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Legend of the Great Saint - Volume 2 - Chapter 94

Published at 31st of May 2017 10:47:29 PM

Chapter 94

Legend of the Great Saint

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Book 2, Chapter 94


Li Qingshan didn’t try to make troubles for himself either at such a time . Meanwhile, the monster beasts who dared to attack Li Qingshan all possessed astounding strength . Even Halfmoon became increasingly cautious, carefully curbing her monster qi and not casually acting any longer . Li Qingshan could often only resume his way after going through a bitter battle .

He became more proficient in fighting through one killing after another . He didn’t use all that many techniques or tricks to deal with those fearsome monster beasts . He had to use strength to break strength most of the time, meeting hard with hard as he fought his way through .

But they also met many monster beasts extremely difficult to deal with, and then Little An’s Cremation Blood Fire took much of the credit as it burned many monster beasts to death . It was even fiercer and more powerful than Li Qingshan . This supernatural skill hadn’t seemed like much at first, but it increasingly displayed its might as time went on .

The Cremation Blood Fire also became more ferocious along with the burning of those many monster beasts . It swept everything before it wherever they went, again and again allowing the weaker side to prevail against the strong . It even attracted frequent sidelong glances from Halfmoon . She had no idea what supernatural skill or magical technique he had cultivated to actually have a restraining effect on every living creature of flesh and blood .

But Little An couldn’t speak so she couldn’t find out . Li Qingshan merely made some excuses about him knowing it from the start . Little An was still unable to reshape a body of flesh after that though; he actually needed human sacrifices . There wasn’t anything he could do, he could only wait to restore a human shape himself before worrying about it .

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They never met any monster beast at the monster general level all along the way however, and not even a monster with a monster core . It wasn’t that Li Qingshan’s luck was good enough . Halfmoon would often order Li Qingshan to halt or turn around all of a sudden when Li Qingshan was in the middle of walking forward .

Monsters and demons had their own hunting territories just the same as wild beasts, but it wasn’t something ordinary people could perceive . Halfmoon could keenly distinguish the changes in monster qi and its strength or weakness, then make them detour around some dangerous areas . Many times they traveled along the edges of invisible territories . Li Qingshan was responsible for managing their general direction in the meantime .

All along the way they went and stopped then went . Their relationship with each other became much more harmonious, or one might say that Li Qingshan’s tolerance became much stronger . He could feel his irritable inner heart gradually quieting down along the cultivation of the [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets] . This was mostly thanks to those spirit pills, and together with Halfmoon’s extremely adorable appearance they greatly increased Li Qingshan’s tolerance level, or one might say that there was nothing he could do even if he weren’t tolerant .

Of course, now what motivated his cultivation was already not simply a matter of transforming into a human shape anymore . He also wanted to see the scene of a certain cat shouting master . His idea of making Gu Yanying his wife naturally took a rear seat following the reasoning that white swans in the distance weren’t as good as nearby red braised pork . Moreover, Halfmoon was far more than red braised pork, she was simply a ravenous feast for the glutton . He would truly have a hard time if the two of them were to stand before him and make him choose . He compared them over and over again many times inside his mind and still couldn’t reach an answer .

The frog was still hoping and hopping on the ground that he was already tangled about which swan to eat, even considering the twelve ways he could eat a swan . Li Qingshan brimmed with hope for the future without knowing his place, filled as he was with such sexual fantasies .

Many days went by in a blur . Halfmoon suddenly said against Li Qingshan’s ears that day, “Stop!”

Li Qingshan hurriedly halted his steps and restrained his aura following the techniques taught by the [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets] . The sounds from a series of heavy steps came their way from the distance . A giant lizard looking like a dinosaur walked past in front of them .

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Li Qingshan wouldn’t have been very afraid if it had been a genuine dinosaur instead, but this giant lizard breathed cold air in and out of its mouth, and the vegetation transformed into ice sculptures wherever it went .

“What a heavy monster qi . ” Li Qingshan had learned quite a few things already, for instance how to judge whether an opponent was strong and weak from their monster qi .

Halfmoon said curiously after the giant ice lizard had gone past . “How do you do it? You can unexpectedly restrain your aura so thoroughly? Is that your innate supernatural skill? However aren’t you yet to form your meowster dan? Could you actually be a spirit beast?”

“I don’t know either, I just need to hold my breath in!” Li Qingshan had already learned that monsters didn’t chase after magical techniques with innumerable changes and forms like humans . They continuously unearthed their own body’s strength instead, cultivating their innate supernatural skills . It lacked flexibility and changes, but the power was usually extremely great .

Innate divine skills weren’t actually innate from birth, they could only be awakened after forming a monster core . Furthermore, their power followed along the wake of the body’s own power, and one could possibly awaken even more innate supernatural skills .

Shadow Blink and Moon Concealment were precisely Halfmoon’s innate supernatural skills, extremely rarely seen concealment and movement supernatural skills . She was probably not an ordinary cat monster to begin with, but possibly some sort of spirit cat!

“Tch!” Halfmoon showed disdain for Li Qingshan’s tongue in cheek way of talking, but she actually didn’t pry any deeper . Monsters were usually reluctant to tell others about their own lifelong supernatural skills . Li Qingshan was becoming increasingly mysterious in her eyes however .

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Suddenly a beam of rainbow light glided across the horizon, and a sword-like gaze swept back and forth on the ground .

Li Qingshan’s vision was sharp and he saw the human figure inside the rainbow light with one glance .

The Soaring Dragon Elder also saw Li Qingshan on the ground . “Monster general? However the monster qi is too weak!” A simple monster with a humanoid shape was a rarely seen sight . “What’s that thing?” He also saw Little An beside Li Qingshan .

Li Qingshan’s vision met with that sword-like gaze . He was suddenly terrified inside, as if there was a divine sword suspended on top of his head that could cut his head off the next moment .

This was a sword immortal!

He’d admittedly already seen Gu Yanying’s graceful figure, but his heart still brimmed with shock when he genuinely saw a sword immortal from the legends . Who’d never dreamed about the stylish chic of flying on a sword and streaking across the horizon?

Then he suddenly remembered his current status and appearance, that of a monstrous demon . How should he deal with that sword immortal if he were to drop down from the sky?

Li Qingshan only sighed in relief after the long rainbow skimmed by without pausing in the slightest . The Soaring Dragon Elder was conscious he had an important matter to deal with and wouldn’t spend his efforts on this kind of “little monster . ”

As to Halfmoon, she’d even held her breath in right then . She opened her mouth at this time, “Disaster, it’s someowone from the Hidden Sword Palace! Fortunately my Moon Concealment is fierce, or otherwise I’d be done for . Of course, there’s also a tiny little bit of your meowrit, wait a bit and I’ll give you a spirit pill to eat . ” She rubbed Li Qingshan’s head . She would have been found out already if she’d traveled alone .

“What Hidden Sword Palace? Did that man rush after you?” Li Qingshan felt that things weren’t good . This task was more dangerous than what he’d imagined .

Halfmoon didn’t conceal anything either . She roughly talked about the conflict between concubine Serenity and concubine Brightness . Li Qingshan’s expression became even uglier, and even the spirit pill felt like it was burning inside his hand . Those were great characters who shook the Verdant province . Even several lives weren’t enough if a small figure like him were to be involved in such a vortex .

Halfmoon tried to boost his morale and said, “Don’t be so worried sick . As long as we flee to the Dragon province, that old guy won’t dare to chase after us even if you gave him another gut . At that that time cats will fly free in the sky and leap free in the seas, meowhahahaha!”

Li Qingshan didn’t share her optimism . The arrow was already fired however . He could only gamble, no matter what danger awaited on the way .

Halfmoon suddenly took her laughter back, exposing an unprecedentedly solemn expression . “Big Black, if, I’m saying if, we’re truly found out, you have to charge up and bite him tight . You can’t let go no matter how he kills you and hacks you . I will seize the opportunity to flee . In the future I’ll painstakingly cultivate my supernatural skills and take revenge for you!”

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