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Legend of the Great Saint - Volume 3 - Chapter 128

Published at 7th of March 2018 12:22:16 PM

Chapter 128

Fu Rong asked in shock : "You wish to…?”

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Zhao Liang Qing said: "I want to use them . From today on, these people will no longer appear . "

Use! What an extremely cold way to describe his treatment of them . As if he were treating them like objects . Yet, the reality was even more cruel, for he did not only treat them as objects but also as consumables .

“Doesn’t the sect rules disapprove of such craft?” Fu Rong’s body trembled . She knew that what he wanted to use was one of the sect’s most cruel techniques where he would suck the young girls dry of their origin Ying Qi . This was akin to killing the chicken to acquiring the eggs, which was inadvertently the way of the demons . Thus, it was forbidden by the sect and if one was discovered to be doing so, then they would be the enemy of all below the heavens and be left with nothing a road to extermination .

Dual cultivation sects . Ever since ancient times, they were always a prim and proper branch of the Daoist Family . The “Little Tactics” was not some evil cultivation technique as well . However, to cultivate such a path, one needed to have greater determination than when cultivating that of other techniques . Or else, one might end up being consumed by their lust and sink to the path of the demons, which would lead to their cultivation becoming that of a demon’s .

Zhao Liang Qing said: "Without this approach, how would I quickly breakthrough? If you don’t reveal it and neither do I, who would know? Do you not hate that kid? Wait for me to clear my meridian paths and break through to the 6th Level of Qi Refining, then I can completely manipulate my equipment and kill him with a flying sword! This can be considered as taking revenge for you!”

Upon mentioning Li Qing Shan, Fu Rong steeled her heart and walked out the door without any clothes . Zhao Liang Qing remained lying on the bed and closed his eyes in an attempt to rest his spirits .

Fu Rong only just walked out the door when a big hand with sharp claws strangled her neck, letting out a crisp noise, before she fell to the ground . The Refining Corpse Blood Fire then crept up quietly and took only an instant to completely engulf her, leaving nothing but a skeleton behind .

Fu Rong’s presence instantly vanished!

Zhao Liang Qing opened his eyes and shouted out: “Who’s there!?” His voice then echoed in the court .  

Zhao Liang Qing became extremely vigilant, but then saw Li Qing Shan push the door to enter, a smirk on his young face . “It was me!” He had already recovered his human form and his aura was that of a 1st Level Qi Refining Practitioner, exactly the same as it was before when he caused such a commotion in the pavilion earlier that day .

When enemies met, their eyes easily reddened . Zhao Liang Qing glared red-eyed at Li Qing Shan and shouted: “You killed her?”

 "Yes, I killed her . Apologies for ruining your good business, I’ll make a move first . ” Li Qing Shan replied as he suddenly exited the room .

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 "You still wish to escape?!" Zhao Liang Qing bounced from the bed and pounced towards the door . He even refused to take the his treasure pouch at his side . His hatred for Li Qing Shan was now at an extreme and he wanted to eradicate him as soon as possible . A mere 1st Level Qi Refining Practitioner would never be a match for him . Even bare-handed, he could easily kill Qing Shan .

It truly was the situation where one saw the path to heaven yet ignored it and rushed into hell even when one could not distinguish a gate for it .

Zhao Liang Qing just rushed out the door when he suddenly turned his head to see a skeleton constructed of bloodied flames rush to bite him from his left side . There was no sense of heat, yet he instinctively felt that the blood flames were terrifying .

Recklessly releasing his True Qi, a strong gust of wind stirred in the dark corridors . Zhao Liang Qing then raised his right fist and condensed a hand seal of True Qi, crushing the blood flame skeleton with a single strike . As he was about to continue his assault on his assailant, he suddenly stood still, as if he were nailed in place .

A murderous killing Demonic Qi, ten times more terrifying than the Skeleton, surged out like great waves from behind him . He felt that if he moved even a little, he would be swallowed and ripped to shreds by the beast behind him . He leaked out cold sweat from his back at the very thought .

What could be behind him?

He was gripped by a tremendous fear he had never felt before, but he growled in his heart . He felt so grieved . He was a Qi Refining Expert, with a jaded future . As long as he broke through the 6th Level of Qi Refining, the pavilion would have a great position waiting for him . He regretted . He regretted over why he did not slow down even a little, to pick up his treasure pouch, resulting in him having to face this horror with nothing but his naked body .

He slowly turned around and finally came face to face with the true face of the horror .

As if cast out of iron, that huge body was barely able to fit in the narrow corridor . It could only squat in the darkness . Yet, it was darker than dark, with crimson hair flowing behind it, as if it were a burning flame . However, it was also like a flowing blood river . A pair of bronze bell like crimson eyes stunned him, causing him to be unable to move .

He was dead!

This idea, for the very first time in his life, was ever so clearly imprinted into Zhao Liang Qing’s mind . However, his thirst to live encouraged his rebellious will as he turned around in the fastest speed he ever could in his life and used every strand of True Qi to strike this horrifying monster .

He did not really want to fight the monster to the death . Instead, he intended on using his True Qi strike to create a rebounding force for himself to escape to the other end of the tunnel . Although the skeleton was creepy, he still believed that he could manage it . As for the monster ahead of him, with its enormous size, it would not be able to move easily in the tunnel which would allow him to escape from the hidden door in the tunnel and get away .

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There was still an opportunity! There was still hope!

Zhao Liang Qing's movements suddenly stopped, before he began to spit out blood and pieces of his internal organs . He looked down unbelievably . A huge claw had grabbed him and had done so in a speed that he could not react against, before raising him above “his” eye-level .

It was like a cat who had just learned to hunt which was studying the first rat he had caught .

The pain almost completely halted his thought processes . How could he meet such an incident? Wasn’t he merely chasing a 1st Level Qi Refining Practitioner? How did he meet such a monster?

As he thought further, he coughed out in difficulty: "You, you are . . . . . . Li Qing Shan?"

"It is I!" The voice was like metal whirring around or akin to the flow of lava under the volcano before it erupted . He announced the truth with a low voice, the truth that Zhao Liang Qing found difficult to believe .

Li Qing Shan was really surprised . Because he was too weak! Zhao Liang Qing was simply too weak! The strong sense of suppression he felt coming from Zhao Liang Qing when he was in his human form disappeared . Now, with just a little bit more force, he could squish this 5th Level Qi Refining Practitioner like a bug .

It seems that I have always not had much confidence in myself? Li Qing Shan mused in his thoughts .

"Please…Forgive me!" Zhao Liang Qing said in difficulty as more blood flowed out from his mouth .

"Dream on!" Li Qing Shan used a bit more strength in his arms, and with a “peng” noise, a blood mist exploded in his palms and meat was squished into paste .

The Refining Corpse Blood Fire rushed up, converting every drop of blood into a part of it, perfectly cleaning up the crime scene that Li Qing Shan created .

Li Qing Shan reverted to his human form, stood up to stretch his muscles and said: "And to think that I took you to be such a big deal originally . Looks like you weren’t much in the end . "

Little An then pointed out his finger and the crushed bones scattered across the floor suddenly trembled before flying back into his Treasure Pouch, finishing up the crime scene clean up .

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As if he were walking into his own home, Li Qing Shan ambled into the centre of the luxurious bedroom, or rather, “cultivation” room . He stuffed two Treasure Pouches from the head of the bed into his arms and then studied the ten over large erotic portraits before making an evaluation: “The drawing really sucks!”

Little An kept Zhao Liang Qing and Fu Rong’s clothes and deliberated for a while before deciding to not keep the bedsheets . Being detailed enough to remove many small pieces of evidence to make the scene look more like the two of them escaped secretly rather than being killed .

These matters were not things that Li Qing Shan could do and after confirming that there was nothing else to appreciate in the area, he asked: "Is it alright now?"

Little An nodded and the two of them returned from the route they came by .

As he was going back up the mountains, as it passed 2am, Li Qing Shan used the moonlight to examine the loot he acquired in this adventure .

One hundred and twenty thousand pieces of silver, as well as a pile of gold and silver items which were Fu Rong’s years of collection as well as Zhao Liang Qing’s earnings from his many years in managing the pavilion .

A few spiritual talismans, none of which were trash grade and were at least of bottom grade . There were even two pieces of mid-grade talismans .

There was also over 50 Qi Condensation Pills which instantly replenished the amount that Li Qing Shan consumed .

A few pebbles which contained pure Spiritual Qi were present as well, which were most likely the legendary Spiritual Stones .

However, this was not the biggest gain this trip . The biggest gain was from Zhao Liang Qing’s Treasure Pouch, from which he found a crystal sword, which was about a foot long, had no hilt, was crystal clear, and had light circulating inside it . It was clearly gold, yet it had the properties of jade .

Li Qing Shan held the small sword in his palm and looked at it in detail, feeling that it was very light . However, there was a strong Spiritual Qi flowing inside it, which was greater than that of his Wind Severing Knife, and it was clearly a mid-grade Spiritual Weapon .

But if it did not have a hilt, how could it be used? Li Qing Shan then remembered that Flying Dragon Elder and thought back to Wang Pu Shi’s black metal ruler . Could it be that this sword was meant to be manipulated? Without a clear idea, he could only first keep it .

Li Qing Shan felt greatly satisfied in his heart . It seemed that it was always the those taking the path of evil that could earn money quickly . Civilisation was truly a great place . If he stayed in the jungle, where would he get all these pills to eat? His cultivation speed would definitely be much slower .

Although demonic cultivation was slow and generally took hundreds of years, he believed that at his current pace, he could greatly reduce the amount of time it took .

Tonight’s battle gave him a lot more confidence . Regardless of the fact that Zhuo Zhi Bo was a 6th Level Qi Refining Practitioner and opened up his own Ocean Qi, Qing Shan believed that he was able to stand his ground against him .

 "Zhuo Zhi Bo ah Zhuo Zhi Bo, I wonder what good things your Treasure Pouch will contain?" Li Qing Shan licked his lips, as he smiled maliciously .

It truly fitted the saying, just as man has the heart to harm the tiger, the tiger also has the will to harm man . (Basically, one who plots against another would get plotted against as well)

     . . .

A long time ago, a teenager stepped out of the mountains . An eagle soared in the sky, a wolf rushed in front of them . They were the pets and companions of the youth ever since he was young, helping him catch prey and disperse his loneliness while helping him bide some of the toughest times in his life .

When the youth decided to take up the will of heaven, he took up his treasured sword, while the eagle and wolf transformed into demons as they followed him to battle throughout the Nine Provinces, aiding him in defeating countless strong foes and overcoming many calamities .

Only until the youth swept across all of the land and set the Cauldrons upon the Nine Provinces, was he called the True Dragon Heavenly Child . The number of officials under him rivalled that of raindrops in the rain . His ferocious generals were as many as the clouds . His rear palace(Harem equivalent) numbered three thousand and he owned everything under the heavens .

But no one, none of his own kind, could possess greater trust from him than what he had in his two most loyal friends, and he made them kings and gave them authority over hundreds of millions of people . Until the dragon returned to the heavens, he ordered them to protect the empire .

This was the origin of the Eagle Wolf Guard .

And yes, this dynasty, was named the Great Xia Dynasty .

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