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Chapter 190

The environment at the bottom of the sea was completely different from the environment near the sea’s surface . It wasn’t strange that the lifeforms here would have developed differently in order to help them adapt, resulting in very strange appearances .

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Everything here appeared deathly still, but it wasn’t safe at all . Even during ancient times, people of the Ancient Earth Era had detected many traces of legendary terrifying monsters .

Feng Lin had to be careful .

After adapting to the pressure at 8,000 meters, he continued downward and arrived at a depth of 10,000 meters .

The moment he exited the flying shuttle, he could feel pain all over his body, like there was a gigantic mountain crushing him . He could even taste a faint sweetness at the back of his throat from his internal bleeding .

Although the Stone Monkey Gene could resist physical damage from external sources, this formless pressure under the sea could easily seep into his body . His soft organs and heart naturally found it tough to endure .

Feng Lin’s entire face was red . He held his breath and unleashed the full strength of the Stone Monkey Gene . Only then could he barely endure this monstrous pressure .

But even so, the pain he felt was still extremely intense . He also knew he couldn’t relax in the slightest . At this depth, he felt that any carelessness on his part would result in him being crushed flat in an instant .

Feng Lin hurriedly sat cross-legged and used his spirit force to remain floating in the water . His state of mind and heart had already entered a meditative state where there were no fluctuations .

Before he did that, earlier, he had already switched off the lights of the flying shuttle as he didn’t wish to attract those random strange aquatic lifeforms .

His aura gradually became retracted as his breathing slowed . He was like an ancient turtle where a single breath could last him for ten thousand years .

Although everything was calm externally, the energy in his body was raging .

His qi and blood felt like lava coursing through his veins, circulating around his entire body . Feng Lin activated the ‘transforming essence into qi’ technique as he did his best to digest the accumulated nutrients in his body .

Under the heavy pressure, his muscle fibers broke apart and rapidly reformed . This cycle of destruction and rebirth continued again and again as his body grew tougher and more durable .

If before this, his body could be likened to steel, now, it could be comparable to an alloy far stronger than steel . Both the interior and exterior of his body were toughened to the same degree .

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After becoming an interstellar cultivator, Feng Lin understood the concept of using strength like water . He could control the strength of all parts of his body completely .

Under the crushing pressure of the deep sea, the entirety of his strength within his body seemed to come together as one . Now, once his strength erupted forth, he could unleash far greater might compared to before .

Feng Lin’s frame also grew more taut and sturdy, forming even more sinews covering his entire body . He could be likened to a stone that had undergone tens of thousands of refinements before becoming the current product .

After adapting to the crushing pressure at the 10,000 meter depth, Feng Lin continued to unleash his punches, the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist, the Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint… He unleashed all sorts of martial techniques . Since his strength had come together and formed a point mass, it was able to instantly erupt forth with full power . The violent punch force opened up visible holes in the water, and the ripples continued to spread outward for an extremely far distance . Turning around and adjusting his stance, the water flow spiraling around him seemed to cover him in a water armor .

Feng Lin increased the speed of his attacks . His entire person was like a hurricane, causing greater amounts of water to flow in circular motions around him . He now was like the center of a vortex . As his punch force blasted out, everything nearby was destroyed . Those strange sea creatures were instantly crushed into paste the moment they dared to approach . After some time, there were no more living creatures in the area around him; none of the sea creatures dared to get near .

Genetic potential +32%, +32%, +32%…

Even without the aid of genetic potions, under this immense pressure, Feng Lin’s genetic potential also increased at a rapid rate . The only thing he lacked was time…

Given Feng Lin’s powerful body, he was able to endure for roughly an hour each time before he had to go back to the flying shuttle to rest .

Feng Lin continued to cultivate assiduously and three days later, he obtained another free genetic primeval point, strengthening his Spirit Gene to 4 . His vitality stat climbed to 94 . 2, and his cultivation speed was faster compared to a few days ago .

The deep sea was a forbidden place that ordinary humans wouldn’t be able to come in contact with . It was filled with many unknown dangers .

And as he subdued the fear in his heart, Feng Lin’s spirit force also grew . It could be said that this training trip resulted in many benefits for him .


Today when Feng Lin was cultivating, his spirit force sensed a deep-sea creature about three meters in length moving towards him as though it discovered a prey . He then instinctively slashed out a claw attack toward it .

Vajra Dragon Claw!

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His claw was extremely sharp, tearing the sea creature to shreds .

He opened his eyes to take a look only to see that the deep-sea creature was some sort of cuttlefish, and its body was now severed into seven to eight parts, falling down into the oceanic abyss below .

Feng Lin didn’t think too much about it and continued with his cultivation . However, he gradually sensed that something was amiss .

All of a sudden, an unknown sense of crisis suddenly bore down his heart . His spirit force was warning him that he was in extreme danger .

Feng Lin opened his eyes wide . His gaze gleamed like a torch as he surveyed the surroundings . However, all he could see was just darkness . He didn’t discover anything .

How could there be wind from an empty cave? There had to be a reason for the sense of danger .

This sense of danger felt extremely odd . But it definitely couldn’t be a coincidence .

Feng Lin used the full strength of his spirit force to scan the surroundings . After the strengthening tally of the Spirit Gene reached 4, its scope had expanded to four kilometers . And as expected, he soon discovered that something was wrong a moment later .

It was unknown when, but the living creatures in his surroundings had all vanished . The area around him seemed to have turned into a death zone; there was nothing alive here .

Feng Lin instantly felt that something was wrong, and he rapidly swam toward his flying shuttle .


The nearby water around him vibrated . After that, a sharp piercing, howling sound could be heard, jarring his eardrums .

A gigantic silhouette of about 100 meters in size—resembling an island—was hurtling through the water toward him . It was obviously a terrifying aquatic lifeform .

What the hell?

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Feng Lin’s immaterial spirit force transformed into material waves that blasted out .

Normally, although monsters had huge sizes, their intelligence was limited . Their defense against spirit force would be extremely weak too .

Using spirit force against them was the best method . It was able to crush their consciousness and make them fall into a helpless state where they would be lambs waiting for the slaughter .

But this time around, Feng Lin felt that he had encountered an exception . His spirit force slammed into something akin to an iron wall . He could only feel boundless balefulness and savageness from it . There were no rational thoughts at all .

Due to the backlash, Feng Lin felt a blinding headache . At the next moment, a gigantic and thick silhouette swang out from that monster, whipping toward him .

His hands blocked before his chest, and in an instant, he felt like a huge mountain had just slammed into him . His entire person was like a cannonball, being flung through the water from the impact .

Even his bones were on the verge of shattering . He felt pain everywhere .

Just a single attack already injured him heavily?

What monster was this?

Feng Lin felt fear in his heart, but he didn’t have any time to think . He endured the pain, but his entire body was trembling . He then spun like a spinning top, stabilizing himself as he shot like an arrow toward his flying shuttle .

As long as he could return to his flying shuttle, he would be out of danger!


The sea water churned!

Another gigantic black silhouette whipped over .

An intent to kill appeared in Feng Lin’s heart . His finger took on the form of a sword and pierced forth ferociously . A sharp light gleamed and a stream of power radiating invincible sharpness gushed forward with unstoppable momentum!

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint!


Feng Lin sliced that dark silhouette into two, and a moment later, the fishy blood drenched his entire body, transforming him into a blood man .

He could clearly see something resembling the tentacles of a squid that was over ten meters long . It seemed like a part of that terrifying gigantic silhouette’s body, falling into the depths of the ocean .

That fearsome silhouette howled in pain and agony . The sound waves were generating gigantic ripples which swept outwards .

No time to lose!

Feng Lin ignored the blood on his body and rapidly swam towards the flying shuttle, entering it through an emergency path .

The flying shuttle shone its light over, and the appearance of the terrifying monster was revealed .

This was a strange monster that had eight tentacle-like appendages . It opened its mouth that resembled a giant blackhole, revealing a row of razor-sharp fangs .

The eight appendages whirled about . At the tip of the eight appendages, the head of a snake could actually be seen, opening and closing their mouths .

Feng Lin took in the shocking sight . He suddenly realized that this monster here had some resemblance to the world-destroying monster in japanese Mythology .

Yamata no Orochi, a serpent with eight heads and tails!