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Chapter 121: 121

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One of Frank's wings were torn .

The equilibrium of his body was suddenly broken, causing Frank to fall rapidly from the air .

He felt an intense pain in his back, and what made him feel even more humiliated was that Feng Lin was completely riding on him like how one would ride a mount .

His entire person slammed into the ground, and one of his wings was plucked off, creating a huge bleeding wound . As for the other wing, it was also broken from the impact .

Although he was an angel, he didn't feel impressive enough now that his wings were broken and he was knocked down to the ground by Feng Lin .

Boom, Boom, Boom!

The sound of heavy panting rang out as a gigantic green silhouette walked over and stood behind Feng Lin . This was none other than the green giant earlier .

Without Frank giving it commands, Feng Lin finally completely hypnotized the green giant, allowing him to control the green giant at will .

"Hand over the space shuttle and I can spare your life . " Feng Lin calmly spoke . Although Frank plotted against him, it was also true that Feng Lin had benefited a lot from entering the Giant Pharmaceutical Company .

If he wanted Feng Lin to spare his life, it would have to depend on whether Frank wanted to make the right choice or not .

If Feng Lin forced Frank too far, the net would be broken and the fish would die . Feng Lin wouldn't be able to obtain anything .

"Cough cough!" Frank suffered heavy injuries and was coughing heavily, spitting out blood .

He inclined his head and laughed in a low voice . "Do you really think that you've won?"

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Suddenly, he called out in a loud voice, 'Titanen! (german for titan)"

There was a cadence to his intonation, and his words seemed like an ancient curse trying to awaken a terrifying existence .

Kacha, Kacha!

Feng Lin gazed over only to discover that the stone sculpture-like body of the titan started to move . His eyelids were slowly opening as a faint divine light flashed within . It was rapidly waking up .

Feng Lin felt great shock .

Before this, one experiment test subject had awakened the Wings of Wind and Thunder and had already become an interstellar cultivator . Yet, that test subject was insta-killed by the titan . Most probably, the strength level of this titan had already reached the level of elite cultivators . Although this titan might be an inferior product, he wasn't someone Feng Lin could win against currently .

But since Frank didn't use the titan before this, it most likely meant that it wasn't so simple to awaken the titan . There must be a requirement for time and a certain procedure .

Frank roared again, "Auf~ (Wake!)"

As he called out, Feng Lin could clearly feel the genetic energy in Frank's body gushing out toward the titan, wanting to awaken the titan's life instinct .

Feng Lin naturally wouldn't be so silly as to allow Frank to finish the procedure . With a squeeze of his hand, the sounds of calling suddenly faded away as he forcefully dislocated Frank's chin . Frank wouldn't be able to speak again . Only his eyes were still darting about, filled with anxiousness .

The movements of the titan also slowly stilled .

He then exerted force and shifted Frank's chin back to its original location .

"Aufwachen! (Awaken)" Frank roared! The titan moved again as his eyes gleamed with light .

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With another squeeze, Feng Lin dislocated Frank's chin again . Seeing how stubborn Frank was, Feng Lin no longer wasted words . He shifted Frank's chin back to the same position and upon seeing Frank was preparing to shout, he dislocated it again .

This repeated a few times, Frank's mouth area was already extremely swollen . He knew it was no longer possible for him to awaken the titan and he stopped struggling .

"You finally learned how to be obedient?" Feng Lin fixed his chin back in the right position once more and stared into Frank's eyes . "Give me the space shuttle, I can allow you to leave here!"

Frank remained silent . He simply ruthlessly glared at Feng Lin . His eyes were filled with venom and hatred .

The accumulated knowledge on the space shuttle, information and substances, were the last hope of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company . How would he be willing to give that out?

If it was said that the Mars Revolutionary Army was the one that destroyed the Giant Pharmaceutical Company's current base, Feng Lin could be said to be the one who destroyed the last hopes of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company reviving .

He only had immense hatred for Feng Lin in his heart . He wasn't willing to divulge anything .

"You are unwilling to speak?" Feng Lin coldly laughed . "You have no choice in this matter . "

He suddenly formed gestures with his fingers as a formless ripple radiated from him, gushing into Frank's mind .

Frank had a look of terror on his face . He had forgotten the fact that Feng Lin was proficient in hypnotism .

Feng Lin's gestures suddenly changed, transforming into the God Beating Whip Imprint .


He breathed out . The power he exuded was incomparably tyrannical as he ruthlessly whipped down . The mental energy he channeled into this imprint transformed into something corporeal . Frank's countenance was contorted . Under the whipping, he felt that his mental defenses were crumbling and his minds descended into chaos .

After that, Feng Lin's gesture changed into the Yin Yang Imprint, causing those who saw it be in a daze as they fell inside an illusion .

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The light in Frank's eyes slowly turned muddy as he became numb .

Feng Lin first used the God Beating Whip Imprint to destroy Frank's mental defenses before using the Yin Yang Mirror Imprint to completely hypnotize Frank .

"Where is the space shuttle?" Feng Lin asked in a low voice .

"On me!" Frank mumbled .

"On you?" Feng Lin was startled, what situation was this?

How could a giant space shuttle be hidden on one's body?

However, Frank was already completely hypnotized, and he would obediently obey all orders . It was almost impossible for him to lie .

Feng Lin's eyes flashed . He continued to ask in more detail, "Where is it exactly?"

Frank stretched out his hand . On one of his fingers, there was a button-sized ring that exuded a sense of technology .

"This is my space shuttle ring! It's a collapsible space shuttle . If you wear it, it would automatically sync your genetic information with the shuttle . As long as you input the correct password, you would be granted the highest authority . The password is: wycwds20181210 . . . "

Frank completely stopped resisting and revealed the full-length password, not trying to hide anything at all .

Feng Lin took the ring from his finger and wore it on his own . He could feel tiny needles from the ring pricking him . He cast a glance at it . The tiny needless were genetic probes that used advanced technology to bind items to their users . This was very normal .

He didn't use his genetic ability . In an instant, the ring received his genetic information .

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"Genetic binding success!" After it succeeded, Feng Lin began to input the password to obtain the highest levels of authority . After that was completed, a stream of information appeared before Feng Lin's eyes immediately .

Feng Lin's eyes gleamed . He understood that Frank truly didn't lie . This was a collapsible space shuttle .

By using the advanced technology of space-folding, the space shuttle was kept inside a folden space, and one could bring it with them anywhere they went . Usually, this technology was used for mechas and large-scale high-tech equipment like space shuttles .

Such a technology shouldn't be something the backward solar system would have!

Could it be that there are still other secrets to the Giant Pharmaceutical Company? Did they receive the support of a Supreme Interstellar Empire? . . .

Feng Lin started to get suspicious and just when he was prepared to ask further, a sound rang out .

Feng Lin glanced over only to see Frank's mouth was filled with blood . He actually bit his tongue .

As an interstellar cultivator, no matter how powerful the hypnotism would be, his instincts would warn him that something was wrong sooner or later . He depended on this brutal method to awaken himself .

"Do you really think that you have already obtained victory? I want you to die!" Frank spat out word by word, his expression malevolent to the extreme .


The eyes of the titan shone with light again as he suddenly came to life . His giant fists smashed the glass cabin and spoke in a cold voice .

"The authorized owner has encountered a major life-threatening danger . The awakening process has gone into automatic mode . "

Feng Lin felt great shock . He didn't expect that there was a second way to wake the titan up . He had miscalculated!

This artificial god has come to life!

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