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Legend of the Great Saint - Volume 3 - Chapter 145

Published at 23rd of May 2019 11:07:21 AM

Chapter 145

However, Qian Yannian thought the whole thing was pretty weird .

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She had known a little about what kind of person Li Qingshan was . He was very brave and clever . Although everyone knew one on the second level of Qi Refining would be defeated when fighting against another on the fifth level of Qi Refining, he didn’t fear at all .

And she had just tried to sound him out and it had been proved once again that he really had no formidable background . Then why was he so bold?

When he came, Qian Rongming wanted to pick a fight with Li Qingshan on ship at that night . Qian Rongming was killed by Li Qingshan instead of Diao Fei . Li hid his strength in a special way at that time .

Was his real cultivation more than the second level of Qi Refining?

Qian Rongzhi was lost in thought . The inexplicable disappearance of Zhao Liangqing and Fu Rong might happen by accident . However, she knew Qian Yannian’s strength so well that she had to wonder why so many powerful spiritual talismans in the treasure pouch did not work, even Li could escape from two wisps of Sword Qi

She closed her eyes and tried to look back upon something . The bloody and crazy scene on that night came to her mind again .

Qian Yannian glared at her but didn’t speak any word, because his chin had been shattered . There were many wounds on his body and a fatal one in his chest, so he was easily penetrated by her pike .

When Qian Yannian came out, he almost died . Because of being hit out, Li Qingshan seemed to cut a sorry figure, but there was no any serious injury on him . He ended Qian’s life by the frontal attack .

There must be a very strong trump card in the hand of LI Qingshan, so he could be so arrogant .

Considering the wounds on Qian Yannian's body, Li Qingshan's Body Refining Skill might well be much stronger than what he showed . So Li could take Qian Yannian's treasure pouch away in an instant, shatter Qian's chin, penetrate through his chest, and then pretend to be hit away by him . If so, everything made sense, and what Li Qingshan said and did became reasonable .

As the saying goes, "a thief is mean but wiser than a decent man . " It never came to Li what he did can be profiled so precisely .

Qian Rongzhi saw another scene that a fierce tiger crouched in the thick forest, waiting for the bald eagle coming from the sky . No one knew exactly who should be the hunter or prey .

Zhuo Zhibo was a fool, but had the word meaning "wisdom" in his name . He could not see the hidden crisis . Just like Qian Yannian, he might seem wise and crafty, but he was pedantic and stupid in fact . However, they shouldn’t be blamed, because they had been able to suppress the others by their own strength for so long that they were naturally too lazy to use their brains .

Of course, she would not be so nice to remind Zhuo Zhibo . Anyway, no matter who would die, she would be happy, and it was the best result that they died together .

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For the first time, she felt that Li Qingshan had a chance to win, for he was in the shadows . People in the shadows were terrible, which she knew well . If she threatened Li Qingshan with that matter immediately, she would surely be killed . But if she went back and reported it to Zhuo Zhibo, she would not get any benefits, either; if she lost in the gambling, she would die after Zhuo Zhibo . Li Qingshan's warning was not a joke .

So, if she bet on the Li Qingshan, would she get some benefits from the death of Zhuo Zhibo?

She pondered over the possibilities . It was much more difficult to be a sly devil than a foolish decent man . At this point, she was absolutely calm and rational, even more open-minded than a decent man and mercenary, and completely put aside personal honor and disgrace .

In the cavity, a sudden chilly wind blew to Qian Rongzhi, and she feel so cold . Before she knew it, the night grew late .

She turned around and saw green ghosty fire were flying in the air above the cavity .

Even normal people would be frightened, let alone she, the chief culprit, but she just laughed and cursed, "Devil!" Then she put aside all the things about Li Qingshan temporarily and left . There was more important thing waiting for her .

Right now, it was really the time to go home .

She looked up at the starlit sky, smiled and thought her father, mother, brother and sister should be anxious!

After Qian Rongzhi left, amazing changes were happening under the thick soil in the cavity .

The porcelain jar crackled with cracks like a spider's web and then broke into pieces, and the Body-burning Bloody Fire came out and went around like waves, devouring all the corpses and the filthy flesh and turning them into a part of the bloody fire . Then the fire was burning more and more fiercely .

The dark bottom of the cavity turned into bright sea of fire, and the stinking and filthy corpses were turned to clear and leaping flames .

The ghosty fire above the cavity was gone .

Hundreds of skeletons were scattered in the bottom of the cavity .

Little An sat crossed-legged in the center of the searing bloody fire, manipulating the bloody fire and absorbing the energy of the bloody fire .

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The skulls in the bottom silently watched him with black and empty eyeholes .

As Little An bent down his finger, the bloody fire turned into hundreds of fire snakes and got into the skulls .

The black eyeholes were lighted up like the bloody fire, and all the skeletons were shaking fiercely, kept crashing into each other with rushed noise of bang bang bang and piled up . All pieces of bones came to be together .

Thousands of large or small skeletons were jumping at the bottom of the cavity and dancing in the flames; the sound of bones crashing was like music, and the sound of teeth clashing was like singing . They moved around Little An, as if they were holding a grand memorial ceremony .

The Body-burning Bloody Fire could be divided into parts, stay in different skulls, keep connection with Little An, and be drive by thought, which he already knew . However, those were meaningless, as the fragile bones could not defeat a warrior of the lowest level .

A skull flew up and landed in Little An’s hand .

Eyeholes to eyeholes and bloody fire to bloody fire .

There was a gleam of white light appearing in the bright red flames of Body-burning Bloody Fire gradually

There was a touch of joy in Little An’s eyes as he saw the improved fire described in Dao of Beautiful Bones - Bone-burning Ashy Fire .

The fire, implied as the name, could burn up the bone .

No matter how hot the normal flame was, it could only burn the bone into coke, but the skull would melt like sugar in Bone-burning Ashy Fire . Although the process of melting was extremely slow, it was very inconceivable .  

After a very long time, the skull melted completely, became a drop of white liquid and dropped into his forehead .

Then he raised his hand, and a bone of arm flew into his hand . He continued to melt it .

While Little An melted the bones, the Bone-burning Ashy Fire became stronger and stronger and melted his skeleton body .

This process was much more painful than the practice with blood . It seemed that there were numerous needles, saws and whetstones working on his body .

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Normal people would be crazy in one second and even died because of the pain, so it was very hard to hold on, but the fire burned and there was no fear in his eyes .

Whenever he felt that he almost could not bear it, it seemed that he was surrounded by the snow and wind and had come back once again to the foot of the Icy Sword Cliff on that night full of snow and wind .

Li Qingshan hit him away by waving hand to let him go, and then disappeared in the snow and wind; Li climbed Icy Sword Cliff alone and walked on the way to death .

He stood alone in the snow and wind for a long time and did not hide as what Li told him . With a stiff body, he felt freezing cold, anxiously wondering whether Li was going to die . Then he fell on his knees, and the pain was so strong that his body seemed to be torn apart .

Finally, he caught up with Li Qingshan and gave a hand to Li in the critical moment, because he did not know where he should go besides that place .

When everything was done, he witnessed Li Qingshan and shout to the sky and just kept silent, gritting his teeth and clenching his fists .

On that night, the shock of his soul was no less than that of Li Qingshan’s .

Compared the pain on that night, the current one was nothing at all!

The searing Bone-burning Ashy Fire surrounded his body, burned up impurities and blended more bone liquid in his body again and again .

He needed to rebuild his skeleton before rebuilding the fresh and became stronger to catch up with Li Qingshan .

Li Qingshan came to the country yamen (government) and handed over some title deeds of houses and lands to the magistrate to ask him to help sell own houses and lands .

The magistrate was flattered, “Your Excellency, I am afraid they cannot be sold out in a short time”

Li Qingshan said, “I understand . It is fine to sell them out at a lower price . You can regard it as a kind of benefit from me to Ancient Wind City’s people . ” He got hundreds of Qi condensation pills, so he didn’t care about the money . He had even tried to burn them all, but it might cause quite a stir in Ancient Wind City . Finally, he chose this method .

The magistrate said, “Your Excellency, it is real a good thing . I really appreciate your kindness on the behalf of people in the city . ”

Kindness? Li Qingshen smiled, but he did not care about it, “You can handle it within a month . ” He didn’t give the magistrate any warning, because he did not believe the magistrate dared to fool him . The magistrate might make some money from it, which he deserved in somehow .

The magistrate said, “Your Excellency, is there anything else?”

Li Qingshan turned around and headed for the door, “I will stay in the city for a few days . Just leave me alone . ”

As the richest man in the city, Li Qingshan wouldn’t lodge in an inn certainly . He picked a small house with a yard, which was not far from the Qian House and very quiet . The most important thing was that he could see the cavity, living here

He stood in the yard with a grape trellis and a rocking chair under the grape trellis . Beside the trellis was a big water vat with several carps swimming freely in it . The dark water was rippling with the reflection of the crescent moon .

Although Little An did not say, but he had a vague feeling that Dao of Beautiful Bones was a very great book, by which people could cultivate at a high speed and own amazing power without the help of any pill or medicine .

However, you needed to pay for what you got . If someone wanted to practice it, he must have the talent and have to endure the pain that normal people could not bear .

Although Little An was a child, he was very smart and tough . He didn’t need to worry about Little An, except for the future, their future .

Since so many years passed, Little An's families might have been gone! Maybe, there were only some tombs left, so I could take in and bring up him .

Li Qingshan scratched his head for a while, “Ha-ha, it is very ridiculous, ridiculous”

Finally, he decided not to think too much and sat on the ground . He threw a Qi condensation pill into his mouth and chewed it up with the thick bitter full of mouth, but his mind became clear, and then he began to practice .

A ray of sunlight fell on his eyes, the eyelashes fluttered, and his eyes opened .

On the horizon of the east, thousands of clouds were red, and the sun slowly and firmly rose in the sky, spreading endless light and heat and dispersing the fog; endless golden wheat waved in the morning breeze .

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