empress Leng eventually fixed her eyes on Jian Wushuang as an icy aura swept out from her .

“Oh, you almost fool me . ”

Empress Leng’s voice became very cold . She glanced at Commander Hong and said, “Commander Hong, you picked Three-clawed Blood Eagle Guards, but why is a Divine Realm expert standing here?”

“What?” Commander Hong was shocked .

Jiu Zui, Ling Long, and Shui Jin were also horrified .

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang was astonished .

“A Divine Realm expert?”

“She recognized that I am a Divine Realm expert?”